Paul Elam Accuses Roosh of Wanting Sharia Law

Elam and Roosh finally had their homoerotic date last night after calling each other names over Twitter. At one point Elam accuses Roosh of wanting to enact Sharia Law. Roosh’s ideas about women are very, shall we say, Islamic. His need to control women, to make women stay home and pop out kids, and be led by a man, is extremely misogynist.

The conversation was basically them questioning each other over who should lead the Manosphere. It was all about who is going to be top dog. They wanked each other off while men in the comment section expressed their woman hatred.

‘My net is larger.’~ Roosh

‘I disagree with that.’ ~Elam


Stay on the lookout because I will be posting these comments in a future post. You think men like women? They don’t. They hate women and it doesn’t matter what part of the Manosphere they come from.



8 thoughts on “Paul Elam Accuses Roosh of Wanting Sharia Law

  1. Sorry for the randomness, but I just listened to this and had to share. Some tranny (who can’t seem to stop sniffing and sucking snot throughout the entire thing) says that trannies being denied access to women’s bathrooms is a MEN’S RIGHTS ISSUE. Now, if that isn’t proof that the whole trans movement is a sham, I don’t know what is. If he thinks he is a woman, why would this be a men’s issue? *cough*

    Of course, he can’t figure out why nobody is afraid of women entering men’s bathrooms. I guess this fuckwad doesn’t watch the news, nor is he aware of the crime statistics data. What planet do these morons live on?

  2. It’s funny that Roosh deliberately takes the worst parts of Islam to justify his misogyny. His Return of Kings website routinely engages in Muslim-bashing, but Roosh will accuse feminists of “Islamophobia” if they criticize him for promoting rape and, well, actually raping women.

  3. Yes, there’s some sick stuff in there. I didn’t listen to all of it, just hit some random spots on the video. It’s really twisted. By “led,” they clearly mean dominated and subjugated.

    You see, there is an order to things and when this order gets thrown out of balance, you get what we’ve got right now – inhumanity, criminality, men running wild in the street attacking women and not even trying to hide their filthy crimes like “decent” men do. This is what happens when men get in charge of anything. It’s the very definition of “evil.”

    The natural order, which they have subverted, is the one provided by nature herself. When males come into this world, they are utterly dominated by women. In a perfect world, which is in proper natural order, they would always be dominated and subjugated by women.

    Really, the problem with these guys is that their mothers were too kind to them, treated them like human beings – like human females – when, in fact, they are spawn of the devil in the flesh!

    I cannot imagine any woman or girl giving any of these greasy, hairy, probably really stinky, nasty brutes the time of day. Isn’t Roosh the guy who attacks women on the street and films it? The only way he can get close to a woman is Muzzie-style, to run up behind her on the street and attack her. So, everything he’s talking about here in his stories about “relationships” with women is highly theoretical – like science fiction.


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