Early Spring Fundraiser

Most groundhogs have agreed it will be an early Spring so I’m going to start my fundraiser now. The donate button is under my picture on the right hand column. You don’t need a credit card or Paypal account to donate.


Punxsutawney Phil looking dapper

This is a great site to watch the video of Phil predicting an early Spring yesterday and it features tons of facts about Phil. The handlers have to wear chain mail gloves because Phil will bite them occasionally and he has huge chompers. He is a rodent, after all, and their teeth continually grow. Phil weighs about 20 pounds and loves granola bars.

There are other groundhogs in the US and Canada that try to predict the weather but Phil is the first and most famous groundhog. In fact, he’s a bit grumpy that others have tried to steal his limelight.

Thanks to all who have donated in the past and I hope you’ll continue to support Mancheeze as we enter the third year of providing a woman only space.




Mancheeze will look at the events in Cologne Germany and give some of her personal thoughts about it while deconstructing the overwhelming white Western male response.

Mancheeze will brave the Manosphere to explore ‘sexbots’ and why men will never be satisfied with them.

Mancheeze will analyze the new 2016 Australian legal guidelines for prostitution

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