Happy Holidays Open Thread

Thank you all for another great year here at Mancheeze. Next year will be another great one for us. I’m staying positive, no matter what.

I’m noticing many more transactivists attaching themselves to the men’s rights movement. People call them black knights. I don’t find it surprising that trans males are heavily involved in the misogyny of the MRM. They are male themselves and many of them are sexually attracted to other men. It’s no different than the misogyny we see from gay men although the elements behind it might be different. What do you think?

Paul Elam just interviewed Theryn Meyer, a male who thinks he’s female. Theryn is part of Simon Fraser University’s men’s group. That’s my alma mater and I’m sadly watching on the sidelines as my Uni deals with these guys.

The Women’s Centre and Student Union has already gotten involved after Karen Straugn delivered a silly lecture about ‘toxic femininity.’ The Canadian Association For Equality put her speech up on their channel. It’s clear the men’s group isn’t welcome on campus and they’re causing the same problems that Sage Gerard caused on Kennesaw Uni campus in the US. You can read about Sage Gerard aka Victor Zen in my back catalog. [1] [2]

Elam kisses his ass throughout the entire interview. The thing is, many MRA’s recognize that Theryn isn’t a woman and they say so. I find it hilarious that Theryn has joined a movement whereby the members can’t stand him. It makes no difference because Elam is thrilled to have Theryn’s face to point to to bleat that his movement is progressive.

A few months ago, Paul was making videos desperately trying to get gay men to join him. That didn’t go so well. Elam was so uncomfortable talking to gay men that he let slip aggressive and homophobic comments. He only made a couple videos on this ‘Straight Eye For the Queer Guy’ series and threw in the towel.

The new year will bring more media attention on MRA’s, simply for click bait. The media knows that MRA’s sit in front of their computers all day searching for articles and infesting the comment sections with violent and downright stupid comments. Making money is the idea. If these media outlets wanted to get really savvy they’d start putting up ads about penis enlargement on MRA articles. Talk about ad money!

I want all of you to have a wonderful break and I’ll be posting throughout the Holidays since Chanukah is now over. Enjoy the open thread. We haven’t talked in a while.

Much love,




21 thoughts on “Happy Holidays Open Thread

  1. “It’s no different than the misogyny we see from gay men although the elements behind it might be different.”

    The most significant difference being the mental illness factor. But the woman-hate comes from the same place.

  2. Radfems have always known that there’s no difference between trans activists and MRAs. A fellow radfem I admire commented on another blog recently that one difference is that MRAs say feminists drive them to mass murder while trans activists say feminists (at least the ones who won’t bow to the gender cult) drive them to suicide. Yup, that about sums it up.

    Happy Holidays and all that to everyone here and especially to you, HMQ.

  3. Most people assume that MTFs are gay, but the vast majority are straight. I’d wager that the numbers of straight MTFs are growing in leaps and bounds due to the inherent MRA message in trans ideology and the connection between “lesbian” porn and loser straight men deciding that obsessing over lesbians makes them “women”.

    I’m assuming from the context that Theryn Meyer is a gay MTF. If so, it’s interesting that Elam supports him. I wonder if MRAs are somewhat more likely to support gay MTFs than straight ones because they see transitioning as gay reparative therapy (this is a common reason why conservatives sometimes support transgenderism) and because, as much as the TRM (trans rights movement) is a threat to women, they still it’s “debasing” for a man to identify as a woman and therefore isn’t acceptable for a straight man to do so.

  4. Oh god, HMQ, you gotta see this shit. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3375732/Think-s-hard-women-love-online-s-FAR-worse-men-Read-toe-curling-stories-dates-hell-ll-why.html

    Basically, some ignorant handmaiden wrote a pity-party article about disgruntled old cocks with serious entitlement issues, in regard to dating. All of them are as ugly as hell, and most of their so-called “dating nightmares” sound entirely fabricated. But even if they are true, why do these wretches think they deserve better? Why are so many men trying to date out of their league, and then complaining because they “can’t find anybody”? Male hypocrisy (and a serious lack of self-awareness) is just mind-boggling. They are completely oblivious of their own flaws, while putting women under a microscope.

