Sunday Radfem Roundup: The Calm After the Storm

I’ve had such a rough week. On Tuesday I had a massive panic attack and I swear it was more like a seizure. Maybe it’s time to start my epic fundraiser and lay back a bit. Anywho, there’s work to be done on this Sunday’s radfem roundup. We have to cover the responses to the no platforming of Julie Bindel and show off some great feminist writings.

ArtofDissent T shirts

The first woman to tweet me with her thoughts on the no platforming of Bindel was Victoria A. Brownworth aka @vabvox

No-Platforming: The Neo-Liberal Fascism by Victoria A. Brownworth – A Room of Our Own

While you’re getting angry you might want to sign the petition against the no platforming of both Julie and Milo

Petition · University of Manchester Student Union, University of Manchester: Let Julie Bindel speak at the University of Manchester! ·

Julie wrote a response in the Guardian

No platform: my exclusion proves this is an anti-feminist crusade | Comment is free | The Guardian

Genetic study of transmales show men are really men.

Science determines that transwomen are men. Also, water is wet. | Stop Trans Chauvinism

Interview w/ YMCA about their Transpolicy of allowing grown men to shower and change with 15 year old girls. Notice how the lawyer avoids the question of whether they can stop a man from going into the washrooms if they think he’s a predator. Answer: no, they can’t stop him.


If that’s not enough, a woman catches an autogynephile masturbating in a change room.

Woman retail clerk reports finding male cross dresser masturbating in changing room | Stop Trans Chauvinism

There’s big money behind transactivism because it’s run by rich men. Enter the Trans Youth Equality Foundation. You now can get breast binders for nine year old girls.

Trans Youth Equality Foundation: Free binders, bathroom advocacy, podcasts, and more for the transgender child “movement”

Here’s a timeless piece about the lefts refusal to tackle prostitution and pornography.

A Reminder for the Left: No One is Free Until All Women Are Free

Here’s some eye and ear candy for radfems. It’s a set of four videos hosted by Radfem Collective and I’ll post one each week. Their facebook page is here.

Betty McLellan: “Radical Feminist Speech – Loud, Bold, Fair” – YouTube

Betty McLellan, an Australian radfem, took her battle axe to a men’s rights activist and showed him just what an Amazon woman can do. The MRA in question is Greg Canning, who is a regular over at A Voice for Men. In fact, AVFM, went after her too.

greg canning

Greg Canning, sulking in his mug.

Greg Canning got a sad in his pants after Betty wrote an article about the epidemic of male violence. Here’s the small article that inverted his dick better than a cold shower:

The Question on Nobody’s Lips | Liberation Collective

He decided he wanted the University that employs Betty, and himself, to punish her. It was a classic witch hunt where a violent male wants to brutalize and murder a woman he can’t control. He was quickly cock blocked as the Uni told him to stop whining. In a fit of rage he resigned his teaching post and went sulking off to Paul Elam. I did a special post on Greg Canning:

Profile of a Misogynist: Dr. Greg Canning | Mancheeze

Most of you know my love for sci fi/fantasy. I’ve discussed it before in one of my own personal fave posts. I watch a ton of sci fi fantasy, only online since I don’t have a television. The show that I love, Star Trek, was written about by Dead Wild Roses. She posted a short blurb by the lead male actor Sir Patrick Stewart, in which he described how hard it was for women actors during The Next Generation episodes. Turns out there was a lot of sexism going on with the script writing and many arguments.

I don’t doubt this at all. In fact, women in sci fi are treated horribly by their male counterparts. My motto is ‘men ruin everything’ and I’m sticking to it. Patrick Stewart’s voice is necessary and he has a personal stake in this since he’s spoken publicly about his father being a batterer of his mother. This is the exception to the rule in my book.

However, the fact remains that women and sci fi are best friends. Since men have ruined this world and continue to do so we can’t have nice things, but they can’t ruin fantasy worlds. They can’t touch my fantasy worlds. When I watch TNG and see a woman admiral, I remember why it’s all worth it.


8 thoughts on “Sunday Radfem Roundup: The Calm After the Storm

  1. I used to have panic attacks. Get some rest and take care.
    Speaking of Sci-Fi, it’s a shame Joanna Russ isn’t around to write some snarky gold against some of this MRA shit.

      • Oh! Hugs, if you want them. The withdrawal from antidepressants can be horrid!

        I’m back on some, just recently, and have kind of resolved to being on them for life, but I sure understand where you’re coming from about not liking to take them. I hope things ‘even out’ for you soon.


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