Female Firefighters Get Their Oxygen Turned Off By Misogynist Males

Male supremacy is a killer for women in every male dominated field, which is just about every high paying job that has excluded women for centuries. It doesn’t matter whether the field requires physical qualifications or is a ‘brain job.’ Women are being kept out and once in, are sexually harassed and in this case, attempted murder.

Female firefighters in Canada are having their water hoses turned off and their life giving oxygen turned off by their male co-workers so they’ll die on the job. These men sexually harass and rape their female co-workers. It’s so bad that women don’t dare speak out, and the women that have, have been driven out of the job.

Men make it harder for women to get in, forcing them to carry more weight, do more physical activity than the men. So I don’t want to hear this shit about women not being as tough.

Men put shit in women’s boots, and wank off watching porn in the firehouse and don’t give a shit about the women they work with.

Jocelyn Roberts, remember her name. Her male co-workers attempted to murder her by turning off her water during a fire. After the attempted murder, males continued to bully and sexually harass her so badly, she killed herself.

Men also don’t leave women alone while on the job. They send sexually explicit emails to their female co-workers, dick pics, and the rest, while the women know they are to remain silent because the boss, another male supremacist ass, won’t do anything about it. In fact, he’ll encourage it. And that’s exactly what happened. Instead of stopping the sexual harassment, the Captain of the firehouse raped her.

The white male firefighter doesn’t want to accept women into the ‘man club.’ Don’t think this hasn’t cost female lives and lives of the public, because it has. Men are poison, wherever they are allowed to congregate and dominate any field, any area. These men would rather turn off a woman’s oxygen while she’s fighting a fire and kill her, than have to stop wanking his dick in the common room of the firehouse. What’s a poor white male to do?

One Captain was fired for saying misogynist comments to his female co-workers. The men left behind were so angry, the brotherhood closed ranks, and blamed the women for this man’s inability to stop calling them ‘cunts’ and ‘whores.’ The misogynist Captain was reinstated and 2 of the three women he harassed ended up quitting.

To use a phrase that bald wanker MRA Tom Golden uses: Men are Not Good.

This story touched me deeply as I’m a woman who, like the rest of woman kind, has had to put up with male supremacy in my life. I’m at the age now where I’m finally comfortable in my own skin and have cut men out of my life altogether since they’re not really interested in me as a human being anyway. They’re only interested in sexual things, or focus on my looks, not my education, not my smarts, not my personality. I’m just one of those women who absolutely refuses Hobbes choice. I prefer to do my own thing, have my own life away from men, and only do for my sisters.

I’m very pissed off. It’s bad enough that women desire so desperately to be a firefighter and help society the way she sees fit and has to compete under qualifications that are built around male supremacy. It’s quite another that even when she qualifies, she has to worry about dying because some woman hater turns off her hose or O2 to fuck with her.

Watch the full report on misogyny killing women in the firehouse:





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  1. This is truly horrifying. Women are expected to meet and exceed the standards of men while men do everything in their ability to dehumanize and degrade us. Can people *stop* pretending that men aren’t dangerous for once? Three women die per day in the United States at the hands of men, even more are murdered and assaulted, yet to distrust and dislike men is taboo in this country. Why? Are the feelings of men so much more important than the lives of women? Are we seriously going to sacrifice yet more women and girls so men can maintain their delusional self image of themselves as good guys?

    • @Meg.
      Is it about men maintaining their delusions of goodness or about the fact that they really just don’t give a shit and actually enjoy the pain of women and girls? It’s how male supremacy works — crushing women. I myself avoid men as much as I can. I only go to female doctors. I take classes almost exclusively with female instructors at the gym. I have a female accountant. I generally only read women authors. I won’t get on crowded trains where I’d be too close to any of them. I don’t sit next to them on the train and get up if one sits down next to me because I can’t stand the manspreading. I wear earbuds and sunglasses all the time. I won’t look at them or *see* them. I think it’s the only way women can be free with the way things are now; you just freeze them out as much as possible. It’s not like my avoiding them has any effect on their lives, so no harm done, and I’m cutting a significant source of negativity out of my life.

      • You’re just like me. I refuse to ‘see’ them as well. I don’t look at them. I don’t give cordial community vibes to them. ONLY TO WOMEN.

