Street Violence

Most of you think I’m going to tell you a story about yet another man harassing me on the street. And you’d be right 99.9% of the time. Today I’m going to tell you about almost being hit in the face by a woman on the street.

I was hobbling down the street, on my way to the doctors, scarf on my head and my characteristic silver tuft of hair (kinda like Catherine MacKinnon’s) sticking out in the breeze. I was almost at the corner when a woman flew around it, looked me square in the eyes, and reached back for a hit. She had something red on her face which I now recognize was probably blood. She reached back and with my jaw being so traumatized I thought ‘Oh shit, here it comes!’

Then nothing.

She was muttering something under her breath that I didn’t make out but she waited until she was past me to let out that fist. I caught the air of it and exhaled. I was grateful she didn’t hit me in my jaw. I already have enough problems going on I certainly didn’t need more trauma to that area. Hell, people probably think I was hit anyway due to the fact I’ve been walking around with an ice pack on my face in broad daylight.

We have to dig deeper into this event because men’s rights activists are gonna read this and immediately start their chanting about women being just as violent as men, which simply isn’t fucking true. We have to understand context when it comes to violence.

I have to examine why this woman wanted to hit. I was just the unlucky person that came around that corner and I’m certain of that. Something had just happened to her. She actually looked like a prostituted woman and there are several where I live. In fact, her face being bloodied certainly added to that suspicion and this is where we can be certain that she was roughed up by a man just prior to seeing me. I was the smaller target she could release on without getting the beating of her life.

If she had tried hitting him, it would’ve probably been totally ineffective and that’s what we have to keep in mind. When MRA’s do their silly routine where they whine that women are equally as violent as men, you gotta just laugh at them. Being the biological determinists that they are, you gotta love how that theory goes out the window when it comes to their misogyny. Men are bigger and stronger than women on average. It doesn’t matter if a 5 foot woman tries hitting a 6 foot 2″ man. He probably won’t feel it. If he hits her, like most MRA’s wet their pants dreaming about, she WILL feel it. In fact, he’ll most likely knock her out.

So this bullshit MRA’s peddle about ‘self defense’ and ‘violent women’ is utter tripe. There’s just no way that most women can hurt most men, unless women decide to shoot the bastard or stab him in the heart, but again, that’s very rare. It’s usually men who have the weapons and if a man is a batterer AND he has a gun, the chances of him killing his wife or girlfriend just went up fourfold.

We have to keep in mind the context here too. This woman that ‘play acted’ hitting me was only doing it because of HIS violence. She was probably tired of being beaten by her pimp and saw me, a petite-bodied person that she could get away with hitting. The thing is: SHE NEVER ACTUALLY HIT ME and her punch was pretty weak too. Women have a tendency to pull their fists behind their head at an angle, not straight back to get the most strength. We just don’t learn HOW to punch properly due to gender. This is another reason why I wasn’t probably going to be too damaged even if she did catch me. It’s also why men aren’t bothered either by a punch.

Just thinking about what would’ve happened if she had made contact really put a wrench in my day. I would’ve had her arrested and charged for assault. I would’ve gone to court etc. I don’t give people a pass. If you hit me, you can be assured you’re going to jail and you will have a criminal record.

When I was much younger one woman made the mistake of hitting me in the head with a high heeled shoe. She thought she was the queen bully of the town I lived in. She was jealous that her boyfriend had eyed me up some months prior and she hid in a dark corner of a parking lot near midnight and jumped me from behind with that stupid shoe, which was so worn down the nail was sticking out of it. It did quite a lot of damage to my head in the few seconds she was on my back, and I bled out pretty bad. Luckily, I was with someone and he picked her up and off me and took me home and then to the hospital to get several stitches and criminal photographs.

Needless to say that didn’t end well for her in the long run. It just happened that the person who witnessed the whole thing, my boyfriend, was the son of a Mass State Trooper. She was fucked from start to finish.

I’ve had experiences with violence so when MRA’s quote Murray Straus I have to laugh. The point here is that while yes, I was attacked by a woman, the only guy around, my boyfriend, literally lifted her off me with one arm. Women can get into with other women but not against a man. Hell, even if two women attacked my boyfriend he could’ve easily defended himself no problem.

Murray Straus’ ‘research’, and I say that wearily, fails when it comes to context. For example, a couple are verbally arguing. He uses his larger and stronger body to block her exit. To me, that’s physical violence but Straus wouldn’t count it as such on his very simplistic, stupid scale. So he’s blocking her in and she decides to push him to try to get away from him.


