Update on My Health Issue

Things haven’t been so good for me lately with my health issue. I won’t share the diagnosis I got last week because MRA’s , well men in general, are violent and sadistic and they will use it to try and harm me. As I’ve stated several times, I already have open police files on a few of them and whenever they turn up I give more information to the police. That violent man Dan Perrins still gets people to tweet me from new accounts and he still stalks me even though he’s been blocked for a very long time.

I just wanted to let you know that my health issue is not as simple as I thought it was to fix. It will take time. I’ve suffered for a month with this issue and it’s been the most challenging time of my life to date. I put it on par with my spinal injury from the late 1990’s when I fell 30 feet down a rock face and onto railroad tracks while racing mountain bikes. Yes, I was extremely athletic at that time. I outrode most men.

Anyway, I’m gonna have a winter fundraiser to help me cover what will be unavoidable medical costs. Yes, we do have Canadian health care but some things just aren’t covered. For example, when I fell last year and broke my ribs, scapula and collar bone I couldn’t get the Ministry to pay for a one-meal-a-day food program. It cost me $6 a day to get the worst food ever simply because I couldn’t get out to buy groceries, nor could I even cook, for 3 months.

I’ve been legally disabled since 2003 and while they do pay for most things, they fail in a big way in some of the basics, like food for people who can’t walk!

Now I’ll not end this on a bad note because if you listened to my video a week ago you’d kinda get the idea that I’m a very focused, determined, and positive person. I know right!

Those of you that have supported me I am truly grateful.

Life is just so fucking hard sometimes. Things were going really good, and then something like this comes along.

My entire life is changing once again just like it did after my mountain bike accident.

Please be patient. I will be posting things. One thing that keeps me going is my work. To me, this is my job, my life’s work, my calling. I have carved out a little job for myself. I started on Twitter with a little egg picture and 0 followers. Until about 2 years ago I didn’t even use Twitter. Now I’ve got a wonderful following and am following a great bunch of radical women. Each day I try to find another radfem to follow.

Disabled people have to be very creative. I did work in the past as long as I could, until about age 43, and then I admitted to myself that I couldn’t even do a part time job which is the last job I had to give up. I loved that job, even though my boss was a bit of an ass.

I was very active in my community during my mid to late 30’s and then I had to start slowing down. They want to put me in a wheelchair now but I’m stubborn and will walk as long as my legs will carry me.

So, I’m creating a new winter banner and the fundraising will begin again to help me get through this very difficult time.




19 thoughts on “Update on My Health Issue

  1. Hi Diana, I am so sorry to hear what is happening with you! Especially since myself had to have an emergency root canal (first one ever) Nov. 7th because of a “hot tooth” – I found it especially painful.

    I would love to send money but I don’t have extra. What I would actually like to be able to send you is a good tazer (or small 6). Seriously, what you are doing here requires a special amount of bravery…it’s fucking dangerous plain and simple. I can’t tell you how much good you are doing though at the same time, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    I find it funny how a lot of your life has seemed to parallel mine as I have a disability too. It is spinal-related as well (scoliosis, 2 failed surgeries, stopped working in 2007), born in Oct, play a few instruments, art, yada yada. I am bored though and I have thought in the future maybe doing something similar that you do, there are many women that need to be reached, don’t you think? It can be very difficult to meet women who aren’t so penis-focused nowadays though. And it can be a fucking dangerous (saying it again) speaking the truth.

    Anyways you are such a good artist, I wouldn’t mind spending a bit of money to send you art supplies that I happen to have in excess. I have a whole set of unopened, sealed, oils and watercolors in the tube made by Art Studio by Battat(TM). I do not know how good quality they are, they were part of the easel bought at Costco about 15 years ago but I never used them. Can also send a small can of odourless turpentine, canvas paper, perhaps some sheets of Strathmore 140lb watercolor paper. I have a set of pastels as well that I won’t probably ever use. Tell me anything else how I may help you?

    If you want, contact me at roskay at hotmail dot com. Thanks for reading, please edit as required.

    Cheers and take care Diana.

    • I meant to reply to you. I’m not my best atm. I have to spend 8 hours having a bone scan at the hospital in the morning.

      Don’t worry about sending money. If you don’t have it, you don’t have it. I get it totally. I understand.

      I fell while racing mountain bikes. I won’t go into all my injuries as it would take too long. I’ll just say that like you, I have severe spinal issues and have damaged so many nerves I can’t even count. So I know what you go through. What medications do you take for your spinal issues if you don’t mind me asking?

      I had to grow into radical feminism. I was always a determined woman and very strong but I was raised in total heteronormativity. I had a patriarchal father who wanted sons not his two daughters. I was raised as if I was a boy. I fished, went with my dad to cut down trees and stack cords of wood for our stove. I was raised very ‘masculine.’

      My father and I are very alike. He’s a very gentle man who loves animals but is very Type A. He was a very hard working blue collar dude for the first 10 yrs of my life. He was an air traffic controller in the US Navy when I was born. My dad is a brilliant man. He graduated top of his class in ATC school. I was always amazed that he could look at any light in the sky and immediately tell you what kind of aircraft it was. I’d go into the tower as a child and I met many Blue Angels pilots as a kid. We went to the airshows all the time.

      He started his own business in my early teens and we came into a ton a money. That ruined my family in many ways. Money is a very touchy subject to me. I’ve had tons of it and know what it can buy, what it does to people.

      Anywho, thanks for the compliment on my artistry. I am actually a watercolourist. I’ve painted traditional and Chinese style. I cannot tolerate oils b/c of the chemicals. I once took a fine art class and got turp poisoning from breathing in the fumes for 8 hours. So watercolours are perfect. I would like the paper since you and I know that 140lb and 300 lb pressed paper is very expensive. My fave paper is D’Arches 300lb cold press but I obviously haven’t bought it in ages due to price.