        Last night I saw one of the aboriginal elders and we smiled and said ‘hi’ to each other. It’s just that unwritten bond of womanhood that drives what I do.

        • I started doing this about ten years ago. I stopped looking at men, acknowledging men, or caring about what men think. Every time one approaches me I consider it an immediate threat and I think of ways to get away. I talk to men as little as possible. I can’t trust anything they say anyway. The men who would be offended at me saying this would be the same ones who would tell me to avoid rape as if men aren’t responsible for raping. Well why do they think I’m trying to avoid them in the first place? DUH!!

          • Exactly.

            Yesterday I was watching a ton of ‘saving animals’ videos on YT and I saw a ton of men saving animals from certain death. I thought to myself ‘how can they behave that way towards animals and then turn around and watch sexually violent misogynist porn that same day?’

            I have made the point several times that when feminists say ‘what if it was your sister or mother?’ it really doesn’t mean anything to men. They are able to split. It’s not OK for their sister but it’s ok to pornify every other woman. Men have the ability to split and not care about other women.

            Fathers do this all the time. They dont’ want their daughter to be groped and raped but are A-OK with watching porn and sexualizing their teenage daughter’s friends.

          • I grew up with an adopted classmate who was repeatedly battered and raped by her brother who was the parents biological son. Since he was their “real son” they did nothing about it. Trips to the emergency room to stitch her head together meant nothing to them. I remember her coming to school and showing me the stitches in her head where he split her skull open after bashing it in with a nearby object. Charges were never pressed against him and he never went to prison.

            Men do not care if we are their mothers, sisters, nieces, or daughters, because they view ALL women and girls as sex objects. If they are not sexually attracted to their own family they will blame their sister/mothers if a man rapes them. If you google “son rapes mother” you will find men creating pornography about this, and a disturbing news story:


            And you’re absolutely right – men will care more for animals than they will about how women are brutalized and tortured right under their noses. Men scream about equality and human rights but it never applies to us does it. If they ever wonder why women end up hating and loathing them, they should look in the mirror at their own disgusting hypocrisy.

          • I have made the point several times that when feminists say ‘what if it was your sister or mother?’ it really doesn’t mean anything to men. They are able to split.

            Women sure don’t split. You say some true things about men and to avoid them and they get all mean and hateful over their precious sons.

  2. This kind of shit is just revolting across the board, but I think it is especially disgusting in life-death jobs where dudes put their fragile egos ahead of public safety. And if you think about it, endangering people who are part of your team and who you often have to rely upon to have your back is just dumb.

    Since we can do away with them all, I wish men would just stick to lifting heavy shit and staying out of public. They are too dangerous and immature to be allowed to deal with people or be relied upon for anything serious.

    • This story had me seething w/ rage. When you’re a community servant and you’re trying to save lives and a bunch of misogynist MRA manchildren prevent you from doing your job b/c their dicks are sad, they deserve to be FIRED and do low wage filing jobs for the rest of their lives.

      Firefighting is a huge responsibility and it’s a community issue. Men putting everyone in danger b/c of their fucking predatory misogyny deserves the ultimate scorn.

      I can’t put into words how angry this made me.

      • Word. They need to be made into poster boys for how NOT to do the job. I thought they screened for psychopathology/mental fitness in cops and firefighters – oh wait, woman-hate/gynocidal tendencies isn’t a dangerous mental health hazard affecting job performance (or anything else) in any culture. Wouldn’t show up on a test anyhow…

          • Very true. Gender-based aggression is actually seen as an asset in this line of work. I remember watching some documentary celebrating psychopathy once, and they argued that psychopaths were valuable members of society as their low fear levels made them more suitable for dangerous work. Small thing not worth commenting on that they also don’t value human life.

            I’m sure all of this will just turn into a “here’s why women don’t belong in this line of work”.