    • I’ve read these handmaidens over and over again and they all do the pity dance for socially inept men.

      I was watching documentaries about Ted Bundy last night and MRA’s blame his mother for his rape and murder spree which is disgusting because his mother was the one who told the press for years ‘my son isn’t a rapist or a murderer.’

      MRA’s also don’t mention that Bundy’s mother was stigmatized b/c she was an unwed pregnant woman and had to flee her town and live in a ‘home’ for unwed mothers.

      Because the stigma against women, the misogyny was so bad, Bundy’s grandfather lied to him most of his young life that his mother was really his sister.

      Of course MRA’s are totally inept when it comes to understanding that it was Bundy’s grandfather that abused his mother and grandmother by beating them and throwing them down the stairs. Nor do they mention that his grandfather was into hardcore pornography and that he knew that his grandson was also into it because he had it in the house.

      Also, many people remarked on how Bundy had a split personality, that he could be so ‘normal’ and then rape and murder. The fact he compartmentalized himself is something men do often. This is why father’s can buy and consume hardcore porn while telling the internets they have a daughter they love oh so much.

      I’m watching a lot of murder mysteries (48 hours) and it boggles my mind how many male terrorists are out there and how women are so taken by these assholes. Women need to get smart about this.

      • I take it that you’ve heard of Edmund Kemper, yes? Even worse than Bundy, as far as I’m concerned. Killed his grandparents, killed a bunch of girls, then killed his mother (whom he blamed for all of it, of course). If you read the Wikipedia article on him, you’ll notice that all sorts of excuses are made for his vile behavior (eg. his sister supposedly tried to drown him, his mother “belittled” him and his grandmother “emasculated” him). Nevermind the fact that he killed and tortured animals before any of this allegedly occurred. He was clearly a bad egg from the very beginning. Unfortunately, the piece of shit is still alive in prison.

        I always find it hilarious what qualifies as “abuse” in the male mind. Women who are beaten & raped? No big deal. Men who perceive their female family members to be undermining their male authority? MASSIVE ABUSE FACTOR!!11!!! We’re supposed to pity them and coddle them for something that pales in comparison to the dire consequences that women, all over the world, are forced to endure. Funny how most abused women don’t turn into mass murderers, in spite of extreme abuse. Just goes to show you what spoiled brats these men are.

    • The only thing that strikes me about those stories, assuming they’re true, is that these men are engaging in behaviors that women would have learned, decades earlier, to avoid, such as meeting someone for the first time at their home. We can’t do that because of the inherent risk of rape, but, even if you’re not worried about violence (which of course men aren’t worried about), it’s a bad idea to go to someone’s home because you have fewer opportunities to leave if the date turns out bad. But these men have been off the dating market for a long time and so either have forgotten how painful it can be to be on a bad date and what steps to take to give yourself an escape route, or they never learned this in the first place since the stakes are lower for men.

      It’s also interesting that they’re all elderly. If they were making any attempt to date within their own age group, they’d have a lot of success since elderly women vastly outnumber elderly men. That they’ve had such “horror” stories makes me think they’re going after much younger women (and consistently get burned since young women don’t want old men).

      • They’re totally ruled by their sexual predation of young girls. Think about it, these men have been predators their entire lives and nothing has changed. They probably watch violent porn and the entitlement they have is massive.

        They just want a teen girl to abuse. That’s all they’re looking for.

    • These “men” are disgusting. They think they are entitled to some hot chick in her twenties, and yes, the guys pictured look terrible, just like the vast majority of men past 50, if they live that long. How dare they demand women their own age contort their bodies because they lie they are “visual”? Eff all of them, women haters that they are.

    • Maybe the author is really a dude. I’ve noticed lots of tranny men posing as women and writing articles like this one.

      Usually I figure out its a dude when it’s something like an article on feminism that makes no sense, whatsoever. Sometimes they have little tiny feminine-looking pics by their by-lines, but when you got and really look at the picture, it’s a hairy, hulking tranny!


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