MGTOW Weirdo Disowns Sister Over Circumcision?

Hilarious and shows the complete social problems these guys have.

Dat psycho laugh

If you have the stomach for it, this video, called #dearcuntmother, is really disturbing


25 thoughts on “MGTOW Weirdo Disowns Sister Over Circumcision?

    • I’m aware of the health benefits to it. I have actually read both the Canadian and American Pediatrician positions on the matter.

      Intactivists are mostly MRA whackos who need to act like idiots going to doctor’s homes and spray painting their crotches red.

      Then they point to the most bogus research ever conducted.

    • Another thing is that these MRA intactivists don’t understand that circumcision is not only a medical decision but a parental one. Father’s do this to their sons b/c it was done to them.

      The arguments the intactivists make are some of the most absurd ever. They compare it to FGM, which makes them sound like whackos.

    • Coming from a country where few circumcisions are done on infants, and they are pretty much only done where there is medical need e.g. repair of hypospadias it mystifies me why it is clung on to with grim death in the US. It was pretty simply done, they looked at and determined there was no need, the claimed health reasons being hypothetical and in the future, it had the potential to cause harm and was a waste of funds (and those issues haven’t changed over the years, we also used to do lots of unnecessary tonsillectomies too and that’s stopped too).

      It was dropped as a funded procedure unless medically necessary and simply not offered any more, no impact on those who wished to do for religious or other reasons it other than they had to find their own competent provider and had to pay any costs themselves. And that is as it should be for procedures where the benefit is dubious, but there are some situations where people may have reasons for doing it anyway as it leaves the choice available to them. I see below that it’s said father’s do it because it was done to them, that just underscores how baseless it all is. Some people also use that for argument for hitting their children, and that doesn’t make that reasonable either, just because you survived something doesn’t necessarily make it right to perpetuate it on others. It’s not a justification for perpetuating something, especially when it has the potential for harm in some way. We are talking about a surgical procedure here.

      So that’s out of the way and I’ve watched both videos and I can’t see where anti-semitism idea comes in unless it’s a claim that arguments against necessarily involve this at some point but this wouldn’t seem to be true as you can only look at issues like whether it is medically necessary. #2 is cringe inducing whine, and in #1 while also a cringe inducing whine it only says they are Jewish. It’s quite hilarious really, he doesn’t appear to have talked to his sister at all and admits later in the video he thinks she probably hasn’t thought about it as yet (!).

      Undaunted he attempts to get his father to ‘school’ her from the description and ends up deciding he won’t disown after all (interspersed with various prejoratives about his sister). Just saying, the actual disturbing thing (or maybe more pathetic thing) is how he is attempting to manipulate and interfere with a decision that is only the parents to make, in line with other decisions about care for their child when it hasn’t happened yet. You end wishing he would disown her, I’m sure that if he did that a few others would find benefit from a less toxic person instantly.

      • Its unfair that circumcisions have stopped being publicly funded because it takes away the choice from parents who can’t afford it.

        • No because it is still funded when it is medically necessary, no parent will have to pay to have hypospadias repaired for instance. It’s more simply not offered there as an option otherwise.

          Every one else it’s up to you, but it is your call and your cost. Rather like if I decide my nose is too big, it would be my cost as it is not medically indicated cosmetic surgery, but if the issue is a deviated nasal septum which is causing issues with breathing and repeated sinus infections that will be funded. It’s sensible and strikes a balance that does allow a choice of other options if people desire it. They can plan for it for themselves, I have to say I’ve never seen anyone complain about this and they seem to get it sorted for themselves without any issues. Public funds are limited and it’s not a free-for-all where people get what they want just because. Provision of health services needs to be rational and based on what people need, rather than want.

          • That’s a whole other story where I am, it’s not funded but there is an expensive treatment fund that can be applied to (but most would be unlikely to access as situations like e.g. children requiring transplant surgery overseas not available here take priority). On top of that the one surgeon with any expertise retired a while back so even if it was funded, there is no one to do it.

            So it’s get yourself overseas and pay your own way if you want that. It’s a comparable situation in many respects though, they’ve done rather well in pushing it as a medical necessity when that really is not clear at all.

    • I’m not an MRA and I consider myself an intactivist. The so-called “health benefits” of male circumcision are just fallback excuses for people who are too lazy to prevent STDs by not screwing or being screwed by every damn thing that moves. There literally is no other benefit unless a man suffers a foreskin injury or has chronic phimosis that won’t correct in any other way.

      Circumcision is not a biological trait of Semitic people, by the way, but a conscious choice based on two religions that men made up. As such, you are not inherently anti-Semitic for opposing the practice. And it was adopted by gentiles in the United States to keep boys from masturbating. Hey, as long as they keep it to themselves in their own bedrooms, I’d rather they did that than harass girls. The teen pregnancy rate would likely plummet.

