Who Are The Men’s Rights Activists Funding Cassie Jaye?

Cassie Jaye did a Livestream with Sargon of Akkad, who rose to fame as the Youtube neckbeard of Gamergate. That’s how he came to prominence within the Manosphere. I was in the livestream watching men’s rights activists talk. Guess what the most common comments, the most common themes of the entire conversation?

There were a few common themes. The first that stood out to me was the endless sexualizing of Cassie. Roughly every 5-6 comments that flew by were about her looks and how they wanted to fuck her.

sexualized comms sexualized comms2 sexualized comms3 sexualized comms4 sexualized comms5 sexualized comms6

more on cassies looks cassie likes cock cassie wants dick

I don’t know if Cassie could see the chat and what these men were saying to her but one thing stood out to me. In the livestream she said the media outlet Vocatif took her statements out of context when she talked about being stalked by an MRA at her home with endless phone calls trying to woo her. This is exactly what I found MRA’s doing in the chat. From what I saw, there were lots of guys trying to hit on her. Even after the livestream, the top comments on the video are men sexualizing her.

The other theme in the chat was white male supremacy. This is just a tiny sample of the white male supremacist comments. The others were just too offensive or simply contained black face smilies with the words ‘niglet’ next to it and many symbols and the Jewish magen David. Many were about Jews needing to be gassed and lots of racial epithets, like ‘nigger.’white supremacist comms

white male supremacist gives donation

antisemitismWhite male supremacists are funding her film, no doubt about it. In fact, during the Livestream she reached her stretch goal of 175K and the guys told her.

money goal reached When she talked about the fact women need abortion rights and that these rights are under attack, many MRA’s didn’t like that. They are typically against abortion because they see women as incubators for ‘their child.’ Sargon even made a remark that abortions shouldn’t be common.

abortion mentioned conserv MRA reaction abortion mentioned conserv MRA reaction2 abortion mentioned conserv MRA reaction3MRA’s have the idea that women are supposed to be walking incubators and that this is women’s duty. They reduced Cassie to a baby maker because that’s all she’s good for ya know?

women wo kids are unhappy she needs to bet pregnant

When Cassie brought up her issues with Hollywood being sexist and Christianity being sexist, men didn’t like that either.

men reacting women are muses and men can't do anything women's bodies force men to do stupid thing

When the audience thought she was taking questions from them, this was the first question asked:comms 1

Some men declared that housework isn’t really a job. This is the mindset of these men. Many declared their eligibility to her and wanted to marry her.

housework is stupid

please marry me women wo kids are unhappy another marry me

When Cassie brought up her experience being in LA acting scene where women were being coerced to undress instead of act, the men got upset with this too. Sexually objectifying women is declared as totally natural for men to do to women. Even their Daddy idol Warren Farrell thinks women’s bodies and their sexuality are women’s power over men and that women withhold it and make men do stupid things. That’s why he put a naked woman on the cover of Myth of Male Power. It’s his central thesis. cassie acting comms cassie talks about acting cassies acting mra analysis lol mras in chat cassieThe men’s rights movement is not about men’s rights. It’s about male supremacy and white male anger at women. That’s all it will ever be. It’s not complicated Cassie.

35 thoughts on “Who Are The Men’s Rights Activists Funding Cassie Jaye?

  1. “When she talked about the fact women need abortion rights and that these rights are under attack, many MRA’s didn’t like that. They are typically against abortion ”

    Bingo. This isn’t just mra against feminists. It’s mras against liberal views and womens rights. If Cassie continues to claim there exists any sexism towards women, as long as she continues to be pro-choice, support gay marriage, and trans rights, she will still be seen as the enemy to them.

  2. The comments made by the MRAs are disgusting and part of why I will never identify as an MRA. (The anger and dismissal of women’s issues being some of the other parts…)


    Women absolutely do have a power over men in terms of their sexuality. This doesn’t make it right for men to openly talk about Cassie the way they did. I’m just saying that a straight man’s natural attraction to women being labeled as “sexual objectification” is wrong.

