Live Chat Comments From Elam’s Date With Roosh As Promised

I promised I would publish the live chat comments from the hangout Elam did with Roosh. The ideas these men have about women are absolutely primitive. Nay, they’re not even primitive. They are utterly disgusting.

One commenter, Andrew P,  was intent on getting all the men in the chat to understand the right way to treat women.


There is no secretive misogyny from Patrick. These men are totally honest about it.


Chip Whitley has a plan for women, and that’s popping out kids and being chained up in the kitchen.


A surprising comment by Dan Perrins who questioned these Conservative Roosh followers about their ideas, to no avail.


Clockworkelves doesn’t want women in any leadership positions because it makes him sad.

4Chip Whitley reminds the men that equality isn’t good in a marriage, but it has nothing to do with those evil Muslim darkies and their Sharia law.17

The hope we had for Dan Perrins is quickly shattered as the dudes share their plans for wives who have had kids and gain extra weight.


The next time dudes say there’s no such thing as patriarchy, remind them of this post. The male need to control and dominate women is a conscious process of men, not an unconscious one. I see neoliberal feminists cave in to MRA’s on this point. They continually remind men that patriarchy isn’t purposeful and that men don’t even know they’re doing it.

They clearly do know.

Aurini was also present in the hangout and shared.


Finally, the men admit they don’t use their brains. The men’s rights movement is really about their dicks. Truest shit ever.




17 thoughts on “Live Chat Comments From Elam’s Date With Roosh As Promised

  1. The MRAs like Perrins want women to raise lots of children without any support from the fathers. The real result is that women will take those 3-year IUDs the first chance they get and will have very few children, plus not need men, because they are independent economically. And if they don’t need men, well, the gatekeeping will go back to what it used to be in hunter-gatherer societies – fierce. Good logic, dudes.

    The traditionalists want women to have no control over sexual access and bear lots of children (no birth control or abortion if it doesn’t suit the man! ), and want to continue to appropriate all means of women supporting themselves, so they can dole out the food and women will be dependent on men and remain under their control. This is the tried-and-true patriarchal strategy. It works but makes men into wage-slaves of The Man (and this is who really benefits from this system). Traditionalists don’t see the joke that that they’re masters of women but slaves of ruling men, working two jobs because their wives can’t work outside the home due to a million obstacles they have carefully set up, all of which backfire on them.

    Would women even have children if they weren’t trained to want them from birth, considering the dangers of childbirth and pregnancy and the fact that in all societies everywhere they are likely to lose their economic independence and come under the control of some erratic dude? Not very many. Check out childbirth rates in Japan and the attitudes of young women toward marriage now that they have birth control.

    The funniest thing about these guys is that they actually seem to think women want children more than they do. They also think being a “mother” is enough for a woman, when a woman’s lifespan is at most only taken up one-third or so with child-rearing. The other two-thirds of the time I guess we’re just sitting around with not a thought in our fluffy heads…

    Anyway logic isn’t their strong suit, but we already knew that. Thanks for forcing yourself to listen to that show and reporting back! I see you all over the anti-feminist sites. You are intrepid!

    • Re: The male belief that women desire children.

      The men talk about us and themselves as if we are all animals who operate on the level of instinct. But, what I see is that it is usually only men who operate at this level. Instinct is why they are so dominated by their dicks.

      But, women are usually functioning at a much higher level. I’d say that the only time in my life when I haven’t been functioning at a high level is when I have been in direct fear of a man or men, who were trying to harm me. At those times, I have done whatever I had to do to survive.

      The men know that women’s alleged instinctive desire to breed like salmon swimming upstream to our deaths is a bunch of B.S. This is why PUAs like Roosh exist in the first place. This is why Men’s Rights have always existed. It’s the only way they can ensure themselves an opportunity to act on their own depraved instincts (and I am primarily in the “male violence and perversion is biological” camp – so are all these dudebros. It’s the one point upon which we can agree. That and white knights are just trying to get laid. That’s two… two points upon which we can agree) on us.

      • Hi RW! Well shoot if we can agree on those two points and I join you on that, maybe we can just agree on everything…you dudes want this, mm hmm, you dudes want that, mm hmm. Which would make things nice and clear-women don’t want what you want, dudes, and the days when you can force us to do what you want over what we want are oooover…like you said RW it’s biological at the bottom. Men will always try to control women and women will always fight that. The time is already here when men’s weapons, like keeping us from working or holding property or walking in the street to get somewhere or picking our own mates or fighting violence or taking our children if we try to leave, are over…it’s war like the say and now the battlefield has shifted to brain warfare and guys don’t have the brain-biceps of women…

        • Absolutely it is war. As HMQ mentions in the article, they are doing it consciously. From what I see individual men are calculated in their attacks on women everywhere, especially I see it online because that is the only contact I have with men, anymore. If they even think you’re female, they’ll come and “straighten you out.”

