I Nailed a Guy At a Supermarket

Men count on the submission of women. They count on femininity, the gender role they’ve designed for us so that they can dominate and control us. I am not feminine. I am human.

The other day I was at the local grocery store, waiting in line because it was busy. I was buying a product that I had asked the store to order for me. It was that bloody Irish Breakfast tea I’ve been wanting for months. I finally got the store to get it for me and I finally was getting it.

I approached the register and I heard over my shoulder a whining, angry male. He didn’t want to wait a few minutes and he was pissed because the store was busy and they didn’t have a lot of cashiers. This is male entitlement.

Why should he, the white male, have to wait in line like everyone else? He’s superior right?

The cashier rang me up and the cost of the tea was very cheap. I asked her why it was so cheap and the man behind me in line was muttering at me ‘oh come on lady, fucking bitch.’ So I’m trying to talk to the cashier and this asshole behind me is muttering at me and breaking up my attention.

Finally, I had had enough and turned around to face him. I yelled so the whole store heard me.

‘Hey, I waited in line like everyone else. If you don’t like it go to another line!’

He turned away from me, embarrassed. He knew the entire store was looking at him. I was ready to rip him a new one if he talked back. He didn’t.

He thought he could sit there and abuse me without me saying a word because when you’re trained into femininity, you are supposed to be nice and silent and take it. Men depend on this to harm women. Since I am close to 50, and I don’t give a shit about gender dominance and I assert my humanity, I ripped him a new one. It felt really good.

Men need retraining, they’re garbage.


14 thoughts on “I Nailed a Guy At a Supermarket

  1. And so it goes. Entitlement is a wonderful thing. For men. Because women have nothing better to do with their time than request Irish Breakfast tea. A little bit of shopping.

    Not all men are as ignorant. In my supermarket, we look at baskets/trollies and if someone has one/two items we ask if they want to go in front. Done by men and women. Not everyone but some. Although I’m sure the patriarchy is strong here, oh no, the busy (usually retired unemployed) menz can’t be held up.

      • The guy sounds horrible, but its wrong to use generalizations to describe a group. i am a 65 year old male. In any situation, i treat women with more respect and courtesy than I would if dealing with a man. I hire them when possible and usually pay them more than i do my male employees because they tend to become better workers. i agree that the guy behind you was entitled and most likely a misogynist, but I am not responsible for his behavior.

        • “…but I am not responsible for his behavior.”

          This mindset is precisely why nothing ever changes, John. If your reaction to this story is to first and foremost defend yourself, change the subject to YOU, talk about how great you are, about how wonderful you are to your employees, etc., YOU are part of the problem.

          We have to use generalizations to describe males and male behavior because we live in a patriarchy and thus all men benefit from that and all men are complicit in upholding it whether they own it or know it or not.

          Maybe a fellow male explaining why statements like “but I am not responsible for his behavior” are so toxic to progress would get through to you:


    • I am a bit shocked. Only due to the last sentence.. I enjoyed reading the story , and had a good feeling when she put the fat slob in his place.

      But was surprised a woman that can write so well , and tell horrible ,rude swearing slobs to shut up , would make the statement that all men are rubbish.

      I can tell she is intelligent she writes a good story , i would never swear at a woman in any place , let alone a stranger.

      I cant understand ? how can such an intelligent lady , be so hateful towards all men?

      She must have meet well spoken , polite , caring men ?
      The man in the line must have simply been a horrible slob , who saw , something far better looking in the mirror than the actual reality .

      I have seen women that go into supermarkets , look like shit , swear push shove , and i must add , so is her just as horrible male partner.
      So i think yuk men and women like that are a world away from myself.

      But i dont judge all women by the worst example i can find.
      And i dont judge all men on her horrible husband / partner.

      I dont for example believe that the climate scientist Jason Box is rubbish , he is married , with a lovely daughter , he spends his working life in Antarctica.
      Often in danger of death , he does this as he cares for all living things.

