Rape Is Just Like Losing a Football Match Says Merseyside Police

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Now, onto some business.

This is the conversation Merseyside Police had today with a dude who wanted to report a ‘rape.’

merseyside police rape 1

merseyside police rape 2

And men’s rights activists and lefty men think we don’t live in a rape culture. Pssh!

Whenever you get some whiny dude lamenting his dudebrofeelz over the term ‘rape culture’ just link him here.  I don’t know if it’ll make any difference. Thick-headed men who can’t admit we live in a rape culture aren’t going to be moved anyway.

Merseyside Police erased the tweets and issued this apology:

merseyside police rape apology

This reminds of ‘Town Bloody Hall’ in which Germaine Greer et al schooled Norman Mailer for about an hour. When Mailer makes a sexist remark and gets called on it he screams ‘you (women) are all singularly without wit!’

This is the spoon all men reach for when they get called out for misogyny. ‘BUT, IT’S JUST A JOKE!’

This shit makes me wish we lived in a world similar to the movie Minority Report where just before a dude thinks about sexually assaulting a woman or joking about it he drops dead. Imagine it! all these dudes just dropping dead.

‘THUD! There goes another rapist!, and another one, and another one!’

Ah, liberation.


10 thoughts on “Rape Is Just Like Losing a Football Match Says Merseyside Police

  1. What an idiot! I hope they lock him up. This can happen to people who abuse the 911 system and it should.

    This reminds me of the story of the woman who reported a rape on campus at UNC back in about 2007 and was told that “rape is like a football game.” Here’s a link: http://www.thenation.com/article/no-justice-college-rape-victims/

    I wonder where this “rape is like football” thing started.

    I don’t know anything about football, but I know plenty about rape. I know a lot of footballers are rapists. But, beyond that, I have no idea.

    Re: “Imagine it! all these dudes just dropping dead.” I imagine that would wipe out a good 90% of the male population.

  2. OMG, that video “Town Bloody Hall” is amazing. At 7:29, the speaker explains why we do not fight for the peace movement, the civil rights movement, or the environmental movement, and so on, because the root of the problem is women’s liberation.

    My goodness! This is why we need to be listening to these women like Germaine Greer – this is not her, I haven’t figured out who she is yet, but she’s fabulous!

    How did you find this fantastic video at YT of all places?! They’ve ripped down almost every video clip of rad fems. Last time I looked, I couldn’t find Andrea or Sonia Johnson – only men saying nasty things.

    Any idea who the woman is who is speaking at the beginning of this vid? She’s from NOW. I’m wondering what year this is from. Any idea?

  3. Men like that should not be allowed in the police. The police don’t exist to give macho and pseudo-macho men a job, FFS. They’re supposed to actually be keen on, you know, being against crime. I shall store a link to this for the purpose you suggest, HMQ.


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