    You’ll never be able to bully or shame men out of their sexuality. Christians tried that for decades with gay men and it didn’t work. It won’t work on straight men either.

    • You can’t say you don’t like MRA’s and then repeat their main thesis. Men who cannot help but yell sexualized comments at women online, on the street, are a problem Women are not forcing men to do this, men do it of their own will and it’s sexual harassment. You’re saying men can’t control themselves. So if that’s true we need to have strong laws to punish men from sexually harassing. That’s the next logical step if a person is incapable of self control. Maybe medicate all men, if they can’t control themselves as you suggest.

    • Women do not have sexual power over men. This is your own construct. It is a product of your own sick minds.

      I have heard I-don’t-know-how-many men, who I had previously thought of as normal, talk about sexuality projected by little baby girls. This is not a real thing. It is in the sick mind of the pervert.

      It is the same with men projecting their own sickness onto every woman they come into the merest contact with.

      This is in your own sick minds. Women do not have some mysterious, magical power over your genitals!

      The male inability to treat women and even little baby girls like fellow human beings appears to stem from this fantasy. It is, in my opinion, a biological flaw in the male that can only be overcome through punishment of some kind, which is to say that sex crimes by men against girls and women should be punished very harshly. Only then may we have the merest possibility of being able to live in a peaceful society with you.

      • I’d like to elaborate on this biological flaw, lest this be misinterpreted by anyone with an MRA-mindset.

        Men’s brains are different and the western scientific orthodoxy, at least, the part of it that used to make some sense back up what we women experience with males. Males are extremely aggressive and their brains make it impossible for them to feel an emotion and communicate or do analytical things at the same time. By contrast women’s brains are integrated, all parts functioning at the same time. Men’s brains have underdeveloped areas that cause them to have difficulty assessing threats, which is why they see non-threats (a woman walking down a street, a child in her playpen) everywhere and assess that the target is tempting them, speaking to them in some way, communicating a desire to be violated and they assess other males as wanting to fight them even when this may not be the case.

        These are examples of biological flaws in the male that make things like communication and what is generally thought of as humanity impossible for men to fully experience. They simply lack the biological hardware and software to do it. It’s why the appear uncommunicative or insensitive – compared to the finely tuned brains and nervous systems of women, they are these things. They are not emotional wells that run deep or men in deep thought about something important – they are very close to being neanderthals developmentally and they would not have a single thing in this world if they had not stolen everything from women.

        • You see, I’m not sure I can go with a biological explanation. I saw and read accounts of testosterone poisoning in women where they have described that T made them emotionless and angry. However, that’s a woman taking T in her adult years, not a male who was exposed in utero.

          The reason I don’t like biological explanations is that they’re too simplistic and then allow for ‘lady brain’ arguments. If there’s a male brain then there’s a female one and we all know that pseudo-scientists, evopsych whackos etc. place ‘lady brain’ as inferior to male brain.

          There was a post that I reproduced here from a geneticist about the Y chromosome and it’s continuing decline but again, it relied on environment and things like males addiction to porn to explain the decline. There’s socialization to consider even when we talk about genetics and even more when we talk about the brain since neuroplasticity is a thing.

          I also was able to study an 18 mo old boy who had never been exposed to violent media, no tv, no movies, no nothing. He was not like the other boys on the playground. He didn’t hit, he didn’t grab other kids’ toys, he was gentle and kind. I can only imagine what it would be like if boys are raised the way he was being raised. Also, it’s the only element we have control over. We can change the environments boys grow up in, at least until they’re a certain age but there are critical periods in children’s development. A boy who is raised without violent media is going to be radically different even if he is exposed to it in his teens.

          I think biological arguments are weak, since we can’t identify any mechanisms in infancy that show boys and girls are radically different. We do have MRA’s like Karen the idiot who say things like ‘little boys stare at boy toys more than girls.’ That says nothing. The confounding variables involved in infant gaze studies are many and we can’t tease them out, especially since we know gender begins even prior to birth if the parents know the sex of their fetus!

