Neoliberal Feminists And Men Like Paris Lees Don’t Practice Feminism; They Practice Patriarchy

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*head meet desk*

Aside from Penny’s ignorant tweet, it just goes to show you what passes for feminist scholarship today.

When I left a single comment on The Guardian’s story about Greer, it was quickly erased and I was put on suspension from commenting on all Guardian articles, for an indeterminate amount of time. It’s women being censured from telling the truth about their lives and rights. I don’t read the Guardian normally, so this isn’t a big deal to me, but what about all those girls who do want to speak truth to male power?

These two things are related. Rebecca Reilly-Cooper compared the actions of transactivists and their third wave neolib feminists to Chinese re-education camps where everyone, women especially, must be forced into submission until they all have the right thoughts, until they do what men tell them.

Phoenasthetica and Hypotaxis also wrote a killer piece called ‘Convert or Perish.’ in a similar vein.

Where do we go from here? One thing is clear, as I said in my latest video on the subject, feminism and transpolitics are antithetical. Feminists condemn gender as the social hierarchy that oppresses women and girls while transactivists embrace it.

Feminists have already won this debate in terms of accuracy and body of theoretical knowledge but the wider public needs to take notice. And it will. When 15 year old girls are showering at the YMCA while a grown male gets a hard on next to them the public will notice.

The sexual crimes against women and children by transmales/autogynephiles has been established and reported on for a long time. Transactivists (men) have been busy legally breaking down legal protections for women and girls for many years.

When it comes to actually challenging Greer or other feminists men are quick to decline. They know they’ve already lost.

Paris Lees, a man, won’t debate Miranda Yardley or Germaine Greer, demanding money and attention before even considering it.

It’s these same men who reinforce women’s oppression by reducing womanhood to promiscuity and ‘cumming.’

Women’s lives are reduced to makeup and sex by men who want us to call them women. This is autogynephilia. 

You see, it’s ok for transactivists to appropriate women’s lives and bodies but they eventually show their hypocrisy.

Womanhood is a costume to autogynephiles they can take off when they like. Actual womanhood is not a costume. Having a female reproductive system oppresses us as a class. While men like Paris are ‘cumming’, the thought of pregnancy and abortion is never in mind.

WoC don’t have the luxury of calling themselves sluts and slags nor is their safe space about lipstick. This is deeply offensive.

If you think you’re going to take away women’s lives and spaces, you should think again sir. Women have had enough.


47 thoughts on “Neoliberal Feminists And Men Like Paris Lees Don’t Practice Feminism; They Practice Patriarchy

  1. Those people at the Guardian are so dumb they don’t even realize the irony of censoring comments favorable to censored feminist Germaine Greer. I can no longer comment there because of my opposition to this trans insanity. Another site that does the same is the message board Democratic Underground. The other day they had an article that supported Greer’s right to speak and critical of the trans, and the thread commenting on it was locked and deleted. People on the left I believe are more sexist than those on the right and always have been.

    • The difference in misogyny between the left and right is a matter of style, not substance. The argue over how to position the boot on womens neck.

      • There isn’t any misogyny. When will feminists realize that the backlash is against THEM and not WOMEN? When a man attacks a feminist, he is doing so because she’s exposing some vile opinion, not because of her gender.

          • When I read that dude’s comment, I hear the voice of Charles Boyer.

            Only men are allowed to have “vile opinions” or any opinions, at all. Greer’s “vile opinion,” for which she was attacked by men is that men are men and not women. I have been attacked by men for simply sleeping in my own bed. I have been attacked by men in my own home simply because I was there and he “wanted to.” I’ve been attacked by men for walking down a sidewalk. I was repeated physically attacked by boys and men and sexually assaulted by them throughout the course of trying to obtain an education, which is regarded as a basic human right for all people these days. I have been attacked by men at work, on my way to work and on my way home from work.

            Men attack women and little girls simply because of our sex. Men attack us because THEY are vile, because they are sick and perverse.

