Erin Pizzey and AVFM Finally Found Guilty for Impersonating White Ribbon

Do you all remember how AVFM went after White Ribbon, the DV charity? Elam and Pizzey mimicked the official White Ribbon website under a .org domain. They even used the same colour scheme and logo as the official site to fool people into thinking they were on the original.

Well, there was a court judgement against them by WIPO telling them that AVFM/Erin Pizzey acted in bad faith and that the fake domain these idiots set up must be given to the official White Ribbon. Here’s the official decision.

Paul Elam and his horde of morons are pissed over it and whining that WIPO is literally smashing a woman in a wheelchair. LOL

It seems there might be an avenue of claiming monetary damages too since Elam and Pizzey purposely tried to mislead people.

Go fuck yourself Elam and Pizzey. You’re a bunch of fraudsters.

You can read Elam’s mantrum here, don’t worry it’s archived.