What Does It Take?

I was just lurking on Mumsnet and found a post about one of Julie Bindel’s latest tweets.

julie bindel

She’s right.

If we do not fight this with everything you’ve got, we won’t win. Men have put you in this position. Never forget this. It’s not women putting you in this position of fear, it’s men. Julie Bindel didn’t put anyone in this position: men did.

Men are the ones erasing your rights. Men have proven time and time again they will hurt you if allowed to get into your sex-based spaces and the govt. is helping them do it.

The govt. is run by the wealthy and neoliberal corporations owned by men. We all know that transgenderism is funded by wealthy men who have erotic fantasies of being women. Their erotic pleasure comes from being able to role-play by infringing on female spaces. It excites them. It validates their fantasy.

That said, if you are too fearful of fighting it, you will lose before it’s even begun. You have to decide, of the multitude of possible things that could go wrong, whether your rights, your very existence as a female, is worth it. You have to be prepared for the fall out because the alternative is total erasure.

If the women’s movement has taught us anything, it’s to SPEAK OUT AGAINST MALE VIOLENCE. Transgenderism is the ultimate in male violence against women. It’s the worst backlash women have EVER faced.

This is the 21st century’s biggest battle because if the men win, women are erased. There won’t be any more women.

There won’t be a women’s movement any more because the very thing that makes you a woman: your biological sex class is no longer recognized. This means men completely own and operate ‘what woman is.’

Once you lose the power to name and know reality, you’re done for. Women will be extinct.

There won’t be women’s needs. Services specifically for women will be slowly infiltrated by these fantasist males and and completely cannibalized and made to serve men.

The most recent examples are the sacking of two Girl Scout guides and the theft of a women’s award in business Phillip ‘Pippa’ Bunce, who comes to work sometimes in woman-face.

In the case of the Girl Guides, two senior female leaders were terminated and their groups closed because they questioned the ‘inclusive’ transgender policies that allow fantasist boys to enter Girl Guides.

In the theft case, a fantasist man in a wig stole the top business award meant for a woman.

Phillip Bunce, big ass man in woman-face getting an LGBT Award

It’s only going to get worse. Sitting back and being afraid isn’t going to save you. Telling Julie Bindel that she’s right but you’re too afraid isn’t going to help you. It’s going to come to your door at some point and affect you personally so you might as well get in the fight now.

We need a no holds barred approach. We need to stop being so afraid of the multitude of ‘consequences’ because the final consequence carries a much higher price.


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6 thoughts on “What Does It Take?

  1. The first thing people need to do is quit using the lexicon of these crossdressers. Sheila Jeffreys has correctly called these men “crossdressers” and “transvestites.” Meghan Murphy has started calling the “transgender rights” movement “pervert rights.” Indeed, that is what it is all about. They have “queer theory” that says anything goes regardless of appropriate boundaries. This includes crimes against children and should in fact be a matter of investigation by law enforcement into those promoting it. This poison needs to be dragged out into the open and exposed for what it is. It is woman-hatred, childre-hatred, LGB-hatred, hatred for any protected class to benefit a deviant group of mostly white males.

  2. Sometimes I wonder how we will ever see our way through all this garbage. It just keeps piling up with gullible people’s defenses of bold-faced lies. So many damn suckers.


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