Send Me Money Faggots!

Elam no homo creepy smile

Can’t even pretend he’s not a homophobe

I did a long post on the demographics of A Voice for Men a few weeks back. It turns out that the Manosphere has a helluva lot of gay men involved and a helluva lot of homophobia. It’s one of those strange phenomenons where homophobes and gay men can come together, under the banner of woman hating.

I knew when I saw the title of the video ‘Straight Eye for the Queer Guy’ what this next form of bullshit was all about. Elam is trying to get gay men on board, by being a homophobe and insulting them. He wants to play with the LGBT movement and have more token gay men. He wants to use them for several reasons. First and foremost he wants more money and more donations and second he thinks if he starts pushing this gay image he’ll get more attention.

‘ If you think this is ‘Let’s get our own gay guys to stick in the show window’ all I can say is be one of those guys to show up.’ ~Paul Elam

That’s EXACTLY what this is and I could tell immediately it was pure tokenism.

Elam made sure to keep repeating throughout the video that he ‘doesn’t care about your sexuality.’ That means he wants gay men near him but he doesn’t want to hear about how they sleep with other men. That gets kinda icky for Elam.

‘I hope this video straightened some of you out, but I don’t mean that in a homosexual way.’ ~Paul Elam

NO HOMO! Did everyone hear that? NO HOMO!

What an idiot.

He goes on to call Bernard Chapin and Roosh ‘FAGGOTS!’ Yeah, in a video where he’s desperately trying to snuggle up to gay men, he calls two other men faggots. Then he offers gay rights activists to debate him. WHAT? Why do you want to debate someone who’s for gay rights?

‘Prove to me that I’m the homophobe.’~Paul Elam asks gay men

Hey gay guys, you can join AVFM but do not talk about butt sex and pink shirts. Just send money.

Elam is trying to put down gay men by shaming them by using feminism to beat them over the head with. He’s desperate for money.

‘Are you fucking slow?’ ~Elam asks gay men.

Nothing like insulting the very people you claim to want in your movement. It’s almost like he set himself to fail big time. This isn’t even him pretending to like gay men. You can feel the homophobia desperately trying to exit from between his cock-eyed false teeth smile. Did I just say cock? NO HOMO! NO HOMO!

He somehow thinks we live in a culture that hates gay men. I don’t know what rock he’s living under but gay men just got the right to marry, and they can’t thank the men’s rights movement for it. They can thank feminists, lesbians, that worked right along side them. Stonewall eludes Elam.

Elam says he had ‘mixed feelings’ about making the video because he knows there’s a ton of homophobes in his movement so he reassures them:

‘I haven’t gone gay rights’~ Paul Elam


Way to go dumbass.


7 thoughts on “Send Me Money Faggots!

  1. I got exactly nineteen seconds into that video and tapped out. I got nothin, sisters.
    The one thing I did get out of this one is ugly Paul’s red face and sloppy speech. That guy Attila Whatever was right. This is a slammin alcoholic girls. Hates us, hates himself too. C’mon Paul’s liver. Give him the shaft and save the world from his blorfing diarrhea speech.

  2. There’s also a hilarious screed on AVfM by Elam’s “girlfriend” Sandy about how Paul’s really just a wonderful, sensitive dude who wants nothing more than to help his fellow man and make the world a better place. The site’s really going into the toilet.

  3. I don’t know why anyone would want to pay to continue to read anti-women screeds when one can read YouTube comments for free.

  4. Ima lookin at the etiology of, uh, something, uh, fag hags, bummer, feminism sez you fags are gay, we lerve you. Holy cow, he is very uncomfortable with gay men and is making this video exploiting gay men to use their issues to attack women. He just takes whatever’s out there and twists it into an anti-feminists attack. Gays today. Can’t wait for the MGTOWs exploited by fems video to come. And plush toys exploited by fems. And bleaaugggh…

  5. ” It’s one of those strange phenomenons where homophobes and gay men can come together, under the banner of woman hating.”

    Two words: JACK DONOVAN

    Who also spoke at the last AmRen conference. See youtube for that.


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