            It is because men attack women that we become feminists. It is because of men’s vileness toward us that feminism and women’s liberation are necessary.

          • Also, speaking of threats by men against women, I noted a while ago that one of my favorite bloggers closed her blog. I don’t know if it was a direct result of an attack by men at reddit (because she said the most hateful, bigoted thing that could ever be said: Men are men.), but there was a directed attack at her and her blog and shortly after that it was completely gone.

            Her blog was called something like When Women Were Warriors and she talked about the impossibility of men becoming women because of the construction of their endocrine systems. Closely related to this is the energy body (astral and etheric bodies) of a person, which, of course, cannot be surgically or chemically altered to appear female.

            It is true by the way that those of us who can see energy patterns around people can pretty easily discern a male energy pattern from a female one because women’s metaphysical bodies are very different. One difference is that men are absolutely filled with hatred and malice. Many look demonic and so one. There were discussions about this by women at some private and now closed blogs.

            I guess those are “vile opinions,” too, but they were based on our observations. Many women have the ability to see things that you’re not supposed to be able to see. Personally, I think men want to suppress this because then it is much easier for women to see what they really are, which is absolutely demonic (totally inhuman to the point that it’s hard to believe a human woman gave birth to them because they are more like another species) and full of rage and malice.

          • Sorry for all the errors in my comments. I meant to say that men want to suppress women’s extra-sensory abilities because when we develop these skills, it is easy for us to see what so many men are.

            Men are absolutely inferior, by the way, in terms of these abilities. I think this is because their energetic bodies are naturally very weak. They have to work hard to develop what comes naturally to women. The professionals on TV and paranormal radio shows are all massive frauds, of course. I think it’s all part of the control system, controlling how the masses think about such abilities and making anyone who genuinely has them look like a fraud by association,

            Women, on the other hand, have been conditioned to question what they see and experience, so when they do see things they shouldn’t see, they censor themselves, even sometimes ridicule themselves for it or downplay their experience. This is the effect of patriarchy on both spirituality (the exploration of the metaphysical world) and science. They control them both, dictate both, what they are and how they are to be defined, what is acceptable and what is not.

        • Feminists “realize” exactly what the backlash is. If you are against the liberation of women from patriarchal oppression, you are a misogynist. If you are anti-feminist, you are a misogynist.

          The backlash is against women having rights, which are what feminists fight for, so yes, it is against all women, and it’s chock full of misogyny. Our “vile opinions” are that we believe that male privilege needs to be dismantled because it is detrimental to the well being of the other half of the human population. And women (females) are hated and treated like subhuman fucktoilets around the world because of their sex, not their “gender.”

        • Jack Mahon, hows this for a vile opinion? You keep sucking that big Patriarchal dick out of hopes that maybe one day you’ll have someone to suck yours. That’s the definition of men with male privilege seeking male power.

  2. Re: “When 15 year old girls are showering at the YMCA while a grown male gets a hard on next to them the public will notice.”

    I really hope you are right, HMQ, but similar things have happened already and no one seems to bat an eye at it except us! I’m thinking of a case that was reported, probably at one of the blogs you linked to in the text above, that occurred in Washington state where an adult man wanted to shower with some young girls playing some sport or other. The girls were forced to move to an older, less desirable facility so that the man’s rights would not be violated.

    I’m still watching with absolute horror what is happening in W.Europe in countries where they have laws against “hate speech.” Women are being indicted for talking about the men who harass, stalk and rape them, if those men happen to be Muslims. If you are a white woman it is now impossible to report a crime against yourself if the perpetrator(s) is a member of a select group with special rights. We have a parallel situation here, particularly regarding men in dresses. They are a special group with special rights who cannot be perceived as guilty of any crime as long as the victim(s) are female.

    This is men’s rights gone wild.

    • “Women are being indicted for talking about the men who harass, stalk and rape them, if those men happen to be Muslims.”

      Do you have any sources for this?

          • HMQ,

            If you or another woman would have asked me, I’d have actually spent time trying to find you some links.

