Democratic Debate 2015

What a difference between the two parties eh? The Dem candidates have at least 100 IQ points on any GOP candidate.

I hope you had time to watch it because it was excellent. Unlike the GOP, the Dems focused on American issues that matter, not constant harping on women.

All the candidates put the kibosh on the subject of Hillary’s emails. I mean, who the hell cares about her emails? Oh right, the GOP.

We got to hear about childcare for women so we’re not penalized in the workplace for having kids. Most nations ahead of the US have socialized medicine and huge social nets for women. The only thing Americans have to start understanding is that having great social services require taxes. It will result in a healthier society for all.

We got to hear about progress and not forcing women back in kitchens as baby making machines. We didn’t have to hear the endless dishonest droning about Planned Parenthood. The GOP will never make it into office again while they demean women. We are greater than 50% of the population. Our vote matters big time and not a single woman in America should trust the GOP.

All in all I was quite pleased but I do have one critique. Hillary comes from a rich background and that worries in the sense she’s not totally clued in to how much people are suffering in poverty. This is where Sanders beats her. Hillary doesn’t agree with Sanders on free college for youngsters. She wants to make poor kids work so they can go to school. I don’t think that’s fair. I think young adults who are poor are going to suffer the most from that. They already have to work to have basic survival so they don’t need this in their way.

Income equality is the topic, I think, that most Americans want to talk about and they didn’t talk about it as much as I would like by my word, at least none of the candidates denied climate change. Women’s rights are front and center too since the Dems have to constantly spend time fighting against the backwards Republicans who want women back in the 50’s.

Imagine if the GOP would stop the war on women so we don’t have to spend debate time on it? There are so many other issues but the GOP constantly insists on negating women’s rights.

Jim Webb started a whiny man routine about 1/4 through. He kept whining about not having time. That took away from the debate. Chafee’s permasmile was about all I remember about him.

Hillary definitely owned the show, followed by Sanders.



10 thoughts on “Democratic Debate 2015

  1. “Imagine if the GOP would stop the war on women so we don’t have to spend debate time on it? ”

    The war on women is coming from the left as much as the right. Or, do people actually believe that pornography is liberating to women, and “Fifty Shades of Grey” is all about empowerment? Big Pharma can be trusted, and little girls who play with the wrong toys are really “boys” and need GnRH agonists (puberty suppression) cross gender hormones, and a life time of being tethered to Big Pharma. Women need Caitlyn Jenner, and other rich white men to tell us what womanhood is all about. Men do everything better including being a woman.

    As for economic equality, by declaring himself a Democrat presidential candidate, Bernie’s talk on “economic equality” is a joke. He has no credibility because the Democratic Party has no credibility. The two party system in the U.S. is the problem because it is owned by corporate interests. Bill Clinton started deregulating Wall Street with the repeal of Glass Steagall. Democrats might talk about economic equality, but when they get in office it’s business as usual. True reform will never come from within a corrupt system.

    I choose not to live in a fantasy world. The U.S. is not a democracy. It would be properly described as a plutocracy. Both the Democratic Party and Republican Party are corrupt to the core and owned by big business. I was naïve enough to vote for Obama twice, and I feel betrayed. This is what Obama did. (1.) The large bankers who were responsible for the economic crash of 2008 were never punished and are wealthier than ever. (2.) We are still in the Middle East after 8 years of Obama. (3.) Instead of universal health care, we have Obama care which no one likes. Big Pharma and insurance companies make a killing.

    Any rational adult knows that the political system in the U.S. is completely corrupted. I stuck with the Democrats because I thought they really cared about women. The Democrats have tossed women under the bus for their politically correct “gender identity” bullshit. This is the current situation now. On the right we have attacks on abortion rights, equal pay, etc. What do we see on the left? It’s “Fifty Shades of Grey”, pornography as liberation, and “gender identity” that trumps biological sex and shreds the privacy rights of women. Has anyone on the left seriously talked about pornography? Pornography has too much political clout and money for the left establishment to take on. The right believes women should be barefoot and pregnant, and the pro porn, “sex positive” left believes everyone is a “gender identity”. They don’t have a precise definition of “gender identity”, but it doesn’t matter. Bernie Sanders supports the Equality Act, and this is why I will never vote for him.

    As President, Sen. Sanders will:

    1.Sign into law the Equality Act,….

    Numerous members of Congress have been misled by good intentions into believing that treating gender identity as identical to biological sex is an advance in civil rights. This is false.

    The unintended consequences of the “Equality Act” could take away women’s rights to ..
    ◾request female staff to provide medical services or security pat downs;
    ◾to expect female-only staff and guests at any rape or domestic violence shelters ;
    ◾or to seek legislative or judicial redress for sex discrimination.

    In violation of two different United Nations human rights standards, the “Equality Act” would …

    ◾write sex stereotyping into law as a protected definition of legal sex;
    ◾and likely eliminate women’s rights to be incarcerated separately from biological males in the event of an arrest or conviction.

