Sunday Radfem Roundup


This week’s first post is very disturbing. It’s about a 16 y/o girl who found out her younger brother was stealing her underwear and, in all likelihood, masturbating with them. She went to reddit and a bunch of grown men MtT told her she should stay silent about it, not tell her parents, and buy her brother some girls underpants so he’d stop stealing hers. Oh, and not kill himself. This is autogynephilia.

Speaking of autogynephilia, I asked a MtT this very question and got a very honest answer when I appeared on Mark and Lyanna’s show ‘TRTV’. You can watch me work my magic crone. I was so electric that the video couldn’t capture the croneness I was exuding. I literally became Maxine Headroom. ‘Goddamnit lady, that camera can’t keep up!’ So you don’t give yourself a migraine, just play the audio. Don’t panic. I will be having a mega fundraiser of all fundraisers so I can get myself a new ‘puter because while I might last another 10 years, my ‘puter won’t.

“Transgender people kill themselves for less” – 16 year old girl is advised to buy her brother panties so he won’t kill himself | Transgender Reality

A bunch of top pediatricians in the US have had enough of the transborg experimenting on children and have come out with a letter saying so:

Top pediatricians REJECT puberty-blockers, “ideology-driven social experiment on vulnerable children and their families” | The truth about AUTOGYNEPHILIA

Transborg and capitalism: a match made possible by Queer Theory:

Dudes in dresses yelling at minimum wage cafe workers, who are usually female. Identity Politics and Class Analysis by cheki

Dysphoria is such a bullshit diagnosis so Ann Tagonist explains why:

 Man, I Don’t Really Feel Like A Woman | ann tagonist

What comes to mind when you imagine ‘ethical porn?’ Jean Hatchet shares exactly what comes to her mind:

Jean Hatchet talks about the bullshit of ‘ethical porn’ (includes link to Gail Dines latest on BBC Four)

Lesbian stuff, for the warriors in my audience:

Honey Lee Cottrell Dies by VABVOX

We all know what kind of a man is a rapist:

Real Men, Really? by hrimfaxi, a dark horse; real men rape

Prostitution abolitionists will be interested in this interview:

Tanya Rahm on Liberation Language : Die Welt Interview with former prostituted woman Tanja Rahm, (translated into English)

Sometimes feminists make the stinkiest turds and another feminist has to come along to clean it up.


Controversy Around Feminism in London and their upcoming Conference

Here’s the Feminism in London Position Statement, notice it says it puts women first and makes a point of putting exited women first. However, a curious thing happened when I took a screenshot of their position statement and posted it on Twitter during the shitstorm. They fucking changed it because they realized how ridiculous they look. Here’s the statement as it appeared a few days ago

defering to menHere it is now:

defering to men CHANGED FiL

Jane Fae, a man who is supportive of porn and prostitution, was going to tell all us ladies about online misogyny in a panel talk.  Some radical feminists, survivors of prostitution, questioned this choice, and then were accused of bullying. Jane Fae wrote a letter pulling out which resulted in Caroline Criado-Perez pulling out and Julie Bindel pulling out.

This letter he wrote was more of a mantrum we’ve come to know and expect from men’s rights activists who screech ‘SEE LADIES! I’M LEAVING! WATCH ME LEAVING NOW!’ which results in women feeling guilty over his manfeelz. And boy oh boy you never want to offend a man at a feminist conference, never mind offend him before it even begins!

Women must DEFER to men.

Because a mantrum was involved the BBC got right on it because, let’s face it, the only measly hour dedicated to women (WOMAN’S HOUR) is the best place for a man to gently explain the who, what, when, where, and why of his mantrum to every woman in England. Women all over want to hear that shit because they don’t hear it enough in their day to day lives.

Even I, a Canadian, wanted to know what set this mantrum in motion. I was disappointed though because no threats and no bullying of any kind was even mentioned. Oh, he said something about safe spaces and no platforming that had nothing to do with anything. He did make a rather large point about women hating him cuz he’s trans male.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around why a man is so vital to a feminist conference, and why FiL couldn’t find a single woman to speak about online misogyny.


Here’s a woman I follow that does awesome protest art. This is Art of Dissent and the ‘Man O’Clock’


If you needed any more reason to know that A Voice for Men endorses violence against women, look no further to this graphic featured on the front page. And if you needed even MORE proof that A Voice for Men is a hangout for violent males, Paul Elam reprinted his ‘Bash a Violent Bitch Month’ for the five year anniversary. I’ve never seen men get so excited for the anniversary of male violence against women.

AVFM picture of bloody knife



13 thoughts on “Sunday Radfem Roundup

  1. Fucking fantasists, they totally fail at life. That’s the sort of level of blood you’d see from self-harm, not murder, and even then you would have to spread it about a bit.

  2. The argument that women need to hear from pro pornstitution pedophilia advocates at a feminist conference is a real stunner. I was told by the person who booked Jane Fae that they did not know what their position was on these matters and they were booked to mansplain online harassment to women at this feminist conference cuz WTF?
    So, my question is, are they screening the volunteers for the creche.

    I don’t care so much about these career feminists putting loyalty to one another and their careers over their principles and ethics. I have come to expect it. We have seen it before (hello Hugo Schwyzer) and we will see it again.

  3. Seems to me that if one felt that it was absolutely necessary to find a man to speak at one’s feminist conference, the best move would be to look for a man who had a consistent track record of understanding feminism, including the evils of enforced gender scripting and prostitution. These would seem to me more important criteria than “has long hair and wears dresses and takes estrogen,” but what do I know?

  4. It’s sad to see the feminists conference being derailed on the trans issue. I’m especially sorry that Julie Bindel withdrew. I agree with HMQ that it is bizarre for an MTT person to be giving a speech at a fem conference about online harassment of women. What were this person’s credentials, I wonder? Better than Bindel’s for instance?

    And…let me just add one more bit of miscellany…a 2000 news article by Erin Pizzey which blames the alleged “death threats” she received in the UK on “extremists”, not feminists, and which says clearly that she moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where her mixed-race family riled up the local rednecks which led to her dog being shot (not killed).

    “Erin Pizzey’s dog” being killed by radical feminists, the MRA meme that has been circulating on the web for years, is a crock, and she knows it. Dean Esmay has an interview with her up on his youtube channel right now. It says she endured “violence” in the UK, and the only violence that has ever been talked about has been the dog. But the dog was shot later, in the US.

    According to this she has also blamed “pedophiles” and it appears here that when she blames feminists she deliberately conflates her experiences in England with her experiences in the US:

    She has zero credibility.

    • That web site is in dire desperate need of an editor, and possibly a proof reader. Elam’s desperation is showing and I am glad of it. The more conflicts between the members of the He-Man woman haters club the less time they have to harass women.

  5. Oh look it’s Ernie (that’s what I named him after a conversation with him on tumblr).

    I will have to research about the London conference and write about it.

    Keep up the good work.


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