The ‘Skeptic’ Feminist

Happy New Year!

Here we are, another year passed and new one to begin. I’m feeling better. I actually don’t think my jawbone is infected any more. That one week of IV antibiotics really did the trick. However, my problem is more of a structural one than an infection.

After the 2 teeth were removed, the bone itself was sticking out to the side with only a little bit of gum tissue over it. This is why it’s been so painful and why the side of my face would go numb. It was just extremely irritated.

Now that I’ve been sleeping, the gum tissue is forming over that bone and it’s getting better. The maxillary/oral surgeon I saw a few weeks ago took a panoramic X-ray of my entire mouth and he also thinks it’s more of a physical problem than an infection.

I have to have two more imaging studies at the hospital. On Tuesday I’m having a White Blood Cell scan that will last up to 7 hours. Most of that is waiting time. They have to take blood from me and re-inject it and take photos.

The final scan will be a 3D MRI scan to see the formation of the jaw itself.

This kind of trauma happens rarely but the surgeon has seen it before. It’s just bad luck on my part.

I knew I didn’t have Trigeminal Neuralgia or whatever else these crazy doctors came up with. The body will heal itself if given a good chance and part of the problem is that these doctors, in the beginning, weren’t giving me anything to help me sleep and reduce the pain. Once they finally did that, I started feeling better and the tissue over that bone started to build up and heal.

I have other complications in my stomach from all the antibiotics they had me on. Those should heal up in time as well.

Now for some other stuff.


I have been monitoring Paul Elam as well the as the supposed ‘male feminists’ on Youtube. One of them, The Skeptic Feminist, claims he’s a feminist but shouts ‘TERF and SWERF’ at women like me online. He’s more interested in having a conversation with MRA’s because he thinks he can align with them.

skeptic feminist TERFS and SWERFS

So not only does he parrot MRA’s who think there’s such a thing as toxic femininity but he gladly defines it for us.

His channel description is even more hilarious:

We are The Skeptic Feminist, a group of radical-Feminist--firebrand-Atheists.
"Radical" because we don't cut any form of sexism, religious or otherwise, any slack -- not even the dreaded Islam.
"Firebrand" because we refuse to be silenced, be it at the threats of the religious, the sexist atheists, or theistic feminists.
We're 'radical' only in the sense that we have no issue questioning established feminist beliefs and openly criticizing taboo topics such as Islam. You'll notice that we enjoy subverting the original meanings of phrases. Such as our take on 'first world problems'.

He wouldn’t know radical feminism if it bit him in the ass.

He’s the typical ‘I’m a male feminist and I know everything about feminism’ dude you come across on Youtube. He made a video calling a woman a SWERF because she made a video (which she had to take down) about the sex industry. He said she was slut shaming.

The interesting part is he actually knows what gender is and has promoted the radical feminist position on gender. He understands that gender is a social construct that harms women. However, he contradicts himself by calling women TERFS. You cannot hold both positions. You cannot disavow gender and then worship it, and then call women names because they know what gender is and want their privacy rights.

Here’s more proof he understands gender:

skeptic feminist toxic gender norms

Another thing I find questionable about him is his series of videos trying to get MRA’s to talk to him. In those videos he’s practically begging MRA’s to join up with him. I have to wonder why he’s so hell bent on this task? Is it just to show it can’t be done?


In neoliberal land men don’t have to give up their male privilege so feminism becomes easy to adopt. He doesn’t have to examine that the demand in prostitution (men) and the root inequalities between women and men is what fuels the industry. He doesn’t have to give a shit about girls not wanting to share a locker room with a male. Teenage girls are just a bigots for fearing men in their private spaces amirite? He doesn’t have to do a damn thing and he still gets to shout at women online and call them names. Gee, no wonder there are so many ‘male feminists’ these days.

The Skeptic Feminist thinks he’s completely rational even though he contradicts himself. When he panders to MRA’s he tells them he’s very ‘critical’ of feminists and feminism. Haven’t we heard that before? When he calls women TERFS and SWERFS he’s just ‘cleaning up the feminist movement’ because that’s what a good skeptic does!

