This Is What Rapists Look Like

George Lawlor, the real victim in all of this.

Thirty-one percent of men in University said they’d rape if they could get away with it. 

This dude, like every other student entering Uni these days, was to take a little seminar on sexual consent. Instead of learning, he decided to tell all the women in the world he’s a male supremacist.

Consent is something young people need to learn about because we have a huge sexual assault problem and it’s mainly men who perpetrate this crime. There have already been many surveys targeting young men and women which show that they don’t understand 1) what sexual assault is and isn’t and 2) what consent is. This is why we must learn but George up there has it all figured out.

There’s a sexual assault problem on campus. We know this. We’re trying, as feminist activists, to do something about it and as usual men are whining and having tantrums. You mean, our society is actually paying attention to male violence? Get used to it fellas. Patriarchy is going down.

The reason why men like George balk, is because they’re arrogant and hate the fact that women have put sexual assault into the public consciousness. Men want rape and sexual assault to remain hidden, to remain private, so they can maintain their privilege and domination over women. There’s a mechanical reason for this.

Remember, all men keep all women in a state of fear with the threat of rape. Because of this, women end up settling for male protectors which will lessen their chances of being sexually assaulted or harmed in other ways by other men.

Women are considered male property in patriarchy and we are traded among them as such. Women are still given as gifts in patriarchal tribal societies or as marriage tokens to seal alliances that bring men more power. Some men literally collect women as objects and ‘own wives.’

In other words, men don’t view women as autonomous human beings. You’re either a woman owned by one man or by many.

As we’ve learned through women’s experiences, when a man advances on them and they don’t want it, it’s easier to tell him you have a husband or a boyfriend (protector) because he respects men more than he does you. He sees you as a sex object owned by another man, not a human being who can say no and have it taken seriously. This is why women use the ‘boyfriend excuse’ when a guy is being aggressive.

You see, this is part of Hobbes Choice, part of patriarchy. If women are in fear, it’s more likely they’ll be forced by Hobbes choice to take a male protector even if deep down they don’t want one. Women will also put up with a lot of shit to keep that protector. Maybe he beats her. Maybe he psychologically hurts her by putting her down. It’s better than being the public property of all men.

By keeping rape and sexual assault private, by taking focus away from it as a serious problem, men are able to maintain women’s fear and Hobbes choice. This in turn means women will be forced into Hobbes choice: forced between having an asshole male partner as private sphere protector (one guy) OR many assholes, many men in the public sphere. Women end up settling for one guy, even if he abuses her, because he’s probably more predictable and there’s only one of him.

Imagine for a minute a world where women were completely free of male violence. Do you think women would put up with half the shit our ‘male protector’ boyfriend/husband put us through if we knew that we could have freedom from many males in the public sphere?  Course not. ALL men have to ensure that they keep all women afraid so that it’s easier for them to have a ‘little woman’ for themselves. This is classic patriarchy.

Women are prey no matter where they are, public or private. It’s just easier to have one man to deal with than all men. That’s why assholes like Thunderfoot and Crocoduck HATE that rape is being addressed so publicly. It literally will make it harder for them to find a woman to dominate because if male violence is addressed properly women won’t have to settle for them.

At least Georgie boy up there sent a message loud and clear to all the women on his campus that he’s got problems, serious ones. He’s not for women’s liberation or women’s freedom from male violence. This is why these men are male supremacists. They are desperately trying to hold on to patriarchal privilege at every turn.

Five Men Videotaped Gang Rape of Teen Girl


14 thoughts on “This Is What Rapists Look Like

    • Well, dumbshit, what better way to destroy the family then to push the idea that casual sex is empowerment? If you’re out picking up cocks on Tinder and banging frat boys at local bars, odds are you’re not looking for a husband. “Average Joe!” Says women whose agenda(the destruction of Western Civilization, and all it’s institutions, and a state worse than North Korea)is blatantly obvious to anyone who is paying attention. And what is it we replace the family with, loser? The government? Not surprising that Canadian rad fems would think that after voting in walking disaster Justin Trudeau who will undoubtedly turn Canada into a bankrupt, divided, shit hole within a few short years. Reality is this: you lead women to loneliness, misery, regret, and an apartment full of cats. You’re absolute scum, and your bullshit needs to be shutdown wherever it’s encountered. You can’t win, either, because like every other leftist movement, your foundation is built on lies. It always collapses and turns into a blood bath.

