It’s Not Complicated Cassie Jaye

The idea that Cassie Jaye’s movie on the MRM is going to be fair and balanced is simply laughable. The fact she never even reached out to me is a clear sign there’s not going to be any clear criticism of her subject.  I’ve been doing this for years, searching the nooks and crannies of the MRM, with an intense focus on A Voice for Men, to report what I find there, and it’s pretty simple: male supremacy.

I will not be paying a penny for this film. Enabling MRA’s to spread their hatred is not a feminist act Cassie. I don’t want to pay to watch a fireside chat where Paul Elam misrepresents himself and his movement while he stares shifty eyed into the camera.

Plus, male supremacist movements are historically cyclical. There are always reactionary men’s movements that spring up when women gain a certain amount of critical mass and bring their issues into the public consciousness. Every feminist knows this. The fact Cassie doesn’t see this or maybe is ignoring it for cash, is pretty lame, yet predictable. A turd is always a turd Cassie. Staring at a turd intently isn’t going to make it turn into something nice.

All hail the Golden Turd

Look at the book resources that A Voice for Men plasters on the front page of the site. Belfort Bax was a socialist that lived in the 1800’s, and even though Conservanut and Libertardian MRA’s hate socialism, they adore this guy. The reason is because he was a stanch misogynist, part of a male supremacist backlash during his time. Hell, Paul Elam is charging money for his writings when you can get them for free.

Cassie Jaye is no different than the handful of women that come to the rescue of MRA’s and front for them, because they make money doing so.  Karen Straughn and the Honey Badgers are one such group. They are able to command tens of thousands of dollars on a whim.

When they got booted from Cal Expo the MRM went into full tilt, making endless hours of videos, while the Honey Badgers carefully calculated a fundraiser to take advantage of the momentum and anger, at women and feminists. They even call their Youtube radio platform ‘The Ragening.’

Concoct a story that it’s all women and feminists fault, stoke that male anger to maximum outrage and the dollars come flowing in.

Cassie Jaye is a leech to the big vein of cash, always on tap for a woman who MRA’s gleefully embrace to give them the air of legitimacy. When Cassie realized feminists weren’t going to fund a film on male supremacist tantrums she went sobbing to Milo Yiannopolous, and she got her 100K, in less than a day.

Now she’s claiming that ‘Milo Yiannopolous’ isn’t a men’s rights activist. Earth to Cassie: He’s been publishing MRA rhetoric and leeching off Gamergate for some time.

Cassie claims she didn’t want feminists to donate large amounts of cash because she said they wanted creative control over the film, yet she took 10K from a few MRA’s and they’re getting a film credit.

Now Cassie is flogging David Futrelle, in a video on Youtube for more attention, because he wrote some words on a blog that she knew she could use to manufacture more male anger. She’s blaming him for the fact that most people don’t want anything to do with the subject matter of her movie, which should be titled ‘Men’s Rights Activists Play With Puppies Sometimes.’  We all know that every once in a while you can find an MRA doing something that looks innocuous, cute even, but give em an internet connection and the white male whiny rage begins.

Paul Elam’s girlfriend tried this not too long ago, painting Elam as a lovely and sensitive man because he cried over the loss of his dog Rocky. Well yeah, sometimes horrible misogynists do humane things. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure this out Cassie.

Another Conservative woman, BravetheWorld,  dipped her hand into the sewer of the MRM and like most people, found it to be full of hatred of women. When she spoke up about this the MRA online whinefest swamped her video, rated it down, and left horrible comments. She didn’t need to make a film worth 100K to figure this out.

And like clockwork, Diana Davidson, another female MRA handmaiden decided it was worth some money to counter-attack BravetheWorld. It was worth at least 18,000 views and some cash.

MRA handmaidens fight amongst themselves for notoriety and cash since disagreement and fighting with the men is forbidden. Karen Straughn is no stranger to this behaviour either.

When you’re swimming in the swamp, it’s hard to pick out the right turd. Cassie admits she’s already been stalked by one male supremacist during the making of the film. In the comment section on Cassie Jaye’s latest video whining about David Futrelle, there’s a sort of warning by MRA’s to her.

be honest and thing will b alright

We all know what this means. Portray us the way we paid you for and we won’t come after you later like we’ve done to countless other women. It’s similar to what a violent john does to a prostituted woman.