  3. Men who do this type of shit to women not only should be fired, they should be put down in the slowest and most painful way possible! Too many men behave like rabid mindless beasts, yet nothing is actually done about it! Why do women continue to put up with male bullshit? It’s time for a revolution that will finally put men in cages where they belong, while the most rabid are euthanized! Everyday I feel more and more frustrated how we as women are expected to just keep quiet and allow men to commit hate crimes against our gender, how we’re expected to not speak out when they rape, degrade, and dehumanize us. If we try calling them out, we are silenced with words like “feminazi” and “man hater.” How can women NOT hate men?! They are the biggest and most dangerous threat to us on this planet! We are the ones who bring life into the world, the male gender only exists if women ALLOWS it to exist. It’s time we used our power over life and death to control these barbaric creatures and put them in their true place, at the very bottom of the food chain! Can you imagine how wonderful the world would become without constant male violence, and without the entitled male ego? It’s a fact that males are incomplete females, plus men have proven time and time again how vastly inferior they are, so much so that it’s hard to even refer to them as human beings. Why are they still in charge of the world? Everything is backwards than how it should be. Women must stand up and fight against men, even if we have to match their violence until we defeat them and they’re safely locked away from the civilized world. Once they’re subdued, we can have an all female society and able to run it peacefully with the males out of the way for good.

    • I keep seeing this sentiment in radfem circles that goes something along the lines of “men are inherently bad and women are inherently good.” I understand the fundamental anger at men as a class — things like this story absolutely make me seethe with rage. But this biological essentialism is complete bullshit. Radical feminism as a philosophy stands for the abolition of gender, yet claiming that all men are inherently biologically bad and all women are inherently biologically good IS GENDER.

      The brain is not a sexually dimorphic organ — there is no ladybrain or manbrain, which is something that feminists have been saying for a very long time (well at least until the third wave libfems decided to embrace trans politics). There is no “manbrain” that makes men inherently bad.

      So when I see women advocating for putting all men in camps or other such nonsense it makes me cringe. Male socialization under patriarchy leads to male violence, and female socialization under patriarchy leads to female submission to male violence. It’s the system of patriarchy that needs to go. It’s gender and gender roles that need to go. It’s not men as a whole.

      Again, I understand the anger. The men in this story are absolute slime. A few of them are likely sociopaths. The others are entitled assholes that learned this gendered behavior thanks to male socialization under patriarchy. We unfortunately can’t do much about sociopaths (male or female), but we can work together to tear down gender and patriarchy so males are no longer socialized in this manner. No locking of anyone in cages needed.

      • I think that male evil is not biologically caused, but that it is related to biology. Men might actually have the inherent potential to be as caring and empathic as women, but not having the ability to create life as women do leaves a vacuum there. And as we all know, nature hates a vacuum. So what rushes into that vacuum devoid of creating life is the creation of death, thus male evil. I don’t know, it’s hard to explain.

        • It’s always good to write it out and explore it. I do think they’re jealous of women’s abilities to give birth. This is why they get hooked up to muscle stimulators so they can attempt to feel what it’s like.

          • Yep, it’s hard to explain. I’m not talking about womb envy; I’m talking about an existential lack related to biology and what takes its place instead. Men have gotten hooked up to muscle stimulators to prove to themselves that the pain of childbirth is nothing, as they’ve claimed. They have learned otherwise. However, as Mary Daly has said, men envy female creative energy in *all* of its dimensions (mind, spirit, creativity), “yet this envy is not necessarily a desire to be creative, but rather to draw – like fetuses – upon another’s (the mother’s) energy as a source.” (from Gyn/Ecology by Mary Daly).

          • Men will never know what childbirth is like because they don’t have a uterus. Period the end. Men will never have a comparable experience because they will never have the anatomy required to feel it. Whatever facsimile they’ve created is just another frankenstein monstrosity to approximate the female experience, and that’s what they’re good at, aren’t they? Replacing millions of years of evolution with something fundamentally inferior, a reflection of their own dwindling y chromosome.

        • Women don’t “create” life. It is a two-way street, after all. They do, however, have the ability to prevent a pregnancy coming to term. Not the same thing as “creating” a life. Men are still needed for reproduction.

          • Women *do* create life, or rather their egg cells do. When two eggs are fused with no sperm involved a human embryo results. It doesn’t develop because there is no placenta. When two sperm are fused with no egg involved no embryo results, just a lot of placenta. That means that when an egg and a sperm fuse, as in normal reproduction, the egg ALONE generates the embryo (the new life) and the sperm alone generates the placenta.