      He would never , ever swear at a stranger in a public line , and i dont think he would ever swear at his wife or daughter at home , let alone in a public place.

      I will never understand the war that seems to go on between men / woman.
      We are all the same , by that i mean , you are either a good person , or a horrible person.

      Regardless of gender.
      I like birds , i have an alexandrine , she is lovely and very very clever.
      My point is , you either like birds or you dont.
      Nothing to do with male or female , some men like birds , some women like birds.

      There are of course some male / females that buy expensive birds on a whim , dont care and maintain for them correctly , then give it away to someone else that said yes on a whim and really is only interested in the statis.

      But that only adds to my point , i think some men are horrible , and some women are horrible.
      But not all men are horrible , and not all women.

      Cheers Grant [New Zealand]

  2. I had a fun chance to nail a guy a couple months ago. I was seated at a window seat on a plane, a young woman was on the isle and the middle seat empty as I saw a parade of various men coming down the isle, I was in no mood that day. So as soon as one of them sat down between us, I used some pre-emptive verbage. “you’re not going to man-spread are you?” I did not care if he was “nice” or one of the “not all men,” I did not care about his feelings. I cared about my space,and the young gal on the isle who would have to go through the flight with that stupid knee pushed onto her leg intruding on the space she paid for. The poor baby kept his legs together. Nothing more was said. But if the next guy pushes me, I’ll blow a grotesque amount of snot into my hankie, and gently lay it on my own knee, in my own space that I paid for. This stuff gets way easier after you do it a few times.

    • “But if the next guy pushes me, I’ll blow a grotesque amount of snot into my hankie, and gently lay it on my own knee, in my own space that I paid for.”

      This is hilarious! And smart!

  3. One of the very common,deep rooted gender myths is that women are nicer,kinder people than men.Even though most women are taught from the time they are born,to be kinder and caring to other people’s feelings,and they are rewarded and encouraged to be sensitive,and to cry and express emotions,and are given dolls to play with as little girls to practice to become nurturing mothers,and most men are totally taught to be the opposite and are punished and discouraged from being this way and are taught to be nothing like girls and women,and see them as nothing like themselves from the moment they are born, I can testify that a lot of women’s gender training didn’t stick. I have met so many nasty,and or cold and detached women everywhere, I had 2 nasty women doctors, I have had many nasty or cold detached nurses and medial assistants who have no business being in these professions that are supposed to be caring,cold unfeeling women on crisis lines including one who was a director, 3 nasty women apartment managers working at different times,and nasty women working in drug stores and super markets and several nasty women hair dressers.

    I met quite a few physically and mentally abusive little girls who bullied me and other children at a day camp,and at elementary school. I have had more than a few male doctors who were very nice warm people,and 2 male dentists like this,and a male nurse who was bald and very muscular who was very nice and friendly,he even made me laugh when he gave me a tetanus shot and he was so gentle I didn’t even feel it at all.At least when men are nasty and rotten they have an explanation because they were harshly trained into ”masculinity” their whole lives,but women don’t have that explanation to fall back on,because they have been harshly trained into ”femininity” all of their lives which involves being taught and rewarded for being caring and empathetic to people.People will still believe all of the gender myths even with all of the evidence to the contrary that they experience!

    One of the reasons there are so many nasty women around is because of the woman-hating male dominated sick society we live in,and like many Jews in Nazi Germany,and many Black people in the white racist society were taught to unjustly hate themselves and each other,many women have been unjustly taught to hate themselves and each other too.Also because the truth is women are not that different from men by nature and ”nicer”,and also because 1,000’s of decades worth of psychological research studies by all different psychologists has found that the sexes are much more alike than different in almost all of their psychological traits,personality and behaviors and that they find small average differences between the sexes,many of which have gotten even smaller over decades, and most of the major differences are between*people* including empathy.


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