Jim Norton Is a Horrible Human Being


Jim Norton: Momma’s Little Monster

Male supremacy is so often on display that we get numb to it sometimes. It’s that metaphor about a goldfish not knowing what water is because it’s surrounded by it for its entire life. Misogyny is all around us, all the time. Many of us have to ‘turn off’ to take a break from it, like I’ve done this summer, only to have one male supremacist asshole  knock me back into consciousness. For me, that’s Jim Norton.

Jim wrote a long mansplain in TIME called ‘In Defense of Johns’ about how he’s a nice guy who pays prostituted women and girls to do whatever he likes. Jim is so proud of this fact, he thinks he deserves a parade down 5th Ave in New York.

The interesting thing about the very beginning of his piece is that he imagines his parents hiding while he’s on a parade float getting confetti thrown his way. You see, Jim knows somewhere in his empty head that prostitution isn’t good for women and girls. He just doesn’t give a shit.

‘I envisioned myself being carted down New York City’s Fifth Avenue on the back of a flatbed truck, waving to cheering fans as confetti rained down on me and my disappointed parents hid behind a mailbox.’

Jim repeats every debunked claim made by liberals on the left: that prostitution should be legal because it’s ‘safer’, that it can be regulated, that ‘more security’ works. We know that these claims are bullshit. One serious look at any country that has ‘regulated’ prostitution instantly lays these claims to shame.

He trots out the ‘less rapes’ argument too. Inherent in that very argument is an admission that men are monsters, that they’re brainless predatory animals who will rape if they don’t get to buy women and girls off the street to abuse and torment.

‘By keeping prostitution illegal because we find it morally objectionable, we allow (or, more accurately, you allow) sex workers to constantly be put into dangerous situations. Studies have shown that rapes and STDs dropped drastically from 2003 to 2009 in Rhode Island after the state accidentally legalized it.’

Let’s talk about shame for a minute. Jim says he’s not ashamed that he can’t have an equal sexual encounter with a woman who can freely consent. Jim thinks that when he gives a prostituted female some money that she’s freely consenting. Jim thinks you ‘buy’ consent. Most sweatshop owners agree with him.  Once you give a woman a $20, her systematic oppression, her lifelong struggles with poverty, drug addiction and childhood trauma magically disappear. Awww, Jim’s such a ‘Nice Guy.’

Jim is particularly mad at the Nordic Model, the only model designed to help women and girls escape their horrific lives being prostituted. Johns get arrested and fined when they attempt to pay a woman or girl for rape.

‘Law-enforcement stings designed to shame men who pay for sex are nothing more than the state blowing its own morality horn.’

What do you mean he can’t buy a sex slave? I bet Jimmy is a Libertarian. Poor diddums.

I’m also sick to death of lefty men dismissing the harms in prostitution by claiming there’s no moral argument. There IS a moral argument. It’s the argument about female human beings having rights not to be sexually preyed upon and damaged en masse because they happen to be in the lowest class. It’s like saying poor people are supposed to be given slave wages and their bodies and minds broken because large corporations need to have cheap labour. Lefty men just brush it off as ‘Psssh! Morality!’

‘If these men are anything like me, they might simply feel more comfortable with prostitutes.’

Trust me Jim, you’re not alone. Plenty of men are male supremacists just. like. you. The reason men like you are more comfortable is because you don’t have to interact with an equal. You see Jim, women and girls who aren’t in the prostituted underclass won’t tolerate the abuse. That’s why so many Johns are married or have girlfriends. These men can only abuse and degrade a destitute woman.

Many middle class white women take to social media pronouncing how choicy, choice, choice it is to be anally raped day in and day out for $10 bucks a time. We here at Mancheeze call that Liberal Feminism aka Men’s Rights Activism. It’s the brainless assholes like you that promote it.

‘I never pick them up to be abusive. I always feel extraordinarily loving and close to them. When I first began soliciting sex for money, it never occurred to me that some of them are possibly forced into prostitution or have abusive pimps. I must have known it deep down on an intellectual level but hadn’t witnessed anything to confirm it.’

I’ve never seen an albatross up close and personal Jim, but I know they exist.

‘The only experience I’ve had where an element of violence was present was driving on 48th Street in New York and talking to a girl through my passenger window. (A big part of my addiction is the ritualistic aspect, and for some reason I only liked to pick up prostitutes who talked to me through the passenger window.) As we were speaking, a van full of girls stopped, and a guy I assume was her pimp bounced her across the hood of my car and threw her in the van.’