          • Yes, I have a degree in it, BSc level, but I’ve worked and read beyond that level. The above (women do create life, or rather their egg cells do) is my interpretation of the facts gotten from experiments on egg and sperm fusion.

          • Susan Nunes: Men are not responsible for anyone coming into the world, only women can give birth and bring life into the world through their bodies. Men only contribute 2 seconds to release their sperm to join with the woman’s egg, but even the need for their sperm is coming to an end. Men are only needed for reproduction because we allow them to be. Look up Kuguya the mouse, and you’ll learn females actually can reproduce without a male, and only create female offspring. Males are becoming more and more obsolete as time goes by, and they know it. That’s why they continue to dominate with violence towards women.

      • radfemconvert, I want to respond to you, but I don’t know how. Somehow you seem more angry at Kate than the firefighters who shut off women’s oxygen trying to save other lives. You’d rather address Kate’s feelings towards men than address the sadistic enjoyment men get from torturing women.

        I do not agree with everything Kate says, but she’s not the one shutting off someone’s oxygen. Men are. Men are the ones who hold social, political, and financial power to make things different. But they don’t, do they? They just keep choosing to consume misogyny for laffs, profit, and sexual gratification and I’m at a point in my life where I don’t even care WHY they do it. Gender, biology, blah blah blah blah blah it doesn’t matter. MEN KEEP DOING IT AND MEN KEEP HARMING WOMEN AND GIRLS.

        Yet here I am, reading a comment that’s batting so fucking hard for the men, from a feminist no less.

        Excuse me if I am unable to even CAN anymore.

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      • Screw off “Brother” this blog is for SISTERS ONLY! I’m Canadian and I say you and your ISIS ilk can take your Sharia crap and shove it back up your ass! Sharia will never be the norm here! We may tolerate a lot, too much actually, but raping women and throwing gays off of buildings will definitely not be accepted in Canada EVER!

        You know, I like coming here reading through the comments by like-minded women to relieve my frustration towards the defective sub-human creatures known as men but then one of them has to wander in like the entitled POS he is and troll us. When I see a misogynist comment from those idiots it just gets my blood boiling again. They already have the rest of the internet where they constantly silence women. It’s good to have a place where women can have their voices heard and not be drowned out by these misogynistic assholes.

    • Yo, “Brother” — It is not us who are “broken.” We are NOT broken, that’s the point. Patriarchy is engineered to break women like horses. The women you think of as not “broken” are the submissive ones, the ones who have in fact, been broken. We’re still wild and free and we see the fucking truth bro.

      And compared to the way things were 100 years ago, we actually have done a fuck of a lot about “things” and that’s what scares the shit out of you little boy.

  5. Radfemconvert, even if the evil of males is just socialized and not biological doesn’t solve the problem of men still being in power and allowing it to continue. Locking men with sexist and violent ideology in cages is actually not a bad idea and I’m all for exterminating rapists and child molesters. If we can get rid of or at least conceal the generations of misogynistic thinking and behaviors towards women, we can then start teaching a new generation of males who can be socialized to act like decent human beings instead of the violent disgusting scum way too many men are and continue to be because society just doesn’t seem to be changing it’s views. Males to this day get away with all types of sexism from their sexist jokes to violence against women, and if any woman dares to point out the truth, she is immediately shamed or threatened into silence by BOTH sexist men and compliant women. The simple fact is that men won’t have to be locked away if they would stop being such monsters, whether it’s from social influence or their biology or both. Until then I agree that they should and NEED to be controlled since they refuse to control themselves.

  6. When I was 19, I worked as a dishwasher at Pizza Hut. One of the assistant mangers had an issue with me because I quote “don’t talk much”. I was there to do my job, not socialize. This seemed to irritate him, so he started telling lies to the head manager, in order to get me in trouble. For instance, one evening I was assigned to the grueling task of cleaning the entire kitchen before closing time. When I was done, he inspected the kitchen to make sure everything was up to par, and then I was allowed to clock out. The very next day, I don’t remember the exact details of how it all went down, but I believe I received a phone call from the head manager, stating that the asshole assistant manger was claiming that I had left the kitchen in a complete mess. I was quick to point out that a closing dishwasher is never allowed to leave without prior approval from the assistant manger, which I received from the asshole himself, after inspecting the kitchen. I think the head manager realized that the assistant was full of crap, and although he dismissed the accusation, he didn’t discipline him. They were friends, you see. I was a noob with zero seniority. And zero penis. There were other, minor attempts at fucking me over, but this was the most significant. I quit a week later because, as everyone knows, I’m allergic to shit sandwiches.

