Posie Rips DOCTOR Adrian Harrop a New One

Posie’s Billboard that caused Harrop to have a mantrum


Here’s a sample of DOCTOR Adrian Harrop, in his natural habitat on Twitter, calling women nasty slurs

Image result for adrian harrop misogynist tweets

Here he is again, after the UK TV program Genderquake, where he singles out a woman in the audience and intimidates her for speaking up about women’s sex based rights.

Image result for adrian harrop misogynist tweets

Last, but not least is a video by Sky News on the censorship by trannies aka MEN of the billboard

Image result for adrian harrop useful idiot

Adrian Harrop: useless idiot

I hope he sees this. I’m tired of his bullshit. He’s a male supremacist wanker who needs to be locked in a room with a therapist to figure out why he hates women so much. And what’s with him always wearing that silly steth? I never see doctors wearing their steth everywhere like a fucking necklace. He does it because he wants to feel important.

Fuck you dude.

News stories about teh EVIL billboard:

Daily Fail



3 thoughts on “Posie Rips DOCTOR Adrian Harrop a New One

  1. He most definitely is a misogynist of the highest degree.. and now I know he is gay !! Well that just furthers my confirmation around how I have been saying for years and years , gay men use women , (Fag hags) and despise lesbians & women at the same time whilst enjoying the onlookers gaze who see them with beautiful looking women , who say, they feel safer socializing with gay boys or the ones that call them their husbands ,(as well as the gay males that actually go along with that!) and allow them to feel them up and kiss them on the lips , or do the dirty dancing on club dance floors , it’s all about the male ego’s and these types of women pandering to them in exchange of sometimes harassment free nights out, from being in a straight night club as their being felt up by gay males , I don’t think they are thinking straight , (I’ve had conversations with the likes of these women, trying to understand them,and ask why they allow the gay boys feel them up but not the straights when that who they want as a boyfriend and they’ve gone off and out right lied to their gay male friends,they were with and said I was trying to hit on them..When I was not doing that at all, which really is a nasty & dangerous thing to do to me ..A horrible bitchy thing to do, the male/s come over and threaten me with violence and when I said just wait, that I didn’t do that , now bring her back over and lets see what I said that gave her that impression, they would yell at me over the music and din of others partying and say things like “you bitch and you’re a cunt” , slurs and that she’s straight , and i’d say yeh hence I didn’t want to chat up with a straight woman cause I’m a dyke you idiot !) meanwhile whilst the males are looking for hook ups.with anyone including straight males.

    It also has been told to me by a bisexual woman ,but really a straight good friend when i first met her in her late teens what she saw and what she heard that gays fuck females and lesbians who say they id themselves as lesbians fucked them too… as well as straight male escorts Hence those women that i knew, reinforced why i knew from their behaviour, towards me that I couldn’t doubt what my ‘bisexual’ friend told many years after this had happened, I was shocked at first but also remembered their clique / group of being scene dykes in the nineties, it all made sense just like bitchy girls on the school ground dictating who was allowed to talk or hangout in the cool group , type of antics. Just Vile , and guess what, some were straight ! and are now living with males and have children, and moved interstate , because they couldn’t face the glares and stares of being in the same town , let alone state, Knowing how dykes would feel betrayed because of their lies ! My friend who was bisexual is one of them, i knew her as straight then she had two lesbian relationships I helped her when she was distraught , gave her money and a place to live in my share house and she and her G/friend physically attacked me after i came out of hospital having more surgery after a head on M/cycle accident , and said i couldn’t carry her rent anymore now is married and with a teenage daughter and lives near by. I forgave her , when she reached out to me on facebook, but i cannot trust her ever again. I understand why some dykes have their reasons of being skeptical about bi women, some are less than truthful, as most I’ve known and met swing more towards being straight,some women choose to be lesbians and others know they are as early as 4/5 years old, Just as males choose to be gay, and trans, and bi.

    This thing of alphabet umbrella, queer theory has encouraged this BS. I mean I have a background in 70’s feminist ideology, I knew I was a dyke /a lesbian and came out to my mother before being a teen, I had crushes that never subsided for years .. I didn’t physically do anything (I’m really shy, in approaching others that way I was also scared to offend those I really liked and didn’t want to be rejected either and feared being outed and or ridiculed or shamed or lose friends) this happened to me the first year in high school, year 7. and by nasty girls in a clique in my home room and relentlessly shouted it in the halls in front others walking to class and would back up against walls to show they were not going to let me be near them.) but I knew the word and i admitted to myself.

    His ego is what he is showing with the stethoscope… Yeh the power that ‘doctors’ have , that reputation that’s what he’s into he’s into thinking they have it , it’s also part of it , playing “god” telling others that he knows better, because he’s studied , blah blah blah all of that , but I see right through his insecurity, and feelings of inadequacies , he really is just a little male , trying to look bigger than he actually is. Another parasite leeching off the trans bandwagon so he can unfurl insults and Hate towards women. Just another chauvinistic disturbed, putrid, and disgusting inadequate mealy mouthed stupid male.
    Oh did i mention I don’t like him at all ? lol.


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