      All that said, I wouldn’t disown a sibling over doing this to their son though at this point, given the opportunity beforehand, I might question them as to why they think it’s their right to remove a healthy body part from a body not their own before the person who is that body has a chance to make an informed choice for themselves.

      I had my son circ’d when he was born in the mid-90s but it was an unconscious going-along with social mores and I had not yet learned to question. My daughter was born almost nine years later and I wouldn’t pierce her ears because I’d gone through a sea change in attitude at that point. I said that if she got old enough to care for the piercings and wanted them done, we’d revisit the issue. She did and we did and she has pierced earrings now and amazingly enough, there was very little trauma involved and that was temporary. Mine were done as a baby, so I don’t remember what it felt like. But it struck me that anything like that is a mean thing to do to a baby if it’s not needed because yes, they feel pain. They are not blank slates.

      An older boy or a man getting circumcised is going to go through more pain and suffering but if they are in a medical situation where they need the foreskin removed they are going to be in pain anyway.

      Then there’s the sex-life angle. I’ve been with both cut and uncut men and I’m telling you there’s a difference in skin texture to the point that I think circ’d men have almost a callus on the glans and I would be very surprised if they haven’t lost sensation there. Certainly adult men who’ve been altered say that sensation has changed for them. It’s probably a lot of what drives the American male penchant for rough sex, they can’t feel as well as they could have if they were intact. Maybe we should listen, especially those of us women who are hetero. I wouldn’t call it a feminist issue but it’s certainly a human rights issue and some of us have the attention span to care about multiple things at once.

      These MRA dudes though? I’m not all about the human rights violations against people I don’t like but I kinda don’t want to have to think about these idiots’ penises at all. Ew.

      • I have no quarter in this fight but the way MRA Intactivist movement goes about this, it’s clear they’re not going to get anywhere. I am a Jew though. Plus, there is medical evidence to support it. All the newborn girls in my fam, except for me and my sister, got pierced ears. The only reason my sister and I didn’t get them until teens was because when we were born it wasn’t a ‘thing’ yet. I do not buy the sensation thing and that’s why men are sadists. I truly don’t. I’ve also dated uncirced men and I noticed zero difference except the fact that the uncirced men got yeast infections and it wasn’t a quick fix. It was a trip to the doctors for internal medicine.

  1. Call me contrary today, but I think FGM and male circumcision are both harmful cultural practices initiating a baby into the sex hierarchy system and should be eliminated as violating children’s bodily integrity rights. As for the video about aborting a baby because of its sex, there are probably a thousand girl babies aborted for that reason for each boy baby.

    • I don’t like circumcision of males, either. I wouldn’t do it, but I’m not Jewish. If the husband is Jewish, he have have some input in this case. I don’t think it’s the end of the world, by any means.

      But, don’t let anyone kid you about FGM. Men (usually the left-wing, sex-obsessed types) always talk about how horrible it is because they remove the “organs of pleasure.” But, the much bigger problem is that they sew up the vaginal region, which causes all kinds of infection and disease, by preventing the uterus and vagina from doing its natural cleaning processes. It, also, makes natural childbirth impossible because they stitched up the place where the baby normally comes out. Also, the reason they do this is for male pleasure because the men enjoy having a very small orifice to fuck because it reminds them of fucking boys and each other. So, it is done for male pleasure. It, is, also not done in a nice, sterile environment and it is done to grown up girls and women for the purpose of sexual and physical torture, often by men, themselves. I guess this is one time in Islam when men are allowed to touch women – when they’re cutting them up and raping them.

      The two things in no way compare to each other – they’re almost not even in the same universe!

      After listening to this dudebro refer to his “cunt mother” and his sister in the terms he does, not to mention the micro-management of his sister’s life because she gave birth to a male child, I think it is clear why any woman would and really should abort a male embryo. We just don’t need anymore of this filth coming into the world to demean, dominate, rape, kill, rob and destroy us.

      If you ever watch any of those Dateline or 48 Hour Murder type true-crime series, you’ll notice that when a mother or parents are murdered, it is usually their own sons who killed them. Think Menendez Brothers! There’s a woman who gave birth to two males who grew up and murdered her! This is where horror authors like Mary Shelley got their material! Males are violent and they hate their own mothers and grandmothers – I’ve been seeing it more than ever lately. The right wing men seem to be the most vocal about it right now. I’ve seen it a lot in discussions and comments recently about it. Some of the worst are the White Nationalist types because they make no sense at all. They say, “White power, white race!” while they talk about hating white women, calling us all kinds of filthy, dirty names, engaging in inter-racial rape fantasies while accusing white women of wanting it, and talking about the superiority of foreign women in the same breath.

      Males are a failure!

      This boy in this video is and example of such a failure, which is why he makes public videos obsessing over his sister and her child. He can’t do or create anything of his own and this is how he vents his frustration, not only at his sister and his mother, but at all women. He knows he is a loser. He has been a loser from the day he drew his first breath. All he’s got to fall back on are old entitlements, things which have largely become the relics of a by-gone era.

