White Nationalist Slams MGTOW: Reaction Will Shock You, Or Not.

UPDATE: The video maker removed all the videos but the MRA’s did get a chance to respond and there’s one video that’s still up. Goodfella, a Scottish misogynist, made a response video to the white nationalist. Here it is. Have your barf bags ready

Here’s another dude who mangles the English language in order to explain to the Manosphere who’s behind the evils of feminism. Hint: It’s surprisingly NOT the gynocracy. It’s the Jews!

Instead of taking issue with him blaming the Jews for feminism, the Manospherians in the comment section are whining about his misunderstanding of the evil wimminz and his ‘shaming’ of men.

Not one Manosphere eyelash bats over his blaming of the Jews.

His initial video that started the whole thing was his Rape Rant where he blasts MRA’s and MGTOW’s for not taking on the Muslim rapists who are RUINING it all for white men. The video got rated up but the comment section is the Manosphere whining about how they don’t care if women are raped, not a word about antisemitism. They’re so blinded by their misogyny that they overlook the Jew hatred.

‘We have ancient warrior blood flowing through our veins!’~ some dude

Men are truly ridiculous and totally out of touch with reality. Men are dumb.



8 thoughts on “White Nationalist Slams MGTOW: Reaction Will Shock You, Or Not.

  1. As per usual I could only listen to a few minutes of this, but it wasn’t as bad as some I’ve seen.

    The funny thing about all these guys is the way they mix up like five different ideas, whether it’s socialism or feminism or third wave feminism. They truly don’t understand the differences.

    He thinks that feminists want no responsibility and want to run around naked in the street? (Thanks third wave!!)

    Why are guys like this (ex military, surprise surprise) so obsessed with whether or not other people have children? Who cares if other people don’t have children? What’s it to ya? MGTOWs not having children? Feminists not having children? Great! What’s the harm? As I said to an MRA on the whacky curfew thread that’s going on over on Meghan Murphy’s blog, if only stupid people are having children (that’s just one of the things MRAs are saying in the “it’s only MUSLIM men who are rapists!” froth they’re currently in), why do you think that is? Why do you think so many women, when given the education and opportunity, opt right the fuck out of marriage and children? And is it any wonder so-called “stupid people” are having more children when their access to education, abortion, and often birth control is becoming more and more restricted, thus making poverty (and systemic racism) the vicious cycle it is? I swear these guys are such complete idiots.

    • I couldn’t see the vid – anything with “Muslim” anywhere in the description is getting ripped of YT like crazy right now – elsewhere, too. Lots of censorship going on in the wake of the – finally – highly publicized, organized sex gang attacks that have been occurring in Germany and elsewhere for apparently some time.

      But, I’ve noticed recently (and for a while, really, but even more in the past few weeks) that white supremacist males are angry with white women for not breeding enough white children. They are raging at white women all over YT whiled simultaneously decrying Muslim rape – the picture I’m getting here is that they are upset that they’re not the ones doing the raping. They like to refer to white women as “our women.”

      Why do they care that white women are not having children? My theory is that they want more little white girls to abuse. And, of course, they believe that white females exist for their use, in whatever way they see fit. (Hence the rage against us at any time when we are not doing EXACTLY what they want us to do.) This is how it works in other white breeding programs (like the Mormons) – white women are held down, held captive in come cases, and forced to reproduce more girls who look like themselves for the white men to abuse and distribute amongst themselves however they see fit.

      Also, there is an article today over at RT talking about the excessive amount of sex abuse being perpetrated by members of the U.S. military against their children.The article states the obvious: Most of the perpetrators are male and most of the victims are female. It’s a bullshit article, though, in that it makes all kinds of excuses for the pedos. There’s no excuse for pedos. Combat stress or the dehumanization of war are not excuses.

      • Ah, yes, the “our women” thing. It’s astounding how many of them say that. One guy in the same thread I referenced was going on about how there’s no patriarchy in western countries, only in the middle east, and then went on to say, one sentence later, “we treat our women well in the west.” Nope, no patriarchy at all, dude.

        • Cassandra,

          I’m inclined to say that “we” are winning here. By that I mean, we have spoken with our collective uteri and are not bringing more rapists (white males) and female victims of porn, rape, and white breeding programs into this world. Anytime men are whining and stamping their feet like demons, we must be winning.

          Really, if we have to go down with them – simply cease to exist anymore – because they continue to believe in their ownership of us and refuse to stop their abuses, at least their evil may one day be eradicated from this plane and female spirits will finally be free.

  2. Both the vids you link to are down so I can’t say much. Just that it reminds me of the preference for trans people over homosexuals. Anything but homosexual! They’d rather rant about religion (or color or ethnicity or culture) – anything to avoid the plain fact that the Koln event was about controlling women. This subject must be kept invisible at all costs. Better to blame Muslims, immigrants, and the victims. But it was about men attacking women for appearing in public at night.

  3. If you find any more of these video’s you can save the page on the wayback machine and it will archive the video and many of the comments.. here is the link ..http://archive.org/web/
    Sad they have been removed, we can’t see what you saw and heard!
    maybe next time! ..
    but have you seen these two videos

    They are terrible to listen to and view and men here will all agree they are outrageous, whilst rushing to get back to watching and lapping up seeing women being abused in exactly the same way in all their beloved porn!

    Whilst they can point their fingers and say its those men over there, it will take all attention off them over here.. but they are all the same and they all need to be forced to look in the mirror !.


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