    Further, the “Equality Act” contains no provisions that would protect against …

    ◾gender identity document changes being used to escape a connection to criminal records of violence or sexual assault;
    ◾ nor against male-pattern crimes, such as penetrative rape using a penis, being misclassified as having been committed by females in state and federal crime statistics.

    I argue that erasing the female sex as a distinct class of persons and replacing it with “gender identity” is the most important feminist issue of this decade, if not the last half century. Women need to wake up because trans sources are already talking about Orwellian things like uterus transplants and stem cell research to magically transform biological males into “women”. They are already sterilizing and neutering children who don’t conform to appropriate gender stereotypes, and it has the blessing of the left. Democrats love Big Pharma. Uber misogynists Milo Yiannopoulos (a gay man) thinks sex robots will replace women. Seriously, here it is,

    The Human Rights Campaign and every transgender organization in the U.S. orchestrated an especially hateful smear campaign against Michigan Women’s Music Festival. Even the religious right doesn’t tell women what they can and cannot do on their own private party. Women who can’t be controlled are destroyed. This is how they work.

    As much as I detest Republicans, as a female, I don’t see the Democratic Party as my savior. I will not vote for a Democrat or Republican.

    Women need our own political party separate from the far left and the right. This is the real solution.

    • I’m aware of all the issues you’ve raised and I agree that the US isn’t a democracy, that it’s run by big business, not by and for the people. It’s a big sham.

      I don’t trust any of them to do right by women as a class. However, it’s better than having a GOP wanker in office doncha think? I’ve grown up in America for half of my life and I do realize that each and every election you’re voting for the lesser of two evils. No matter what choice you make, you’re fucked.

      I have advocated for a feminist party, like they have in Sweden. I’ve done posts on this.

      I’d rather move to Sweden where I can join in the political process and truly have my issues addressed politically instead of having to choose between two types of getting fucked over.

      You’re right though. Women will never be free until we have our own political party and we are at least 50% of congress. That’s how it went down in Sweden. As soon as women had a majority presence in govt. they started to address male violence against women. Women only make up a measly portion of Congress and that’s why nothing will ever get done for us in a truly significant way. It’s a band aid here, a broken promise there.

      This is why I’m glad I moved to Canada but every Western country, aside from the very progressive Nordic ones, fucks women over. Just yesterday I found out the NDP leader, if he gets elected, is going to repeal the Nordic Model (C36). Women fought long and hard for that and Mulcair just wants to kill it. Mulcair thinks women should be whores. It’s disgusting.

    • If it is results you want, if you are willing to accept progress instead of perfection, if you percieve the unavoidable injury that must result from making the good the enemy of the great, then a seperate Womens party with its narrowly defined intrests and objects must be precluded as a possible vehicle for our advancement.
      I submit that the The Equality Act would only produce the effects you propose if it is conceived, interpreted, and implemented as a punitive legal product. Constitutional law recognizes that substansive and procedural equality do not require that dissimilarly situated groups be treated identically.

      • Enjoying reading about feminist reactions to the debate, which I unfortunately missed. I agree. HMQ, that we must vote and I hope we vote for Clinton. Sanders doesn’t seem to me to be electable. Also agree that free college is a necessity, esp. for racial minorities, but also because the outrageous loans kids are left with result in their becoming slave to the Man for decades. It’s about control and making people work in the system and keep their mouths shut.

        Hello Skylark, you have a lot of good points. I thank Obama for some things and think he did the best anyone could have to turn around health care, but I can’t forgive him for not closing Guantanamo, whatever the political cost. Thanks for mentioning that about Sanders. A lot of otherwise pretty savvy politicians are confused by transactivist politics and take illogical and unsupportable positions. I can only assume Clinton is a little more savvy. Republicans won’t be supporting expansion of trans rights or women’s rights.

        I argue that equal power is one answer to all this for women. It’s an equality of outcome definition of equality. Sex-neutral laws such as abstract equality laws merely perpetuate the unequal status quo, because they assume there’s an equal playing field to start with when there isn’t. It’s simple. Want to equalize the political, economic, and social status of women and men? Equalize the power, not some abstract “opportunity” that is already undercut by an unequal system. AS HMQ says, here’s how you do it: require that 50% of the members of the ruling legislative bodies be women, and that the head of government be rotated each election time based on sex. That’s equality.

        The move to erase women as a distinct class is underway instead as you say Skylark, in the guise of helping trans people. Postmodernism started it and that hot mess normalized a lot of irrationality.

        Eliza, your point about Clinton having been through every fire there is and staying steady is true and gives me the confidence to vote for her.

        Would join a women’s party and put a lot into it if one was organized.

    • Agree that that “gender identity” is very dangerous, but how are women going to wake up? How? Anything even remotely critical of trans is suppressed because it’s big big big money running this movement. It’s fucking terrifying, but again, how to make it happen? How to reach women at critical mass level? I tell everyone I can about it, in calm tones, but this shit is truly the new McCarthyism.

