Rape Teaches Rape: Allison Tieman’s Whacko Video


See Updates at bottom.

The recent rapes and sexual assaults in Cologne has MRA’s condemning those darkie Muslims. It has them beating their manbaby chests with cries of ‘THOSE MUSLIMS ARE RAPING OUR WOMEN!’ I will be doing a longer post on this subject, completely dismantling the men’s rights movement but in the meantime, Allison Tieman just released a video tsk tsking her movement for condemning Muslim men. The video is titled ‘Shark Infested Waters.’

If you think her angle is going to be something along the lines of sane, you’re sadly mistaken. She rants so hard she mangles the English language several times.

She tells the white males of the MRM they better embrace the darkie male rapists or else white female pedophiles are gonna snatch up those Muslim boys, or summat. Meanwhile, she shares her personal opinion of Muslim men that has them being deported and told to swim for it. There’s even talk of Kindergarten classes on sexual consent to be initiated by the Gynocracy.

So let me guess this straight. She hates Muslim men but wants white men to stand up for Islamic rapists because they’re men? What? In an effort to show that feminists are ‘lying about rape culture’ she wants white men to ignore the attacks in Cologne and other cities in Europe because her ideology says there is no rape culture. Brilliant.

To top off the insanity of her video she also links a study and claims that boys in these countries are more abused but the very first paragraphs of her study show the exact opposite.

It is also clear from research to date that girls are much more likely to be victimized than boys, with gender differences even more pronounced at the more severe levels of sexual abuse—i.e., both categories of contact abuse. In addition, while girls are the majority of victims of CSA, males are the majority of perpetrators who sexually abuse boys (80%) and girls (95%) both for reported cases of abuse and general population surveys (Finkelhor et al, 1986: 126).


The more patriarchal a society is, the greater the discrimination against females, the more unequal access to resources and power, including the power to protect oneself from violence, and the greater the violence against women and girls including rape, incest, child sexual abuse of girls, sexual harassment and exploitation (Russell, 1984; Schwendinger and Schwendinger, 1976).

In specific populations of the Islamic world there is a slightly higher number of boys sexually abused but it’s MEN ABUSING THEM and also, little girls are told to be SILENT about their abuse. So the figures aren’t accurate. I’m betting we’d find the same pattern with girls being the overwhelming victims of sexual abuse.

The pattern seems to be one where boys are abused by men who tend to be asexual with adults as they tend to be exclusively drawn to boys. Girls are more likely to be sexually abused by heterosexual men who also commit violence against adult women.


Tieman made another video called ‘I Hate Muslim Men.’ It’s a real doosie. She recalls living in Saudi Arabia being hit by men with sticks. She also discusses the bigotry of the Islamic men and the male caste system. Therefore, she hates Muslim men. Oh and she ate some good date cookies. It’s bizarre.

UPDATE: Paul Elam and Dean Esmay did a hangout called ‘All Muslims Are Rapists And That’s All They Are /sarc.’ Dean and Paul deny the severity of the attacks in Cologne saying it’s simply street gangs who are ultra religious. They try giving a history lesson but I don’t take anything out of their mouths as fact. They blame the rapes on the disenfranchisement and poverty of these men. Rapes become a thing poor, angry men do in Elam’s and Esmay’s world.

Elam tells women who are now afraid of being raped by gangs of Islamists to carry a gun. That’s his brilliant plan for women. Note: women in these countries aren’t allowed to carry guns. Problem solved! Elam is such a dolt. Then they say that women shouldn’t carry guns because they’ll shoot men over silly things. Wow, these two are brilliant. They contradict themselves after each sentence and Elam seems more intent on bashing Roosh and his followers.

‘Demonization of one group of people never works.’ Elam, who disparages an entire group of people: women and feminists.


19 thoughts on “Rape Teaches Rape: Allison Tieman’s Whacko Video

  1. She’s terribly drunk and quite entertaining. There’s no logic anywhere. Haha! she’s really laying into her constitutency. I read your stats here and they make her look like an idiot.

    I’ve asked this before about stats that show few girls involved – are they including prostitutes injured nightly and given STDs and so on in their SV stats? Are they including married little girls killed at age 8 from pregnancy? Are they including women starved and raped in the various male wars always going on? I beleieve the answer is no – SV stats ordinarily underreport or don’t report prostitutes, girl wives raped nightly since they never consented to marriage or sex, and war victims.

