Saturday Abolitionist Hangout on Prostitution UPDATED

I’m having a Google hangout on Saturday at 1pm Pacific time with a couple people on prostitution. You can check out our past hangout here.

I will focus on Germany and how the govt is regretting their decision to legalize and what they’re trying to do now to control the massive problems. I will also talk about Australia’s proposals to change their laws too.

I’ll put the link here and on Twitter just before the show goes live.

Here’s the LINK  to the show. COme join us!


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The show went for about 3 hours. I mainly talked about Germany’s problems since legalizing prostitution in 2002. I used a vast array of sources during the show. There is a list of links that will be available in the description box of the video. I just sent them to Buntzums, my co-host, today so they’ll be up soon.

Here is the show:




24 thoughts on “Saturday Abolitionist Hangout on Prostitution UPDATED

  1. HMQ,

    I just listened to the video last night. It’s very good. You did quite an in-depth report on the state of affairs in Germany surrounding the problem of legalized prostitution since 2002.

    There were so many interesting things and the discussion is pretty long. So, I’ll just try to pull out what stood out to me the most. And, there is a lot that is shocking about this subject. A lot that you had to say surprised me and I’ve been watching Germany’s goings ons for a while now.

    The Germans women and girls are getting beaten up from both the right and the left, it seems to me. They have liberals pushing prostitution and fundamentalist, right-wing extremist religious zealots pouring into the country pushing the hijab and committing rape all over the place. There’s no place to run, no place to hide if you’re a German girl or woman right now, it seems.

    I was told 20 years ago or so when I was in Germany, that when the wall came down there was great euphoria, but what was unseen at the time was that the Russian mafia came scurrying into Berlin. I was told that they literally kicked the German mobsters out into the street and took their night clubs and other businesses away from them by means of sheer, brute force. (Who are they gonna call? The cops?!)

    Now, it seems since this is all legal – so much of the mafia’s business is now just ordinary business as usual in Germany – so, the new brothel-owners who would have had to operate on the down low before can now operate out in the open. They even have the right to ask for legal protection.

    But, what you describe going on in these clubs – and I’m skipping past the sheer horror of it all for just a moment – is legalized slavery.

    Similarly, there have been some night clubs in the U.S. that have been sued for doing exactly what these German brothel-owners are doing because they have treated independent contractors (just like these prostituted women, most U.S. dancers are not actual employees like the wait staff and the D.J. or manager are) as if the were employees – for fining them for being late, for dictating when they can come and go, and forcing the dancers to pay to work for them. When they were sued, they had to pay huge sums of money to the dancers in restitution they stole from them for the privilege (there’s that word, again) of working in the club. A court in New York ruled that this was literal slavery. And, it is. (It’s, also, just how it is for dancers here in the U.S. pretty much everywhere, so anyone who argues that women are not being enslaved in the night clubs, are not being exploited and are not being subjected to sexual abuses in many cases is probably either an idiot or an MRA!)

    The German women have to be raped by four johns each shift before they have enough money to pay for the privilege of working at the club.

    Also, you said that because of legalization and because of the influx of a huge number of women from central or eastern Europe and some from Asia and Africa, the women make very little money. One prostituted woman said she would let a man rape her just so she could have a cheeseburger. So, we see that prostitution being legalized is not a benefit to women in any way. It has not increased the safety of women and girls – including non-prostituted women and girls. And, let me tell you I’ve been reading more stories than ever before about perverts jumping out of bushes in Germany to grab girls – sometimes tiny, little girls. It was a problem when I was there, but it looks like it’s a much bigger one now and while the Muslims are a problem, the legalized proliferation of prostitution and the promotion of the rape of very young girls by the German men, themselves, must certainly be a contributing factor.

    This brings me to one of the things you said, which I found especially surprising. You mentioned that there was a special kind of brothel that catered to pedophiles. Here they have themed rooms, some decorated in pink with little stuffed animals, to give the man the feeling of raping a child, even though it may be that the legal victims of this horror are, in fact, very young women who appear younger than their actual years.

