Let’s Talk About The Planned Parenthood Shooting

Yesterday, early in the day I called it that the shooter was a white male. I just knew it. Later that night, it was confirmed that it was a older white male that looks very similar to Paul Elam, who shot and killed people at a Planned Parenthood. Oh, and he killed a cop. He’s going to jail for life.

Sidetrack for a moment.

I don’t like that cop killers are sentenced more harshly. Anyone who kills, not in self defense of course, should be jailed for the same amount of time. The whole idea it’s worse to kill a cop is bullshit.

The perps name’s not important so I won’t mention it. However, I recognized right away he was an MRA and the evidence is coming out now that he indeed was.

If you haven’t seen my older video of Paul Elam talking about abortion, you should watch it. 

MRA’s abhor the idea of women controlling their reproduction. We all know in theoretical terms why this is. I’m certain we’ll have to hear MRA ranting at some point from this murderous predator of women. There are videos on Youtube where these white males who hate women’s rights and harass women’s health centers go in front of a judge and say the exact same things as MRA’s. Get ready for it.

He’s a wife beater. Check. A stalker too. Check.

The media is already calling him a lone nut and not an entitled manchild that he truly is. Some media outlets will get close to the truth but not many. So we’ll be truthful here at mancheeze.

This guy feels entitled to control women. He was socialized to do this, socialized into masculinity. It’s not about guns per se but about CONTROL. He wants to terrorize women and anyone who helps women. He’s the big man on the block who is gonna tell the guv’mint that he values human life, by taking it. A moron, yes.

So let’s talk about it sisters. Let’s get it out there.




18 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About The Planned Parenthood Shooting

  1. Right wingers are saying that Dear identified as a woman. I don’t know whether it’s true. He had prior convictions for cruelty to animals and being a peeping-tom. He does look an awfully lot like Paul Elam.

  2. The comments I’ve seen around this have been from liberals using the word “domestic terrorist” in order to slam conservatives who are screaming about terrorists abroad and possible terrorists invading our US shores. Of course they’re right in a way, but it’s not like any of them (liberal men) actually give a shit about the issue at the heart of this, which is women controlling reproduction via the choice of abortion and how many men cannot stand that. In fact the shit people are talking is hardly about the issue at all. Just blah blah conservatives, blah blah domestic terrorists blah mental health blah blah gun control.

    Of course it was a white man, and of course he’s a terrorist, but as per usual there is not one media outlet or liberal pundit that will name the root of the problem: masculinity/misogyny and male entitlement.

  3. Lone nut, my ass. This guy has done publicly what the majority of men do privately with the various weapons at their disposal – attacking and destroying women, their safety and space. And these public acts of violence are increasing in frequency.

    I can’t find an article yet that a) focuses on what’s wrong with targeting PP and women, b) states that the the shooting was a hate crime, c) doesn’t make the whole article about the poor, poor cop.

    I have for the longest time had a problem with the over-valuing of cop lives. But I find this very (but not solely) American. American society also tends to masturbate over its soldiers, who live in the same rarified orbit as cops. Announcing (as I have been wont to do and have done in limited company) publicly that soldiers are state-sanctioned rapists and murderers, will get you killed in the US.

    I’d like to see women’s lives valued at the same level as regular humans: men. Hell, I’d like to see them valued more than fetuses. I know, I shouldn’t hold my breath.

  4. Is naming it male violence, recognising male violence, and then working to a solution (umm.. how about dismantling patriarchy) too bloody hard? Are there more of these killings now, in the US, or is it that I’m just seeing more of them reported?

    Men: would rather die than have women seen as human beings.

    • Unless, of course, it’s a pretty laydee in a pretty dress.

      I note also that the commentors on the link are arguing left v. right. That has nothing to do with this. It is, as you recognise, male violence.

      • And he’s a registered Republican – just like Bruce.

        Lots of folks don’t seem to grasp that these are really autogynephiles, most of whom seem to be hetero. This is part of what terrifies me. Lots of people seem to think dudes in drag = homo. But, my experiences going way back with these dudes is that they are hetero and prey on women and girls. You almost have to see it to believe it… I wish I hadn’t seen it. Some things it’s better not to know – you know!

        • I was watching an episode of Forensic Files, a few weeks ago, and there was this dude who would rape and murder women, steal their pantyhose, and then take videos of himself wearing said pantyhose. Never in my entire life have I ever heard of a woman doing something similar to men. It’s funny how so few people are willing to acknowledge that men are fucked up in the head. It really boggles my mind. Male violence & perversions are so normalized, nobody is shocked by their disgusting antics.

      • Oops! I retract my first statement in the last post. I don’t know if he is republican or not. The article says he is not, but in the images presented, I don’t see what party affiliation he gave. So, I don’t know. No evidence is presented either way.

        • Oh, now I see it in the first image. “She is unaffiliated.” I guess “UAF” is unaffiliated.

          If MSM is claiming he is another Christian, right-wing nut (and I think they are from what little I saw of this yesterday when it was first reported), my first thought is that they are covering up for the transgender movement.

  5. Hell. I haven’t seen anything in mainstream media about his gender identity. It might be too late for them to start referring to him as a woman (those images of him looking like bearded, crazy-ads white guy–pffft) without sounding like dunderheads.

    • They would have to explain a whole bunch of stuff to their audience. Most people, especially conservatives, are completely clueless about this whole thing. I was at a different website where this killer was discussed and the guy who wrote the article and everyone who commented on it had looked at the killer’s voter registration and thought he had been born a woman and surgically altered to look like a huge, hairy, deranged man.

      As Sugarpuss points out, born-women rarely if ever commit crimes like these. There’s no question that this dude was born a dude, if only for that reason.

      Lots of people don’t know that men can declare themselves (or identify themselves as) women and their word has to be honored. Nothing else is required.

      I’m trying to picture the clowns at Fox, CNN, etc., trying to explain this to their audience!

      • Lots of people don’t know that men can declare themselves (or identify themselves as) women and their word has to be honored. Nothing else is required.

        Yeah, that’s the new thing now; men “identifying” as women so that they can skew the crime statistics and make it seem as if female violence is as rampant as male violence. They have a billion dirty little tricks up their sleeves.

  6. Republicans are not extreme enough for many of the white male supremacist groups so they register as unaffiliated. This guy has been hearing the bogus story about PP selling body parts on Fox news every day for weeks. Just like the murderer who killed Dr Tiller this d00d is a “pro life” murderer incited to violent acts of terrorism by Fox News talkers.

    • In the weeks leading up to Tiller’s murder, Hannity and O’Reilly had been going non-stop for weeks on Fox with “Tiller the Baby Killer” stories. And then he was murdered. Now the PP “baby parts” videos, though faked, still have been hammered endlessly on Fox and even CNN and there are more murders. Seems the forced-birthers know full well there is a certain group of woman-haters out there just itching to murder people but in a “self righteous/justified” way and that knowledge is enough reason to keep the outrage machine going. It pays off for them with real terrorism eventually but they can keep their hands clean and act shocked when it happens.

  7. Just hope they don’t call this a mass murder by a woman in their stats. Following their logic they have to, and following common sense they won’t. So I hope this trans issue opens up the whole can of worms. To us it’s obvious. Maybe the rest of the world will wake up and say, doesn’t matter what he calls himself. In a way this crystallizes the contradiction inherent in transactivist politics, doesn’t it? Could be salutory.


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