Hey Elam, Get a Finger Up Your Ass

Elam thinks there’s a ‘jihad’ against men and it’s all women’s fault. First he blames Obama for the jihad and then he blames women in a video he just released titled ‘Obama Wants You To Die.’

PSA testing for prostate cancer is invasive and causes so many problems. It does more harm than good. The Canadian Medical Association has realized this and many studies have come out supporting this fact.

Elam is talking out of his ass once again, claiming that it’s women’s fault that men don’t go to the damn doctor and get regular prostate exams, and that’s just what you’re supposed to do as you age. Women go get mammograms and men go get a finger in their ass. Prevention you stupid shit.

Elam is giving these men bad information.

Since MRA’s are lazy and worried about gay men they don’t go to the doctor until they’re pissing blood and somehow that’s women’s fault? I don’t think so you idiots.

There’s no jihad against men and Obama nor women are responsible for your lazy ass. Get up off the couch and get that finger in your ass you fuckwits.



24 thoughts on “Hey Elam, Get a Finger Up Your Ass

  1. “Get up off the couch and get that finger in your ass you fuckwits.”

    I second this directive! And they can make their own “sammich” as well. Preferably before putting their finger in their ass, because these guys are too tough and manly for that hand washing bullshit!

    All the campaigns in the world for preventive healthcare would not get men en masse into the doctor’s office for a check-up. They’re notorious for ignoring their health. Although, hand out free bottles of liquor with each exam and you’d get Elam and his buddies racing to the clinics.

  2. Perhaps it’s just me, but it sounds like Elam is running out of material. This latest ‘issue’ has less oomph than some of his other gassy emissions. Perhaps he’ll just fart himself into oblivion?

    • For sure he is running out of material. Remember the old geez is probably in his late sixties by now and a lifetime of alcohol abuse and rage fits has really got to be taking a toll. I’ve noticed there’s fewer posts on A Voice for Misogynists and the “writings” are getting more and more obtuse and just plain bizarre, as in WTF is this person trying to say?

      Time to pull the plug, Paulie Boi!

  3. Mammograms are not all that helpful in most cases, and often result in unnecessary treatment, because there are a number of different sorts of growths, and they can’t tell what they are dealing without surgery. Some resolve on their own without treatment, some are slow-growing and can be found manually. The most dangerous sort of breast cancer is so aggressive that annual mammograms are not frequent enough to catch it in time. This has been addressed comprehensively, relatively recently in the NY Times and elsewhere, this is not fringe stuff.

    Prostate exams for men in, say, their fifties, that yield any kind of positive test results, tend to result in the doctors responding with a “wait and see” approach, which brings up the question of why bother getting tested in the first place?

    Nothing you have written about Mr. Elam has ever suggested to me that he has any sort of sophisticated knowledge about anything, so there is no reason to assume he does about medicine, either.

    • It’s really interesting to me the sudden focus on prostate cancer. Caught early it has a really good remission rate (99 percent) since that part of the body is so remote (cancer cells don’t spread as easily/quickly).

      This is a case of men killing themselves by avoiding the doctor, and yet November has now been turned over to prostate cancer fundraising, as if this is a serious pressing need.

      For years MRAs and even just regular men have cried about how everyone was concerned about breast cancer (which is no big deal in their view), and no one cared about prostate cancer. Movember gets going, and suddenly this is the cancer cause celebre. Other than Toys for Tots, no other issue gets serious fundraising attention in my workplace, for example. Really goes to prove that men are always and forever centered in our society.

      • I’ve never had a mammogram, since I tend to avoid going to the doctor. But that’s just my choice, and unlike men, I accept the consequences of any problems that may arise from that decision. I don’t even see how it’s possible to do a mammogram on a woman who is any less than a C cup. I’ve seen pictures of this very intimidating looking machine, where one’s boobs are basically sandwiched between these large metal slabs. *shiver* Aside from the fact that it looks extremely painful, I don’t think I have enough to work with. LOL

  4. I don’t have much to add to this particular thread except that the headline is gold.

    Paul Elam and all MRA’s are losers.

  5. Generally speaking, men don’t give a damn about their health. One of the few downsides of male privilege is that men’s choices aren’t open to scrutiny. If you question a dude’s eating habits, lifestyle, level of activity, medical care, etc. you will be dismissed as a “nagging bitch”. However, if you say nothing, and allow the spoiled man-babies to self-destruct, you will then be dubbed as a “cold-hearted bitch”. As you can see, just like every other aspect of male-dominated society, women are eternally stuck in a catch 22 situation. Never right, always wrong. When we fuck up, it’s our fault, but when men fuck up, it’s still our fault.