          A male infant who is 2 months old has already been given gender lessons. Since I’m educated in psychology and how researchers study things like infant gaze, I can tear these statements apart. However, the general public buys into it because it confirms their ideas that boys are SUPPOSED to want to look at ‘boy toys’ more than girls. Gender is so embedded that we must open up and challenge it, which we are doing, slowly.

          I see many of my sisters challenging companies who gender toys. This is a good step but we must get gender into the popular media and I think transactivists, not knowing it, are doing just that. They’ll bring it into the public consciousness so we can knock it down. In 20 or so years, you’ll hear much more about gender since all the kids being transed are going to grow up, sterile, broken, and so on.

          • This is certainly a good set of arguments for it being a social matter and, therefore, changeable if their environment is changed from birth.

            Essentially, testosterone poisoning is the problem a I see it. We see the same thing in a lot of male animals. Testosterone = aggression.

            The trouble with bringing up anything scientific – I mean the problem I personally have with it – is that I think the scientific establishment is largely a patriarchal fraud. We see how easily the scientific and medical establishment can be bought off by pharmaceutical companies or any other interest and it is run by men who have very limited abilities. So, I don’t like the scientific angle, either, and of course there is no “laydee braind” that makes girls like pink and want to be subservient sex slaves to men.

            Still, I see, operating in my own experiences, some differences in men. I know not to approach a man when he is angry about something else (his car broke down today, he was fired from his job today, etc.) because he will transfer his anger to you and go into a violent rage. (My dad was like this, I’ve worked with men like this and I’ve very briefly dated men like this – a long, long time ago!) Men’s seem in capable of processing more than one thing at a time. They are not able to express emotions well because they don’t experiencing emotion, sensation or anything else in this world the way we do. The are like robots compared to us. They are not intellectually or emotionally sophisticated and do not have the same intensity of sensory abilities.

            There are lots of other difference and some go way beyond anything they call science.

            Nonetheless, I know you are right that they can be socialized to become more gentle. Males used to be somewhat more gentle just 40 years ago! They’ve been socialized to become more and more aggressive and exposed to more and more images of violence against women at an early age and that’s partly why we are where we are now.

            Gender must go! It must leave the human psyche!

            Thanks, HMQ, for your thoughtful and info-packed response to my comment. I really appreciate it.

          • Wow, I’m sorry for all the errors in those 2 paragraphs. Let me translate:

            “Still, I see, operating in my own experiences, some differences in men. I know not to approach a man when he is angry about something else (his car broke down today, he was fired from his job today, etc.) because he will transfer his anger to you and go into a violent rage. (My dad was like this, I’ve worked with men like this and I’ve very briefly dated men like this – a long, long time ago!) Men seem incapable of processing more than one thing at a time. They are not able to express emotions well because they don’t experience emotion, sensation or anything else in this world the way we do. They are like robots compared to us. They are not intellectually or emotionally sophisticated and do not have the same intensity of sensory abilities.

            There are lots of other differences and some go way beyond anything they call science.”

            I know I made some other typos, but those two paragraphs looked like they got dropped into Google translator or something!

            Gotta get some coffee, now! 🙂

          • Still got to get my coffee, but wanted to say this in relation to your excellent comment. It’s all just personal stuff that I thought of stimulated by some of the things you said..

            I saw a vid on YT somewhere describing how people treat an infant once they know it is male or female. Part of the genderizing is that they hold the girls closer to their own bodies.. It disgusted me how people treated little girl babies. (This must be why I never wanted to be touched as a little girl – still can’t deal with strangers touching me.) By contrast, little boy babies were held out, even held up and treated less sexually and more respectfully by both males and females.

            Also, I was a little girl at a time when there was actually a lot less genderizing (…made up a word! LOL!) of, at least, girls. I had a fascination with anything that moved: Marbles, toy cars, toy trains and some big toy tractors that my dad gave me. My godfather, also, gave me a boat, which I plaid with as soon a I could crawl around. Some other things make me think that had I been born to the wrong parents at this time instead of then, I would have been labeled a “trans-gender child.”