      And Hillary is not going to put the kibosh on this. I read somewhere the other day that she says she’s going to support it. Still, I think it is a mistake not to vote for her because women’s right to abortion is in critical danger and there MUST be a democrat in office when/if further supreme court justices change out.

      • I read that too. I like Hillary and plan to vote for her, but I severely disagree with her on the trans issue. Like many (most?) people, she doesn’t seem to understand the trans issue. She thinks it’s a progressive cause. It’s not! In Beijing in 1996 Hillary said “Women’s rights are human rights.” Now she’s said the same thing about trans rights. In fact, women’s rights and trans rights (as the transactivists push them) clash. I hope Hillary wakes up to that fact soon and goes back to her basic priorities of women and children before it’s too late. We may have to educate her on that.

  2. Hi. Though i have been reading your blog for some time now, I am only rarely inspired to comment. I also found the Democratic Debate to be theraputic in the extreme, the antidote, however fleeting, to the circus of ignoble clowns that the GOP seems intent on effecting. I found the Jarhead irritating with his persistent bean- counting of the minutes and protestations with respect to the format – or rather, to its consequence, which was to render him more irrelevant with the forward march of time, time- tock. O’Mally has a handsome face, but couldnt not successfully resolve his primary role in exascerbating Mass Incarceration, and ultimately, he would be relegated to the the margins with Jar Head and Chafee, all of them so clearly outmatched by the superior talent and skill of HRC and the effortless charm of Bernie the Revolutionary. Wth Respect to Chafee, JarHead, and O’Mally, here are examples of ambtion far exceeding talent, and at least with Chafee, I submit he had no bussiness on that stage, and should have recognized immediately that here he was assembled among his betters.
    HRC is not a perfect candidate. I would prefer Sens Claire McKaskill and Gillibrand. She lacks the natural talent of her husband and the effirtless cool and capacity to inspire that so distinguish Obama, most particularly during his time as a Candidate. Bit Hillary is a strong and capable leader, and she has a wealth of experience. Best of all, she is quite accustomed to contemp, she has inspired antipathy and bloodlust in her political adversaries for as long as she has been in the public eye. It is no matter to her. Whether greeted with hospitality or taking hostile fire from Republican enemy combatants, HRC is getting shit done, kucking ass, and taking names. She is getting results. She is fire tested and full of fight. She has been advancing the rights of women and children since graduation from Yale. She will not countenance the petulant enfants terribles of the hard right. And if they persist in their naughtiness, she will respond with a merciless counter-attack. Or at least, put them in the naughty chair!
    Hillary Clinton 2016

    • Agreed that she is the only real choice for President. Bernie just yells to much about ‘bringing people together.’ He’s not as experienced or informed. The only problem I have with Clinton is she’s for the rich. She IS rich. She doesn’t understand what it’s like to be a poor woman at all even though she tried playing that up last night by mentioning her working class father.

      Out of all the evils, she’s the least of them.

      I know she’ll at least protect women’s right to choose. She might even put the kibosh on the transactivist crap too. At least if she’s in the WH women will have her ear.

      • My understanding has been that Hillary was born into neither wealth nor privlege. Her father owned a Drapery, and her mother was a homemaker. Even if this Drapery was a fabulously successful small bussiness, it is hardly the occupation of aristocrats, plutocrats, or fat cats. Bill Clinton, meanwhile, emerged from the humble and provicial circumstances of Hope Arkansas. I visited Hope a decade ago and it truly was a Southern backwater.
        True, HRC graduated from Wellsley and then Yale Law. Bill attended Oxford and Yale. They spent formative years e among the wealthy and privleged, and surely this must have informed their respective characters, identity, and world view. However, both opted to employ their prestigous law degrees in service of others rather than in enrichment of themselves. Surely that counts for something.
        I do not share your sinister regard for the wealthy, but for the Working and especially the Lower Middle Class. At least in tbe South, the Working and lower classes have, largely, failed to articulate a class consciousness, and tend toward anti-intellectualism, authoratarianism, sekf- serving and vapid religiosity, insularity, crass materialism, and are often held hostage to every base predjudice that prevails among the low and the mean. Shallow and facile pretensions of patriotism, a tendency to privlege tradition over innovation, and a disinclination or incapacity to engage in harsh self-scrutiny (and this to reap the benefit of progress) are among thr most distinctive traits of these smug but struggling classes. But these are hardly the HRCs base- they are firmly and enthusiastically “Conservative”, and with Trump, and Huckabee, and Scott Walker, and Bush, and heck, even Palin..they have thrown their support and their lot. And disparities of wealth notwithstanding, it is within theese Clowns that they see themselves reflected.

        • The only way Bill and Hillary Clinton got “rich” was after they left the White House in 2001. The bogus Whitewater investigations and equally ridiculous impeachment left them broke.

          Bill was born into poverty. Hillary was born into a middle class family. Neither came from a rich background. They both know full well what it is like to struggle. What their big problem is happens to be the same problem with almost all American politicians and that is they are mouthpieces for the elites. The recognition of that fact is why Bernie Sander is so popular with so many.


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