Happy V Day: New Directions

If you love Mancheeze, you’ll love the next step I’m taking. As I said in my last post, a sister of mine recommended subscriptions as the viable way to continue to deliver the research and content I spend my days compiling.

Each week, subscribers will get a .pdf newsletter delivered in their email. I will announce each issue right here on the blog.

Since I’ve done publication work before I already have the software, which is called In Design by Adobe.

Using this method there will be multiple pages and multiple graphics. It will be easily printable on your home computer as it will be a pdf (Adobe Acrobat file). It will also have embedded links so you don’t have to worry about that.

It will include weekly stories, Radfem Roundups, my weekly Manosphere, research, my long form articles, live links and much more. In other words, it will be current, visual, and will include a lot more content. It will be at least 4 pages per issue.

Here’s the platform it will be done on:

Adobe In Design. the platform I’ll use for this weekly newsletter

I’m very excited about this since this has the potential to reach a ton of women. The last couple days I’ve been working on a standard template for it. I’m extremely happy with it.

Soon I’ll have an online form you can click on and sign up for it. Minimum donation will be $20 bucks a month and that guarantees 4 issues per month, except during December and February. Those months will have 3 issues.

You’ll get your own copy in your email with working links, plus you’ll be able to print it at home in colour or b/w, depending on your printer. Like I said, each new issue will be announced here on this blog so the blog will stay up.

This is a new direction for me and one that’s been needed for a while.

Keep on the lookout for the subscription form, which I’ll release soon.


Happy V Day!







10 thoughts on “Happy V Day: New Directions

    • I will post announcements of each issue here so we still have a place to chat and discuss. I knew you’d be one of my first supporters. Thanks V. The form will be published soon and that way you can sign up.

      • Did you see the latest on the Rubin Report? Larry King owns OraTV which hosts the Rubin Report. Lately the Rubin Report, which is on YouTube as well, has become almost a distrubution centre for MRA hate. Why is Larry King supporting this? It sounds like an article for you.

  1. I’ve been blogging for nearly 10 years. It is my main source of income. I’ve learned a lot over the years about how to make money. The biggest thing I did was focus on how to push my blog up in search engine traffic and getting more page views. I also worked very hard to build a Facebook community and Twitter following, and to establish my blog as an authority blog on the subject I write on. It’s a lot of work to learn this things, but you can learn them for free. It’s just time intensive to read and learn and implement. Once you push your blog up in search engine traffic and can get respectable page views, you can start getting advertising. I make several thousand dollars month on advertising, Google AdSense, and Amazon affiliate links. Blogging for a living is not for the weak or faint of heart. But, if you learn to do the things to get your blog noticed, you WILL start to make money off it. Just a few suggestions from someone who has been busting her hump for years doing this for a living.

    • Thanks for this. I do appreciate feedback. It’s not that my blog didn’t come up in Google. It does, quite a lot. I do have a large audience. As you say, it’s your living. I do this b/c I’m disabled. I simply created my own job that I could actually do, sitting here with a bad spine. I love this blog and I won’t close it. I wish I could stay on this platform and offer subscriptions but you can’t do it on WordPress. With this new format, I’ll be able to do more, include more.

      Part of what I do all week is sifting so much information to find one nugget to present here at this blog. With this new format, I can present many things and don’t have to whittle it down to ONE POST, ONE IDEA. I can include so much more with my new format. I can publish it online, send it in email, have embedded live links. It WILL be a lot of work don’t get me wrong but I think it’s better. I just can’t count on donations any more and I value my work and I know how much time I spend on this. I figure that what I do is important and I don’t want to fill spaces up with advertisements and nonsense. I’d rather have 100% women’s content, without ANY ads. People hate ads and rightly so.

      • I do understand your position regarding ads. I have gone around and around at my blog in terms of how much advertising my readers can take. I sell a lot of guest post advertising spots where advertisers hawk all kinds of products and businesses (all relevant to my readers, however), and I’ve wondered if it has been a turn off to my readers.

        I’m very sensitive to the fact that my site offers content that is useful and valuable to readers without the feeling I’m simply trying to sell them something. I find that horribly offensive and didn’t want to assault my readers with vulgar, heartless commerce as soon as they hit my site. So, I did a survey and asked them. The majority, nearly 100% said they weren’t offended or bothered by the advertising.

        With that, I determined to make sure that my site was equally balanced at the very least with content that was NOT about commerce or ads. Plus, the Google Ads and sidebar ads are just there if readers WANT to click them. They are not getting those annoying pop-ups that follow you around the site. I HATE THAT.

        And I don’t mean to be obnoxious here by telling you all of this. I just know how hard it is to keep a blog running. I spend hundreds of dollars per year in costs to keep my blog online. So, I know it’s not just something you do cause you wanna have fun. It’s a real job whether people realize it or not.

        I’ve also thought about making my site a subscription site. But, for now, I’m seeing such good success with my ads, I’ve decided against it. I too was afraid that it might send my readers away. And I don’t want to do that. I want them to come and to stay.

        You are also considering a forum? That may help as well. It will definitely make your site more “sticky” as they say. Readers come, and they stay.

        Wish you well.

        • I just know how hard it is to keep a blog running. I spend hundreds of dollars per year in costs to keep my blog online. So, I know it’s not just something you do cause you wanna have fun. It’s a real job whether people realize it or not.


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