            My goodness! The extent to which women’s liberation has been hi-jacked amazes me. It’s like some maniac got in it, threw it in reverse and stomped on the gas at warp speed. I don’t think little girls were this repressed and oppressed since the day of George Eliot!

    • What you are witnessing is the dominance display of males bonding over the degradation of a woman. I should think everyone would recognize it by now.

    • @ MRA Bobby d00d:

      Being naturally attracted to women is one thing. I’m naturally attracted to men (unfortunately). Do I follow them down the street and yell vulgar things at them and feel that it’s my right to leer at them, comment on their looks, touch them, pester them for conversation and then poop my diapers when they aren’t into it, sexualize them at every turn, consume pornography that depicts degradation and rape, pay to rape them via prostitution, and beat, rape and murder them in real life? No. Somehow I manage to control myself.

      Right now this behavior is what male “sexuality” looks like to us. A violent nightmare of domination. Asking you to cut the shit with this shit already is not “shaming” or “bullying.” I mean, are we supposed be A-okay with it?

      Your “sexuality” manifests itself in oppression and cruelty. Your “sexuality” in the current system is harmful to us. That is the point of feminism—for female human beings to be LIBERATED from male sexual violence/dominance and exploitation of our sexed bodies (aka patriarchy).

      It is absurd to say that women have power over men because men want to fuck us. ABSURD. That sentiment arises from MALE ENTITLEMENT and it is the source of female suffering. Woman = Sex is dehumanizing. Try working on your sense of humanity and stop thinking the world revolves around your dick.

    • Bobby, you have absolutely no idea what that “power” costs individual women, have you?

      Seriously, Bobby, I’m glad I’m getting “too old to be fuckable” by most men’s standards. Makes my life much, much more pleasant.

      • I’m with you on that one. Ageing out of being a mere sex object is the most blissful thing I’ve ever known. I’m free to work on my spirituality now, in blessed peace. Now when I’m in public spaces I’m either just another human or I’m invisible. It’s the sweetest freedom. I can’t figure out why any woman would fear aging. Maybe it’s like Neverland. Everyone fears going there, but once you do go you don’t want to ever leave it.

    • Men are a Goddamned disease. They admit it openly. Luckily, women aren’t socialized to eradicate you the way men have tried to eradicate women for millennia. More and more women are deciding to simply starve men out. You are expendable (and you know it, hence your rage). All men do is colonize and destroy. You will die alone, unloved. You have done this to yourselves.


    • If Bobby is right, and feminists can’t do a thing to stop the epidemic of rape and violence against women is to round up all the heterosexual, bisexual, and pansexual men and stick them into detention facilities because they pose a threat to women’s safety. I mean, you can’t sit there and talk about human rights without considering the rights of 3.5 billion female people who are in immediate danger, right now, of being raped and trafficked by men. If all this comes naturally to most men, then most men must be immediately institutionalized for society’s general welfare. We wouldn’t want our children around men who think that raping women is completely natural, do we?


    • Hey Bobby – you should just be honest and admit that you enjoy treating women like sex robots. You’re an MRA that bullies women out of feeling any kind of humanity or self-respect, so you can sod off with your whiny bs already.

    • Women absolutely do have a power over men in terms of their sexuality.

      Rapist logic.

      Women do not have some mysterious power over men’s genitals. Sexual arousal is based on what a particular individual finds attractive, and the subject of said attraction is an innocent party with no control over the admirers’ thoughts, feelings or behaviors. How one chooses to react to visual stimuli is exactly that; a choice. Let us apply your line of reasoning to any other scenario, and everyone would think that it’s a load of crap. It is only culturally acceptable to blame the object of desire for one’s own lack of control when that “object” is a woman. If somebody, for instance, told you that they are a pizza addict, and that it’s the pizza’s fault for tempting them, you’d recognize that as automatic bullshit, yes? Why should it be any different with a human being? Nobody is responsible for another person’s conscious choice to obsess over them. I don’t expect a flabby-minded male to fully grasp the concept of self-control, but it’s worth the effort to shoot down a phallic fallacy when I encounter them. I’ll vomit all over anything that doesn’t pass the sniff test (which is 90% of the garbage that men publish on the internet).

