What’s Up With Me and Open Thread

For the last week I’ve been pretty sick. I have an infection in my jawbone and it’s the worst pain I’ve ever had in my life. In between trips to clinics and the hospital it’s been a helluva weekend.

I just had one tooth taken out and I might lose another. I am prone to infections because of the medications I take for my disability. It masks tooth pain so that by the time I notice the pain, the tooth is gone and has to come out.

Those who donated to me I am grateful to. I didn’t get close to my goal so that I can update this computer, not even half of my goal, and that’s partly my fault. I should have fundraisers more often than I do and I will start doing that. Some have even suggested I start a subscription basis for my blog and I’m thinking Patreon and getting back into video making.

I’d would like to thank those that donated to me. You helped me relieve the pressure of being disabled. I had to pay outrageous amounts to get to hospital and back. One male cabdriver took advantage of my illness and charged me an exorbitant amount of money. Yeah, we need female ONLY taxi services in Canada!

Anyway, I gotta go for now. I need a few days off so I figured we could have an open thread to talk about schtuff and see what I should do continuing forward. Check my back catalogue for some great posts and there are a few new videos on my Mancheeze Youtube channel.

I’m always taking donations so if you’d like to support my efforts, please see the Paypal button in the sidebar. You don’t need a Paypal account to donate.





23 thoughts on “What’s Up With Me and Open Thread

  1. Hugs to you! Pain really sucks. It’s so self absorbed and totally makes you pay attention to it just all the time! Your poor teeth. ☹ And yes we should have female cabdrivers! Occasionally a male cabdriver will be OK. But mostly they’re like bouncers. We could have a whole other kind in the daytime. Not everyone’s coming home from a bar drunk as a skunk at 2 AM.

    If you’re looking for something entertaining to do while you’re laid up, today I read this truly hilarious thread on Bureaumancy after it was suggested to me when I explained on that site that I was going through Pigeon Netting Installation. Which meant waiting around all day for the workmen to come, then having them on my balcony with their noisy noisy drills. And fiddling around and it takes forever and these people are in your home. 😒 Nowhere near as bad as what you’re going through but the thread that I’m linking to is really funny. In the comments.


    And remember, when you’re sick eat candy. I’m a biologist, I know. If that would be too hard on your teeth parts, ice cream.

    • Hi Petunia.

      This has been one of the worst pains of my life. The worst.

      I had one tooth pulled, well pushed out, yesterday and probably will have another one out on Friday.

      The antibiotics I’m on could kill a horse. They’re killing every bit of good bacteria in my body and leaving my mouth with a sour metal taste that you can’t get rid of.

      I can’t eat candy because it might remove the blood clot and I’ll get a dry socket, which means more pain.

      I can eat ice cream and I do have some in my freezer.

      Cheki is hilarious, I’ve read her blog several times. I even featured her on this blog.

      I wish we had female taxi service here. You just never know what you’re gonna get with a man and the guy overcharged me and he knew I couldn’t fight b/c I was so ill.

      I slept for 14 hours yesterday and through today, since I hadn’t slept properly in 3-4 days from pain.

      I’m on heavy duty anti inflammatories since they’re the only thing that works.

      What a horrible experience. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy, well, maybe I would wish it on MRA’s but that’s about it.

  2. Oh, no HMQ! So sorry to hear about this. You don’t deserve it at all. And it can make you feel so depressed for so many reasons. It’s a cliche but it’s true; sleep is the best thing for healing, so I’m glad you got 14 hours. Sending you an internet hug.

    • TY Cassandra. I will sleep a long night tonight too I’m sure. I got a Japanese adult colouring book today in the mail. These things are Goddess-sends for disabled people like me who have severe physical spinal disabilities. The thing is, our minds are completely fine but we don’t have a huge range of movement and suffer pain. Sitting and colouring passes the time and gives us a sense of accomplishment.

      I’ve got a mandala colouring book by Spice Box and now the Japanese one. They’re very inexpensive too. I don’t use professional markers, just little crayola markers.

