What Keeps Paul Elam Up At Night?

Internet comments. The poor dear is so overwhelmed with his Chairborne Ranger activism that he’s put a woman out in front as a human shield, to protect Elam’s ego from comments critical of him.

Please protect me from criticism Mommy!

I have just finished about 36 hours of ignoring each and every PGA commenter I have encountered and for the first time in a week I copped a solid night’s sleep. I have asked Suzanne McCarley to act as spokesperson for the AVfM Education, LLC CEO office.  She has accepted. What this means is that when PGAs come to the comments with their brilliant ideas du jour on how we can “really” serve the men’s movement, Suz will be my eyes, ears, mouth and fingers.

I will be pretty much disappearing from responsive comments across the internet.

LOL. Doncha love how he makes up these fancy titles for things that don’t require it? It should just say ‘Suzie’s mah human shield.’

Suz’s new position means that she will monitor comments across the internet and answer in my stead, freeing me up for other work.

I wonder how much she’s getting paid to Chairborne Ranger for him? A woman is always better to do the work than a man. He can’t even speak for himself without help from a woman.

So what will Elam be ‘doing’ while a woman protects his ego?

I have an organization to run. I have a huge anti-circumcision project to launch. I am also writing a novel.

He really means, he needs more time to sit on his ass and collect donations while writing down whatever fantasies he has about beating and raping women. If his novel is anything like his ‘fictional’ stories in the past it will be a story about how a man gets a boner when he thinks about bashing women over the head.


5 thoughts on “What Keeps Paul Elam Up At Night?

  1. This is another of his many posts about how he won’t respond to you if you don’t pay him.
    I wonder if the rubes have learned to hear and understand what he is telling them.

  2. I have my doubts as to whether Suzanne actually exists. I don’t think he can afford a secretary and I don’t think any women would want to work for free for this gross asshole.

  3. He got chased away! LOL!

    Bad News Dept: Watching news as reading this and they just referred to later on determining the “gender” of the newborn pandas up for Toronto Zoo. We need to start making people say “sex” when they mean biological. It’s a tiny step but an important one. (I’m thinking with regard to the trans-problem. Not the Elam problem.)

  4. Ew, she’s gonna be his fingers. 😦

    So the spokesmanfor AVFM is gonna to be a middleaged tradcon gal from now on. The women have totally taken over AVFM, and when they wake up, Vinczer’s departure will look like a kiss on the cheek. Are Jason and David King/Miller really girls? Is there any other staff left?

    As for the novel. I’ll buy it if it’ll keep this fella off in a dark corner for a year or so.

  5. AVfM is a limited liability company? That’s very interesting, in particular the fact that an LLC does not have to file a corporate tax return.


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