Maritza and Lynna Challenge Midwives Alliance Peak Trans Crap

Peak Trans: Men give birth now, not women.

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My sisters Maritza and Lyanna, who invited me to critique transactivism on their show, went to the recent Midwife Alliance of North America (MANA) Con and challenged transactivists who removed the words ‘pregnant woman’ and ‘woman’ from midwifery.

You can’t say women get pregnant any more or hurt feelz and tantrums result. Transactivists have managed to erase women from the one thing that makes them female: the ability to give birth.

Guess who was defending erasing women? A man. Sam Killerman to be exact.

Thanks to those who corrected the spelling of L’s name.~Edited HMQ


19 thoughts on “Maritza and Lynna Challenge Midwives Alliance Peak Trans Crap

  1. I’m having to go back and listen to that vid a second time because it is not easy to follow things like “identify as woman” to refer to actual women.

    i do not “identify as a woman.” But, I am a woman.

    My first impulse, if I had to deal with some dudes like this is not to. Why are they even listen to these dudes talk about midwifery? Dudes have no say in midwifery. Dudes have no say over women’s reproductive choices including HOW to give birth and in what setting.

    I figured out something really important lately about how to deal with unwanted persons, persons who want something from you constantly, people who make you unhappy, etc., you just don’t engage with them. Don’t answer the phone. Don’t answer the door. The only way they will believe that you don’t really want whatever it is they’re trying to push on you is to just shut them off and refuse to engage.

    I refuse to engage with men, in general. I certainly refuse to engage with these wackjobs who talk about women “identifying as women.” It’s absolutely effing bizarre!! I will not engage with someone who talks this way about me or other women. It’s disgusting speech.

  2. Okay, so this happened at an actual Midwifery Conference – this idiot was given the microphone. This dudebro is nothing but a professional troll. He’s no different than any other trans troll on the web and he has the same disrespectful, willfully obtuse way of speaking to the women.

    He should have had his ass kicked out the door. He has nothing relevant to say at a Midwifery Conference. Moreover, he is a man and, therefore, has no authority over women. He has no right to talk to a woman the way he did in this video in any setting.

    These dudebros just love wasting women’s time, taking women’s energy away from important things and that’s what this trolling freak on the microphone is doing here.

  3. One more comment on this and then I’m going to try to reel myself in:

    What is going on when a premiere feminist, a very scholarly and famous feminist, is targeted to be banned from speaking about feminism , meanwhile this be-penised clown is invited to speak at a conference that has only to do with women and, in particular, women’s reproductive organs and the care thereof?

    It’s ridiculous!

    At one point in the vid, a woman turns to Mark (who is as she has already stated a born-woman, “I have a vagina!” she says) and asks what business he has in all of this. But, at no point does anyone tell that man with the microphone to hand it over and get the hell out. They keep engaging. To me, this is encouraging these bastards. They ought to be the ones being no-platformed.

  4. As irritating as these transjesters are, we have to confront the fact that it’s women who are handing over the keys to the kingdom to them. I find this so disheartening. I think the absolutely deserve opprobrium.

    • The last time men took over midwifery, they burned women at the stake as witches. That’s how they outlawed abortion and took over the entire medical profession. As long as men dominate everything, women’s choices will always be reduced to which outcome has the less bloodshed.

  5. I have said it before, men are involved in everything . How did this man get control of this meeting? How is he relevant? Why are women sitting there being told what they can say and for how long . It would be odd if a woman controlled a meeting to discuss how offensive the term father or daddy was to some people and discuss renaming it ….. wouldn’t it?


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