Update; BernieBros and more

Hey everyone!

I truly am enjoying my time-off. After going 3 solid years running this place I didn’t realize just how exhausted I was. This break has been exactly what I’ve needed.

During this time I’ve been paying close attention to the political situation in my home country and watching as the USA gets torn apart by Trump. He reminds me of an MRA. He talks tough but has no idea what he’s talking about. He’s an authoritarian. He’s a misogynist. He attracts MRA’s like flies on shit. Hell, some MRA’s are calling him ‘Daddy.’

You’re probably wondering who I support in this election. I know that I’ll vote Dem and I really like Sanders. The only problem is Sanders is using misogyny in his campaign and I can’t tolerate that. I can hear Dworkin’s reminder that men on the left are just as misogynist as men on the right. BernieBros don’t disappoint.

I just spent half an hour trying to explain to a BernieBro how ‘Bern the Witch’ is misogyny. Ultimately, he just name-called me which shows me he doesn’t quite get it. His first argument was ‘he’s only talking to HER.’ Apparently, you’re not a misogynist if you only pick one woman to focus your misogynist rage at.

I’ve also been researching the prostitution issues in the UK during this time as well. There’s a district in the UK (Leeds) that is set up as a legalization area. It’s a disaster, of course. The city council made the district a permanent one just after a prostituted woman was murdered in that very district. The streets are littered with used condoms, needles, and shit. Women and girls who live in the district are being propositioned by johns. The male violence against prostituted women doesn’t stop when you sanction it legally. It gets worse.

Those two subjects have taken up much of my time. The Mancheeze Newsletter first issue is in progress. Those who have ordered it can expect the first issue soon. There’s an upcoming Manbawl in London that I’ll be covering as well as A Voice For Men’s latest doxing. If you haven’t ordered you can go here to do so.

Thanks to those who have signed up!




12 thoughts on “Update; BernieBros and more

  1. Welcome back, good that you had a rest!

    Regarding Trump as a nominee: the upside is that he’s unelectable, so Clinton is going to win. The downside: he’s a crude demagogue who won’t hesitate to make the next 4 months hell for Clinton.

    • There’s no place for women to turn in this thing. It’s just awful. I’ve been following the soap opera involving Breitbart and one of their reporters, Michelle Fields, who was battered and bruised by Corey Lewendoski (Trump’s thuggish campaign manager). It is unbelievable how many apparent MRAs are backing up Trump. They’ve even turned on Megyn Kelley of Fox news. There are three different videos, an audio recording, photos of her injury, and witnesses, but Trumps MRAs are still calling her a liar, a whore, and worse. She’s had to quit – and that nice Jewish boy, Ben Shapiro quit, too! They’ve had seven of their people leave over this thing so far. It’s been very interesting and it is refreshing to see men standing up for the truth even when the victim is female.

      Women are going to be screwed no matter what. Hillary would be very bad for us and she has her own record of misogyny.

      There is a woman I like who probably has no chance of making the Libertarian ticket – and no one pays any attention to the Libertarians, anyway. Her name is Shawna Sterling – http://shawnasterling.org/ . Of course, she doesn’t stand a chance. They’ll probably choose Gary Johnson, again, who practically has “loser” tattooed on his forehead.

      We need to do what Iceland did – arrest these crooks and lock ’em in the clink for a few decades and start all over, again. They had to do it twice, but have had a successful – although, hush, hush!, if you only look at MSM – revolution.

    • Despite their name, the ACP doesn’t actually speak for pediatricians. They’re a social conservative minority group. They’re also against gay adoption, comprehensive sex education, contraception & pro-conversion therapy.

  2. BTW, while we’re talking about misogynist candidates – which is all of them – have you seen the information connecting both Bill Clinton and Donald Trump to Jeffrey Epstein, white white slaver who has a jet dubbed the “Lolita Express” and who was brought to trial in Florida by a former child sex trafficking victim who goes by the name, Veronica Roberts. Trump, also, has numerous documented links to the mafia (and you probably know their record on women – we’re like Kleenex to them!) and, also, a tie to a Russian human sex trafficker.

    It’s all online if you do some quick looking. Politico has some stuff about it. Just put in Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein.

    Also, look at Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein.

    There is, also, a list of celebrities and England’s Prince Andrew, who appear to have been involved.

    Of course, none of this will matter to supporters of any of these candidates – especially the Trump supporters. They hate women and girls, anyway, so the fact that Trump has had three wives and the last one looks like she could be his teenage daughter is like some sort of weird vicarious victory – some manly badge of honor – for them. Sick, sick men – all of them!

    • I’m not surprised by any of this. There’s an unauthorized biography of Trump that talks about how he raped Ivanka near the end of their marriage and after he raped her he asked’ Did it hurt?’

  3. Just my two cents here. The politicos on the Right are all about servicing the “disenfranchised” white male, while the politicos on the Left are all about pandering to the “poor, oppressed” men “of color”.

    Vote Republican and you risk losing your reproductive autonomy. Vote Democrat and you risk losing the safety and privacy you are entitled to in your own public restrooms, bathrooms (like those in the YMCA/YWCA), and locker rooms because of the whole trans-extravaganza. Either way women and girls lose.

  4. So glad to read your blog again! It makes me miss 2008, when there were more radfem blogs following the misogyny against Hillary Clinton in that election. Thanks for your very good points about Bernie. I don’t like his misogyny, either (i.e. “Excuse me I’M talking now!” from one of the debates). He has a good platform, but anyone who is as close to power as she is in the U.S. has to do the System’s biddings. He would, too, if he were Secretary of State and he knows it!

    I also get upset at how she is constantly blamed for her husband’s policies as president, as if that had anything to do with her.

    I have only voted for a major party twice in my life (I’m in my 50’s) but I can see voting for her in the primary as my feminist vote. I’m damn tired of how this country treats older women – especially smart, powerful older women.


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