That would’ve been counted as the ‘violent act.’

He then hits her and knocks a couple of her teeth out. That’s also counted as a violent act but the point is, Straus would simply say they are equally violent when everyone knows that it’s truly him who is causing the violence because he is using his larger body to trap her and his violence caused the significant injuries. This lack of context is why Straus’ measurements and his research are utter shite.

This is why MRA’s fail so badly. This is the ‘research’ they cackle about as if it’s important. Anyone who measures domestic violence that way is going to miss the point. This is why it is crucial that libfems stop mimicking MRA rhetoric regarding domestic violence. I’ve watched libfems do this to my utter dismay. Women are not as violent as men. Not even close.

The next time you see a libfem repeat the line that ‘women are just as violent but men commit more serious injury’, please correct them. MRA’s think if they scream the same thing loud enough, that people will believe them and it’s worked in some cases. The serious DV researchers don’t take MRA’s seriously because they know they’re cherry picking the worst research on the planet but libfems, for some odd reason, are repeating it.



6 thoughts on “Street Violence

  1. HMQ, I’m glad you weren’t physically injured. I’m sorry to read of your continuing health problems. I’d have posted something earlier, but I just didn’t really know what to say. I hope you’re in the hands of good people when you see your doctors.

    Regarding this bit: Libfems repeating “the line that ‘women are just as violent but men commit more serious injury”… I’ve got a list of liberal news sites and blogs I’ve been avoiding recently because the anti-woman, pro-misogynist rhetoric has gotten way too deep and it doesn’t seem to be all MRAs, either. I’m seeing a lot of defense of misogyny in the guise of tolerance for violent men. I wonder what’s going on.

    A friend told me a story about a mutual acquaintance one time. She was arrested after she started screaming and knocked some merchandise off the shelves in a quickie mart. The owner called the cops and they came and got her. The reason she did this: She had been abducted, raped and was either let out somewhere or managed to escape. She was wearing little or no clothing and had made her way into the store for help.

    I don’t know the rest of the details, but I had an experience once trying to escape a car load of men who started chasing me while I was pumping gas. I sped into one of those places and I guess I didn’t have my manners, either, at that moment. I remember bursting through the door in a breathless panic and yelling at the clerk, “Call 911!” But, the clerk ordered me to leave the store. I refused to do so because I was pretty sure I was going to be attacked by them and possibly killed, if I did. The men came in after me. She ordered us all to leave, but I said I wouldn’t leave until either they did or she called 911. Finally, they left claiming that they had mistaken me for some other woman.

    So, if the clerk behaved this way when this nearly naked woman I knew came in needing assistance, I understand why she had a fit and knocked items off a shelf.

  2. Ditto from me – very glad that woman didn’t manage to land with your face despite understanding where she was coming from. It’s so unfortunate that sometimes when women seek to justifiably retaliate against male abuse, their aim is wrong. Either their response goes wild taking in innocent bystanders or they aim for an easier target (women, children, animals). Personally, I don’t have a problem with women retaliating against their male attackers, as long as their aim is true and they don’t further endanger themselves or other women.

  3. I can say, with a great deal of pride, that I go straight for whomever has tried to harm me. Never been one for misdirected anger; where is the satisfaction in that? I enjoy showing men that Sugarpuss’ Shitlist is not a very nice place to be. I wish more women would handle dudes like that, instead of taking their frustrations out on other women. Avoiding the problem only makes men stronger. Gotta put that foot down, regardless of fears or social norms. I’ve been surprised by how quickly a dude will back off, when he discovers that he is in the presence of a woman who wont take his crap.

    Anyhow, sorry to hear about you getting attacked. Try to stay safe. I’ve never experienced a situation where a random woman on the street attempted to assault me; it’s always been men. I don’t know if that’s good or bad. LOL

    • It’s just where I live is pretty rough for us women and the men are horrible down here to women, especially prostituted women.

      I am like you in that I don’t take shit from men either. Best thing is to carry a blade under your skirt. It really does make a difference to my state of mind while on the street.

      I’d not use it on a woman b/c I know she can’t hurt me too badly. Women really don’t know how to punch b/c they don’t learn.

      Men on the other hand, if they want a piece of you, they know they’re bigger and stronger and can take you out so you gotta carry a weapon.

      Unfortunately we can’t carry guns here, believe me I looked into it.

      What bothered me about that woman just taking it out on me was that I wasn’t well and one hit to my jaw with just a little pressure would’ve broken my jawbone.


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