Jim likes ritualized submission from women. That’s why he loves them coming up to his car window. Jim feels dominant and manly when impoverished, drug addicted and psychologically traumatized women chase after his car. It makes him feel wanted. His mother must be proud she raised a son like him. If I had known my son was going to turn out the way Jim did I would’ve proudly aborted.

After Jim admits he’s seen the abuse, he carries on shamelessly promoting the enslavement and degradation of women and girls. Jim, like most men, simply doesn’t care they’re contributing to half the human race being robbed of human dignity. All Jim cares about is himself and his feelz.

You’re a shit heel Jim. I’m not done with you either.



Here’s his crappy article:


In Defense of Johns

Christopher Lovenguth Jim Norton

I’m not ashamed to pay for sex—and other men shouldn’t be either

As a man who has spent an embarrassing amount of money on prostitutes and various other sexual encounters, I was excited when I heard about a “National Day of Johns,” because I thought I was being honored.

I envisioned myself being carted down New York City’s Fifth Avenue on the back of a flatbed truck, waving to cheering fans as confetti rained down on me and my disappointed parents hid behind a mailbox. A silly (yet understandable) mistake on my part, as the National Day of Johns was a celebration of the arrests of hundreds of men in a series of sex stings in 15 states. The fact that I’ve never been arrested in one of these stings should convince even the most ardent of atheists that miracles are indeed possible.

I suppose you could say I am the consummate john. I’m loyal, I’m dedicated, and I will always come back — even as it seems as though efforts to shame johns are on a national upswing throughout the country.

I cannot even fathom a guess as to how much money — let alone time — I’ve spent on paid sex in the past 25 years. Although I can tell you that when Charlie Sheen confessed he’d spent $50,000 in one year, I nodded my head and saw it as an achievable goal. Because I’ve never actually tallied the dollar amount of my sex addiction, my therapist tells me I should — her logic being that a concrete cost would make it more definitive and its consequences more tangible.

But really, perhaps the most shameful thing I can admit is this: I’m not really ashamed. And neither should any of these other (unmarried) johns who have been arrested.

If these men are anything like me, they might simply feel more comfortable with prostitutes. I never pick them up to be abusive. I always feel extraordinarily loving and close to them. When I first began soliciting sex for money, it never occurred to me that some of them are possibly forced into prostitution or have abusive pimps. I must have known it deep down on an intellectual level but hadn’t witnessed anything to confirm it.

Until I did.

The only experience I’ve had where an element of violence was present was driving on 48th Street in New York and talking to a girl through my passenger window. (A big part of my addiction is the ritualistic aspect, and for some reason I only liked to pick up prostitutes who talked to me through the passenger window.) As we were speaking, a van full of girls stopped, and a guy I assume was her pimp bounced her across the hood of my car and threw her in the van.

This is why I’m a firm believer that prostitution should be legalized and pimps should be thrown down an elevator shaft.

Law-enforcement stings designed to shame men who pay for sex are nothing more than the state blowing its own morality horn. Being a comedian who is single allows me a luxury most johns don’t have, which is the freedom to discuss the topic openly. And not from a case-study point of view but from the honest point of view of someone who has spent the equivalent of a Harvard Law School education on purchasing sex.

By keeping prostitution illegal because we find it morally objectionable, we allow (or, more accurately, you allow) sex workers to constantly be put into dangerous situations. Studies have shown that rapes and STDs dropped drastically from 2003 to 2009 in Rhode Island after the state accidentally legalized it. The American Journal of Epidemiology showed that the homicide rate for prostitutes is 50 times that for those in the next most dangerous job for a woman, working in a liquor store. You don’t need a master’s in sociology to understand it would be much safer for sex workers if they were permitted to work in places that provided adequate security. Legalizing prostitution would also alleviate the fear a sex worker may have about reporting a john’s abusive behavior because of the risk of arrest.

The illegal aspect of prostitution has never deterred me, nor would legalizing it cause me to engage in it more.

The decision people make to have sex for a living would undoubtedly confuse and repulse a large part of the population. But in a free society, people must be allowed to make choices for themselves that are incomprehensible to others. By keeping prostitution illegal and demonizing all of its parties, we (you) are empowering pimps and human traffickers and anyone else who wants to victimize sex workers because they feel helpless under the law.

