Jack Barnes Learns About Consequences After Threatening Kerri Sackville And Others

This will not be allowed to continue without consequences.~Jack Barnes

Truer words hath never been spoken. Now that Jack Barnes has published an angry, threatening screed against journalist Kerri Sackville, the Australian Broadcasting Company has a full article and picture of Barnes which includes his threats and affiliation with hate site A Voice for Men.

Jack Barnes is one of the most unstable men over at A Voice for Men and that’s not saying much I know. He’s attacked and threatened journalist Kerri Sackville over a Huffpo article where the hashtag #endviolenceagainstwomen was created by a private women’s group on Facebook to highlight the violent misogynist abuse men direct at women. Women are simply re-tweeting the screen name of the male abuser plus his abusive comments.

Clementine Ford is also involved in the campaign.  Men don’t even hide their identities while hurling misogynist threats. One abuser was fired from his job after sending Ford abuse.

Here’s a summary of the #endviolenceagainstwomen Twitter campaign. It’s important to note that the campaign is over a month old and Jack Barnes is still beating his chest over it.

“The campaign was born of reading through the messages on Clem’s social media posts and I was horrified. There are men threatening to rape, maim and murder her. As a woman in the media I sometimes get abused but I’m under the radar. So, for me, it’s a matter of ‘If violence and abuse is directed at one woman, it’s directed at all of us,” Sackville said.

Unfortunately, she’s not under the radar anymore. Now that she’s taken a stand the men are more than willing to violate her too.

jack barnes.png

Jack Barnes, member of A Voice for Men hate group

Nothing like proving women right, eh Jacky boy? Now, Barnes is hurling abuse at Sackville, effectively showing that not only is it metaphorically true that misogyny is directed at all women but it actually is directed at all women. Jack Barnes and the fellas over at A Voice for Men will make sure of it.

Jack let loose on his precious keyboard in an article titled ‘Is Kerry Sackville a Slut?’

‘Is Kerri Sackville a slut? Maybe. Maybe not. But she is a cunt. She is crazy. She is a misogynist. She is a misandrist. Judging by her behavior of late, the word “cunt” is a good description.’

Before Jack engages in his violent diatribe he gives the men some advice, which he fails to take himself.

‘They want you to be offended by what they say. Don’t give them what they want. It deflates them and sends them on their way. But I’m an adult which is the biggest difference between Kerri and myself.’

Barnes is about to prove every woman involved in this campaign correct with a metaphor about strangling women.

It’s no secret that we have our hands on the throat of feminism. This isn’t the time to ease up. This is the time to squeeze harder.

Next he imagines lots of men in a gang style attack:

‘Here is what we do. We make it hurt. If they want to continue to do this then we make them regret it. They need to learn that their are consequences for doing this. They need to learn that we will extract a pound of flesh, figuratively speaking. They need to learn to fear retribution from us.’

He makes reference to a new plan that will come into play at the end of February. It’s the same old plan: violence and misogyny directed at women online and offline.

‘Lets just say a plan is in place and being brought into fruition as we speak. Expect it to be revealed before the end of February provided that everything goes according to plan. Let me also say that soon we will have online tools at our disposal to strike fear in the hearts of feminists. Be ready for it.’

Barnes has invented grandiose stories about feminists attacking him that remind me of JohntheOther’s boxcutting wielding feminist story that was completely discredited.

‘MHRAs with lives ruined, imprisoned and dead is not outside the realm of possibility. This is not tinfoil hat thinking’


‘The tactics Sackville & Co. use are very similar to that of the German SS.’

Someone better tell Twitter that retweeting is just like Nazi Germany.

There are indeed consequences for being a violent asshat online.



26 thoughts on “Jack Barnes Learns About Consequences After Threatening Kerri Sackville And Others

  1. #1 I wish the British media people would STOP calling this behavior trolling. Death and rape threats and constant online harassment are not “trolling.”

    We all know what trolling is. It’s where a slightly unbalanced person goes into a discussion and post something to get a reaction because they get a little energetic charge out of this.

    What we have here – an organized effort by men, effectively the war on women on the streets taken to the digital level – is not “trolling.” It is harassment, threats, actual violence in some cases, stalking, and a social and economic war on women by means of a digital interface (the internet).

        • Yes, we need to keep up the fight against labeling these threats trolling. What trolling used to be was like when somebody would go on rec.sport.pro-wrestling newsgroup and piss off wrestling fans by saying that the 123-Kid would kick the Undertaker’s ass in real life. Everybody would jump in and type insults at each other but even then threats were rare. Eventually even a group for pro-wrestling fans would get tired of this and tell people who kept arguing to take it email and off the group.

