So You Don’t Think White Male Privilege Exists?

Well, I got two words for you: Ethan Couch. This young white male got away with killing FOUR people while driving drunk. His defense? I’m a wealthy white dude who was raised with complete entitlement so I don’t know the difference between right and wrong.

The fucking judge bought it. Apparently, Ethan Couch is suffering from a new white male disease called Affluenza. He’s got so much privilege his brain is completely incapable of realizing that murdering people is wrong.

I bet that all the women who read my blog have a story about men they’ve come across that have been plagued with Affluenza. It’s actually quite a common disease that infects white males and the white male judges who let these entitled manchildren off with a slap on the wrist.

White male crime is often overlooked because they’ve got PRIVILEGE. White collar crime perpetrated by white males is hardly ever prosecuted. It’s the old boys club at work. This is why slavery took a war to abolish. White men weren’t going to give up their privilege that easily.

This perpetual whining from white males online, otherwise known as the Manosphere, is simply the white male getting a tiny bit of privilege taken away from him and he notices it immediately, having temper tantrums and rolling around on the floor screaming like a toddler because his sister outwitted him.


Ethan Couch: the face of white male privilege

Whenever an MRA says there’s no such thing as white male privilege you can point him to Ethan Couch. He’ll say it’s a one off but we all know it’s not.

So what happened when Ethan got a slap on the wrist and minor probation? His Mommy took him to Mexico to hide out. She dyed his hair black and they had a mini vacation. Mommy stuck up for her murdering son.

This is crucial because many of the women in the men’s movement have sons. Of course, these manchildren can do no wrong. This is why Ted Bundy’s mother continued to stand up for him until the night before his execution when Ted told his Mommy over the phone that yes, he really did kill and rape all those women.

Ethan Couch didn’t care that he was on probation and hosted another alcohol fueled party that was posted online. Flaunting his entitlement for the world to see, little Ethan didn’t think he’d get in trouble for anything. Because there’s been such a public outcry, officials finally decided to arrest him for violation of his probation. They found him with his dear Mommy in Mexico and brought them back to the US to face the consequences, if any.

I’m sure the little brat thinks nobody can touch him and that this will just be another slap on the wrist. It might very well turn out to be just that.






5 thoughts on “So You Don’t Think White Male Privilege Exists?

  1. A good mother would not have been so enabling, or so stupid. The guilt this young man must be suffering is pretty disabling. Counseling and a long period of reflection, along with showing his remorse to the victims’ families, seems to me the only way he can redeem himself. The mother can’t protect him from this tragic event and should have helped him to deal with it, rather than running from it.

    • This piece of shit is responsible for his own actions. I suppose mommy forced him to drink & drive too, right? *eyeroll*

  2. I’ve often wondered if the one of the main reasons (if not the biggest reason) that women struggle to revolt against patriarchy is the fact the women have sons. When it comes to their sons, every mother has only a Nigel. Of course even when a mother does recognize that her son is not an angel, she is still blamed, as women and mothers especially are responsible for everything men do, doncha know. Toxic masculinity culture has nothing to do with it, no sireee. The comment above is a perfect example of this mentality, as well as the “poor boy must be feeling so guilty” mentality. It’s amazing the way people crawl out of the woodwork to apologize for and excuse men.

    • Absolutely, this is the case.

      Even Sheila Jefferies can’t seem to bring herself to look at the truth about men, even though she has written about their massive and early consumption of ever more violent porn. It’s sad.

      I think the Amazons had it right. If they had the misfortune of producing a male child, they just left him somewhere and let the fates decide. Nowadays, you could drop it off at a fire station and hope for better things the next time around.

      All I see is sons growing up hating their mothers, anyway. Every so often, they kill their own mothers. Ever watch 48 Hours or one of those true crime shows – it’s almost always a son who kills one or more of his parents for an inheritance.

    • Yeah, men are never responsible for anything they do. They always blame the nearest woman (mom, girlfriend, wife, etc.). For some reason, it’s always our responsibility to teach these defects how to behave properly. How can this be, when men insist, and have always insisted, on being the leaders of our world? Aren’t they the ones who are supposed to be setting the example? LOL And what a poor example they have set, thus far. The bar is so low, a smurf could jump over it.


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