Give sex workers rights. Give johns a break.


Why Richard Dawkins Is An Asshat


I’ve been watching on the sidelines as Richard Dawkins tweets himself into a corner. It all started when he tweeted a cartoon uploaded by a but-I’m-not-a-Men’s Rights activist, SargonofAkkad aka Carl Benjamin, on Youtube, (I won’t link it because it’s misogynist crap) The cartoon was ridiculous and featured a young woman that men’s rights activists have attacked for at least 2 years and who they call ‘Big Red.’ She was just a young woman who was at the University of Toronto protest against Warren Farrell, who is called the ‘father’ of the Men’s rights movement.

Here’s Dawkins’ original tweet that was captured and later erased :


This young woman was unlucky in the sense that she attended a protest at the University of Toronto and was video recorded by the fellas over at the misogynist hate site A Voice for Men. In fact, the man who continually talked over her and interrupted her in the video was Dan Perrins, an MRA who has a criminal record for assault and stalking. Even I have a police report on him for stalking me.

Lindy West attempted to educate Dawkins, to get him to remove the cartoon tweet, because she knew it would result in another round of harassment and threats. Dawkins eventually removed the tweet but then doubled down after someone sent him the actual video of the protest, which he re-tweeted.

Dawkins retweet of Toronto Protest


Dawkins called this young woman ‘vile’ and basically said she deserved whatever she got as long as it wasn’t threats. He carried on retweeting MRA’s and even suggested that the threats and harassment Big Red has gotten for at least 2 years were just fake. He even retweeted Andrea Hardie aka Judgybitch from A Voice For Men.






Let’s educate the hypocritical white male on this entire situation.

First, there is no alliance between radical feminists and Islamists. None. The cartoon itself was one giant strawman. It’s clear to me that Dawkins, like his MRA followers, don’t know the difference between radical and neoliberal feminism. These guys go to Jezebel and think that’s radical feminism. Hint: it’s not. There is no rational argument to be made that any form of feminist thought is in line with Islamism. The cartoon itself made zero sense. It was just an attack on women and feminists. Are we supposed to think Dawkins is ignorant of this fact? Clearly not, because his original tweet pictured above is him singling out a ‘minority’ of feminists.

Fun fact: if you do a search on google.ca for ‘big red feminist’ it returns 18.7 MILLION results.

Second, Dawkins was sent (probably by an MRA) the original protest video from Toronto and decided that Big Red deserves whatever scorn she gets. Why? Because she told Dan Perrins to shut the fuck up? I thought Western women could tell men who were harassing them to shut the fuck up? Did Dawkins know what was taking place there? It was like any other protest where women are video recorded by men’s rights activists and harassed. Did Dawkins know that Dan Perrins, the MRA with the criminal record, was the one taunting her? Did he know that they purposely recorded her and uploaded it to Youtube with the express purpose of doxxing and terrorizing her for years? That’s what men’s rights activists do. Big Red is not a public figure. She’s a young woman who was ambushed and recorded by MRA’s for the express purpose of harassment both online and offline.

Further Reading on Dan Perrins:

CBC Radio Interview Exposes CAFE’s Justin Trottier’s Dishonesty (Trottier calls an MRA who sits on his Board of Directors (Dan Perrins) an extremist.’

Dan Perrins Calls the Police on Me For Being a ‘Radical Feminist Who Hates Men’ | Mancheeze

Dan ‘Kill The Bitch’ Perrins of AVFM and CAFE On A Liquid Diet For ‘Ethics in Journalism’ Or Something | Mancheeze

Dawkins, who bleats wildly over the dark-skinned men and their Sharia Law, is behaving exactly like they do. Islamists single out ‘SOME’ women, the ‘bad ones’, and publicly stone them. Dawkins thinks there’s a subgroup, a class of Western women, or ‘some feminists,’ that deserve to be abused and ridiculed. He clearly outlined that Big Red deserves male abuse because she’s ‘vile’, a ‘Lovecraftian horror’, and ‘nasty.’

Why does Big Red deserve abuse? Because Dawkins says so. He was told she was a young woman who was singled out by MRA’s and abused on social media for years but that didn’t phase him.

Dawkins was then dis-invited by the NECSS conference in New York. This sent the manbabies in a fury.

