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My sister, Uncle Jack and I in my grandparents pool.

My sister, Uncle Jack and I in my grandparents pool.

I’ve been blogging for the past 15 years. My current blog is dedicated to critiquing the Manosphere,  a loose connection of anti-feminist/misogynist websites run by men. I’ve been critiquing them since 2006, first in video format, and now in blog format.

I’ve been interviewed about my work by several new outlets and most notably by The Daily Beast as well as having my editorial letters published in MacLean’s Magazine. If you are a journalist you can contact me by email to arrange a time.  Serious inquiries only.

I’ve been a feminist since I was a young girl, growing up a rigid class structure and gender binary. My first real experience of discrimination came at 9 years old when I was refused entry into a program for children who had genius IQ’s. Girls were forbidden from entering until my parents fought for me to be included. I became a radical feminist through personal circumstances. This led me to understand the second wave feminist position regarding the placement and idea of the female body in patriarchal society.

I am a trained classical pianist and was admitted to Berklee College of Music where I did 3 years as an undergrad and then transferred to Simon Fraser University and got my BA. Hon in Psychology.  While in University I attended other colleges to study painting and drawing.

I’m very interested in the psychology of animals, especially dolphins and mice. I keep wild house mice as pets and I’m amazed at how intelligent they are. One of my dreams is to swim with dolphins. I’ve heard that autistic children who swim with them become more vocal and connected to others. I imagine for gifted people like myself it would be therapeutic as well. At some point I want to live in a beach house as both my great Aunt’s had homes on the Atlantic Ocean.

I currently live in Vancouver, Canada with my coffee and mice.

70 thoughts on “About The Author

  1. I argue till I’m blue in the face with these MRA people. There is nothing but searing rage there, and I sincerely hope they are a dying breed. There’s no doubt that immaturity plays a big part in it. I’m a firm believer that it’s the immaturity in men’s psyche that needs to be addressed. Immaturity is a big part of entitlement which is what tends to drive misogyny.

    As I always say, if men reject women then women usually blame themselves, if women reject men, they tend to blame the women. This is a gross generalization and I certainly don’t think all men are like this, but that tends to be the dominant narrative.

    Thanks for what you do, you give me hope in a world of craziness…and lack of intelligence (sorry I had to get that one in).

      • I really need you to take my request seriously when i tell you that i need it removed and if anyone should understand that reason, it would be you or anyone who understands what we are dealing with. I have NO WAY whatsoever to contact you…I am at a loss and do not know what else to do but I need it gone….please? I don’t know why it is back….please take me seriously and remove this too. please?

    • “…. hope in a world of craziness…and lack of intelligence.”

      Hey now, don’t talk about 3rd wave feminism like that.
      It’s not ALL bad. Just 95% of it…

    • Years ago, after hearing the umpteen millionth hostile, disrespectful comment from a male while walking past him minding my own business, and being coolly informed by a woman that he was “immature”, it finally dawned on me: that isn’t immaturity, that’s just plain rottenness.

      Immature my a$s; they’re just plain rotten.

    • No, they’re hardly a dying breed: I can assure you that most of the world will never be converted to feminism, and what’s more, they’ll never oblige by dying. (Sorry!) But here’s a protip: if you wish to persuade people of the merits of feminism, you need to be more of a goodwill ambassador. So, try not to act so bitter and frustrated, and non-feminist people will be more apt to give you a hearing.

  2. I didn’t know you’re a classical pianist! I’m a classical cellist myself. I have a bachelors in music (as well as one in mathematics and my graduate degree in mathematical logic). Wow, just another thing to appreciate about you! ^.^

    • Thanks Eseld. Yes. I started playing when I was 8 years old. I studied under some really good teachers too, especially my teacher Krystof and M. Desmaires, Emmanuel Zambelli etc. I LOVE the CELLO! It’s an instrument you can make love to. Hard to make love to a piano, unless you do it to the bench like Tori Amos does. 😉

  3. You are pathetic. The feminist tactic of dismissing as ‘faulty logic’ anything that doesn’t adhere to their contrived and artificial feminism framework is only going to go so far before people realize that it’s YOUR framework that needs to do a better job defending itself.

    Anti-feminists, in case you haven’t noticed, don’t actually believe in feminist theory, so they aren’t concerned if they’ve broken feminist theory’s rules. You’ve dedicating a blog to calling them out when they don’t adhere to feminist principals WHEN WE DON’T BELIEVE IN FEMINIST PRINCIPALS! As a feminist, why don’t you actually defend feminism rather than take it as a given and wonder why other people don’t just follow it by default?

