Merci France


France has adopted the Nordic Model as it concerns prostitution. A few excerpts from Prostitution Resources, a site by French feminist abolitionists:

On April 6th 2016, the French National Assembly recognized prostitution as one of the worst forms of violence against women and voted the criminalization of the purchase of sex.

French National Assembly acknowledges that buying access to a human body via a financial transaction is inherently an act of coercion.

Further, the French National Assembly recognized that prostitution harms all women (in prostitution or not) by undermining their emotional and physical wellbeing, security, health, and fundamental rights as human beings, harming society as a whole.

More specifically, when it comes to sexual violence against women, the French National Assembly recognized the tremendous level of violence in prostitution, including assault, rape, physical and psychological torture.

The French National Assembly also recognized that the existence of prostitution encourages the transnational trafficking of women and children. This has been demonstrated in countries such as Germany, Spain and New Zealand which tried full regularization of prostitution and yet witnessed sex trafficking surge, with underage and disenfranchised women imported by the thousands to meet the ever increasing demand of sex buyers.

Indeed, while admitting the failure of regularization* at an international scale, the Assembly recognized the need to urgently address the demand-side in prostitution. It has been established that sex buyers are responsible for the ever-increasing number of women and children brought into prostitution, as well as the worst form of violence perpetrated against them. Their forums, where they evaluate their preys as goods, details explicitly the hatred, domination and violence they impose on women.

it is impossible, let alone human, to regularize* and streamline pedocriminality, slavery, torture and murder. All countries must take all the steps in their power in order to fight such human rights abuses.


Women and girls are not sexual objects to be bought and sold like cattle. We are human beings deserving full rights and dignity. The Nordic Model recognizes this and puts it into practice.


Now it’s onto Britain, the next country which is considering the Nordic Model and has already started holding hearings.




3 thoughts on “Merci France

  1. Hi, Thanks for this and what an elegant page you have these days.

    Re this news, could you tell me or does anyone know if pimping has been decriminalized? Besides johns, pimps are the prostitutors and a very big category. What happens to them?

  2. I had no idea – this is a big deal! Especially from the ‘liberal’ attitudes of people I met when I lived there. Thanks for the post.


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