Dawkins responded:

I woke up this morning to see a public announcement that my invitation to speak at NECSS 2016 had been withdrawn by the executive committee. I do not write this out of concern about my appearance or non-appearance at NECSS, but I wish there had been a friendly conversation before such unilateral action was taken.

I bet the young woman you targeted for further abuse wished for the same thing. Even when you were notified that she was targeted you doubled down after watching ONE VIDEO. Did you speak to her and find out about how she felt being terrorized for 2 years?

It is possible I could have allayed the committee members’ concerns, or, if not, at least we could have talked through their objections to my tweet. If our community is about anything, it is that reasoned discussion is the best way to work through disagreements.

Except when it comes to ‘some feminists’ you decide are vile and deserve it.

I might mention that, before receiving any word from NECSS, I had already deleted the tweet to which they objected. I did it purely because I was told that the video referenced a real woman, who had been threatened on earlier occasions because of YouTube videos in which she appeared to her disadvantage.

You did delete it and then you said she deserves more. You retweeted men’s rights activists who were saying her harassment was fake.

I have no knowledge of the authenticity of the alleged death and rape threats. But to delete my tweet seemed the safest and most humane course of action. I have always condemned violence and threats of violence, for example in this tweet, which I also posted the day before the NECSS decision.


There it is again, you DENY that she was even harassed when all it would take is a simple Google search like I did above to find out the truth of it. Or hey, maybe you could’ve tried speaking with her before taking the word of every MRA fanboy you retweeted? Just a thought.


I wish the NECSS every success at their conference. The science and scepticism community is too small and too important to let disagreements divide us and divert us from our mission of promoting a more critical and scientifically literate world.


It’s too bad Dawkins doesn’t take that critical approach when talking about feminism, something he clearly knows nothing about but feels totally free to conflate with Islamism. I mean how scientifically illiterate is that?

And today it’s no better:



Today, a long post was published to explain the decision to uninvite Dawkins from the upcoming NECSS con. It was surprisingly mild in my opinion considering Dawkins behaviour. And let me say one more thing, although I find myself in disagreement with some of the folks over at FreeThoughtBlogs, they have some excellent posts up. Here’s a few I really liked:

Dawkins Goes Denialist: An Open Letter to the CFI Board

NECSS Dumps Richard Dawkins Over Hate Tweet | Skepchick


Dawkins posted a Nazi propaganda image this morning. It was hidden in the code at the bottom. It was screencapped before he erased it. This was an accident but it shows that Dawkins isn’t so skeptical about what he’s tweeting while he’s going after ‘Social Justice Warriors.’ The term itself is something the Manosphere and Alt Right dudes use to castigate feminists.

I have a post coming up on the Western male hypocrisy in regards to the sexual assaults in Cologne and other cities in Germany. It will be a doosie.


Men’s Rights Activist Buys Domain Names To Target And Punish Women

MRA Jack Barnes has bought the domain names of several women he’s targeted for stalking and harassment. In an effort to terrorize Clementine Ford, Kerri Sackville, and Traci Spicer, Barnes has bought clementineford.com and the rest.

When I first heard about this, I thought it was similar to the actions of a male batterer who wants to continue to intimidate and stalk an ex. This is how personal this latest round of online terrorism seems to me. Also, during the hangout (below) Barnes and Elam were saying things to the effect of ‘if these women don’t keep their mouths shut online, we’ll publish the sites and make them live.’ That’s a threat.

His goal is to punish these women for being women who speak online about women’s rights. His intention is to have his sites, filled with hateful, misogynist articles, to come up first in a Google search. Barnes and Elam hope that these women suffer job loss and other opportunities.

In a hangout, they describe exactly what they’ve done and why they’ve done it.

I don’t know what the laws are around purchasing a domain name in anothers name and filling it with online misogyny with the express purpose of harming them. I can’t imagine this is legal to do but on the other hand, internet laws are still developing. If the women object to this, I can’t imagine any court turning them down.

Barnes and Elam are prepared for that. James Huff, who was also in the hangout, mentioned that he knows the law will intervene and that it’s a good thing because they’ll get the names of the people who support these women. Huff is the MRA responsible for finding the dox of several women on radfemhub and dropping them to the world in the Agent Orange Files.

Barnes has published clementineford.com. I checked and the site is live. I will not link it as it’s a record of Barnes stalking her Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. In fact, she just unpublished her Facebook page.

