Cassie Jaye’s ‘The Red Pill’

So a woman did a dickumentary on the MRM and released a preview on Youtube. I don’t know what to make of it. Giving MRA’s a platform to spew their rhetoric is a double edged sword. It’s good because they show themselves to be the regressive woman haters they are but it also allows them to mislead the public. The good thing is Cassie interviewed people who, like me, are totally aware of what the Manosphere is and can effectively counter them and expose them for the misogynists they are.

There’s one scene in the preview where she’s having some psychological issues where she thinks she’s being gaslighted by these men. Hint: you are Cassie.

“The Red Pill” documentary extended sneak preview – YouTube

She’s asking for almost 100,000.00 to finish the film on a kickstarter. I won’t be donating. I’ve heard enough of woman hating to last me a lifetime.


13 thoughts on “Cassie Jaye’s ‘The Red Pill’

  1. This clip left me with an uneasy feeling. It makes it look as if it’s legitimate activism as opposed to what it is: a bunch of men terrorizing and silencing women.

    • That is not true. U say that this movement is to silence women and to terrorize them. Look into it a bit more. Just because I have a dick doesn’t mean I am degenerate bigot. U are speaking lies. Its ironic that u say she should be silenced for voicing lies. But the one saying them is U.

  2. I stopped watching at the point where she tells Elam that while she agrees with what he says there is something a little off. Gee, ya think? /there is this thing called google and failing that you can find a lot of information at libraries in history books. WTF is it with these grifters?

  3. Funny that the trailer starts out with Attila Vinczer and Elam in the background. Vinczer today wouldn’t dare stand with Elam behind him. This tiny group has fallen completely apart so it’s a lousy start, if you ask me.

  4. Hmm, Elam just announced that he won’t be getting enraged and drunk posting all over the net any more, or on his site. He’ll have S. McCarley be his voice for men. Looks like what remains of his staff is finally easing him out, and about time.

  5. Men are human beings 2. Silencing and telling us that we are bigots is wrong. We are HUMAN BEINGS 2. We have opinions. JUST like women do.

  6. I donated to her movie and I hope she does a good job covering MRM issues. This is exactly the kind of fair exposure that feminists are working so hard to squash. When it comes to attacking MRAs, feminists always attack the messengers but NEVER address the actual issues. There will NEVER be any actual debate on men’s issues from feminists because to even talk about fight club exposes their real agenda.

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