MRA’s funded the movie and they’ll get what they pay for. This is how MRA social media works. It’s how Milo, Sargon, Thunderf00t, Mundane Matt et al, put food on the table. Stoke the anger of white male supremacists, attack women, rake in cash, repeat.

Just look at what King Crockodumb tried doing to Laughing Witch. He made up a big whopper of an MRA narrative to try and milk his Youtube subs for cash. He told Laughing Witch to play the stupid, silly wife of the proud patriarchal husband who doesn’t know what his little woman was up to on the internet.

The fact Cassie is now blaming David Futrelle for her dirty hands after she did a swan dive into the septic tank of the Manosphere is pretty darn ironic.  She knows MRA’s have had a target on Futrelle’s back for years. The handmaidens always keep the men happy.

The only problem here, and it’s one David and I agree on, is that this will come back to bite her in the ass. You know the old saying, ‘you lay down with dogs. . .’

You see Cassie, it’s not complicated. People like myself and David aren’t magical in the sense we can see the future from our crystal balls. We just know the root of the MRM because we’ve monitored them for years and understand the basis of the entire movement.

Cassie calls herself a feminist, which is pretty pathetic. Feminists don’t give misogynists a legitimate platform. It’s like one of those cardinal rules, a foundational principle if you will.

Gosh, even ABC’s 20/20 realized the shit they were in and ultimately refused to air the interview they did with Elam. Just postponing it got MRA’s attacking Liz Vargas, another woman in a long line of women they’ve attacked for not asking ‘how high?’ when they told her to jump.

You’re free to do what you will Cassie, but turning this around on those who’ve known and researched the Manosphere far longer and far deeper than you have will have consequences that have nothing to do with either myself or David Futrelle. We’re not your scapegoats.

Oh and that’s not a threat, that’s just a fact.


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16 thoughts on “It’s Not Complicated Cassie Jaye

  1. I’m trying to save my critiques until after the film is released and I see it and take it all in. I have some of the same concerns as you, but I’m trying to stay optimistic. I don’t have a problem with mras getting mainstream media attention. I don’t have a problem with Cassie trying to be objective and present their side of the story, because I trust that they make themselves look stupid just when they speak.

      • I haven’t seen that one yet. What concerns me about her now is why she hasn’t stood up for herself for what red pillers have been saying about her. There’s a thread on her on the RV forum and I’ve seen reddit and blog discussions, and of course one of the main topics of discussion is her appearance – either how “fuckable” she is (for a feminist) or how she has hamster cheeks. They’ve also disrespected her other more feminist films. This ought to mean something to her.

        • I watched most of the livestream and what the men were saying to her will be revealed. Some did call her hamster cheeks in the chat. Expect it some time this week. Hopefully nothing major will happen in the meantime so it doesn’t have to wait. Let’s just say, it was revealing.

  2. I wonder if this is going to be like that brony documentary that doesn’t once mention the sex/fetish angle.

    And $100,000 seems like a lot for a low budget documentary. Has Jaye released the financials? I wonder how much is going to her own salary.

  3. If what she’s doing weren’t harmful in that it seems to be trying to legitimize MRA’s, I’d feel very sorry for her, and I still sort of do. She seems caught-up in something that is now beyond her skill or life experience to manage. She’ll regret this when she’s older, if not sooner.

  4. I think that Ms. Jaye will say that as she delved into poor men’s situation in the world, she found they have problems too, conscription for male-controlled militaries being the biggest, and circumcision, an archaic ritual that marks maleness and religious tradition, being another. Poor men sometimes do work in lethal, exploitative conditions for other men. Biologically, men die earlier, partly due to the effects of testosterone on the immune system and partly because they are more aggressive and inclined to high physical risk behavior, among other factors.

    Feminists have no problem with that. Patriarchy (sometimes called patriarchal capitalism these days, or more broadly, male domination), I believe most feminists agree, is a system where men as a class oppress women as a class, and some men exploit other men through male dominance hierarchies. It’s crucial, though, to distinguish the two kinds of exploitation.

    Women are oppressed worldwide in a certain manner for certain purposes: the main purpose besides their labor, to put it simplistically, is to control their their sexual and reproductive capacities, in furtherance of male sexual desire and desire to assure paternity. Men on the other hand are exploited for their labor, and even exploited men have had women as an underclass they could control.