I have archived the site in case he takes it down. I have also downloaded the video of the hangout where he admits what he’s done along with his threats.

Remember, the men’s rights movement is totally about men’s rights and not about terrorizing women.

The Great Fishing Expedition 2016

Men are always thinking up new ways to intimidate and harm women. 2016 will be no different. We’ve come to expect this from the men’s rightsers but it also comes from transactivists, who are aligning themselves closer to MRA’s than ever before. The TransAdvocate has started a new 2016 feature called Conversations. Two men, John Stoltenberg and Cristan Williams, editor of the Transadvocate, are attempting to rewrite radical feminism, to make it more palatable for men. *yawn*

I found out about this new development on Twitter, when I came across Lucyfire’s tweet.

Cristan Williams: a man bent on rewriting radical feminism to suit himself

I find even the name of this new feature hilarious because women aren’t part of the conversation and with all the transactivists no platforming radical feminists it busts the hypocrisy meter. Maybe they mean all the conversations they won’t be having while they silence and intimidate women? At least that would be honest.

I read their description of this project:

It is an encounter between ‘old school’ Second Wave feminists of all birth assignments who are not adverse to learning something new,

Learning something new? There is nothing new here. We’re not going to redesign feminist theory to fit your fetishes. This is talking down to women in the most patronizing way possible.

‘Birth assignment’ is another wacko term which shows these men know nothing about radical feminism. People aren’t assigned, they’re born either male or female. Why would a man want a uterus if ‘biology doesn’t matter?’ Yet plenty of transactivists (men) are rallying for uterus transplants.

As an aside on uterus transplants, there is strict criteria that the recipient must be female. In fact, in the 1930’s a transdude died from the procedure. No male will ever have a functioning uterus, ever. These types of experiments show, in themselves, that biology is a THING and that it matters. Radical feminists know it matters, in the sense that our female biology is personal AND political.

Stoltenberg is repudiating radical feminist theory and using a dead woman who can’t speak for herself (but who did), to do it. Stoltenberg is rewriting Andrea’s positions. Taking women’s hard work and using it beat other women over the head is not feminist but it’s just what we’ve come to expect from men.

When I asked Stoltenberg why he agreed to collaborate on this Project, he said, “Andrea Dworkin, my life partner of 31 years, repudiated sex essentialism, meaning she did not believe there are innate characteristics that define us. Instead, she believed, we are a ‘multisexed species.’ Since Andrea’s death in 2005,  I have become increasingly concerned that the radical feminism I first learned from her was being misappropriated in the name of ‘real womanhood’ in ways that not only shun and derogate trans women but also betray the fundamental radical feminist insight that male supremacy is premised on the lethal fiction of ‘real manhood.’”

The only expected and predictable betrayal here is from male supremacists like Williams and Stoltenberg.

Many radical feminists have heard Stoltenberg’s lazy revisions of Dworkin’s work and there are many articles that expose his opportunism and fictions. In fact, Derrick Jensen called him out but good in this response he did on Gender Detective.

In the project proposal, Williams linked an article by the TransAdvocate called ‘Sex Essentialism, Terfs, and Smelly Vaginas.’ I won’t link it because it deserves no attention. The title itself displays the misogyny we’re all familiar with. It actually sounds like one of Elam’s titles. The funny thing is Williams also lives in Houston, just like Elam. What is it about Houston? Is it the water?

When I first came across this new project I got this heavy feeling in my stomach. I had to think about it for a few minutes and then the light bulb moment happened.

These two men have taken this right out of the MRA playbook. Obnoxiousness rules the day. Their hope is to anger women and start a fight. The key will be for women not to play. We don’t have to get angry. We simply have to ignore them and this entire project will fizzle out. No serious radical feminist will get involved with it.

Stoltenberg, in a bid for attention, went back to Jensen’s old article and left a comment announcing this project. In fact, he’s going to all the radfem blogs he’s aware of and leaving a copy/paste comment announcing this new project. It’s the Great Fishing Expedition 2016 with two men bent on harassing women and getting us to acquiesce. Don’t fall for it.

Sure, we can laugh at them while they do their mantrum and fling shit from their diapers but we don’t have to respond and give them what they want.

I’ll be watching from the sidelines as liberal feminists kowtow to these men and pretend they’re radical while doing men’s dirty work for them, which is exactly what’s going to happen.

Who Are The Men’s Rights Activists Funding Cassie Jaye?