      I started Chinese painting to keep the costs down, plus I loved the spirit of it. You do it with one stroke and it’s very alive. The rice paper is very cheap but you have to learn how to mount it, and if you make one mistake mounting it, you ruin the entire painting. I’m pretty good at mounting but haven’t done it in a few years. The key is the mixture you use to mount and how you brush out the air bubbles in the paper.

      I love digital art these days since you don’t need materials, just good programs. I use Photoshop Cs3 and The Gimp. I like them both for diff reasons.

      I don’t want to make this too long but I’d love to hear more about your art work and why you have all these supplies you don’t want to use.

  2. Sorry to hear about your health taking a turn for the worse. Sending healing energy your way. 🙂 It’s about all I can send, since I’m up to my eyeballs in debt. I bought a few things I needed on my Amazon credit line, made a payment, and discovered that only $6 went towards the actual balance. The rest was eaten up by finance charges. o-O
    So, I’m going to have to pay double on my next statement just to make a dent in the balance. That’s the male system for you; keeping everyone in financial slavery via finance charges. I hate this fucking world.

  3. Take care Diana. And remember just because you have a wheelchair doesn’t mean you have to use it every day. But yeah a whole new level of disablement is like getting disabled all over again. You’re strong you’ll make it.

    PS I didn’t know Meals on Wheels food was horrible. There’s one thing to scratch off the list of things to go through hell to get. Plus how useful is one meal a day?

  4. “well men in general, are violent and sadistic and they will use it to try and harm me.”
    Lol. So rarely do I see a feminist who just gives up the game and announces her hatred of men outright.
    You are a treasure. The YouTube anti-feminism debate is getting stale mostly because we’ve pretty much won completely at this point.
    But you, and this blog are just pure concentrated gold. I am so loving this.

    Apparently MRA’s are so dull they prove my words about them time and time again. I talk about being stalked, and here comes another MRA stalker. I talk about how violent they are, and here he is saying ‘Yep, I’m a violent male and we won the internets.’ You sir are the comedy here. ~HMQ

    • Lol. So rarely do I see a feminist who just gives up the game and announces her hatred of men outright.

      I think it’s pretty normal for the oppressed to loathe their oppressor(s). You can only kick a dog so many times before it bites your foot off. However, I fail to see how HMQ’s mention of violent men stalking her translates to “hatred of men outright”. From what part of your ass did you pull that particular strawman? Are women supposed to enjoy being harassed by psychopathic scumbags?

      Go do something manly, and stop hanging around female blogs, you pathetic loser.

      • It’s funny b/c he commented several more times and I just hit the spam button so all his comments will now go ‘WHOOSH!’ right out of my face. I don’t even read them since it’s just more of the same male whining.

      • I’ve never understood this thing men say, about “hatred of men” when you talk about male violence and all the other eight million things men as a class do to women as a class. Are we supposed to like being oppressed and raped and beaten and sexualized and objectified and harassed at every turn? Or is it that they think those things are natural to them and they want to do it so we’re mean if say we don’t like it? There’s just no way it you can ever make logic out of it.

  5. Diana, I do hope you can keep going. You are one of very few radfem bloggers online who I agree with point for point, and your insights and courage are influential for many of us. I’m so sorry about your health challenges right now and hope things ease up for you in the new year. I’ll be sending you a paypal holiday present as a thanks for all you are doing.

  6. Keep us all up-to-date House Mouse Queen and I am sending as much well-wishing to you that I can. I could not imagine an infection on top of my (one) tooth issue, I’m thankful I didn’t have to take antibiotics either.

    And could you remove my real full name from my previous post? I don’t trust the men on the interwebz here (and everywhere). Thanks.

    • No problem I will erase it.

      I am having a bone scan tomorrow at the hospital for about 7 hours. I have to have two MRI’s after having dye put in my veins.

      They are checking to see if I have an infection deep in the jaw bone. If I do, I have to go on intravenous antibiotics for appx 3 months.

      We shall see what happens. I’m not looking forward to being at the hospital at 7:30 am and it taking so many hours.

  7. House Mouse Queen, I understand totally you are not at your best and so I thank you for your reply. I don’t want this to be long either haha, I will try for the Readers Digest version…

    Arches is the absolute cat’s meow for paper, isn’t it? The small 400lb piece of it I have is truly like gold. I’ve been “practicing” watercolors too for about 25 years now. Excess supplies came my way either winning them in contests, bought new at garage sales, or collected from others who gave up. Cheaper/student supplies I use for practice (give them away as cards or something) and the professional for special projects and entering contests.

    Between that, books, magazines, easel, etc. I am beginning to run out of room for it all.

    As for my health, I’ve got an excellent doctor (the ones before were so bad they almost fucking killed me). He prescribed slow release (SR) morphine 10mg twice day, that changed my life so much. Immediate release (IR) morphine 10mg for anything else (which got used a-plenty when I had my tooth issue), botox injections for the muscle spasms. I control side effects with drinking more water, extra vitamin c and magnesium made by Lorna Vanderhaeghe. Of course I avoid stressful situations like the Black Death, do stretches, plenty of rest, whatever helps.

    We will talk more when you get your diagnosis and things get more settled. Praying to every Goddess what is discovered is small and easily treated. Just get well soon!

  8. I hope you’re feeling ok! It sounds painful and scary. You have pretty nice artwork. I am also an artist. Have you ever tried to make a shop on Etsy? It’s pretty easy, and a lot of artisans make extra money there.


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