    This brings us to the age of consent in Germany. I think you said it was 17??? Or maybe it was 18? But, somewhere between one of these ages and 21, there were a couple of extra rules for prostituted women, such as a health check every 6 months instead of every 12 months. And, this was the asinine measure in place to ensure the safety of very young prostituted women.

    Also, you mentioned some of the horrific diseases and injuries that the women suffer. All of which has not been made better, but probably far worse, by the legalization of prostitution and the subsequent flourishing of the “business,” which has led to an increased demand and thus an increased supply of trafficked women and girls.

    So, I don’t know the answer here. I always like to look for answers. I don’t see one.

    I had a thought – a brief thought – about the Muslim situation and how I might try to deal with that if I were there – thinking as an American, of course. Americans, especially those of us from the mid-section of the country think differently from Germans (this is my conclusion after spending quite a bit of time there). My thought was that I would go up to Berlin or Hamburg, where there has been a presence of organized criminal gangs doing “business” in the past and try to figure out how to obtain self-defense items. But, after listening to your discussion – and your excellent presentation (you were fabulous, as always) – I realize that this probably is not an option, anymore. The criminal gangs – who you might be able to count on for five minutes to do something… ya know, criminal-like to help you out of a jam, for instance provide you with some self-defense items you could not otherwise obtain – are now part of the State.

    This criminality is now state-sanctioned. The criminals ARE now just regular, law-abidin’ tax-payin’ folks, part of the fabric of the German state, itself. So, there is nowhere to turn. They’ve got it all sewn up!

    So, I’ve said this before at my blog, which is highly inflammatory, I know, and I just don’t give a damn, anymore, because I am so disgusted with liberal feminists, liberal feminism and liberals, in general. I have said that the German men have no moral high ground upon which to stand and condemn the Muslim rapists flooding the country (now to such an extent that it can no longer be hidden from international view) when they are, themselves, legally prostituting, raping and trafficking women and girls in their own country.

    The German men have betrayed their own mothers, grandmothers, sisters and daughters. And, the German politicians have betrayed them all!

    I still love Germany. I hope no German women reading this will take me wrong on that point. I am rooting for you, Deutschland. I’d like to see the German women victorious and standing on a heap of bloody traitors. And that is the best possible outcome I can envision at this point.

    • Alot to respond to but I’ll take a stab at it

      ‘so, the new brothel-owners who would have had to operate on the down low before can now operate out in the open. They even have the right to ask for legal protection.’

      Yep. The brothel owners are super rich and it makes no difference if they’re mafia or what not. They have total control.

      So, we see that prostitution being legalized is not a benefit to women in any way. It has not increased the safety of women and girls – including non-prostituted women and girls.

      It actually gets worse post-legalization. the prices go way down, the trafficking gets out of control. Just reading the new proposed amendments to the prostitution law in Australia was enough to make me sick. There are people that think legalizing it will make it safer and give prostituted women more control when it does precisely the reverse. Germany is trying to put a band aid over this massive wound. They will not succeed. As long as it looks good on paper and gives the semblance of control, it’s all ok.

      One prostituted woman said she would let a man rape her just so she could have a cheeseburger.

      Yep. She was from Eastern Europe. There are many more like her. Not only that but some men have taken to putting little caravans on the sidewalks, parking them, and using them as brothels. There are 3,000 brothels in Germany plus the little operations in those caravans.

      This brings me to one of the things you said, which I found especially surprising. You mentioned that there was a special kind of brothel that catered to pedophiles. Here they have themed rooms, some decorated in pink with little stuffed animals, to give the man the feeling of raping a child,

      Yes. It’s called Teenyland and that’s precisely what it does. Germany has a huge problem with children being trafficked and as I stated there was an independent body that looked into Germany’s record re: trafficking. They concluded Germany was a disaster. The problem now is child traffkicking.