          Every time I hear anyone – usually a dude – say that there is no war on women, I think, “Psyop,” because this is what a warring faction tries to propagandize their enemy into believing.

          And, now, this thing, taharrush gamea (where they surround and attack women and call it a “game”), in W. Europe has finally made the mainstream media, so there’s no way they can keep denying that men are making war on us.

          When these dudebros talk about having “game” they’re talking about war on women – individual women, guerrilla-warfare style. The psychological warfare, the propaganda is just part of the war they are waging. Here we see them trying to hone their strategy surrounding how to treat a captured enemy – for instance, you think she might be putting on weight to suit your sexual torturing and forced breeding purposes? You put her in a cage and starve her. That’s the implication.

          By the way, I saw an old thread at Stormfront last night where some White Nationalist dudebros were complaining that they couldn’t get any white wimminz. This is a big problem (probably since the vast majority of their so-called movement is filled with men!), so they call women all kinds of dirty names (they invent things like “mudshark” to describe women they imagine must be fucking men of other races) and hate on the “bitches” and “dirty white sluts” all the while they cannot understand why no woman (especially a white women – a huge number of them go after overseas Asian women, though) will come near them!

          It’s very similar to the above discussions. A lot of it was totally hypothetical – just like this – because most of them couldn’t lure a starving victim with a big, juicy pork chop tied around his neck. One almost sane voice on there suggested that the men might have more luck if they didn’t call women dirty names so much. It was pretty interesting. I just ran into these guys and their weird world view online since they are foaming at the mouth over white women being raped by Muzzies in Europe – oh, not that they care about the victims, whom they presume to be liberal mudsharks deserving of rape, they just want to be the ones doing the raping.

          • Wot?! “Taharrush Gamea” ! I presume that’s like the great Indian sport of Eve-Teasing? The one that includes rape? Yes that’s deliberate and put together by individuals. I’ve read famous descriptions in literature of the same thing happening opportunistically when a group of young men find a girl they can separate out in Russia and the U.S. It seems to be a widespread “game”. Of course most opf us have our experience too with similar events. But I don’t forget they act under the aegis of their socialization, and depend on ours to keep us vulnerable. At root it’s systemic.

            I do worry about them not being able to find wimminz, white or otherwise. As with the Nazis with their quick re-socialization of women to compel them to “want” large families for the Reich, there are a lot of historical instances of societies suddenly getting very interested in women procreating. I’m seeing many articles about demography lately…how pensioners of the future will suffer because of women’s “selfishness” (yeah, we have selves, I know, it’s a real surprise to them) in not having enough kids to grow up to be workers and pay into the SS system. But that’s just an excuse…that’s a temporary disruption caused entirely by state malfeasance in embezzling the pensioners’ money that they paid into the system already…

            Sure the system needs women to reproduce so there will be lots of workers for the rulers. But women aren’t going to do that. We are going to stop reproducing the 2.1 workers. They’ll be lucky to get one child out of us the way women are snapping up birth control and marrying later and later if at all and working to support themselves. In the past women were denied natural birth control, which was avoiding sex. They couldn’t work for their own money. They were usually married off at puberty so they weren’t mature enough to have any resources to fight or understand what was happening, and as soon as they were married they weren’t allowed to say no to their husbands. They had child after child until they died, because childbirth was terribly difficult and dangerous (here I’m with the scientists and don’t agree with natural childbirth advocates) and every child made the woman’s health worse.

            Ah, God, it’s awful what has gone before. Our best chance (and the best chance for the Earth and all its life) is to keep fighting like hell for every women’s right to uncontrolled birth control, abortion, divorce, “spinsterhood”, literacy, online access, paid employment, and ownership of property. If they manage to make us “not want” any of those things we will lose all of it. While I’m a radical feminist who looks beyond the current system, I will always appreciate the 150 years of efforts of reformists to break those barriers and get us in at all. Real equality consists of something besides basic access though…

    • I read an article recently about babies being far more unpleasant to care for than the parents were expecting and that combined with a difficult delivery and pregnancy causes many parents to stick with just the one child. The article presented this as a “problem” in need of fixing by having the government provide more support for parents.

      I’ve known quite a few straight couples who had numerous children very quickly, one child per year for several years, and I’ve often figured they were doing it as a way to be all in before they could reconsider. If they spaced out their children, they’d be more likely to just have one or two, and for reasons I can’t fathom, being someone who values my personal time, having fewer than four/five/six children is inconceivable for them. I guess social conditioning is that powerful.

  2. They’re so determined to believe that women want dominant men. I despise domineering men. They make my skin crawl. They’re like being blasted with nuclear waste. I could not wait to get away from a domineering father and it has only been in the last few years that I’ve realized that all these years I’ve been terrified of ever being under the dominion or control of a man ever, ever again and have avoided it like the plague. Thank God the feminists before me fought for all the ways I was able to opt out — birth control and abortion, education and a career — all the things pieces of shit like these want to restrict/continue to restrict to women less privileged than I.

