Amnesty Cockblocks MRA’s UPDATE

Mike Buchanan attempted to rent a space from Amnesty for the upcoming Manbawl in July 2016. Yep, they’re doing another one! Amnesty researched Buchanan’s Justice for Men and Boys organization and wrote him a very succinct letter denying MRA’s their space. They told him they don’t accept anti-feminist organizations which is kinda rich considering their stance on prostitution, but anywho.

Elam has taken to Youtube to call Amnesty a bunch of bigots while calling women ‘shark eyes’ who have ‘no emotions.’ They also called feminism a religion. Talk about proving to Amnesty why MRA’s shouldn’t be allowed in their conference space.

It only takes a few minutes of Google research to figure out that Mike Buchanan’s organization is full of woman hatred. He gives out ‘Lying Feminist of the Month’ awards and so on. Dick Coughlan bought the J4MB domain name and did a great parody site. Check it out here.

I did a video compilation of Mike Buchanan’s public appearances on British television a few months ago. You should check it out.

I’m guessing the 2016 Manbawl will have to be in Mikey’s basement, where it belongs.


If Amnesty needs any more reason to deny MRA’s like Elam and Buchanan, check out Elam’s new video! Someone should send Amnesty London a copy of it for further proof that they should NEVER rent a space to them.



17 thoughts on “Amnesty Cockblocks MRA’s UPDATE

  1. […] calling women ‘shark eyes’ who have ‘no emotions.’

    Wait….what? I thought we were “too emotional”. Isn’t that the usual complaint by “logical” males? LOL They can’t even get their fucking stereotypes straight; it can’t be both.

  2. I’ve been following your blog for awhile. Just want to say thank you for keeping track of the vile and hypocritical ‘Men’s Rights’ movement and exposing its key players for the hateful misogynists they are.

  3. Given Amnesty’s pro trafficking position it comes as no surprise that MRAs thought Amnesty hates women as much as MRAs do.

    • Yes, there’s a part of me that wonders if AI’s response is partly to look better in light of their support of the paid rape of poor and trafficked underage girls. I hope not, but I guess I’m just cynical.

      I also wonder if rad fems wanted a space if they would do the same fucking thing.

      In any case it’s good that that dreadful Mike Buchanan was cock blocked, which is for sure the case (the cock part) in regard to AI.

  4. Hmmm, ‘Lying Feminist of the Month’ awards – does it come with a cash prize and how can I get me one?

    Yeah, basements, where it all happens. Laundry, storage, and mantrums.

  5. Shorter Elam: If women ask any of the questions that are standard getting to know you exchange of information inquiries you should avoid her because she is not a good candidate for abuse and exploitation. (I only made it through number three before my sneer response kicked in.)
    I am guessing from this latest vidya that he has been dumped again and is on the lookout for his next victim.

    • Many older ppl who date talk about whether they want kids on a date. LOOOOL You can tell Elam hasn’t been on many dates. Ppl talk about mature topics, like whether they planned on having kids.

      What a fuckwit.

      • Oh, HMQ. I don’t know how you even got through this video. What an oxygen thief Paul Elam is. His mouth gives him away—the way his mouth twists. It is a mouth of hate. I could only skim through it and fast forward to the frames that said what each of the seven things is. Listening to him is a cross between watching paint dry and hearing those screaming Mandrakes in Harry Potter.

        Who are these women he’s talking about who ask how much money a man makes on the first date? Given I work in a big city with lots of class and white privileged independent career women, but I don’t know one woman who is out to land some man for his money. I know a lot of women who make a lot of their own money, but none who are overly concerned with how much any given man is making unless it’s to speculate that he’s probably making more than she is for doing the same job with the same qualifications and experience. A lot of women are concerned about what a man does for a living because they don’t want to get involved with a loser who’s going to leech off *them*!

        He lives in like 1945. Sisters are doin’ for themselves.

  6. On that video as it begins there’s a caption saying he is “Dr Paul”. Isn’t that against the law, to hold yourself out as being a doctor when you aren’t? And he’s doing it in the context of counseling people.

  7. I’ve been kind of silently following your blog for awhile, and really enjoy you writing! I admire your wit lol. I was a bit sad you had me blocked on Twitter ( I’m not sure why, but I’m new to it and maybe I am not using it right. I saw this when I tried to follow you). I’m sorry if this is a breach to to ask here as well. And I respect the block if it’s what is best for you.
    Please keep doing what you do though!

    • What’s your handle on Twitter? I tend to block first and ask questions later. You must understand I’m a highly sought after target by MRA’s, transactivists and other women who are handmaidens of men. I have a few police files open on various men.

      I am at the point in my life where if someone makes a tweet to me that is offensive in ANY way, I just block. I am into so many things that I usually don’t have time to argue about it.