    Explain why the patriarchy allows men to die earlier than women.

    Explain how allocating more resources to women is overthrowing historic gender roles.

    Explain how when men endure more violence than women do, there is a war against women.

    Explain why people should care about the difference between gender and sex when the correlation between the two is frequent.

    Explain why women being expected to cook for a man is oppression and men being expected to die for a women is not.

    Explain why in poorer countries – countries where a weekly source of food is scarce – feminists consider the gender equality gap to be at its largest. Implying that in countries where wages a re next to nothing and people are starving, the MEN are in some strange way, exceptionally privileged in relation to their female counterparts.

    • I’m going to leave your comment right where it is because it displays everything that’s wrong with you and with the Manosphere in general. If you took even just a moment away from blaming each and every failure you have on women you’d have at least enough time to read this blog, research these things instead of reading Warren Farrell’s debunked drivel, and living your life.

      Have a nice day!
      It’s too bad your little forum got closed down and you’re here but I’m not on this planet to educate you. As I said, if you spent less time hating women for your failures and more time educating yourself you wouldn’t be here.

      • Holy cow. He should spend “less time hating women” for his failures? Asking you pertinent questions re/ your stand is “hating.” You reveal the slipshod thinking of many feminists. Everyone who challenges your view is a “hater.”

      • Radical feminists need women to be incapable victims, so they can tell them what to DO in order to be saved. It’s essential for all detractors, men OR women, to be misogynists to align with the social construct created in the minds of mad short-haired man-hating gender studies professors and taught to young, impressionable and clearly empty young minds.

        • You know where I hear most man-hating? From social conservatives. The GOP guy who wrote that offensive letter to Iran was recently quoted as saying (paraphrased) that women are only ever poor because they refuse to marry a man. So according to the GOP, men are ATM machines. And I’ve lost count of how many conservatives I’ve read saying that it’s women’s fault for being raped because we should have been more careful because everyone knows men are ravening sex-beasts who take what they can get. Don’t tell me you haven’t heard conservatives say that because I will ask you when was the last time you got your hearing checked. If you’re older than five, you have heard it at least once. If you’re not older than five, that would explain a lot about your online behavior.

          Feminists expect something out of you, that’s all. That may be a novel experience for you. But it’s part of being an adult. Unfortunately this culture doesn’t treat men like adults, it treats you like dumb dudebro warmongering beer-guzzling dickbots put into the world to annoy everybody else. You deserve better. Too bad you don’t think so.

    • I’ll bite.

      1. After all this time, with the medical field doing most of its research on men and using medication doses and techniques and diagnostic criteria that are most relevant to men on EVERYBODY (did you know heart attacks in women have different symptoms than they do in men? Probably not), men are STILL dying earlier. Patriarchy’s *trying* to save you. Wonder why it’s not working.

      2. Men own at least 90% of the world’s resources. Whatever resources are “given” to women, they’re largely on loan. In most of the world, if a man builds a house for his wife, it’s still his house. In most of the world, if he hands her money to go to the market, it is still his money. If women really did own most of the world’s resources then divorce would not be so traumatic for us and no one would have ever suggested that men pay alimony or support. It simply wouldn’t be needed.

      3. Men commit most of the violence, period. It breaks down like this, though: males are more likely to be victims of stranger violence, while women are more likely to be harmed by someone we know. So the way the statistics break down, a man would rather hurt a woman he knows than hurt a man he knows. That’s why we say “war against women”. If you could not even trust your own partner or spouse or parent or sibling to be in the same room with you without hurting you, you’d feel under siege too.

      4. The correlation between gender and sex is frequent because the culture clamps down on indoctrinating gender into children based on their perceived physical sex at birth (assuming the occasional intersexed person). But are little boys born holding a football? Are little girls born in pink dresses and holding Barbies? Course they’re not.

      And what is considered feminine-gendered behavior in this culture would not necessarily be considered feminine in another one. Even in this culture (Anglo-American Western), men used to wear high heels and makeup and do their hair all fancy. There are still men wearing makeup in some other cultures today, as in several African tribes. There are men wearing dresslike garments, as we see in the Middle East.

      There is NO one way to do gender. That’s why it matters. Because too many idiots are hellbent on enforcing gender norms that really don’t even matter. If it has nothing to do with the production and raising of children, it doesn’t need to be gendered. If you’re not going to actually have sex with a given person and have children with them, it doesn’t actually matter whether you know what sex they are or find them attractive. Mind your own.