    WOMEN WANT TO BE OUT FROM UNDER YOU FUCKERS. That’s why it’s called women’s liberation, ya know?

  3. Reading down through those comments is pretty nauseating. It makes me remember all the Christian perverts I was forced to be around as a child. This is how they think of girls and women.

    I guess these dudebros have plenty of time to theorize about these things because either they are parasiting off a particular woman (mom, most likely) or sucking the blood out of women collectively by either lying around on the dole or making a living out of teaching men various strategies of how to harm us.

    This is why women need to get as far away from men as possible. An arm’s length won’t do, either, unless you’re holding a loaded weapon. We’ve got to put ourselves out of their reach as much as possible (and warn more women about the dangers – it’s really all we can do).

    • It’s also possible they have so much free time because they’re single and living alone. Men are much more socially isolated than women, have fewer meaningful hobbies than women, and can’t be arsed to care for themselves or their own homes. Even if they’re employed full time, that leaves a lot of spare time for griping about women on the internet.

  4. HMQ,

    I apologize if this has already been posted here somewhere. Possibly a lot of other people have seen it – it was posted Jan. 18th – but, this is my first time seeing it and I wanted to share the hilarious LOLs!

    Paul Elam does a video on “How to Get Laid” ROTFLMAO!!

    He gives some advice like take a bath, get rid of your saggy man breasts, don’t dress like a GQ model (yeah, women HATE that well-pressed designer suit look! We’re all allergic to starch or sumthin’!). Then, he channels John Cougar Mellencamp: “Learn how to play a guitar.” He really likes to use the word “Pussy,” too – which, of course, we wimminz lurvs to hear.

    Here ya go:

    Talk about the blind leading the blind – and, oh, Pauly Boy, Alfalfa called and he wants his hairdo back! LOL!

  5. Addition to my comment mentioning how people’s social security payments are taken by the government for other projects, and we’re told those mythical “future” workers will pay in when the retiring workers need the money, only that’s not going to happen unless women are forced to have more children than they want to have…

    That’s retiring worker’s “public” money the government is supposed to be protecting for them…

    Then millions and millions of workers are depending on their “private” pension plans, i.e. IRAs. That money is saved and good as…wait, that money is now put in the stock market, which is the money making machine for the rulers, the treasure-chest of capitalism. And the stock market has lost a couple of thousand points in the last year (as I write it’s down 500 points today and panic is setting in). This is what happens to your pension money your employer forces you to put in his stock market…

    But it all works out for the rulers. The “surplus” money of the retiring workers disappears and the workers stay poor, as they need to be to keep the ball rolling, and the women may have to forget about this equality nonsense now that they’re not making enough workers and doing their bit for the monster.

    Girls all over need to be taught the following by the schools we have managed to make accessible to them: how to buy, maintain, renovate, and pay cash for a home. How to stay out of debt. How to space or avoid having children. How to defend themselves physically, including use of legal weapons for self-defense. Basic contract, civil rights, and family law. How to form a company and sell things online. Political organizing.

    • I got into this very conversation with someone today — about how there used to be pensions, but now it’s all 401Ks, which makes workers complicit in their own undoing.There’s no way out. I think it was Reagan who really got this going.

      As far as what girls need to be taught, I wholeheartedly agree, but can you even imagine trying to get any of that into any high school curriculum? I often wonder why girls aren’t taught about male predators (older men seducing you). Why isn’t that taught? Why didn’t my mom warn me? When you try to talk about it you’re met with 1) OLDER BITCHES BE JEALOUS 2) NOTALLMENZ!!
      3) BLAH BLAH EVO-PSYCH BLAH BLAH MUMBO JUMBO There are so many things young girls should be taught, but instead they’re flocking to Sephora at age 11, because *that’s* what they’re taught. A critical mass of true feminism would destroy capitalism, and they all know it. It was very, very purposely brought down in the 80s, and continues to be, by men (and some women invested in the system) on both sides of the political fence. Capitalism trumps all.

  6. Yeah Cassandra, there needs to be a course on women’s bodily integrity arounf age 12. And I forgot to mention, Analytical Thinking at 14, Primate Behavior at 14, and Hobbes, de Beauvoir, and Mary Daly at 16.

  7. How can these idiots claim that “women are childlike” when there is such a sizable percentage of men who can’t cook their own meals, do their own laundry, clean their own houses and spend ridiculous amounts of time watching porn and gaming? If this type of behavior isn’t the epitome of childish emotionalism, I don’t know what is. In fact, men get more infantile with each passing generation; the modern male’s idea of progress involves creating “the ultimate gaming rig”. LOL This is who we are supposed to take orders from?

    One of the biggest flaws of patriarchy is the assumption that anything born with a penis makes an excellent leader. The past, and present day condition of the world, proves otherwise.


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