Paul Elam Swindling Again?

Paul Elam made a video on one of his Youtube Channels ‘An Ear for Men’ claiming that White Ribbon is suing Erin Pizzey and he needs money. He started a fundraiser supposedly for Erin’s legal costs but as you can see, the fundraiser names HIS company as the beneficiary of the money.

In the video, he’s careful to point out that any ‘extra’ monies won’t go to AVFM but actual men’s orgs that do actual work on behalf of men. Knowing that Elam has swindled before, I’m wondering if he’s doing it again.

Elam and his friends thought it would be a good idea to steal White Ribbon’s name and make DOT org site. So they copied the site and then claimed Erin Pizzey owned it. This was probably to keep heat off Paul but you can be damn sure the idea came right from his asshole.

I sent the official White Ribbon foundation a few tweets asking if they are indeed suing Erin and notifying them that Paul Elam is collecting money for a supposed legal fund. I’m waiting to hear back.


3 thoughts on “Paul Elam Swindling Again?

  1. Elam started up the site, taking the name to get attention. The intent seems also to have been to annoy and harass. AVFM was aware what they were doing might be a trademark infringement and hoped for some of that negative attention they thrive on since it’s all they ever get. Elam then passed the site over to poor old Erin Pizzey because he was bored with it and it would be fun to be able to cry about old ladies in wheelchairs being harassed if the real organization started objecting. And they did start objecting, and now Elam is “crying” and has made a puppet out of a poor old lady in a wheelchair, and Elam hopes to somehow get some benefit from all this twisted BS he started up. Activism!

  2. The response to all this, besides fleecing a few more guys, is a thud. The mensrights sub blasted the whole thing as a farce. Nobody cares.

    • I figured it was a farce. My concern is for the REAL White Ribbon and how they can deal with Elam stealing their brand. I haven’t heard back from them but I did notify them of Elam’s current attempt at swindling using their name.


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