    Men evade personal responsibility as if it were a leper colony. Unredeemable cretins.

    • They also don’t give a damn about their looks. The notion men look better as they age came from either a man or a liar or both. Even taking into account the ravages of menopause, women still look better as a rule as they age than men. Most men look like roadkill, I am not kidding, especially after 50. I am horrified every time I go to my annual school reunion at how different–worse–the men look. As a whole they look terrible. In their defense somewhat, physical labor, which so many men do for a living, exacts a horrible toll on the body. So do the stresses of some professions. So do boozing it up and smoking, the latter of which is increasingly rare.

      However, women must always be “fuckable” at any age and go through the contortions and restrictions being “fuckable” requires. It is just ludicrous.

      Most men assume the wifey or girlfriend will take care of them when it comes to their health. That is why they don’t give a damn.

      • Attractive men can still look good as they age, but most men aren’t attractive. Especially now that I’m less insecure about my own looks, I’ve really noticed that most middle aged white men resemble worms. They just sort of lose their neck/jaw/chin definition, and it all turns into one mass.

        Speaking of my insecurity and that of most women, it’s really a huge gaslighting effort to make women, who are more attractive than men as a rule, hate how we look which makes us overlook how hideous most men are.

      • Oh shit, men came up with that aging better deal so they’d feel less pervy hooking up with a tweener while verging on 60.
        They’re delusional as always.
        Men don’t age well as a rule, I know this because I often go outside.

    • How true. Speaking of such, I have a story to share.

      My grandfather was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate, and eventually died from kidney failure because he refused to have it removed. That was the standard treatment back then (early 70’s, few years before I was born). Guess why? Well, your comment sums it up nicely; he was afraid he would never have another erection. I guess it didn’t occur to him that you can’t get an erection when you’re dead, either. So, he made my poor grandmother a widow, living in a fairly rough neighborhood with my mother, who was 17 at the time. His stubborn & selfish nature caused a lot of entirely preventable grief and financial burden.

  6. What cracks me up about men hating prostate exams is the fact that, well geez guys, WOMEN have to get invaded downstairs pretty much the day after we begin menstruating. A finger up the ass after 50 is nothing compared to being splayed out on a table with a speculum shoved in you (“Don’t worry – it’s made to stretch!” was the lovely comment by my OB-GYN when I stared in horror at the instrument), and then laying there for a half hour with fingers poking and prodding and pinching…at least there was always a female attendant with the doctor; who knows what the hell he would have done if there weren’t!

    • No shit eh. That effing speculum is the worst. I also am one of those women who can FEEL my cervix opening and they SCRAPE THE SHIT OUT OF IT to get a good sample of cells.

      Fucking men are lazy and ridiculous. One finger up the ass isn’t a big deal at all. I’d rather have the finger there than that goddamn speculum.

  7. The prostate is an erogenous zone for men. So they often get an erection when having their prostate checked – which can be rather embarrassing for them, especially if they’re het and a male doctor is doing the checking. Men worry the doctor and anyone else in the room might think they’re gay – and will even wonder about it themselves. Which is why many men prefer a female doctor do the checking. It’s still embarrassing for them to have an involuntary erection, but at least with a woman, no one will think them gay.

    The problem is, men get their education from porn and don’t really talk about these things among themselves – because that too might make them look gay. Porn, oth, makes them look more het and masculine. Or so they think. Any way one cuts it tho, it’s an invasive procedure which makes men uncomfortable. – and unlike women, men are groomed to feel entitled to have autonomy over their own bodies.

    Breast cancer is the #1 killer of women – which is why it’s such a big deal. Prostate cancer is not the #1 killer of men. In fact, I think ignorance and stupidity kills more men than prostate cancer, but no studies have done on that. :p Heart disease, of course, is the #1 killer of both men and women. Hmmm… wouldn’t that then make breast cancer the #2 killer of women? I don’t know. The medical industry often seems to contradict itself.

    I’ve never had a mammogram and I never will. Research shows that mammograms do more harm than good. Cancer risks increase with mammograms, not decrease. A mammogram can also spread cancer if you have it. Which is why the medical industry is slowly but surely doing away with them. You and/or your partner are more likely to detect cancer before a mammogram will anyhow – except in maybe 3% of cases. Google it for yourselves.


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