    So long as Ms. Jaye keeps her eye on the fact that this system is developed and maintained by men in power, affects women much more onerously and situates men, even exploited men, over women politically, economically, and socially, she will be acting entirely consistently as a feminist filmmaker. If however she gets lost in the conservative rhetoric that changing blatantly discriminatory laws is enough to liberate women from their age-old chains, she might mistakenly equate the exploitation of some men by other men, with the oppression of women as a class by men as a class.

    Female genital mutilation and male circumcision are microcosms of all this. Male circumcision is usually a minor procedure that does not affect the baby’s health (except very rarely) and has the purpose of initiating a male baby to become a member of certain religion traditions. It is similar to tattooing.

    FGM involves excision of some or all of the female organ of sexual pleasure to control a female’s sexuality so that she may be sold in pristine condition into marriage and will not attempt to act independently based on her own sexual desire. It commonly leads to serious medical complications such as painful intercourse, infection, lifelong urinary infections and difficulty urinating, fistula, and dangerous childbirth, not to mention that the purpose is to remove female babies’ capacity for sexual enjoyment for life. The two procedures are unrelated.

    In the same way, some male’s exploitation of other males, the stated subject matter of men’s rights, is unrelated to the subject matter of women’s liberation from universal male oppression of females. There are different histories, purposes, impacts, and degree of control.

    To the extent that men’s rights are also about maintaining male domination over women and maintaining male centrality in culture, I assume Ms. Jaye can separate that out and handle it fairly as a separate issue..

    My hope: Ms. Jaye presents these extremely important distinctions accurately, showing the lack of relation between men’s rights and and women’s liberation. I can even hope that this filmmaker does a great job of explaining all this and shows the system at work not just in advanced countries, but in the rest of the world.

    • V.,

      Men’s rights are the rights of kings and despots. Women’s liberation is the attempt to establish full human rights for women and girls where they do not exist at this time.

      Any press for the MRAs is, in my opinion, bad the same way that giving air time to any hate group tends to stir up more hate.

      As it was stated by an early NOW president in a video HMQ posted a few days ago, at the the root of all these problems men complain about lies the enslavement of women.

      Also, regarding female “circumcision,” I recently saw a video presentation about this. One of the things they do is sew up the vagina leaving a little hole so that the men can experience a sexual thrill similar to that of having anal sex with boys when they have sex, as such, with their wives. Of course, this creates a lot of health problems for women because this part of the body is self-cleaning when it is not sewn shut and it is meant to permit the natural release of a child, which is impossible when it sewn most of the way up.

      Also, I would add to your excellent statement, V., that women are not only exploited sexually and for our reproductive capacity by men, but, also, for our labor by men to an extreme. “Women’s work is never done.” This is a truism and for a reason. Women are expected to work non-stop and to provide sexual pleasure and offspring named after a man to carry on HIS genetic line. This is surely why worldwide women are regarded as being lower than cattle. This is how men treat us whenever they get the chance, which is why they should never be allowed to run anything, anywhere, at any time.

      • I will modify one of the terms I used. Let’s change women’s enslavement to women’s subjugation. The reason for this is that after I wrote it, I remembered an MRA who argued with HMQ that the prostitution of women and girls by men is not slavery because the term now brings to mind the days of black slavery. It is, of course, slavery and it is sometimes called “white slavery” to show the distinction, but then that term brings up even more problems.

        So, instead, I will use the term “subjugation,” which is a term with a very serious meaning, but without this particular taint on it.

        Although, I can think of ways in which men and women, but especially women, are presently enslaved by men in systematic ways, which are so commonplace and accepted that very few people realize it is happening.

  5. Just the fact that Cassie is giving MRAs the time of day is a good indication that this will be a sympathetic piece about misogynist hate groups. It sickens me that both MRAs and the women who support them demand to be seen fairly yet treat women in the most unfair ways they possibly can. They openly encourage beating women, raping women, infiltrating juries to set rapists free, doxx and undergo extreme harassment campaigns with no other purpose than to harm women and feminists, and a whole bunch of other stuff I can’t type without feeling like I want to throw up. These men are interpersonal terrorists to the extreme, likely clinical psychopaths with no functioning clue what “human rights” really are.


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