    Not at all surprised by the firefighter situation. The male ego is so weak & fragile, it can’t handle the very real possibility of a woman doing the same job as good, or better, than a man. Their solution? Eliminate the threat. So much for the myth that dudes enjoy a healthy dose of competition. Somebody might discover that about 90% of them are just coasting on their male privilege. It’s fairly common knowledge that who you know is more important than what you know, as far as employment is concerned. It’s all about networking, and if most of the people at the top of the heap are of the same demographic, they are going to give preferential treatment to the members of their own group. That’s why there are so many white males in a position of power; they certainly didn’t earn it. They are not special, unique or gifted. That is a false image they created for all of the others to worship. One dude does something, all the rest take credit for it. I like to call it Reverse NAMALT. Not all men rape women…but, apparently, all men invented electricity (well, just the white ones). LOL Gotta love that brand of doublethink.

    • Good description at the end of the double think. You put that very succinctly.

      Men can’t handle it when you don’t acknowledge them. So like that asshole at your old work, he wanted to push your buttons. It’s like they demand deference from women and will pick at you if they don’t get it. Shit, men kill women when women don’t defer to them.

    • Actually, I worked in a call center environment where most of the upper echelon (at least in the call center) was women. All of my supervisors and team leads were women, and if I wanted to move up from call floor to programming or provisioning, I would be working with a team that would be ~85% women. The reason for this according to the people hiring? “Women are better at the kind of multitasking required.” I don’t know if that is true or not and don’t really care if it is. I was cool with more women being hired since the company found them to be superior at the job in question. Never bothered me that my bosses were women either.

      And no, I never tried to rape any of my co-workers (male or female), never tried to “screw over” a female co-worker. Typically the female call floor workers did better than the male: sold more units, got bigger bonuses etc. I never felt slighted by this, have no bitter feelings about it to this day, and had a great working relationship with my co-workers in general.

      I am a white, cis-hetero male who has always gotten along better with women than men (never got into the macho, sports-statistics, I can piss farther than you kind of culture). I’m happily married. We have one daughter who sadly died of a congenital condition. I am a pacifist and firmly believe that the pen is mightier than the sword.

      I’m willing to concede that probably I am more of an exception than a rule at least in Western culture, but I think that is not a product of XY-genotype but of socially-constructed ideas of “masculinity”. As such, I find it offensive not on a personal level but on an intellectual level that many of the comments on this blog are reducing things to the level of “men are bad” or “men are not good” or “men are to blame”. This strikes me as reductionist, and if you are waxing (waning?) reductionist, then you are missing the forest for the trees.

      *Clearly* when jerks like this Robert L. Dear fellow go and murder people and take hostages at a Planned Parenthood, they are DIRECTLY TO BLAME. I am *not* suggesting that somehow we should deal lightly with blemishes like this: they must be prosecuted and prosecuted severely because what they are doing is unforgivably criminal. But to just whip these guys amounts to kicking the dog in a way. They’ve been raised with concepts of toxic masculinity and Barbie-feminism that has fundamentally warped their worldview. So yes, you have to lock dudes like this up because life is valuable and you must acknowledge that by saying “Hey, if you take a life, you lose yours through imprisonment or life sentence.” I’d personally argue against life sentences (as vociferously for female perpetrators as for male) simply on ethical and financial grounds, but that’s a debate for another time. Point is, you do the crime, you pay heavily.