      I swear that every disabled person should have them. Very healing.

  3. I hope you heal fast and well. I work for a taxi company and I have written up no less than 8 men for being slime. It is a cooperative, so I am an owner and my one mission is to call out men who make misogynist “jokes”, treat female co-workers inappropriately, etc. I have a member account I can use to get taxis with an employee discount and I am sometimes tempted to put an annotation “female drivers only”. We’ve got quite a few (not enough, tho) and they are freaking awesome.

    The most recent was 2 guys joking about wearing a condom while raping a dead woman. I did not see who they were, I couldn’t even look at them. I hope they both get fucking cancer. And soon.

    And you? I hope something wonderful happens to you… and soon… I visualize it! xoxo

  4. I know how you feel. Literally all of my teeth are rotting out of my head, but I have no dental insurance so there’s not much I can do about it. I have an unusually small pallet as well, and never received the orthodontic work I needed as a child. It’s hard for me to talk about, due to the fact that I’m a little too prideful (admittedly, to my detriment). I can’t stand to be pitied. That image of strength is very important to me, to the point where I’ve become deathly afraid of displaying any type vulnerability. But fear itself is a weakness, so I’m clearly doing this “strength” thing the wrong way.

    • I know what you mean. I had a similar experience when i was younger. I had braces but my mouth is like a child’s too, teeth are normal size, mouth is tiny. My disability medication and my pain tolerance means I don’t notice infections until it’s way too late. Two molars gone this time. Having a huge molar out in the morning b/c there’s no other way to clear the infection that’s deep in the bone. The pain is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced and i fell 30 feet down a rock face on a mountain bike and smashed my pelvis. That pain was bad, but not as bad as bone pain in the mouth.

      • I was supposed to get braces, but I got scared and, for some reason, rather than forcing me to get it done, my mother just let it slide.

        I think all but one of my molars are rotted down to the bone. LOL I can still chew pretty well though. The gum toughens up after a while.

        • my braces never took bc my mouth is too small and the teeth crowded right back up again 10 yrs later. If he had pulled my premolars, I would never have all these problems but he thought he could leave them in. FYI, Braces ruin your molars. Food gets stuck in there and you can’t get it out. 10 yrs after braces and your molars are done for and u get cavity after cavity.

    • Sugarpuss! I’ve been wondering where you’ve been. I got worried because I haven’t seen you comment anywhere lately. Glad to see that you’re still here with us.

      • 🙂 I take a break once in a while. Was working on my first post for my blog last night. When I manage to get that completed, I’ll open it up for public viewing.

          • You’ll be waiting a bit longer. LOL I can’t seem to decide on a topic. There are a million thoughts in my head, and all of them seem like good candidates for a first post. I deleted the one I was working on because it didn’t seem good enough. It sucks to be a perfectionist.

  5. Update on my surgery. I had my premolar out on Monday and yesterday had my 1st molar out. I am really glad I have a dentist who knows how to pull teeth. He’s very gentle with the novocaine and I had so much yesterday and even shots around the tooth itself. They actually push and wiggle them out, not pull them. I got to see the x rays of the infection and it was really bad, all the way into the bone. The tooth came out in less than 30 seconds, and surprisingly in one piece for such a large tooth. I had 2 stitches in there that will dissolve. They are fucking annoying, like a loose spaghettii noodle in your mouth that never goes away.

    I slept 16 hours from yesterday at 3pm and that’s what I needed, tons of sleep. I’ve been on antibiotics now for almost 2 weeks and I have a yeast infection. YAY!

    I expect the more I sleep, the better I’ll get since I haven’t been sleeping properly for this entire time.

    • Thanks for the update! The last time I had a really bad toothache, I thought Novocain was heaven right before they yanked the bad teeth. I hope your jaw will be okay after all this. That’s one less thing you should have to worry about. xoxo

  6. Antibiotics are great things but they do cause little problems. I’m sure you already know this, but eating yogurt really does help. Hope now that the teeth are gone you will be feeling better.


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