Milwaukee Pride Parade strips Veteran Lesbian Activist Miriam Ben-Shalom of Grand Marshall Honors

Lesbian mentor and activist booted from Milwaukee Pride for recognizing WOMEN are a distinct class and that we are entitled to our own spaces and unique women’s culture.

She was kicked out of Pride by MEN who are demanding she recognize their psychological delusions as fact.

She’s a SHERO.



The nameless members of the Milwaukee Pride Parade Board of Directors stripped legendary rights activist Miriam Ben-Shalom of her honored spot as Grand Marshall of the June 12, 2016 “Heroes of Pride” event after men monitoring her Facebook page noticed women had made posts there that were critical of the idea of heterosexual “male lesbians”.

Miriam Ben-Shalom will be a familiar name to Lesbian and Gay Rights activists and historians. She was the first openly homosexual individual to be reinstated into military service after serving as plaintiff in multiple lawsuits and refusing a cash settlement.


After serving in the Israeli Army as an Armored Personnel Carrier driver, she enlisted as a Staff Sergeant in the United States Army from 1974-1976, when she was dismissed on the basis of homosexuality, and served again from 1987- 1990 following her reinstatement after a decade of trials. She was then discharged, yet again, on…

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12 thoughts on “Milwaukee Pride Parade strips Veteran Lesbian Activist Miriam Ben-Shalom of Grand Marshall Honors

  1. Nobody reads your blogs you dumb little feminist bitch. I hope you get raped by a pack of black men.

    • Hi Maletears, you sound like exactly the kind of man I am looking to hook up with. Are you available and if so when can we meet? I have to admit, I’m horny just reading your comment.

      I know it must be so hard for you with all the women hanging off your arms (and lets face it, I’m only a 9.5 on the PUA scale according to the Roosh test – I did that test he wrote in his mama’s basement and passed – how good is that????)

      I especially like that whole white supremacy thing you have going on. Is that one of those inversely (uh oh used a big word – my PUA hotness rating just dropped a point) proportional (shit another big word I must be bout around about 7 right now – that one had 4 syllables) things (one syllable – happy days) you have going on there?

      I have to say, I love the way you go on the offensive. (Bollocks another 3 syllables I must be round about the 5 rating on the PUA by now – but I assure you I am hot and ready). The way you attack (shit 2 syllables again – must be round 2 on the hotness scale now because my brain just can’t turn off no matter how hard I try.) sorry the way you attack random women on the internet just shows me how much of a manly man’s man you are.

      In fact, you are such a manly man’s man, you didn’t even threaten to rape Mancheeze yourself and chose to delegate (shit, another 3 syllables – must be in the minus figures by now). Are you outsourcing to the third world here? Are you trying to set black dudes up for something you won’t even threaten yourself?

      Are you 10 years old?

    • Cause white men never rape anybody, amirite? Hur, hur, hur. Go back to Stormfront, you vile misogynistic tranny.

    • @Maletears — About 35,000 white women are raped yearly by black men (this isn’t “racist”, only talking about it is, which is why it never gets reported in the media), while white men sit back and do nothing about it (these women can be their daughters, wives, or countrywomen), even going as far as applauding it inwardly when they are satiating their porn addiction. And white males love their porn.

      I’ve been around many blocks in my short Puerto Rican life, so the accusation of “racist” or “sexist” doesn’t bother me when I tell people about themselves. And I am not going to call you a “racist” for telling a woman on her blog that she deserves to get raped by a pack of black men.

      No, you’re a fucking pig for wishing that a woman on her own blog gets attacked and assaulted by a group of men who are more likely to kill her if she dares to fight back and resist their advances.

      Especially when this article has more to do with safeguarding female spaces against the male supremacist ‘trans-agenda’, and less to do with MRAs. You probably wouldn’t talk to your mother or your daughters like this. But then again I don’t know you, so you probably would, given that the majority of MRAs are vicious misogynists with mommy issues.

    • Doesn’t this twerp have something else to do, like take a shower? Anyway, thanks for posting this, HMQ. I loved Miriam’s response — so badass!

    • Totally agree. This is why I’m loving the Red Tent movement. It’s a women only grassroots movement where women meet in their own homes and plan actions, consciousness raise etc. There will be a post about this movement hopefully sometime this week. There was a REd Tent in London where a radfem completely tore apart the ‘gender identity’ nonsense. There’s a video coming soon. Can’t wait.


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