      5. No one expects you to die for us, but do go on with your martyr act. If you are referring to war, it’s fought for resources, not for women, unless you consider women resources. (If you do, you’re an utter failure of a human being.) And when men are sent to war, it is overwhelmingly by other men, so take it up with them.

      Also, learn the fuck how to cook, because even if you do manage to get married–and you will have to find yourself a Stepford girlfriend before that happens, most of us are not that stupid–something could happen to her to make her incapable of cooking for you and what would you do, starve? Learn to do for yourself. You will be considered more of an asset in anyone’s life and more appreciated. Because what you’re doing right now? Not at all useful.

      6. Because in most cultures the men take nearly all the resources for themselves, and that’s no different in a culture where most of the people are starving. The men will take off with the food with the excuse that they need to be nourished so they can work, so they can find more food, so they can go fight a war–often the latter, because war is usually the first reason everyone in a given culture is starving. (And who started the war? Men of course…) A woman’s usual habit, whether through socialization or instinct, is to take what limited resources she has and spend them on her children. Give a woman food and she’ll feed her children. Give a man food and he’ll eat. There are exceptions to every rule but that is the general trend.


      And you’ll probably have rude and poorly-thought-out counterarguments for all the above, and I probably won’t answer them because this isn’t Facebook, I won’t get the notification and frankly I have better things to do. Oh well, you asked.

      • Better things to do? Yet here is my multi-paragraph diatribe slewed with fallacies and evidence of a gross ignorance for history and human nature. Full of conflations and-well-just more crap. I’ll Have a nice uninformed day 🙂

  4. “I’ve been blogging for the past 15 years. My current blog is dedicated to critiquing the Manosphere, a loose connection of anti-feminist/misogynist websites run by men. I’ve been critiquing them since 2006, first in video format, and now in blog format.”

    It’s too bad you haven’t learned anything of value during that period.

    • Ooh, good one, Jim. Men are sooo clever (for genetically defective and expendable meatsacks, that is)! /s


  5. Hi there, I’ve been watching some of your vids and am glad to have found this blog. I like your style. Besides your intelligence and persistence, you keep your sense of humor when I can’t imagine being able to do so. Appreciate the classical piano part of you too as I enjoy opera. Good luck, stay strong and keep up this important work as long as you can stand to!
    Aside from David Futrelle, I think there are very few other bloggers with your level of understanding of the appalling MRA movement.


    • Thanks very much. I have to keep my sense of humour because dealing with these hate-filled cretins can be tough. David is one of my inspirations for creating this blog. I used to do everything in video but I’m a much better blogger, in my view, than I am a vlogger.

  6. Your email link isn’t active. I wanted to email you in relation to safety concerns surrounding one of your more recent posts. Please contact me via email when you can.

  7. Great blog and your a good writer. I used to read the manosphere sites and was MGTOW. However I realized so much bitter hate in the MGTOW movement I left it. I absolutely will not align myself with any mens group that is misogynistic. I then discovered through a website misogyny of the so called manosphere. However Feminism has much discussion on masculinity. I admire Michael Kimmel and a male feminist called Rob Okun who has an online blog VoiceMale that is a mens site for men but pro feminist. I have been enlightened how feminism does explore masculinities and the male gender role. There are tons of feminist mens only groups around but these idiots in the manosphere are ignorant and blind to not only the hate in the mansophere but how Feminism can help men.

  8. Wow, this site is a real treat! Very funny and punchy. I’ve only heard about these MRA guys for about a month or so and the stuff at AMfV is genuinely disturbing. I’m really concerned that they’ve been able to get a Canadian senator to appear at their conference. Does she really know what this is? Keep fighting the good fight!

  9. This seems to be the kind of site I’ve been looking for! I’ve also been looking for feminist videos on Youtube, but all I get is handmaidens, doodz, and basically anti-feminist/female crap galore. When I clicked on your link to watch your Youtube video, it said it was private. Is there any way I can view it?

    Also, keep up the great work!

      • I’m so sorry to hear that, but you’re very much welcome! Anything to help my fellow sister out and anything to ensure this awesome blog keeps on being awesome! Thank you for all your hard work on calling men out on their shenanigans! Much appreciated!

  10. The link to email you doesn’t work. I’d like to send you an email if possible. My inquiry is related to Facebook, so if you don’t use Facebook then never mind.