      But it is not natural for men to hate women. I never hated women growing up because I was never TAUGHT to hate women. My parents had and still have a loving, wonderful relationship predicated on cooperation, mutual respect, support, etc. I was taught those values, and I have done my utmost to be a rock and a pillar for my wife, and she has been my rock and pillar on many occasions as I have met with failures and setbacks in my own life. If masculine egos are fragile, it is because HUMAN egos are fragile, i.e. I don’t think men are any more fragile than women, or at least not healthy, normal men. I absolutely agree 100% that “macho men” are ultra fragile because anything that has the appearance of being less than 500% obeisance to them and their penis-driven ego is targeted for harassment. I’ve been on the receiving end of that myself simply because my dogged determination to pursue academic excellence instead of rote memorization of baseball or football statistics came across as aloof or flippant to some of these guys. So, having endured literally daily beatings on the school bus for much of my adolescence, I think I have a little bit of cred to talk about this. I do, however, recognize that daily beatings and having one’s oxygen shut off in an inferno are two very different forms of assault, so I’m not saying that I have EQUAL cred to talk about it. I am simply stating that I’ve seen the hulk of this kind of toxic masculinity mobilized my direction and I know how much it absolutely sucks butt.

      That being said, to consing ourselves to a fate where we shrug and say that 50% of the world will be monsters is, I believe, fatalistic. Unless you are prepared to reach the conclusion that humanity should go collectively extinct, I don’t see how you can reach this conclusion. Surely there are people who are redeemable if imperfect (what would “redemption” mean if the person was perfect, anyway? Nothing to redeem if no wrong has been done).

      I personally feel that we should be seeking to be restorers of the breach. And when I say we, I mean first and foremost ME as a male interacting with and mentoring other males who begin to “get it”. But I believe women also have an important role to play because I do not believe that men can be complete without women. I am not talking in a biblical “man and woman are created equal” sort of way, I’m just saying that we are both part of the human species, we both have something to contribute to the way the world is interpreted and understood, and to suggest that only 50% of the population has anything of value to contribute is ludicrous, never mind that that is what societies have done for most of recorded history.

      In closing, I think a word of caution is warranted. It seems like things are getting worse and worse right now because our ability to report and cover news from around the world is getting better and better, so a higher % of the awful stuff that happens is seen by an average viewer in the West. We don’t remember that much awful stuff being reported when we were kids (because we weren’t as good at covering it!) so we think “Well, the world is getting worse. Look at all the jerks running on the conservative ticket and all the awful stuff they’re saying.” But the truth is, violent crime is DOWN, the rates of rape are DOWN, and the kind of scummy, bottom of the barrel crap the right wing is spouting wouldn’t have made the news a generation ago because the news would have shown “professional courtesy” from a male newscaster to a male candidate. And I used those quotes in the previous sentence to denote sarcasm.

      So while the world is most certainly full of terrible things and terrible actions, it is less so than at just about any point in history since humans started settling in cities. Statistically, more of the crime is committed by men, but I believe this is a product of men being the traditional occupiers of positions of power and influence as well as societal/cultural mores pushed on men. I do not believe that the biological male human organism is inherently more evil than women. To suggest that is a form of bigotry. As such, may I end by simply asking that we leave the possibility open for a brighter future where men and women can, indeed, cooperate as equals? I very much want to work on the same level as my sisters and mothers in the world, and I want to model that for my brothers and fathers. Indeed, I believe I am doing that already, though certainly I am not so conceited as to suggest that I am doing it perfectly or deserve a pat on the back. To the contrary: I believe that this is a baseline of decency that if anyone falls beneath they thereby render themselves INdecent. Thus, I do not believe that anyone–myself or any other–deserves an “attaboy” for being just a basic, decent human being. But I *do* believe that people who are not being indecent through falling below that standard of behavior *do NOT* deserve to be pigeonholed as being crass, arrogant, misogynist SOBs by dint of their being men.

      I’m curious to know what the response is to this. As I mentioned in another post directly to the blogger, I’m trying to get a feel for whether or not this is a place I can come to read about the awful stuff women face, to learn from it how to be an ally to women, how to be an agent for healing and for change in the world, etc. I do not believe I can accomplish that if most posts amount to “Wow, men are evil.” I can deal with “Wow, a lot of men are evil.” Or “Wow, these particular men are evil and it seems like there’s a lot of similar rhetoric tossed around on 4chan and other hate sites.” I just don’t find anything particularly constructive or purposeful in the conclusion that “Men are to blame, period.” Because the only solution then would seem to be a.) voluntary extinction or b.) using men to get pregnant either physically or via in vitro and then having nothing further to do with them. Thing is, you’re going to have to deal with men because we’re 50% of the population. Unless you’re going to do the shut-in route and order everything off Amazon or something. Just…that means you’re then altering YOUR life because SOME GUY is an ass. That isn’t fair. Hope this isn’t perceived as trolling. That is the last thing I would want to do, and if my post is somehow triggering or re-traumatizing someone who has been through rape, abuse, or anything of the sort, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put a “trigger warning” on top or if it is perceived as terrible enough, feel free to delete it altogether, though do please take a moment to consider if that is the best course of action.