      It’s about envy. It’s an emotion people don’t talk about much in English-speaking cultures. But, that is really what is that drives these males to hate, to want to destroy all of us whom they see – and rightly so – as their superiors in every way.

      It is not fun to be the object of envy, but that is really what is happening to women and girls – all of us – at the hands of men and their systems.

      • This! Seriously, it only makes sense for women to abort male embryos considering the horror men inflict on women. I don’t know why any woman would ever want a son in the first place, a mini man who could grow up to be a raping killing freak, or at the very least a woman hater, no matter how you try to teach him otherwise. The less of these brutes in the world, the better. I would honestly only carry and give birth to a baby girl. I’ve wanted a daughter even before I realized how depraved boys grow up to be. Little girls are just naturally cuter, smarter, and superior in every way to little boys, and when they grow into women and the boys into men, the superiority of females over males is even more evident.

          • women r pathetic and useless pieces of biological garbage.all they can do is simply pop out babies.if bitches r so confined abt themselves y use technologies and inventions developed by men.all u women with ur crappy feminazi movement can do is falsely accuse someone of rape,file false violence act and demand for alimony despite having higher salaries.we all know feminism,porn and lgbt links with shut the fuck up!!!!oh ya dear women if u punch a man dont be surprised to get double back.fuck hypergamy fuck gynocentrism.

          • women r pathetic and useless pieces of biological garbage.all they can do is simply pop out babies.if bitches r so confined abt themselves y use technologies and inventions developed by men.all u women with ur crappy feminazi movement can do is falsely accuse someone of rape,file false violence act and demand for alimony despite having higher salaries.we all know feminism,porn and lgbt links with shut the fuck up!!!oh ya dear women if u punch a man dont be surprised to get double back.fuck hypergamy fuck gynocentrism

      • I don’t care what religion a man is. First off, Judaism is passed down through the mother, not the father, so if anyone but the kid’s going to have a say it should be Mom. But, second off, it’s neither the mom’s body nor the dad’s body, it’s the boy himself, and it’s his bits. Father presumably was altered already and he’s got nothing else to worry about. This is supposed to be the sign of a covenant with God, anyway, and that’s supposed to be the decision of the person who enters into that covenant. Otherwise it’s meaningless. Moses was full of it on that count. I’m not Jewish, but I *am* Catholic and guess why I am? Baptized as a baby. Had no choice. I’m in the system and nothing short of excommunication will get me out. Needless to say I did not perpetuate that wrongdoing against my kids. If they decide the Catholic Church is for them despite my best efforts to educate, at least no one forced it on them as a child.

        With all that said you might think I’m against parents raising kids in their culture–I’m not. Even if the culture is an organized religion. What I’m against is doing anything permanent to a child that they should have had full input in deciding. It’d be like tattooing IDIOT on your child’s forehead and then expecting them to be happy about it later. Very not cool.

        • My point with that comment is that this decision may not rest solely with the much-hated sister. The father, if the two are married and Jewish, would have input. This very nasty, young man hates his sister because of a decision that may actually rest with the father.

          I am an atheist and I have no kind feelings toward religion, least of all the Vatican which has been a mortal enemy of women for centuries, but when I am at someone else’s site who is Jewish I try to be a little bit respectful, especially when discussing a topic like this.

          I have no skin in the game whatsoever (pun fully intended). Circumcising a male child or not will not affect his hatred of women, his desire to hurt, rape or kill women. Therefore, it has no effect on my life one way or the other. Male circumcision is, however, being used by freaks of nature like the one in the video as an excuse to harm women in much the same way as an alcoholic will use any excuse to have another drink.

  2. “Her and her husband” and this psycho’s “cunt mother” would only benefit from being “shunned” by this nutjob. In fact, I wish every control-freak dudebro like him would “shun” and “disown” us all, but we know they don’t do that. No, they make videos calling us “stupid cunts” and the like.

    That is a total geek laugh. He sounds like some drooling idiot from my high school days who, I think, finally decided he was gay.

    I think it would be a right decision not to allow the child around this geek (and I don’t mean “geek” in the modern, weirdly complimentary sense, but in the old-fashioned, pencil necked, scum-sucking freak sense.)

    So, this idiot is only about 22-years old. Why does he have such an unhealthy and disturbing preoccupation with his sister and her child? I wonder if his sister has any idea about the way he talks about her and her mother?

    • Yes, his family would benefit from being shunned by him, but if you read a few of his comments you find out that he is living with his parents! And if you watch the whole hideous video you find he doesn’t actually know whether his sister is going to circumcise the kid, and he probably isn’t going to “disown” her. (What would that disowning her involve anyway, refusing to come out of his room when she visits?) I am genuinely LMFAO.


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