      • The family is going to be destroyed and too bad if you don’t like it. Women weren’t put on this earth to look for husbands, especially when they have such choices as your silly ass.

        If you think destruction of the nuclear fam is the destruction of the Western Civ, you’ve got a lot of crying to do, so go do it.

        No, we replace it with liberation and community dumbass.

        Get goin dude, lots of tears to shed

  1. Uh, no. Problem is feminists push the dumb idea that casual sex is “empowerment” on naive young women who then put themselves in bad situations and wind up hurt. Of course the solution isn’t telling young women that the problem isn’t getting drunk, and hooking up with random frat boys, which is both dangerous, and unfulfilling, it’s teaching men to ask if it what they’re doing is ok, every step of the way. This is literally the dumbest solution to this problem, and avoids the real issue at all times, because casual sex is the what feminists need more than anything. Without it women have committed relationships, get married, have children, and don’t work as much, thereby reinforcing “patriarchy”. In the end, feminists don’t give a fuck about rape prevention. They care about the movement, and advancing it’s real goals, which is undermining male power where it’s strongest.

      • Yes, LOL. But aside from its predictable entitlement, George’s comment takes a Playboy fauxfeminist premise (casual sex is empowering) to arrive at a radfem destination (the nuclear family is the foundation of patriarchy). It’s just a hodgepodge soup of mansplaining, but it’s still sort of weirdly interesting to me how the average ignorant Joe Dickhead puts it all together.

        He does understand, however, that real feminism’s real goal is liberation from patriarchal oppression; he describes it as “undermining male power,” and doesn’t like it. At all.

        • That is correct, George. First the vote, then the birth control, and then ERA. Don’t be skeered though. We won’t abuse and exploit you the way you have done through the centuries. We will stop you. So, maybe you should be skeered after all.

    • Funny, he’s going on about sex pozzie crap even though his lefty liberal brethren (the ones that co-opted what we now think of as fun feminism) are responsible for the idea that women should be “up for anything” if they want to be thought of as progressive.
      Hey George, “undermining male power” is why I get out of bed in the morning. It tastes better than bacon.
      You didn’t manage to hook yourself a little slave wifey, did you? Aw shucks. What’s that? You have no heirs? Yeah. When looks fail, you have to have a decent personality to level things out. Or you know, think women are human.

      Hey George, how about telling young men not to rape. You think that might be helpful? Yeah? Me too.

    • Hey George, “undermining male power” is one of the reasons I get out of bed in the morning. It tastes better than bacon, bro.

    • OMG! Thanks, george. You’ve opened my eyes! The scales have fallen off! Only women who hook up with drunken frat boys get raped! So, that time I was four years old, it was because my fucking uncle was really a drunken frat boy! When I was a teen, it was because the guy with the knife was a drunken frat boy! (OK, you’ve got me there, I actually was drunk). My ex used to coerce me into sex because he was a drunken frat boy! And the patient who assaulted me last year was a drunken frat boy (in his 60s)!

      And feminists ‘need’ casual sex, do we? Mr.Grump might be disappointed to hear he won’t be getting any more casual sex from me. Be a bit of a shock for the poor dear, after 20 years…

  2. Damn do you ever know how to bomb some truth. I try to stay out of the comments because there’s always a little more eloquence than I can conjure, I’m okay with that.
    Here’s my thing all the same. It’s still summer here in the lower parts of California so I’m in my pool every night and in water is where I do my best thinking. Men’s “rights” to me seems to just be a rage tantrum that they no longer have automatic rights to women’s personhood and dignity. Can’t slap the secretary’s ass, can’t catcall and terrorize the schoolgirl on the street, can’t be smugly condescending to the bank teller – cashier – Supreme Court justice, if she’s ” just a woman. ”
    The rights these weenie swingers say they’re fighting for – and we know they aren’t fighting for shit cause whining on the internet ain’t taking any kind of REAL WORLD stance like women have had to do for hundreds of years – the rights they say they fight for, the rights they think they’ve lost, are just the rights to use and abuse US without censure.
    Or else they would just address their paltry grievances and leave feminism alone.

    • I’m a water thinker too. don’t worry about eloquence. Look at George’s comment and then you realize what we’re dealing with is pure entitlement, as you rightly pointed out. Women’s bodies are becoming their own, slowly but surely. Men are getting fired for their sexism these days and it’s a great thing. Georgie thinks we’re undermining his ‘rights’ to power over women. Plain as day. He admits, men are scum, that he wants to control women’s sexuality.


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