Safety On Radical Feminist Blogs

I’ve had recent experience with a commenter who changed her mind after posting several comments to this blog. I figured this deserved a post to point out my perspective and to let other women know it.

This blog is monitored by violent men. In fact, all radical feminist blogs that talk about the reality of male violence are monitored by violent men. This is just a sad fact of male existence and why women fight so hard to have their own spaces.

I have made a point of publishing comments by violent males to show all who come here that this is so. I don’t publish all the comments but I do make a point of publishing the most violent ones. Just last week a male showed up here and ordered me raped by black men. He left 4 comments, all in a row, in a rage. I had to phone the police in Georgia.

Knowing these facts it’s important that you take care prior to making a comment. The internet is not a safe place for women. Hell, we can’t even walk down a public street without men gawking and harassing us.

In the last 4 years of this blog being active, I have cooperated with other women who were getting stalked online and offline by men’s rights whackos. I’ve been stalked personally and have a good relationship with my local police on this matter. In fact, I have several files open on several men. Just last week I had to report the man who came here threatening rape.

Men are violent. We know this.

So please, before you comment, YOU should know this. If you leave a comment and then think the better of it, please understand that I might not get to deleting it straight away. The email contact is joyintorah18@gmail. I don’t check my email every day. I should but I don’t. In fact, it’s easier to follow me on twitter and notify me on that platform. My twitter handle is also joyintorah18. Knowing that I don’t check my email every day, please don’t continue to comment knowing that you’ll want me to erase them later. Your email address will never be given to anyone, nor will your ip address.

Over the last 4 years I have never once given out a private email address or an ip address. The only time I would do this is if law enforcement required it. So far, the only time I’ve given police this information is when I’ve filed a report on a man. Your private information is safe. I do recognize that it must be carefully secured.

That’s my position on the matter.





6 thoughts on “Safety On Radical Feminist Blogs

  1. Totally agree, and would like to think (ha) that was the default.

    Worse, is the position of exchanging emails with people who then share, what to me, are private conversations. Very nasty.

  2. Agree with all you say. I urge women who comment on RF blogs to get the right setup and then go right ahead. The right setup means to register an email address that is NOT gmail, that is not connected to googleplus, and that is ONLY used for a few RF sites. Have a brand-new name and change it now and then. Google your “name” now and then. You can also google and then go back and delete comments you no longer want to be associated with. Be careful about saying personal things. Assume you’re being monitored but don’t let it affect your points. Take care of yourself online.But keep commenting, the women who put themselves out there need to know you are there!

  3. Also, I use Blur (an app that keeps you form being tracked) avast! online security and a proxy service when I am montoting MRA sites. I also check my computer for viruses. All this is minimal for being online at all, IMHO.

  4. Mancheeze, you of all people need a “safe” setup. I hope others will contribute (as I have) to help you get a new computer. Without your input we are not going to have a single women feminist keeping track of MRAs on the web.


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