            What I’m reading is happening in France, Sweden and elsewhere is that women are not allowed to name their oppressors because of anti-hate speech laws.

            No hate speech sounds pretty good until you realize that men get to define what “hate” and “hate speech” mean. So, women can be raped and under no circumstances are they allowed to name the man who did it or to describe him. It is, also, hate speech for a woman to go on Facebook or some other public forum and say that Muslims have a religion based on pedophilia, their “prophet” established a political system based on the rape of 9-year old girls so that he could control people and sexually abuse girls and women. Women are not allowed to talk about systematic oppression within Islam or about how they are treated as W.Europeans when they encounter these men anywhere, which by the way is appalling – predictable, but still appalling.

            Everything I’ve just said here is “hate speech” and if I were living in some W. European countries, I’d be in danger of being arrested, fined and possibly jailed.

            I’ve, also, read that in Sweden it is difficult for women to report violent crimes if the are natives and the perpetrator is from a Muslim country.

            Also, terrible, terrible things are happening to Jews living in these countries because the Muslims are committed to wiping Jews off the face of the earth along with anyone else who doesn’t worship their pedophile prophet.

          • I’m aware of all of this tangentially, but I am a Jew and I know many a Muslim group wants me dead.

            I’m a proud Zionist.

            There might be feminists here that won’t like that but there it is. I won’t argue about it either. There is only one democracy in the Middle East that doesn’t kill people for being lesbians and that’s Israel.

          • HMQ,

            What’s interesting is that there doesn’t seem to be lot of wide reporting in the MSM about what is happening to Jewish communities and synagogues in W. European countries, which are being overrun by Muslims. It’s something you have to dig a little to find and I’ve mostly found it as a side note to what is happening to women.

          • HMQ, I listened to a great interview about the Regressive Left and Islam. Sam Harris had a run-in with Ben Affleck. Harris has co-written a book with Maajid Nawaz about Islam and Tolerance. I am going to read it.,-maajid-nawaz-discuss-the-future-of-islam/6892166 They don’t think much of leftist liberals and say that, in their efforts to be culturally inclusive, the Regressive Left turns a blind eye to the atrocities committed in the name of Islam. I think this also applies to prostitution as well.

      • Peter, we don’t need to cite sources because it’s men like you who made it taboo for women to talk about “oppressed men” even when they are oppressing women.

  3. It is important to note that the corporate media in the US is now reporting crimes committed by transwomen as being committed by women.

    • I have been noticing this for a while. I’ve also noticed that most people who comment on articles about these men don’t appear to notice that they are men – which is disturbing.

      The dearth of critical thinking in this country is pretty stunning, especially where the media are concerned. They’re like god – if they say it, it’s true! To question it is tin foil hat-wearing heresy.

        • Yes, they’ve been trying to figure out how to fill up the women’s prisons and now they have found a way. Pigs in wigs are committing all kinds of horrible crimes and calling themselves women.

    • That’s a good article. Some of the comments are pretty wacked, though.

      It’s pretty obvious why feminists cannot be conservatives (and now what “conservative” means in the U.S. is really bizarre, in fact, it’s outright obscene – it’s nothing Beaver Cleaver’s family would have approved of! Conservative now means something like Breitbart, which is a freak show in its own right.), but how the lefties managed to co-opt women’s liberation for their own perverse purposes is really baffling to me. Just as a for instance, I don’t get how Bill Clinton, aka. President Rape, managed to assault, stalk and rape a whole bunch of women and young girls and this was okay with the lefties who called it “sex” and accused anyone who objected of being an uptight prude. Suddenly, objecting to rapists raping women became partisan – similar to how anytime someone dares to ask questions or comment about anything out of the ordinary happening now she is called “racist.” And, the Clintons, both of them, are still somehow seen as champions of women and women’s rights.