  3. As to why Cassie or any woman might accept this sort of filth from men, all I can say is that women have no power to stop it and it is so common, so prevalent, so predictable, that it eventually becomes just the background to our lives.

    I used to survive in men’s world (don’t have to anymore because I don’t have to be around them for work) by telling myself that rape was just the price of living in this country. I’d say to myself that this is the culture and this is how people do things here and that’s how I was able to stay, at least, marginally functional in between nervous breakdowns. So, we mentally do what we have to do to survive male sickness. We all have to do it at some point and if we’re lucky we find some kind of escape eventually – even just a little escape, which in my case means rarely leaving the house.

    • Oh gosh. While that might sound dismal to some others I can completely relate. I have taken to coloring my flaming red hair a deep anonymous black, and out in public I wear very consealing clothes. For twenty years I was harassed and bothered within an inch of my sanity by stupid weenie wielders who seemed to think I owed them my attention and time. I wish I could just stay in my house like you but I (unwillingly) changed myself and mastered “bitch-face” for trying to enjoy freedom on these sidewalks.

      • Yes, I’ve done similar things when I’ve had to travel to deter highway stalkers and street harassers anywhere my blonde hair and blue eyes stands out too much in a crowd. I live in a very, very white area where I blend in entirely. Imagine zero street harassment ever!

  4. It’s an anthropological demonstration. Hey Bewilderness, the “dominance display of males bonding to degrade” is a good one! I might add that this is an example of a perceptual difference between the sexes: what looks to us like a filmmaker making a serious documentary about an ideology of great importance to these fellows, looks to them like a female who wandered into the cage so she must be available for sex.

    BTW, there’s a brutally truthful meme going viral today. Caitlyn Jenner said the hardest part about being a woman is finding something to wear, and this got picked up and superimposed on pictures of beat-up women, starved women, Malala in her hospital bed, and so on and so on. The memes are pretty shocking but they sure make their point. I can’t find them ATM; maybe somebody has a link, I think they’re on FB. This could end up being the statement Jenner is remembered for.

    • Jenner has been getting a lot of hate recently, even from other trans! It’s awesome. I can’t stand that prick in pantyhose.

      • I’ve seen some of the images from radfems and while they’re hard to look at b/c they show things like acid attacks from violent males with the caption ‘The hardest thing about being a woman is figuring out what to wear.’ slogan at the bottom just drives the point straight home.

  5. If this is what MRAs find acceptable to say in public about Cassie Jaye then could you imagine the horrors they probably have planned for her behind her back? I can only imagine what consequences they would dream up for her if the movie isn’t 100% cheerleading.

    If I were the FBI, I would be monitoring them very closely right now.

  6. You do realize literally anyone can post in a live stream. You have no way of knowing if the people commenting on Cassie’s beauty were MRAs or even men. Most certainly some of them had to be women.
    Cassie Jaye is gob smackingly pretty. Comments of “I’d love to fuck her” are to be expected on an unmoderated public forum. I’m sure anyone, you included, would love getting most of these comments if you were as irrepressibly gorgeous as Cassie. I know I would.

    Here’s the classic example of a sexually violent male who thinks telling women online he doesn’t know that he wants to fuck them is totally normal behaviour. And of course, the he makes the strawman crap argument telling me that the men in the chat were really women who were saying sexually violent things to Cassie after admitting it’s normal male behaviour! Yep, it’s all a big conspiracy by women who infiltrated the chat and pretended to be sexually violent men. Yep, that totally makes sense. Reminds me of a guy who was arrested for rape recently and said ‘I just fell on the little girl by accident!.’All hail the Illuminati!~ HMQ


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