Star Wars: Shove a Dick In Your Mouth

Men’s rights activists are bleating like goats over the fact that the newest Star Wars features female characters and other minority faces. It’s gotten them so angry you can go to Youtube and search ‘Star Wars Feminism’ and get a plethora of angry white males screaming into the camera.

Now I’m not going to watch all of these videos because they’re essentially all the same. The white male hero they sit behind their computer screens and imagine is them is not there. Men are losing their grip as masters of the Universe and it’s got them hyperventilating bigtime and of course they blame feminism women.

Even the director of the movie was under the impression that Star Wars was ‘for boys.’ He had to be corrected. Men erase 50% of the population as part of their gender training. Girls aren’t supposed to like Star Wars.

I saw the original movie when it first came out in the theater with my father. I loved it and became an instant fan but I have a vagina. Having one of those means that my brain somehow is inferior and can’t like it.

Some of the Honey Badgers got together during a hangout on Elam’s channel and whined for a couple hours with their brethren over this travesty. At one point in the hangout, one of the male MRA’s tells a FeMRA she needs a dick in her mouth because Star Wars doesn’t cater to his every need. Don’t believe me? Go to 1:02:20 in this clip and listen to the violent male:


Disgusting innit? So if you’re a woman who loves the new Star Wars you deserve to have a dick shoved in your mouth till you choke. No boys club misogyny to see here!

It gets worse. MRA’s think Luke Skywalker is on a jihad. Racism too! They even talk about how ‘not sexist’ the first three movies were. Anyone remember Princess Leia in that bikini, chained up like an animal and being sexualized by Jabba the Hutt? Naw. No sexism there.

MRA’s are so removed from the real world that I wonder if they ever leave their mommy’s basement.

Here are some of the comments that made me LOL

‘Anakin skywalker, just another example of a boy raised by a single mom’~ idiot MRA

‘A good story is a good story but feminists will never understand this.’~idiot MRA in irony land


10 thoughts on “Star Wars: Shove a Dick In Your Mouth

  1. I was very young when I saw Star Wars for the first time at the movie theater. I liked it. I liked the two subsequent films substantially less. I hated the last three.

    While I thought the movie was good and had taken a leap in its special effects from just a year or so prior. By way of contrast, you may or may not remember the much better sci-fi story, “Logan’s Run” – another novel turned into a movie, then a T.V. series and somewhere in there a comic book series, and I am a huge fan of all of it. I liked the effects, although it was clear that some were little models filmed to look like a whole city.

    What I didn’t like about Star Wars and, I think it was, the Empire Strikes back was the overt sexism. I was really young, but I knew the way that Hans Solo treated Princes Leia was wrong. It disgusted me. He disgusted me. To this day, despite his nice guy image and heroic tales of him rescuing hikers near his ranch using his own private plane, I can’t stand the actor who played that role.

    The part with Princess Leia chained to rocks made me feel awful. I was just a kid, but I had some vague idea of the implications here.

    So, I am not a fan of this series. I guess that makes me “cis” or something, but whatever. I’d really like to see a movie with women in it, as the main characters, who are not being treated like raw meat. I’m really sick of mainstream pop culture right now. I have almost completely withdrawn from it because of this kind of thing. The effects are cumulative, apparently.

  2. At 16:37 – what the hell is she talking about? The white, female character in this film (and many others) are the ones subjected to the worst and usually sexual tortures. This is what we see with Leia chained to the rocks. Solo was frozen, but he wasn’t sexually tortured and held captive as a sex slave!

    In MOST movies, it is women and overwhelmingly white women in movies who are stalked, tortured, held captive, raped and murdered. It’s hard to find a movie with a woman in it – particularly one that I can personally identify with – who isn’t dealing with this. The whole Lifetime channel or some other “movies for women”channel is nothing but this stuff. Once in a while, I’ll see a white woman in a thumbnail for a movie or a documentary and I’ll think, “Oh, nice, a story about a woman doing something,” but invariably, it’s a story of women being tortured and murdered. That’s all that goes on.

    And, it is a reflection of real life. It has certainly been a reflection of my own life. Why on earth would I want to watch something like this??? And this is why so few women are turning up at the movie theaters these days because this whole theme of torturing and murdering women – especially blonde-haired, white women – has accelerated and intensified. And, again, which came first – the chicken or the egg? To me, it’s like a hall of mirrors!

    Have these stupid people in this vid not heard of that Rihanna video with the white woman being tortured and murdered to somehow get revenge on a white man who couldn’t care less? This is a running theme in the movies – and in real life.

  3. “Anakin skywalker, just another example of a boy raised by a single mom’~ idiot MRA”

    I hate the prequels, but this is HILARIOUS! By the time Anakin is taken away from Shmi, he was an 8-year-old pilot who was apparently an expert in robotic engineering. It was after a decade of being mentored by a man and surrounded by mostly male Jedi that Anakin turned into an entitled crybaby whiner.

  4. They’re so scared and impotent. If pop culture doesn’t cater to them all the time they puss and loan like the little entitled babies that they are. Christ, how small does one’s penis need to be in order to kick up such a fuss over a franchise movie?
    I wonder if the honey badgers will ever get over their Stockholm syndrome and self-hatred. They’re so pathetic.

  5. Haven’t seen the movie yet. Writers call women getting tortured and killed femjeop. Years ago, in fiction, men only killed men. That was fair because men are combatants. The unwritten rule continued a long while.

    Then the victimization was extended to women, aka, femjeop. Sexaayyy! Quentin Tarantino and Clint Eastwood as directors had some infuential movies. Soon thereafter, child jeop entered the scene.

    Scriptwriters are always looking to extend the horror. I expect a big move into cannibalism and bestiality soon.

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