      I don’t know the history of NOW, but I investigated it decades ago. That organization used to represent feminism in the U.S. I sent a letter of inquiry to them once and received some information back and that was one of my first attempts to learn about feminism. I determined that it was way out in left field (extremely far left) and had nothing to do with anything that related to my life, nothing that would help me, at all. It was about special interest groups more than helping women attain equal rights under the law – that was probably in the mid 1980s. Now, I believe that that organization was brought into existence to undermine women’s rights. I don’t see how average women could get on board with their agenda taken on its own, but then the so-called conservative side is so overtly hostile, I think it’s a matter of women not having a political home and choosing what appears to be the lesser of two evils.

      I have noticed a bunch of women who have previously identified as liberals now reconsidering their position in the face of this Orwellian reverse-speech that the lefties are pushing, for example, men are women, fearing men’s very real violence is an imaginary “phobia,” etc. I keep thinking that any second now, the libs are going to overplay their hand, but no – they just keep going. This thing involving Germaine Greer is just the most recent layer of their absurdity.

      • Bill Clinton didn’t rape anybody. Monica Lewinsky, for example, was a groupie just like her mother, who had a history of going after married men. You need to really study that period because you clearly don’t understand those bogus scandals at all. They were bankrolled by Richard Mellon Scaife as a way to destabilize the Clinton administration for political reasons. Read the work of Gene Lyons, who knows all about Arkansas politics and Bill Clinton, and you will get a clear picture.

        If you are going to attack Bill Clinton, do it for his welfare reform nonsense, his support of NAFTA, and his repeal of Glass-Steagall.

        • Numerous women in Arkansas and in D.C. reported being raped by Clinton. One of the common characteristics of his attacks was biting.

          I LIVED through the period and although I hate to disclose my location I am, in fact, a “hillbilly” from very near the “backwater” (as it was derisively described by a poster who professed her hatred for the working class) location of his many misadventures.

          Re: “Bill Clinton didn’t rape anybody.” Lots of powerful men rape. I have a hard time believing he is not a rapist for that reason alone. But, many women – almost all of them silenced by the corporate media or threatened into silence – made credible claims of being sexually attacked and, in fact, raped by Clinton.

          A rapist is a rapist, even if he’s a democrat.

        • RE: If you are going to attack Bill Clinton, do it for his welfare reform nonsense, his support of NAFTA, and his repeal of Glass-Steagall.

          You don’t get to tell me what to say. Clinton is a misogynist and has a reputation for raping women.

          I’m tired of people, including other women – usually lefty women – telling me what to say.

        • Also, Monica was 19-years old at the time. He destroyed her life just because he could. Much older, extremely powerful men abusing young female interns is the very definition of sexual harassment in the workplace.

          “Groupie” is a horrible word – absolutely horrible for reasons that there is no room to go into here, but it is equivalent to saying “slut” – to describe Monica Lewinsky who was and remains the victim in this whole scenario.

          She was an innocent young woman. He was a sexual predator.

          If you think powerful old men coercing sex out of very young, of borderline age of consent, is not a form of rape, then it is you who should do some research. Read “Loving to Survive,” which is about women’s mass Stockholm Syndrome in relation to men. Then, maybe you will see what is wrong with this, although I would think anyone with an ounce of moral fiber could see why it is wrong – especially a woman.

          Here’s the link to the book:

          Warning: This is one of those life changing books that will take you down a rad fem rabbit whole. Please, read it. It’s important.

        • Also, if you read “Loving to Survive,” you will see very clearly what is wrong about the left’s framing of “consent” with regard to porn, prostitution and women’s sexual relations with men, in general.

          Certainly, there can be no genuine consent between a young, powerless, female intern and the supposedly most powerful (old) man in the world because true consent could only take place between two people who are 100% equals (in terms of income, in terms on not fearing male violence, in terms of economic opportunity, etc.).

          • Well said. Bill Clinton totally took advantage of his power. Monica Lewinsky was a kid. It was disgusting.

        • Also, in case you or anyone else is unfamiliar, the name, “President Rape,” that I used my comment (way above now) comes from an essay written by Andrea Dworkin.