      So, I’ve said this before at my blog, which is highly inflammatory, I know, and I just don’t give a damn, anymore, because I am so disgusted with liberal feminists, liberal feminism and liberals, in general.

      It would surprise you that I was designated a Solid Liberal after this quiz I took designed by Pew Research. However, I am also a rad fem. Neolib ‘feminists’ make me crazy with their silly rhetoric and lack of argument on very serious matters. They just throw some words out like ’empowerment’ and ‘choice.’ In fact, I read this piece on Ms. magazine (totes neoliberal) about how trafficking law has to focus on Empowerment. I shit you not. The article was titled
      ‘Trafficking Policy Should Focus on Empowerment, Not Coercion’

      Can someone tell me what the fuck this statement even means? It was written by some 3rd wave neolib ‘feminist’ and had ZERO facts, ZERO argument. Just a bunch of clever rhetoric.

      If you want to read the verbal neolib feminist diarreah, here it is:


      • I read that article, HMQ! One of these days, the liberals are going to over-dose on their own poison, I hope. The good thing is that beneath that disgusting article, which is written by someone who must be bought and paid for by our enemies in high places, are lots of comments from actual feminists.

        I did a quick look online into Teenyland. I thought it was interesting that is located near the train station in Cologne – it appears to be the one in those now infamous images from the night of the mass rapes and attacks on New Year’s Eve, where it says “Hauptbahnhoff.”

        Also, near that train station is, at least, one upscale hotel, which was the scene of mayhem that same night. It’s as if there are no zoning laws there. Ordinarily, a place like Teenyland would probably be relegated to a red light district before the legalization. Now, it’s right in the middle of supposedly civilized, everyday life.

        There are, also, signs now all around that train station that warn against pickpockets and other criminals.

        This is what happens when corruption and criminal behavior becomes legalized! You get a brothel right there in your neighborhood – maybe next to your child’s daycare center.

        And, as I mentioned in my previous comment, the fact that places like Teenyland are in now ordinary parts of a town like Cologne, this is normalizing all the perversion. This is why more perverts than ever before are jumping out from behind bushes to grab little girls. And, they absolutely have had an uptick of this crime in the State of NordRhein-Westphalia (the same state where Cologne is located) because I have been watching a lot of German news clips and I’ve noticed where a lot of these crimes have been concentrated. It can’t all be blamed on the Muzzies – a lot must be blamed on the legalization of prostitution and the promotion of the rape of young girls as a legal and lawful act by the German Republic, itself.

        I read some sickening reviews online left by some johns who went to Teenyland. Some of the complaints were that the girls were not young enough. The other thing that happens when this kind of thing is legalized is that more and more men begin to think it’s normal to rape little girls!

        Raping little girls USED to be a shameful thing. But, apparently it is no more.

          • I just posted a big long list to you, which promptly went down a black hole at WordPress. Last time this happened, there was one mysterious word in the post that they would not let go through.

            This is a test message.

          • Okay, what I’m going to do instead of banging my head up against the wall – ’cause I worked on that list,including translating some of the German for about half an hour! – is I’m going to post about this brothel at my own blog and then I will give you a link. The post will include the reviews.

            If you just go to Google and put in “Teenyland reviews” you’ll get a bunch of stuff.

            They even have videos – they’re real proud of the place – at Youtube advertising the place.

          • Sorry, I lost that other big comment. Here’s something I wrote in it:

            You’ll see the abbreviation “FKK” used in the reviews often. This seems to be something particular to Germany and it stands for Frei Koerper Kultur, which means “Free Body Culture” literally and it refers to something like a nudist club. They seem to be mostly upscale places with a cover and while it kind of sounds like a nudist colony, it’s not like what we have in the U.S., which usually really is just nudism. (Nudism is perfectly acceptable in Germany and won’t get you arrested, so they don’t really need special places just for this.) But, in Germany it refers to a FKK Club, which function as upscale bordellos.

