Train A Woman Like a Dog

That’s Paul Elam’s latest video.

How to traim a woman like a Dog Elam

As you can see, MRA’s are voting it up. They love it.

Don’t worry. I’ll be covering the upcoming London ManBawl in July.


4 thoughts on “Train A Woman Like a Dog

  1. Oh look, he got fuglier. They’re upvoting? Of course, gaggy, old, lunatic, white male is helping a strain of maladjusted, loser assholes fantasize about how female submission is awesome. They never get enough of that messaging, despite all the rape porn littering the internet.
    Women hate you guys for a reason, you assholes. How could a normal human woman love any of you? That’s why you love the idea of Stepford Wives and shit — only a badly programmed robot could tolerate you (maybe). You’re hateful, ugly, asocial whiners who have to circle-jerk online with other losers for superficial love and support. Date each other already and stop obsessing over all the women who are too smart to go anywhere near you.

  2. This is why I don’t date women at all. Not because I am against feminism. I know men for thousands of years have treated women like shit. I refuse to date because women do have a right to be fearful of men for what we have done. This asshole is a perfect example as to why. Men who deny old matriarchal societies existed are in denial and can’t even fathom the thought of sharing power. I didn’t see the native americans complain about women being the primary rulers in tribes and that was a near peaceful society.

    So I can live with being alone. If women want nothing to do with me.. Then I will just respectfully leave them alone and go about my business.


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