Weekend Open Thread

A few news updates first:

Milo Yianoopolous got his Twitter account de-authenticated for abusing women online. He’s whining a lot.


//platform.twitter.com/widgets.jsJimmy Kimmel introduced the Men’s Rights version of Star Wars. Paul Elam and Roosh are manfighting and doing cock dances on Twitter. Elam plans on having Roosh on this coming week. Don’t hold your breath.  


The story goes like this. Elam was shit talking about Roosh. Roosh tweeted the above at Elam. Elam got pissy because he thinks Roosh is questioning his masculinity. Elam does an hour long whine fest video over it, strutting around like a moron. Says he’s going to have Roosh on the show. Like I said, do not hold your breath.

There’s a bit more background here though. Roosh hates Elam and tweets like this make it apparent


You must understand that neither one of them help men one bit. They ironically fill their own wallets while accusing women of being gold diggers. They’re really in a competition to see who can milk the most cash from angry men. This lack of cooperation is why there will never be a successful men’s movement. Ever. The only way that men can even come together is over hatred of women, not out of advocacy for men.

Homosocial bonding through misogyny is a well known behaviour. It’s been written about extensively, especially regarding Nazi Germany’s Youth Movement. In laypersons terms it’s about men having an avenue to bond without violating the strict heterosexual code of society. We commonly know that gay men have a massive problem with misogyny but hetero men also use it. Misogyny seems to be the safest way for hetero men to come together since gender forbids them normal relationships.

I did a long post on the homosocial and homoeroticism of A Voice for Men

Enjoy the Open thread and your weekend.




13 thoughts on “Weekend Open Thread

  1. “Misogyny seems to be the safest way for hetero men to come together since gender forbids them normal relationships.” Insightful.

    I know some of your commenters here consider men hopeless, and I an not inclined to argue with such women, both because they are entitled to this view and because it’s difficult to disprove. I would like to think there was some way out of this mess other than removing all the men, though, if only because that would be a formidable and largely unpopular task.

    Your statement above does ring true for me, based on my personal experiences with men. They clearly get something out of egging each other on this way that is much more about them than about us. It gives them a shared experience and history. And it helps explain how self-perpetuating gender is, how it works structurally.

    But if this is what heterosexual misogyny is about, then what is homosexual misogyny about? I would argue that it’s displaced anger going downhill, because gay men are not allowed to express it towards het men, who are higher up in the hierarchy.

  2. Happy New Year!

    I’m glad you are feeling better, HMQ.

    Thanks for this Open Thread.

    I’d like to know how everyone is doing over in W. Europe. There have been many disturbing things on social media. I have seen some videos of some scary stuff occurring in Berlin and in Koeln on the night of Silvester. The footage has been pulled very quickly because there is massive censorship going on on YT right now, but I saw some footage of a white woman surrounded and attacked by a sea of Middle Eastern men. Apparently, the German police have found some similar footage on the cellphones of a great number of refugees or whatever we’re supposed to call these men. I’ve, also, seen some very scary-looking dudebros shooting guns – looked pretty authentic to me – and fireworks into crowds of people in Berlin.

    I hope everyone is well and safe there and elsewhere around the world. I’m naturally very concerned about the reports and video clips I’ve seen – also, at the fact that so much important information is being pulled offline almost as quickly as it appears. The censorship is pretty chilling all on its own.

  3. Re: Milo Yanniupisass – What a clown this dudebro is. The world of conservative men is turning into a very strange and unrecognizable, brave new world. Milo of the Bleached Hair Helmet, clad in a silky, purple, flowered shirt, unbuttoned to the waist, his limp wrist poised with the little pinky finger ever so delicately extended, is the chief frat boy over at the supposedly conservative blog, Breitbart.

    Seriously, I don’t know what has happened to conservative men. Breitbart is supposed to be a leading conservative blog. Yet, it’s a regular fag fest and cesspool of misogyny and Milo is Head Boy. No pun intended, whatsoever, there – it just came out that way.

    Conservative men really have changed since the Reagan era!

  4. Found that idiotic illustration on Pinterest. Made me want to vomit. Had to share. I’m so sick of LibFems. Women are the only group of people who are expected to empathize with our oppressors. What a load of crap that is. I’ve had enough “what about teh menz?!” to last me a lifetime.

    • Oh, and I have the perfect response to all of that…

      Because the men we are told to feel sorry for are the ones who try to fuck us over the most.

    • So I saw that you posted this illustration, and as I was reading it I was like “THIS is from SUGARPUSS? Say it isn’t so!” Then I got to your text and breathed a sigh of relief.

      • Ha. I didn’t notice that because I was too busy rolling my eyes at the whataboutthemenz of it. Yes, it does really say it all.

      • Yes, that one really made me nauseous. Ironically, I was just over on YouTube, reading comments. Dudes were complaining about… guess what? Women allegedly telling them who they can and cannot find attractive. Projection, hypocrisy, cognitive dissonance, etc, etc. Basically, men being men.

      • Oh, and the one showing a woman literally punching a dude in the face with a closed fist was beyond ridiculous. How often do you suppose that happens in REAL LIFE? Most likely….NEVER. Libfems live in a fantasy world where women are just as strong as men. Biology? What’s that? LOL

        All I know is, I’d likely break every bone in my hand & sprain my scrawny 6 inch wrist, if I ever attempted such a thing.


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