    Boys of a certain tribe in Afghanistan suffer SV more than the norm because of a specific cultural okay given to use them. Saw a horrendous movie about it and I condemn that and do not thank the US for turning a blind eye to warlords committing such crimes.

    • I’m sure the rates of pedophilic rape go down considerably when pedophiles can marry their victims and attack them at will within the context of the marriage. By this logic, just legalize all crime; crime rates will plummet.

  2. I always wonder how people like this pay their bills. Does somebody actually employ this Alison person or does she make her money off AVFM and donations? What an execrable person.

  3. Personally, I don’t hate Muslim men. I feel sorry for them. Nobody is more caught in the grip of the illusion that women are born to be dependents of men. Once we all have figured out that women have been MADE into the dependents of men, prevented from the means of feeding themselves and their children and thereby turned into the class of slaves, does the illusion start to drift away.

  4. Where the Cologne rapes are concerned, there’s a line I feel we have to walk. By that I mean condemning the rapes without giving into crude xenophobic bigotry. That’s why we’re seeing this blowup between the MRAs who dismiss the rapes entirely and the Alt-Right which seeks to embellish the details of the attacks and use them for their own racist ends. I don’t know where Tieman falls in this, and I don’t think she knows either.

  5. Oh and did you hear about what the mayor of Cologne said about women having to do a better job of protecting themselves, thereby absolving the rapists of any responsibility?

  6. “The only thing that teaches rape is rape.” She lost me there. She was sounding almost reasonable up to that point.

    The Muzzies are a bunch of fags – and trannies (yeah, start looking into that and it’ll open your eyes up to some current events here in the U.S., ie. Bruce Jenner) –

    Men don’t need much instruction in how to rape. It seems to come naturally to them. They do seem to be getting some teaching on this subject, however, which we wacky feminists like to call “pornography.’ Pornography teaches men to rape. Of course, our entire hyper-hetero sexuality promoting culture teaches boys and men to rape and it makes it clear whom they are to rape: Girls and women.

    Men – white men, in particular (I just posted about it last night) – are foaming at the mouth right now over Muslim men raping white women while simultaneously talking about raping and killing us, themselves. It’s a sight to see! They don’t want the Muslims raping and killing us because THEY want to do it!

    • I meant to add this after the tranny/Bruce Jenner line above, although I think it is well known: The Muzzies are pedos on both boys and girls. But, it is officially part of their religion (not just something allowed when a particular imam says it’s okay) to rape, degrade and main girls and women and their “prophet” Mohammed was a pedophile who raped tiny little girls as his “brides.”

      It really is Absurdistan when people start claiming that boys and men in Islam are more oppressed than the girls and women. But, there are men saying it – not just Men’s Rights Activists – and I know this is going to really SHOCK you! – but, also, Muslims say this.

      The first Muzzie I ever met used to harass me by telling me repeatedly that women had more rights in Islam! This is their sales angle, apparently.

  7. 2nd Video summed up:

    Typhonblue jumped into a pit of asps and got the expected result. In this video, you get to hear about it. Also, pita bread is delicious.

    There, I just saved someone 6 minutes of their life!

  8. Yeah, white female pedophiles has got to be some kind of fantasy of theirs. I just saw something similar in a comment section. I think it may qualify as sort of a meme amongst MRAs and maybe sick white dudes, in general.

    I *just* saw something like this in a comment section this morning. It was something about “fat, white European women” travelling to Morrocco to be “sex tourists.” Absolutely, bizarre. Sex tourism is a rich, white man’s thing – or, at least, a rich man’s thing. They go to foreign countries on rape vacations.

    I think this is part of their, “See! Women are just as sick and evil as men.” deflection. It’s idiotic, as usual.

    • There is objective evidence of women going to some third world countries to find sex partners, but, unlike their male counterparts, these women are not seeking sex with children. The men they consort with are in it for the medium term. It’s kind of a pseudo-romantic relationship without money formally changing hands (gifts and the women paying for meals, yes; outright cash for sex, no). The men may see themselves as gigolos, but they don’t have pimps, they’re not underage, and, as ever, much of the power (at least the power to walk away) rests in their hands, not the women’s.

      • The power to rape and murder women, also, rests in the hands of these men. Surely, few women would risk their lives this way, especially with third world men and their third world diseases.

        The men who float this meme try to convince each other that women are just as filthy and perverted as they are. It’s ridiculous, if for no other reason than it is women who always bear the highest risks in any male-female encounters.


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