Gender Whisperers

The PM of Australia had some wise words this past month when he tweeted

‘We do not need ‘gender whisperers’ in our schools. Let kids be kids.’

‘Gender whispering’ is catchy and I’m probably going to start using it.

We know that transgenderism is funded by rich, white males who are investing in big pharma and biotech and promoting the completely false notion that you can change your sex.  Paul McHugh, former John’s Hopkins psychiatrist-in-chief, admits that transgenderism is a mental disorder and sex change is impossible.

Rich investors aren’t stupid and they know they need a target market, and that’s YOUR kids.

This is why transgender advocacy groups like WPATH and many others, are well funded. WPATH, in response to the latest 2018 research  showing that transgenderism might be a social fad that hurts children stated,

‘At present, WPATH asserts that knowledge of the factors contributing to gender identity development in adolescence is still evolving and not yet fully understood by scientists, clinicians, community members, and other stakeholders in equal measure.’

In other words, go ask someone else because we have no idea what we’re talking about. That’s their ‘professional’ way of saying they have no idea what they’re doing.

Here’s a recent picture from Twitter of WPATH’s donors. Notice they are big pharma and other biomedical companies.

Kids then become life-long medical patients and the money comes flying in. Capitalism and transgenderism are best friends.

The make-up company Sephora, popular with teens, has made transgenderism its new cash cow. In July 2018, the company announced a new program called ‘Bold Beauty’ which teaches young males about skin care and feminine make-up.

HSBC, a mulitnational bank, has hopped on the transgender bandwagon, announcing it now has new ‘titles’ for clients who are transgendered.


HSBC’s new ‘titles’

Programming for children is full of ‘gender whispering’ and it’s everywhere you look these days. It’s in schools. It’s on social media. It’s on mainstream news. It’s everywhere.

Transactivists on social media push parents and children towards life-long medicalization.

A UK transgender group Transfigurations has a website where parents are instructed how to approach doctors to ensure compliance. In a section titled ‘What To Do, Transfigurations tells parents

‘If your GP is obstructive, change to a GP who will treat your child knowledgeably and compassionately. We are creating a register of trans friendly doctors and GP’s specifically for this purpose (and those to avoid if possible).’

Transactivists on Twitter even advertise off-label drugs for children to purchase.

Image result for transactivist pushes off label drugs to children twitter

ABC, a major television network in the US, has featured Jazz (Jaron/Jared) Jennings, a biological male child who thinks he was ‘born in the wrong body.’ ABC and other major US networks have featured Jazz on multiple national platforms since he was 6 years old. TLC, another major television network, gave Jazz his own show called ‘I am Jazz’ to promote transgenderism to children and their parents. Jazz and his parents founded Transkids Purple Rainbow Foundation which purports to ‘educate schools, peers, places of worship, the medical community, government bodies, and society in general’ about transgender ideology.

ITV, a European broadcaster has an upcoming show called ‘Butterfly’ which features a young boy who thinks he’s a girl.

Amazon has an entire selection of children’s books that teach children about gender, including ‘I am Jazz,’ a book that is full of nonsensical ideas, such as this one, which prompted Michael Laidlaw, an endocrinologist, to lay bare the falsehoods.

Image result for i am jazz childrens book

This year, the Human Rights Campaign, based in the US, put together a ‘Back To School’ campaign for kids. There is an entire schools pack for K-12 that instructs teachers, and your kids, about gender and gender identity and that everyone has one. It also comes with a ‘Gender Transition Plan’ that teachers, students and parents ‘work on together’ to plan the transition.

If you have a child in public school, chances are, they’re being taught about transgenderism. Some parents are being forced to withdraw their kids.

In Ontario, Canada, the provincial government received many complaints from parents because of its ‘gender curriculum.’ Premier Doug Ford reverted the sex-ed curriculum back to 1998* because many parents were upset about the totally unscientific ‘gender theory’ their kids were being taught, among other unscientific topics. One parent said

‘There is this push to almost change social and cultural norms about human sexuality and teaching. There is no consensus on this issue.’

Gender whispering teaches children that they’re brave and special if they become transgendered.  If a little boy refuses to play with trucks, but loves dolls and pink things, he is persuaded he’s really girl.

Here’s Susie Green, a parent of a biological male child named ‘Jack’. Apparently, Jack doesn’t like ‘boy things’ and at 4 years old he told his mother ‘God made a mistake.’ Susie Green, like the parents of Jazz ‘Jared’ Jennings, went on to found yet another transgender organization ‘Mermaids’ for the express purpose of peddling transgenderism to other children.


There’s a lot of money to be made in gender whispering to your kids and confusing them about human sexuality. Susie Green flew her son to Thailand at 16 years old to have him castrated because UK law won’t allow castration until 18. Susie Green’s son was the youngest male ever to be mutilated in this way for an ideology that is completely incoherent and unscientific.