‘I’m calling her a CUNT because I’m criticizing her!’

‘I’m calling her a TERF because I’m criticizing her!’

Save your ‘criticism’ dude.




9 thoughts on “The ‘Skeptic’ Feminist

  1. I’m glad some of your medical problems cleared up, and sorry you have some left to deal with.
    I’m sure you are strong as a pirate and can get through it. Positive vibes are being sent you way.
    Is that image of the mouse above one of yours? So freaking cute.

    Does anyone else hate dude’s who refer to themselves as feminists? The name of his site alone is a red flag. So are guys who say things like, “All women like jerks/bad boys,” or men who declare that they are feminists and like strong women. Guess what, feminism isn’t a movement for men to use to claim moral superiority. It’s not for men, period. Also, these guys hate strong, opinionated women. Proof is above in the OP. We don’t need men in our movement.
    A decent man who actually likes women and acknowledges sexism keeps his mouth shut and let’s the women talk. Could you imagine a white person claiming they’re an expert in all matters that affect POC? Yeah. That would be offensive and obnoxious. We don’t need those dudes. They should fuck off.

  2. Glad you’re doing better, HMQ.

    As for this Radical Feminism appropriating assclown…. he’s just another prick, amongst a long line of pricks, who wants to distort & contort the basic principles of the movement to serve his misogynistic agenda. This is why men can’t be Feminists. Not just because they are male, but because they cannot stand to be in a passive mode for even a few minutes. They always have to be ‘in charge’, talking down to women and giving us orders. I think they know that, without some type of male influence, most women would come to the realization that men are mostly controlling, manipulative, power-hungry scumbags who aren’t worthy of love or consideration. The evidence for this is already more than ample, but the normalization of male authority is still very much a thing…. and most women know what the price is for disobeying it.

  3. Way back in the 1960s when radical feminism was established as an all-woman political movement splitting off from the misgynistic left, the fight began — of men trying to find ways to appropriate the only thread of feminism that did not put itself under the umbrella of male political theory or include men (liberalism and marxism are both male-developed theories).

    There seems to be a resurgence of the fight going on online lately. John Stoltenberg is giving interviews to the Transadvocate about how he is a radical feminist and how Andrea Dworkin would have supported transactivism. This guy in the video is including himself by re-defining radical feminism all by himself. Leftie men are trying to move in. Why? Because radical feminism is woman-centered and a movement of women for women — that’s definitional — and this sticks in the male craw. The struggle against male co-optation in whatever form is ongoing.

    Take a look at these links for more info:


    Lefties driving wedges into radical feminism:

    Woman-only Radical feminism:

    • I’m aware of this new development and an article will be forthcoming. I am disgusted that he’s using a dead woman to bash other women over the head. He’s a male supremacist of the worst order.

  4. Every male feminist I’ve ever known had, as his overriding “feminist” principle, the desire to get laid. Either he thought feminism would loosen women up and make men’s odds better, or he had a specific drive to get individual feminists to have sex with him specifically because feminist organizations are full of women, feminists aren’t supposed to be prudes, and also he deserves sex for “supporting” women’s rights.

    Unsurprisingly, these men didn’t have any better luck as “feminists” than they would as regular men (I actually wouldn’t be surprised if they had worse luck since a regular man isn’t necessarily a mendacious, opportunistic asshole), and hoo boy did they ever get mad at not getting their “due”. I know one who I think is a few years away from becoming an MRA or a “woman”.

    So yeah, fuck male feminists (not literally).

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  8. Just to let everyone know if anyone reads this in the near future. Aleksandr Kolpakov aka The Skeptic “Feminist” murdered his female partner/cohost on May 2017. When I’ve first heard about him, I knew there was something “a bit off” about him. I don’t like using the “mentally ill” excuse to blame for his murder because it lets his misogyny go unchecked. He’s just another violent male.


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