          By the way, as I said, criticizing Clinton for his sexually predatory behavior toward women (and in some accounts very young girls, as young as 14-years) generally brings down a charge of partisanism on your head from the left. I am not a politically involved person. I don’t really do any activism apart from blogging, if that could be called such. I don’t even believe in voting because I know how corrupt local politics is (have some personal stories about this) and so I don’t waste my time on this. Therefore, suggestions of partisanism on my part for criticizing a man who happens to be a democrat are going to miss the mark in my case. I am not a “conservative” – even if I am accused of “sounding like one” – and I’m not inclined toward joining cults, so there’s no way I could ever become either a Republican or a Democrat. I do my best to perceive the world around me exactly as it is because this is imperative for survival.

          I am, in fact, a radical feminist, who believes that the only way to change things at this point is not politically or through legislation but by warning women, educating women, sharing my own experiences, especially with younger women (which is probably most of you here because I’m about to be eligible for AARP!) so that you can make better decisions about your lives where men are concerned. The talking and writing is just about all we have left.

          Here’s a link to the essay, “Are You Listening, Hillary? President Rape Is Who He Is,” by Andrea Dworkin:

          • I should modify part of my next to the last paragraph for the sake of truth and clarity. Mostly I write and participate in discussions like this one because it is cathartic. I’m not a martyr and I’m not nearly as kind, generous and loving as HMQ, who has devoted her life, at this point, to warning women. But, I am happy to think that something I’ve said has made a woman click an important, life-improving link or that something I’ve said helps or comforts another woman. But, the truth is that I blog and comment for myself. I’m no martyr. I think there may be a time when many more of us will have to bail out even on participating in fairly anonymous discussions like this because it has become too dangerous.

            But, men are revealing themselves to us. It’s hard not to talk about it. Until the time that it becomes too dangerous, I will continue to do so. But, I feel like it’s a luxury we will enjoy for a little while longer.

    • I’ve heard trans activists described as “AFTAs” for anti-feminist trans activists, but I think they need to be called FETA’s, for Female Exterminating Trans Activists.

    • Yes, that article by Caroline Norma is spot on. What a bunch of twats the commenters were. She’s got more intelligence in her little finger than they have collectively. The comments epitomised mansplaining-condescending, rude, patronising.

      I listened to an interview the other night: Maajid Sawar has cowritten a book with Sam Harris, which I’m looking forward to reading. Maajid speaks of the Regressive Left, who ignore unpalatable truths in their efforts to be inclusive. It made me think of how this happens with the Left and trans issues and feminism.

      I find it comforting that generally people are supporting Greer’s right to speak. I find the worst offenders are men accusing women of not accepting trans women as women. For example:

      Disappointed to see Clementine Ford urging her followers to sign the petition to put Tara in a women’s prison. Bloody hell, he’s got eight prior convictions and head-butted a man so hard he needed $2500+ to fix his teeth. Does anyone think about the women who’ll be forced to share a cell with Tara? No. If we mention that, we’re called transphobic, hateful bigots.

      HMQ I always enjoy your posts!

      • Thanks.♥

        I’ve stopped reading Clementine Ford for just such reasons. I like her no nonsense style of writing and she’s very good at it but when she started writing at the expense of women I had to bail.

        • HMQ, yes, I agree: Clementine Ford is a gifted writer; it’s her thinking that’s a bit awry. She appears to have removed her FB post asking followers to sign the Tara petition. Coincidence that it was only a few hours ago I posted on her FB wall saying that Tara advertised his 7-inch penis on his escort ads, had 8 prior convictions. Pity she doesn’t do a little research before she writes.

          And you are right when you say that Paris Lees is a gay men. I read a few of his pieces last night. He is well and truly a man. Why do so many gay men hate women?

  4. Did you even read that Blanchard PDF? He claims that no “autogynephile” is exclusively attracted to men, which would leave out Paris Lees. How are you going to stigmatize trans women when you can’t even keep your own theories coherent?

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