When a woman on Twitter tweeted about this fact, Susie Green filed a police report on her.  The Crown Prosecution Service actually took the time to investigate this silly complaint and interrogated this woman for almost an hour. Apparently, you’re not allowed to question the big-wigs of gender whispering.

What’s interesting about this story is the police are being trained in gender whispering too, and the same police department that interrogated this woman were ‘trained’ by none other than Susie Green’s ‘Mermaids’ charity.

Screenshot 2018-03-14 09.54.46

Leeds Police tweet after being ‘trained’ by Mermaids into transgender ideology

Are any organizations immune from gender whispering? The short answer is ‘no.’ Even religious institutions are being indoctrinated to believe that sex is something that can be changed and that humans are ‘born into the wrong bodies.’

The National Catholic Bioethics Center released a 2017 edict that lays bare the fraud of transgender ideology while the Anglican Church across the pond has been bowing to the pressure of transgender ideology by giving direct guidance to children to ‘play with the many cloaks of identity.’

If all that wasn’t enough, transactivists want to the State to take away your kids if you refuse to comply. In Ontario, Canada, Bill 89 was passed last year which allows the State to take away your children if you don’t agree with their ‘gender identity.’

In the UK, Susie Green, the mother who castrated her son at 16 and who runs Mermaids, is busy trying to prevent parents from having custody if they don’t agree with transgender ideology. Here is a case where Green got involved in a custody dispute where the mother agreed with transgender ideology and the father didn’t. Green supported the mother.

Another UK transgender lobby group GIRES, is lobbying the govt to allow children to legally change their birth sex on their documents. In the UK, any change of documents cannot take place until a person is 18.

It begs the question, ‘how does one resist gender whispering?’

Children are the primary targets of transgenderism and average every-day people like you and me are responsible to speak up and challenge this madness. We must take every opportunity, even if we are castigated, to resist. Children cannot always speak for themselves and so it’s up to adults to do it.

If you are interested in learning more, here are some sites for parents and clinicians who are desperately trying to speak up in a world where it’s unpopular to do so:








*The Ontario Provincial government hasn’t fully updated the sex-ed curriculum for K-8 in full. They are using a revised 2010 version that has no mention of transgenderism, except in the glossary where ‘gender identity’ is mentioned briefly. The 9-12 sex-ed curriculum also mentions ‘gender identity’ and defines it starting in the Grade 9 lessons.

Edited Oct, 6, 2018 to add link of custody case where Mermaids’ Susie Green interfered.

7 thoughts on “Gender Whisperers

  1. Correction: ROB Ford (the former mayor of Toronto) is dead, but his psychopath brother Doug is now the premier of Ontario. There will be bad days ahead for Ontario.

  2. That article by the endocrinologist really doesn’t get at the heart of legitimate criticism because it omits too many things,like the fact that an argument for innateness does not have to rely on genetics. It could be a gestational/developmental phenomena such that even identical twins could manifest differences of this type.
    My problem is in the interpretation of the data not in the refutation of it. For example, I can agree that neurological studies show differences in the brains of males with gender dysphoria that align with many female brains. Criticism would have to probe 1. those who are exceptions to this and 2. why this isn’t simply an explanation for homosexuality or bisexuality rather than gender identity 3. the limitation of the study in terms of number of subjects 4. whether this differs across cultural contexts. All the studies seem to have some of these weaknesses or lacunae of explanation.
    The desire to connect behavior and sexuality in some direct fashion to specific brain structures or anomalies is in itself a dubious practice. How do we know that such anomalies and the feelings associated with having them are not very malleable and thus subject to social context , influence and development so that what is interpreted as transgenderism today can also be interpreted in another person in a different personal environment and culture as merely having specific traits or preferences without the need to conceptualize them as arising from something wrong with one’s body

    • An argument for innateness must show the mechanism and so far that hasn’t been the case. Even twin studies have shown that there is no innate mechanism and they are the best studies to determine this.

      The problem with these scans that apparently show brain differences are many, mainly that the brain itself changes due to environment. Transgender lobby groups even used a few DEAD men to try and convince people that transgenderism is caused by brain differences. This was after these men had taken estrogen and other substances!

      The failure to account for the environment-brain influence shows me that none of these studies are to be taken seriously.

      You could view these discrete scans and come to the wrong conclusion, and as you say, along with the small sample sizes etc PLUS all the research we have so far showing there is no unique sex differences in neonate brains, we simply cannot make the statement that transgenderism is caused by some innate brain difference.

      Now we’ve got the WHO removing Gender Dysphoria as a mental illness and yet the taxpayer is still burdened by paying for ‘treatment.’ How is this even possible?

      We all know there is no such thing as a gender identity, that it’s the most absurd thing ever pushed onto people in order to create medical patients.

      • The idea there is a genetic component to sexual fetishism, including crossdressing, is ludicrous on its face. Nobody is “born in the wrong body.” That is just mental illness. I am amazed anybody could possibly make an argument wearing high heels, makeup, and a dress is at all “genetic.”

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