  11. You expect me to accept you as “gifted” because of an IQ test you took when you were a nine-year-old? Pathetic. The fact that you took a BA in psychology and still have such reductive notion about your own identity is a testament to the uselessness of your degree. Why? Because there is absolutely no guarantee that you would score within the same range if you took the test again (whatever the fuck test you took, since there isn’t actually a monolithic IQ test but instead a loose collection tests, some of which are much better than others; i.e, IQ is a generic term that anyone can apply to any test they invent, thus the massive proliferation of online IQ tests). But even if you did, it wouldn’t make you “gifted” or a “genius.” There are many people who scored lower than “gifted” who are doing more interesting things than you are. I guarantee that.

    This should be obvious to you. Just because some clown labelled his test with the name “Intelligent Quotient” doesn’t mean the test measures “innate intelligence” -a highly problematic concept given the current state of genetics and neuroscience. But then again, an airheaded psychology major probably wouldn’t follow that shit.

    You overestimate both the predictive value and efficacy of the test-score you’ve been lionizing for years. Congratulations.

    • Wow, you’re a real idiot. I was tested by a Registered Psychologist for entry into a special program. Apparently you can’t read. I was also tested using other methods designed by other psychologists and did a private study in University with one of those psychologists and am well aware that psychological testing has different predictive values.

      I have a genius IQ according to standardized IQ tests that have been around for decades. This allowed me into a special program. Just because you have a little bee in your bonnet that a woman actually has a genius IQ means tonight you might have some tears but you’ll quickly get over it.

      You’re now dismissed.

      • I’m a male whiner and I’m angry you have a genius IQ that got you into a special program for gifted people. I’m so butthurt over it that I’m going to call you an idiot and all sorts of other names.

        I’m really having a mantrum.

        • I’m so butthurt that I’m still commenting even though I’ve been shown the door. I’m a male so I must harass you. I’m showing you how I can’t take ‘no’ for an answer. No means nothing to me even though a dog can understand it very easily.

          • Your series of comments are perfection, Common Sense.

            They are exactly what I think whenever I see the self-righteous, long-winded, and triumphantly confused comments from MRAs.

            I used to read all comments, even from the MRA whiners, because i like to give everybody a fair shake. but now I just scroll past. MRAs are so boring and tiresome.

    • Oh and so you have a big cry I took the Oral Slosson and the WISC. Both are standardized IQ tests and both were administered in my childhood in order to qualify me for a gifted group that was all male, until I came into the picture.

      Now don’t be too butthurt. The stinging sensation can be ameliorated with some zinc oxide, otherwise known as rash cream. Apply it liberally and your sore, itchy ass will feel better in no time. If you have any further problems please contact your physician as this blog isn’t intended to give out medical advice.

      Thank you and have a nice day.

      • You are showing your ignorance here, cvvx. Having a high IQ or being “gifted” doesn’t mean that one will be highly adept in all academic skills. You must not have spent much time around high-IQ folks.

    • Wow, Idiot Destructive Destroyer, you are just so pissed that someone–and God forbid, a woman–has been to university, is articulate and intelligent, and could intellectually eat you for breakfast. You fully embrace the men’s rights notion that education and degrees are for nought. And I would hazard a guess that it’s because not one of you has any brains and the majority of you have the IQ of a intellectually disabled earthworm. But you all love to pump out long tortuous, turgid, nonsensical sentences filled with big words. Very telling.

    • You lack reading comprehension skills, Destroyer of Reductive Idiots. The point of House Mouse’s anecdote was to describe the moment when she first became brutally aware of sexism, not to make any claims or warranties about her level of intelligence or how “special” she is. Clearly, it did rub your ego the wrong way, which says a lot more about you than it does about her.

      Or, maybe you didn’t misunderstand the point of what House Mouse said at all. Maybe you just want to take the opportunity to mansplain everything you know about IQ test? Aaawww, good boy!! You so clever!!! Have a treat!!!

  12. You should all probably know that I’m a butthurt male who STILL hasn’t understood the meaning of ‘Go the fuck away’ yet.

  13. Oh my Gosh, thank you. I can list so many sexist and offensive websites that I’ve seen, such as Return Of Kings. (Seriously, you can’t give a decent arguement without someone calling you ‘gay’ or a ‘feminazi’. Pretty sad.) I’ll be honest, at first I didn’t really see how men were oppressed. But as I grew up, I began to realize how feminism affects both genders positively. And thank you for being one of those smart people on the internet who actually knows what the definition of feminism is.

