Terrible Entitlement

I did a Youtube search for ‘men’s rights’ videos made in the last week. I found this MGTOW video and it clearly displays what the men’s rights movement is all about: sexual access and control over women.

This is the locus of the entire reactionary men’s rights movement. Men view women as sexual objects to be used up. You all know men hate women who have sex outside of the feminine gender training that tells girls to be ignorant about their own sex drives and to disassociate with their bodies, to give control of their bodies over to men.

This is why women are treated badly. Our bodies aren’t supposed to belong to us and when a man can’t get access to women sexually, something he feels entitled to, he becomes a ranting misogynist.

I can’t repeat this enough. This is why prostitution is a thing. If you give all the socioeconomic power to one sex and nothing to the other, you have a breeding ground for the abuse that is the sex industry. It’s all about keeping women subordinate through patriarchy. Little girls need to reject gender training and to take back control of their lives and bodies.

In the beginning of the video, this dude is hung up on women’s vaginas. That’s all he wants. He dehumanizes women and tells everyone in very clear language, all he wants is access to women’s bodies. Since his entitlement is such that he thinks women are just out there for his choosing, he’s in a rage because women are starting to throw off gender training and live their lives for themselves.

Every issue that the Manosphere bleats about comes back to this central theme. Every single one.

Think about how MRA’s talk about rape. Men typically use alcohol to rape women. It’s one of their common strategies. In this day and age, the discussion of how men do this is front and center and men are angry that it’s being addressed. The spotlight is shining on them and their propensity to rape through alcohol. This is why MRA’s whine about women who drink around men. In their minds, they’re losing the last tool they have left to rape.

Abortion is another topic in the Manosphere that they don’t talk about much but some of the louder voices do. Paul Elam is clearly against abortion. He and his MRA buddies are pissed they can’t control women’s reproduction as much as they used to. This is why the Republican’s are so hung about trying to pass as much legislation they can to restrict women’s ability to have an abortion.

It’s never been about men’s rights. It’s about men’s desire to control women. MGTOW isn’t about men going their own way. It’s about a toddler having a tantrum thinking a woman will come along and feel bad for his little fits and decide to pity him. ‘I’m going away now! Do you see me going away?’

‘Please give me some sex, please?’

It’s men who think woman are natural going to come along, like mommy, and care for the poor sod who just shat his pants.

It’s why I think the term reactionary fits them to a T. It’s a reaction to women making a step forward in controlling their destiny.

Oh, if only she didn’t have a vagina that I feel entitled to!



10 thoughts on “Terrible Entitlement

  1. You have a direct uncompromising style I find so refreshing. I agree that “it’s” about sexual access and control over women’s bodies. But “it” is much more than reactionary marginal men’s ideas, it seems to me: “it” is male-dominated culture in general, which is a setup to maximize that access and control.

    MGTOWs, MRAs, and liberal and third-wave feminists are entirely missing the point when they complain about how hard it is to define “equality” or egalitarianism as the feminist goal. Political inequality is only one small dimension of the issue of male control of women as a class and the movement for their liberation. Political “equality” is an immediate necessity, but social controls are much more entrenched, expansive, and binding. Emancipation, not “equality” is the goal as we here are aware.

    You mention MRA opinions on prostitution, rape, and abortion, but again I’d expand that to point out that cultural mores in all human subcultures always include varying degrees of male control of these issues. The Manosphere is useful to feminists because it is so naive and says what is supposed to be kept obscure.

    In other words, MRAs are only saying explicitly what is implicitly at work across all human societies: the ideology that male control of both resources for sustenance and mate choice must be maintained. I always think of the well-known anthropologist Sarah Hrdy’s dry statement that human females have relatively much less independence than other female primates, who haven’t been corralled and lost their ability to go out and forage and feed themselves. Then I think how the existence of this old system, in which women were made economic dependents of men, gets distorted by male-dominance apologists into some alleged instinct of women to “prefer” men with resources and power as mates. It’s about as natural as a tiger in a cage preferring a well-equipped zoo.

    • Yeah, it’s funny/not funny how people act like MRAs are so “marginal.” I’ve met many men that say the sorts of things they do that have never even heard of MRAs. MRAs and the like are just patriarchy speaking out loud saying the same old shit men have always said.

    • I haven’t studied this issue extensively, but it seems like hunter-gatherer societies are considerably more equitable than settled agrarian societies or modern industrial societies. And it makes sense for multiple reasons. First, that women in these societies likely can sustain themselves alone if absolutely necessary. Second, that the lives of these people are so simple (their needs are basic sustenance, not accumulation of superfluous resources/wealth), there’s less “need” for exploitation in general, whether exploitation of women, slaves, or paid labor.

  2. Paying for, providing for and protecting…” PROTECTING?! What?!

    We have a massive shortage of women’s abuse shelters because men are so busy protecting us. In fact, their so busy “protecting” us that their protection is one of the leading causes of death in the U.S. and around the world. If I didn’t have so many men “protecting” me right now, I’d be able to leave my house at night or sleep soundly in my bed without having to have my hand on a self-defense object under my pillow.

    This dude needs a straight jacket because he’s clearly not living in any kind of reality. He’s certainly not living in MY reality or the reality of any woman I know.

    Women have no value except a “slit?” A slit… What a freak.

    This lispy dude is really talking out his back side because his problem is that women have cut him off. More and more women are cutting men out of their lives, but this dude is reversing it all. He’s absolutely delusional.

    And what the hell is passive “inkum.” What a freak! He must be one of those macho WarriorForum dudes.

      • True. Except they don’t even do that very well. Most big men turn into shriveling cowards in the face of any real danger. You’re better off walking down a street somewhere by yourself in most cases – at least, you have a chance of defending yourself without hearing from your boyfriend how angry you are and denying anything is going on. I’ve had that experience!

        The same at home. I am far better protected by myself, by my items of self-defense, by my own skills and watchful eye than I ever have been by having a male in the house.

        I know a woman, sadly deceased now of natural causes, who had a husband and two sons all living in her house. The night that they had a home invasion, SHE was the one who picked up the shotgun and fired at the intruders until they fled and they were finally caught. It was a joke at the time. The husband took a lot of ribbing that she (she was a tiny woman) was the one who had to perform the alleged masculine role in the household.

        Men are absolutely useless!

        Oh, and that bit about paying our way. I am drowning in TAXES to support these men and their wars and their government con schemes. Every year men steal more from me than they did the year before!

    • women r pathetic and useless pieces of biological garbage.all they can do is simply pop out babies.if bitches r so confined abt themselves y use technologies and inventions developed by men.all u women with ur crappy feminazi movement can do is falsely accuse someone of rape,file false violence act and demand for alimony despite having higher salaries.we all know feminism,porn and lgbt links with illuminati.so shut the fuck up!!!!oh ya dear women if u punch a man dont be surprised to get double back.fuck hypergamy fuck gynocentrism.

      • You do realize that a pathetic and useless piece of biological garbage gave birth to your worthless ass. Males are in fact a mutated female, the Y chromosome was an accident that wasn’t meant to be. You as a male are here by a biological mistake, so you literally are nothing but genetic garbage. The funny thing is that you hate women yet you can’t live without us. But we sure as hell could live without you male pigs.


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