  2. There are things here and there that I might disagree with on your blog, but you hit a lot of feminist nails in MRA coffins (sorry for the terrible puns). I was an MRA/MGTOW for many years, and for the life of me I can’t figure out why I was ever part of this movement. But one of things that made me turn the other way was learning about the exploitative ‘enterprise’ that is prostitution.

    Especially this phenomenon of young European women and girls being preyed upon and sold like chattel into prostitution in their own homelands, not just by the John in their neck of the neighborhoods, but by the encouraged influx of holier-than-thou Arab “immigrants” whose views on women and society are radically different than those we have here in the West.

    A clash of cultures where people who shouldn’t be given the good grace to come into our countries are given full permission to do what they want (by our male-run and male-led governments), because an invariable number of them happen to be male. Who cares if your daughters are being sold into prostitution.

    These are some of the points I have tried to get across to MRAs (my former “comrades”), who complain that women in pornography get paid more than men. Or that any effort to abolish prostitution is an attack on their “male sexuality”.

    I understand that this is a women-only safe-space. But if you ever see my username (the one I am using here) on a YouTube comments section, just know that I am no enemy to feminists. Once upon a time, maybe. But none of the arguments these fools put across are worth a lick of truth or logic. And they are freaking insane.

    In my time arguing with MRA/MGTOW I have realized that these people are part of two extremes: Hurt and angry men. And the lowest common denominator of woman-hating scum. Ditto their walking doormats who love being vindictive to other women if it means getting to be Queen of the Hill.

  3. Where did everybody go???

    I keep checking back here to see if there are any new comments and I’m not seeing them. You did an excellent job and it’s clear to me that you are still working on this project. I’m surprised there has not been more feedback here.

    • Dunno.

      I’m going to do another hangout on prostitution in Canada.

      Also, I’m doing the Mancheeze newsletter which will be out once per week but that requires a minimum $20/month donation. I’m currently working on the form so people can sign up. This blog will stay up and I’ll post occasionally but all my work will now be put into the newsletter.

      That form will be up soon so people can choose whether they want to donate and get the weekly newsletter.

  4. HMQ,

    I just wrote a little post on your Abolitionist Hangout video and Teenyland. I included some links. It’s pretty much what I wrote in my comment that got lost, plus some extra stuff.

    Here’s the link:

    I included a couple of links to very disgusting videos of parties or ads for Teenyland. Can you imagine trying to walk down a street with these johns all over the place?! And, this is the thing – anytime you go anywhere and you see men, you can bet a whole lot of them are johns, rapists and abusers. This is the kind of thing that starts putting young women over the edge psychologically once that realization begins hitting you. The world is not the even remotely safe or normal place you were told it was – ’cause no one could prepare you for how evil men are.

  5. HMQ,

    Did you see this? Human trafficking in U.K. estimated to be up 40% in a year. Some of the victims are likely the women and children among the migrants, who may be the only genuine refugees. Here’s the link:

    I just did a little post a few days ago that mentioned the problem of invaders sneaking into England from France through the Chunnel. There is, also, a recent report that the French government is finally going to raze the tent village in Calais. No idea where the Muzzies are going to go. They are terrorizing people in Calais and trying to break into and hijack trucks bound for England, according to numerous independent videos at YT.

    • I find it an interesting “coincidence” that this misogynist invasion is occurring at the same time prostitution is begin designated a “job” for women in Germany, the Netherlands and possibly elsewhere in Europe that I am not yet aware of.

    • Not only that but Leeds is trying a prostituted woman ‘zone’ where johns and pimps can hangout from 7am-7pm and sell women and girls. The residents and businesses have had enough of it. There are dirty needles, used condoms all over the place. It’s public health issue, not to mention the state sanctioned slavery of women and girls.


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