      My greatest fear, you see, is a future where we stop communicating with one another (and I’m talking humanity in general now, no longer just men with women and vice versa). I’m terrified of a world where liberals and conservatives can’t be in a room together. I’m terrified of a world where blacks and whites can’t talk sensibly about race issues. I’m scared that we’re seriously talking about shutting out Syrian refugees just because they might be a different religion than the majority in the US. I sort of don’t recognize my country anymore. I’m worried that the world is going to get more and more like that instead of less and less, and I want to stop that from happening through any reasonable means. I’d like to think that starts with reaching out to websites like this where people who have seen the crappy underbelly of toxic masculinity can talk frankly about it, where we can figure out some way to fight back against it and help people be normal and healthy, and where we can find healing and peace. Ok, shutting up now.



      • If you can’t handle women talking about male violence against women without coming here and mansplaining ‘notallmen’ then this blog isn’t for you. You’re obviously not able to hear women and not able to understand our subordinate position in the world at the control and behest of men. So no, I could make a long ass response to you but it’s clear you’re only here to pat yourself on the back and ‘warn’ us women not to hurt your poor feelz.

        It’s funny b/c you sign your mansplain with ‘passion’ and can’t quite get that male violence against women is coming from YOU. You’re telling us to be quiet, that we’re complaining and not seeing how ‘good’ you are. Fuck off.

      • WTF was that wall of text?

        Go lecture Misogynistic rapists like Roosh. It’s funny how men who claim to be “better than the rest” are too busy trying to shame women for expressing their frustrations with men, but sit on their fucking ass and say ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to the “bad guys”. Men like you are even worse than Elam, as far as I’m concerned. At least that piece of shit doesn’t try to hide behind false niceties.

        • Exactly. There are so many hate sites and forums against women out there, but the only thing this guy is concerned about is when women dare to show any justified hatred towards their oppressors on the few sites that dare to tell the truth about men! Dude, you may think you’re different than the rest, but in reality you are a typical male who can’t see past his privilege. Why don’t you do some more research about women hating, learn how for centuries men have had the audacity to debate on whether or not women were full human beings deserving of basic human rights! Why don’t you try defending women at one of those MRA and “red pill” crap websites and see what kind of reaction you get from the dudebros, if you’re not immediately blocked. Go ahead, I dare you. It might give you at least a bit of perspective of why the most aware women hate men and their patriarchy, and why women who post here have every right to be angry with how men talk about and treat women.

          When men making sexist comments or casual jokes about women get the same hostile reaction as “man hating feminazis” get when they say anything in defense of women, then we can talk. When men get slut shamed like women do, then we can talk. Until then, we will be fighting against the patriarchy tooth and nail until men realize they are not entitled to our bodies, and they stop trying to control our personal lives!

        • Exactly, Sugarpuss. Why doesn’t he go slime his splainin’ thesis paper/VERY IMPORTANT MALE OBSERVATIONS on the assholes, and not us?

          For fun I copied his wall of text and put it into a word document and then a 12 pt font, double spaced, with all of his paragraph breaks. It’s almost SIX PAGES of notallmen.

  7. Not sure if men are even allowed to post here. I’m a man. Married to a wonderful woman who is brilliant and highly successful, helping the world as a counselor for children who have been abused, neglected, etc. Heartbreaking stuff, but it’s so richly rewarding for her when she can get through to a kid and help heal their trauma.

    I’m shocked and utterly appalled at the behavior displayed not only by these firefighters (and from Canada! I guess there goes the stereotype that Candians are all hospitable, kindly types!) but by the murderer who attacked the Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs.

    You sound like you’re pretty much done with Y chromosomes in general, sort of like a WGTOW (Women Going Their Own Way) to the manosphere’s MGTOW. That is certainly your choice and no one really has any right to say anything about it. But you seem to be suggesting that ALL men are butchers, just waiting for women to step out of line so they can kill them after brutally raping them. That is simply not true either statistically or anecdotally.