  14. We stupid humans believe that mice are scaredy creatures who run from everything. I have seen a mouse stand up on its hind legs and fight a cat 100 times its size — amazing! Inspirational!

  15. Your whole life and work is based on an evil lie. You are a dumb brainwashed bitch who is ruining society with your stupid man hating. You are professional victim who is dumb as rocks. Go to the middle east if you want to see real oppression you fuck tard bitch. You need to be locked up in a mental home so you stop spreading your bullshit!

  16. I just recently found your youtube and wrote to you in the ‘discussions’ tab under the name of voight kampff.
    Thank you so much for all the work you do, and for helping and loving women!
    I just went through all the comments on your about page and just died laughing at all the hilariously spot fucking on commentary you replaced cry baby men children’s comments with. O dogs….I’m still giggling.
    Seriously, brightened my morning! 🙂
    I love your blog. I’ve come to it, off and on, for a couple years now (i think, I read a lot of blogs) You always find some of the most incredible stuff.
    I just wanted to come and tell you that what you are doing is important and valuable and to thank you for all you do!
    I live in BC Canada too!!!!
    I spent over 14 years of my life living in east Vancouver and the DTES. I miss aspects of it, but I prefer my life in the bush now.
    Anyways, thank you again for all the hard work you do exposing the men’s rights to hate women movement and all the other work you do as well!
    Love your blog, think you’re amazing!

  17. I plan to listen to your hangout on Saturday. I like that you are a feminist who is interested in the manosphere. I used to spend a lot of time there last year since I’ve been let down by women. At least men talk about things I don’t find women publicly talk about. That’s why it was a refuge for me. I am a feminist and became so through radical feminism. I’ve been a subscriber on YouTube for some time but only today discovered your blog. I’m a feminist but I simply don’t get along with women. I deleted my profile on a lesbian site. I am rejected and betrayed by women and of course I need an outlet for my anger. Which the manosphere can provide to an extent. Now I’m also sure a relationship with a transwoman won’t work either. I’ve been called both transphobic and a tranny. There is no such term as a MGTOW for women so I just can’t have an identity that’s recognized by other people. No group in society recognizes that some people don’t fit a stereotype. Even radical feminist expect of me to fit a stereotype but I’m somebody who likes to be free of ideologies. From either side. The only role I can take on is that of an observer. I have no motivation for much since I don’t have a place in society. I thought transgender could be my place to find peace and dignity at but it just doesn’t work out. Feminists care much more about females who actually have transitioned or detransition. The ones like me who don’t go that easy way don’t exist for them. So that’s wrong about so-called feminism. They really don’t care about actual people. You have narcissists and sociopaths everywhere. I need men to keep me functioning in society. If I didn’t have access to men online I wouldn’t be able to be emotionally stable. Even though it hurts to be on the outside and knowing I’ll never be part of the men vs. women battle because I can’t identify thoroughly with either group.. Women hurt and alienate me and I need somebody to relate to and be able to identify with. I can’t identify with normal women. Only to radical feminists to a degree. Otherwise I can’t bear my life. Feminists have no empathy or understanding for this. I’m female and women don’t care about me. Whether feminist or anti-feminist. Whether lesbian or het women. I need to avoid women at all cost now. I mean all direct contact. That’s how far it has come. I find consolation in the hope that my outsider positions will make me see a much bigger picture than most are able to see…one day.

  18. I am appalled at some of the hate and comments you have received on your site. I am a man and a proud feminist (equal rights and opportunities for men and women). I came across your site during some research I am doing for a story and am still reeling from the levels of hate I’m seeing towards women. If it helps, please be assured that there are plenty of men like me who are not afraid to speak out under our own name against violence, repression or any of the other horrible things that still happen to women on a daily basis. And for the anti-feminists who may read this I am also against violence and repression towards men. We should not be abusing or trying to oppress anyone. We should be engaging in healthy dialogue. Feminism is not about women taking over the world. It is about bringing both sexes to an equal level. Feminism – just like the fight against racism – is about equality and there is nothing scary or horrible about that.

    It would be easy for me to get angry at the comments I’ve read, but I don’t see any benefit. The people who make them are either unwilling or unable to engage in healthy debate. I hope we see the playing field between men and women level in my lifetime, and as long as people like me and you keep talking about these issues, then perhaps we can get there.

    I hope you have a good day.


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