      • At the very least, the women trying to combat this should use correct language and call it what it is: Harassment, sexual harassment, online harassment, online sexual harassment, cyberstalking, organized gang stalking (that would be a good term and if you are not familiar with it, look it up online, it definitely applies to what is happening to the blonde woman in the video), internet crime, cybercrime – anything would be better than the innocuous kind of silly term, “trolling.”

        • Given the strategies that women have had to adopt to stay safe after they become a target, it’s escalated beyond harassment to assault. I wish that all the people doing this would be charged with assault and hauled into the Court system. And named in the press.

  2. Men have been engaging in an organized effort to wage war on women online and IRL, as evidenced by Elam’s article, referenced above, and by his entire group – which has actually paid men to go after women – usually, unknown, anonymous women simply trying to exist somewhere.

    Right now is the absolutely worst I’ve ever seen for trying to be female online. If you post anywhere using a name like Abby, or Bonnie, or Cindy, or Dinah, you will very quickly have one of these sharks coming over to let you know that they don’t think you have a right to exist – anywhere!

    Calling a woman a “slut” is absolutely nothing like any epithet directed at any man of any kind because it is almost always, in my experience, a precursor to physical violence. This is why a man screaming “slut” at a woman he doesn’t know is, in fact, a sexual threat. It is a term the men use to tell us how they think we should be properly used by them.

    These men sure can dish it out, all day and all night, everywhere – but, they can’t take it.

  3. What a sick fuck. I hope this post is shared by many. Last time I checked, liberals have deemed women (actual biological women) as not trendy enough to feel sympathy for.

    • The liberal doods are concerned with more pressing issues….like legalizing marijuana and prostitution.

  4. AVFM used to do this veiled threat crap for years but started slacking off a couple of years ago. For one thing women started returning the doxxing favor, for another it became public knowledge and the media started giving them hell. It was almost as if they’d learned from the consequences they’d earned. But that takes a brain.

    The latest flying monkey will try what he will try. Women aren’t going to ignore it…that bad advice is no longer given…and AVFM which is already taking a nosedive (http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/avoiceformen.com) will get its death blow from the media.

    On a personal note. that blog has is the most muddled, lowlife, beered-up kowtowing set of men I ever saw…well there were these cringeworthy guys…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WfimcqjWHIQ

  5. I found this video of Jack at thirteen and his band singin his theme song…pretty tight, that must have been his high point…

  6. Liberal clap-trap indeed. I just spent the last week with a pile of ’em in the US. Not a single word on abuse of women online or in RL (Germany’s rapes didn’t happen as far as American liberals are concerned). I read about a Portland-based, woman-run (it seems) company that is developing software to deal with ‘trolls’ – no mention of men or hate speech against women mentioned anywhere in the articles. Radical Witch has it right. Nobody has yet named the real problem and that is men delivering violence towards women. Not sure what it will take for women to be considered human. Perhaps transgender surgery – get a penis tacked on. Or just say we feel like men as we hit them with everything feminism’s got. “They are attacking misogyny, but they say they feel like men… What do we dooooo?”

  7. This Jack Barnes guy is truly nauseating.

    Also, this sentence of his:
    “But I’m an adult which is the biggest difference between Kerri and myself.’”

    “Myself” is incorrect. It’s “me.” What a tool.

  8. Hi all, I am new to this blog. I have been following the MRA movement for some time but it is very difficult because of how truly hateful, vicious, sick and sadistic it is. My partner last night hit the nail on the head when he called them pure sadists. They like hurting women (and some men), they want to see their unstable followers kill women. They jack off to that kind of stuff. I am left befuddled as to what to do, to say, how to combat it. How do we stop these kind of deliberate attacks. Take for example the ruling just yesterday for that man stalking on twitter here in Canada. I can’t recall his name at the moment. I will post it in a minute. This is all just beyond belief to me.
    Anyways, thanks for this blog and comments section

    • Hi kylagb. Yeah, we radfems have been calling these guys sadists for a long time, because that is what they are. The only way the tide will turn is if women like us keep resisting, and there are far more women like us than there are of them. It won’t end in our lifetime but sooner or later patriarchy will collapse under the weight of its own evil.

  9. Another AVFM keyboard warrior shows his asscrack, eh? Fat, ugly slimeball. Probably hasn’t seen his own micropenis in over a decade. Picking on some harmless woman makes him feel like a real big man, I suspect. Ah, delusions.

    • But Sugarpuss, don’t you know that women who won’t submit aren’t harmless? There will be consequences for you not submitting, You’re really gonna get it now!!


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  12. Wow, the language used by Jack Barnes is nearly identical to that used by ‘sex workers’ trying to silence abolitionists. I’ve been called a ‘cunt’ so many times by ‘sex workers’ who use the same language that misogynists use–‘She needs a good fuck’, ‘She’s crazy/derailed’, ‘She needs to be hit/assaulted’.


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