Paul Elam Goes Bonkers

Elam’s at it again, and this time he’s really flown the coop. A video was produced about the biggest thing girls deal with even before puberty: sexual assault.

It’s a very touching look at how boys are taught to see girls as prey. It’s moving and Elam has gone nuts over it. Here’s his ‘response’ to a woman being sexually assaulted as a girl and as a woman.

I have no words for his response.


5 thoughts on “Paul Elam Goes Bonkers

  1. I have to admit this is a pretty idyllic PSA or whatever it is. A lot of impregnators disappear entirely, or they do some kind of violence to you to cause you to miscarry or give birth to a stillborn and when this isn’t done by the impregnator, himself, it’s done by other men in “random” attacks (and by “random” I mean very much male violence targeted at women because this is apparently lots of fun for men).

    So, this is pretty amazing already. There’s a dude who sticks around through the pregnancy without trying to murder the woman or destroy the potential life that she might bring into the world. Wow! I’m slightly incredulous, but let’s keep going.

    Now, I don’t remember the name-calling too much, but I’m from a whole other generation in a whole other place. What I did deal with was repeated sexual assault and sexual harassment in the form of being held down and having a boy between the ages of 5 and 11 wave his crotch at me – and just me. It was known that this was going on and nobody – I mean nobody, including my father – did anything about it.

    Doesn’t Elam have an online, documented history of abuse toward his own wife and daughter? Maybe I just imagined that. I’m female, you know, and inclined to imagine that men do horrendous things to women and then pretend that they don’t.

    Elam really makes the entire point of this video with his outrageous commentary.

    • To clarify, what I mean by a boy between the ages of 5 and 11 above is that we we were both at those ages when the abuses occurred repeatedly, pretty much daily, and the abuse went on between those years. It went on for for 6 years!

      Ah well, boys will be boys, right?! And, I am less important than a piece of furniture or the lawn or some other object.

  2. I can’t watch it. Just can’t stand his horrible face. He is a bully who eggs on other men to bully women who talk about the reality of sexual assault. He’s so fucking gross.

  3. What I have noticed about this Paul Elam that is most disturbing to me is how the whites of his upper eyes seem to bulge. Infants have this feature as do so many serial killers. It’s the mark of supreme self-serving. Thing is, most infants grow out of it and manage a sense of humanity. Sociopaths don’t really seem to. For a fantastic example of this feature refer to Charles Manaon.


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