      For example, I retweeted a montage of all the Israeli Jews who have been murdered by Palestinian terrorists. Right after I retweeted that image I got someone yelling at me in all caps about the horrible Jews.

      I don’t tolerate even a whiff of anti-semitism, not even a stale scent of it. I’m a Jew and a proud Zionist. I support the State of Israel and it will always be so.

      If that was you, and I’m not saying it was you, but if it was, I blocked for a damn good reason. I don’t care if this woman was a radical feminist or whoever the hell she was.

      When people insult the lives of Jewish people by mocking me tweeting an image of those who were murdered, I fucking block and I will never unblock that person.

      After I blocked her, a couple people were like ‘that’s so and so! Why did u block HER?’

      Well, the woman has no fucking class is why and she obviously is one of those BDS fuckers who think by boycotting Israeli businesses that it will help, when in fact it only hurts efforts for resolution. It takes away jobs that all Israeli’s need to feed themselves.

      Also, I’ve come face to face with these antisemitic lunatics on my way to shul so I have no problem blocking them on Twitter.

      I realize this has been a long explanation but I’m putting it here so people are aware of what i go through on a daily basis.

      If people can’t simply see that Israel isn’t the country hanging lesbians, while Islamic countries just kill them then I can’t help you sort that shit out. You’re obviously not thinking clearly. Not you personally but, the royal ‘you.’

      • House Mouse Queen, though I’m not Jewish, I support Jews and the State of Israel 100%. I’ve read about the attacks in Israel, including the wave of stabbings by Palestinian Muslims that has been happening a lot recently, and I couldn’t even imagine living in that fear, knowing some freak could come up behind you and stab you just because you’re a Jew! It boggles my mind that anyone can defend these Palestinian terrorists! You were absolutely right to block that hateful idiot you mentioned in your post.

        • Damn straight. Any LGB person who doesn’t fucking understand that Israel is the only nation in the ME that doesn’t kill them isn’t welcome here on this blog.

          I won’t have that antisemitic nonsense here. Hamas and Fatah want all Jews dead. If you’re a Palestinian terrorist apologist you can kiss my ass. Take the next exit and never come back to this blog space again. Islamists are thugs. They kill women.

          If a radfem can’t see that she’s fucking blind and she’s certainly ignorant.

          • I always feel like I have to be very careful when I talk about Muslims and Islam. People tend to go nuts and call you “Islamophobic” or even racist even though Islam is an ideology, not a race. But if you trash any race or other religion, you don’t get that harsh backlash, and you don’t have to worry about getting killed by any disgruntled member of the offended party. Why are people so defensive about Islam? From what I’ve seen, it’s anything but a peaceful religion. Many Muslim countries have Sharia law which is the most barbaric practice ever conjured up on this planet! I’ve seen feminists stand up for Muslims, but why? The Islam culture is so misogynistic, why are they defending woman haters and killers? Why are there so many Western apologists who support the extreme antisemitic, misogynistic, and homophobic mentality of Muslims? Why are world leaders allowing these people to stream into our civilized countries by the thousands? And these huge numbers of Muslim migrants are more of a recent phenomenon. It’s like all Western world leaders collectively lost their sanity at the same time!

      • Oh wow, that’s terrible! No, I have never said anything anti-semitic. . I’m not sure if it’s a good thing, or an embarrassing thing to admit, but I confess I know not much of that topic. I never really understood it (I’m from a country that doesn’t have a jewish population..or white population lol). Then when I moved to North America, well, Canada is a mixing pot and I know all kinds of people. So I could never really get why anyone had any problems with Jewish in modern day. Though of course in the past, I realize sociopaths out there had issues :[ .
        I have actually only existed on Twitter for about 3 weeks if that. I signed up because I read Feminist Current, and everyone always talks about Twitter. It seems like a circus and I don’t actually tweet or retweet much at all. Just read, and I find our paths cross a lot ( just in radfem circles). My Twitter name is mu_guiying .
        I’m kind of concerned I retweeted wrong, at first I was confused at how it worked and felt like using it as Tumblr lol. But again, I’ve said probably snarky things at liberal feminists here about their happy hooker extravaganza- but not much else.
        I got the account to follow a few people I’ve seen commenting on Feminist Current ( and the writers). Again, if for whatever reason you felt it was best for you to block, then by all means. Thanks for replying!

        • I will unblock you. I don’t mean to block people who are new to tweeting. Let me know your user name on Twitter and I will unblock you.

          It must’ve been my mistake or I quickly read something and just hit the button.

          • No problem! I understand, MRA’s are a frightening lot. Also, I have to say, Twitter is like a mine field. I never realized how it was used, or how hostile it could be! It’s kind of a circus. I’ve already blocked two people because even though I’m pretty quiet, I’ve been getting porn type blogs following me randomly. Or women who seem to want to sell their porny pics. It’s weird. I have no idea why they would follow me or even find me.
            It’s @mu_guiying , and thanks!


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