    I reckon probably you’re aware there are men who are normal, well-adjusted, level-headed guys just trying to make it from one paycheck to the next and are cool doing that with female colleagues (who should be paid the same!) and you’re just pissed off that this kind of behavior is winked away by the jerks who run the collective systems of jurisprudence of the world and are making blanket statements.

    I wouldn’t ask, except I’m trying to determine if this is a blog I can continue to read. I’ve been following Dave Futrelle’s blog for a while now as well as hailtothegynocracy and rightwingwatch, but often those don’t have many updates, so I’m looking for more lurking. I like some of the other stuff you’ve written, but if your blog is going to be full of “all men are rapist murderer bastard assholes” invective, I don’t know if I can really trust anything else you have to say because that is so clearly and painfully NOT the case. So just looking for clarification.

    Whatever your response, I wish you the best in your blogging endeavors and I hope you find your joy and peace! 🙂


    • If you can’t handle women talking about the shit men do to them without coming here trying to play ‘good guy’ and warn us to not show our anger or your feelz will suffer, then no, go away. The exit is really easy to find. We won’t be paying mind to your bullshit ‘I’m a nice guy’ routine and we won’t ‘settle down’ so the ‘nice man’ can tell us women how we really shouldn’t be so angry. Fucker.

    • I don’t know if I can really trust anything else you have to say […]

      Who cares? Who invited you to waltz into this blog with your pompous ass and demand that HMQ prove her worthiness to you? Take your self-serving bullshit elsewhere.

      • hell yas. Every time a man tries ‘helping’ he can’t contain his derision at women.

        This is what I heard after I put it through the translator:

        ‘I’m a good man. Look at how good and awesome I am!’


        ‘Oh please don’t talk about menz and their brutality against women cuz it’s hurtin mah FEELZ! You wimminz must settle down now ya hear? Settle down or else my manly self won’t read your blog!

        My response:

        Yeah, so what fuckface?

        • Oh, and why in the fuck did he mention working at a call center? Yeah, that is totally the same thing as being a dishwasher (add sarcasm here). He sat on his doughy ass for 8 hours a day while I busted mine, washing over 200 pizza pans, a dozen pasta pans (with an iron-clad layer of burnt-on cheese that practically required a jackhammer to remove), countless plates, cups, bowls & flatware on any given night….many times up until 2 AM.

          It just goes to show you that most men don’t know a damn thing about hard work. The few that do (garbage collectors, plumbers, construction workers, etc.) don’t have the time to log on to the internet and troll women’s blogs. Fuck this white collar piece of shit. There is nothing I despise more than a dude who works a desk job, but still wants to be the Big Man.

          And on top of all that, the dickhead acts as if he was invited here! My own translation of his screed reads as follows: “I am OFFENDED by what you are saying, so you better change it or I will pick up my toys and go home, and you wont like that because EVERY BLOG REQUIRES MALE VALIDATION and WOMEN NEED MEN!!!11111!!!”.

    • Seriously, go to any site with the red pillers and other men who hate and want to control women. The comments there are a millions times more graphic and sadistic than anything a woman could even come up with! Women have suffered enough in this POS patriarchy, and these bastards still have to sit behind their computers degrading us online and talking about doing the sickest things to us. A woman can’t even be a journalist or author of any kind without being harassed by these assholes. There are far too many of these types of men, and only a select few good men who are brave enough to step up and defend women. These men don’t care about being called “white knight” or “mangina.” Most often the only men who stand up for women are gay, and because they’re also negatively impacted by the patriarchy, they have a better understanding. Most straight guys are sex obsessed assholes who think they’re owed sex and that women shouldn’t have a say in what happens to their own bodies! We have to be reminded everyday about how society views women as sex objects. There are hardly any movies or TV shows out there that don’t objectify women. I’m sick of this patriarchy and male entitlement, and it’s long past time that it was all wiped out!

  8. Hey DS, If you have any advice on how to recognize these “normal” “well adjusted” “level-headed” guys from the guys who are NOT, I’m all ears. But all I’m hearing from you is that us women should give all men some kind of free pass because they are broken. Otherwise give my regards to your wife and fuck right off buddy.


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