Cassie Jaye did a Livestream with Sargon of Akkad, who rose to fame as the Youtube neckbeard of Gamergate. That’s how he came to prominence within the Manosphere. I was in the livestream watching men’s rights activists talk. Guess what the most common comments, the most common themes of the entire conversation?

There were a few common themes. The first that stood out to me was the endless sexualizing of Cassie. Roughly every 5-6 comments that flew by were about her looks and how they wanted to fuck her.

sexualized comms sexualized comms2 sexualized comms3 sexualized comms4 sexualized comms5 sexualized comms6

more on cassies looks cassie likes cock cassie wants dick

I don’t know if Cassie could see the chat and what these men were saying to her but one thing stood out to me. In the livestream she said the media outlet Vocatif took her statements out of context when she talked about being stalked by an MRA at her home with endless phone calls trying to woo her. This is exactly what I found MRA’s doing in the chat. From what I saw, there were lots of guys trying to hit on her. Even after the livestream, the top comments on the video are men sexualizing her.

The other theme in the chat was white male supremacy. This is just a tiny sample of the white male supremacist comments. The others were just too offensive or simply contained black face smilies with the words ‘niglet’ next to it and many symbols and the Jewish magen David. Many were about Jews needing to be gassed and lots of racial epithets, like ‘nigger.’white supremacist comms

white male supremacist gives donation

antisemitismWhite male supremacists are funding her film, no doubt about it. In fact, during the Livestream she reached her stretch goal of 175K and the guys told her.

money goal reached When she talked about the fact women need abortion rights and that these rights are under attack, many MRA’s didn’t like that. They are typically against abortion because they see women as incubators for ‘their child.’ Sargon even made a remark that abortions shouldn’t be common.

abortion mentioned conserv MRA reaction abortion mentioned conserv MRA reaction2 abortion mentioned conserv MRA reaction3MRA’s have the idea that women are supposed to be walking incubators and that this is women’s duty. They reduced Cassie to a baby maker because that’s all she’s good for ya know?

women wo kids are unhappy she needs to bet pregnant

When Cassie brought up her issues with Hollywood being sexist and Christianity being sexist, men didn’t like that either.

men reacting women are muses and men can't do anything women's bodies force men to do stupid thing

When the audience thought she was taking questions from them, this was the first question asked:comms 1

Some men declared that housework isn’t really a job. This is the mindset of these men. Many declared their eligibility to her and wanted to marry her.

housework is stupid

please marry me women wo kids are unhappy another marry me

When Cassie brought up her experience being in LA acting scene where women were being coerced to undress instead of act, the men got upset with this too. Sexually objectifying women is declared as totally natural for men to do to women. Even their Daddy idol Warren Farrell thinks women’s bodies and their sexuality are women’s power over men and that women withhold it and make men do stupid things. That’s why he put a naked woman on the cover of Myth of Male Power. It’s his central thesis. cassie acting comms cassie talks about acting cassies acting mra analysis lol mras in chat cassieThe men’s rights movement is not about men’s rights. It’s about male supremacy and white male anger at women. That’s all it will ever be. It’s not complicated Cassie.

It’s Not Complicated Cassie Jaye

The idea that Cassie Jaye’s movie on the MRM is going to be fair and balanced is simply laughable. The fact she never even reached out to me is a clear sign there’s not going to be any clear criticism of her subject.  I’ve been doing this for years, searching the nooks and crannies of the MRM, with an intense focus on A Voice for Men, to report what I find there, and it’s pretty simple: male supremacy.

I will not be paying a penny for this film. Enabling MRA’s to spread their hatred is not a feminist act Cassie. I don’t want to pay to watch a fireside chat where Paul Elam misrepresents himself and his movement while he stares shifty eyed into the camera.

Plus, male supremacist movements are historically cyclical. There are always reactionary men’s movements that spring up when women gain a certain amount of critical mass and bring their issues into the public consciousness. Every feminist knows this. The fact Cassie doesn’t see this or maybe is ignoring it for cash, is pretty lame, yet predictable. A turd is always a turd Cassie. Staring at a turd intently isn’t going to make it turn into something nice.

All hail the Golden Turd

Look at the book resources that A Voice for Men plasters on the front page of the site. Belfort Bax was a socialist that lived in the 1800’s, and even though Conservanut and Libertardian MRA’s hate socialism, they adore this guy. The reason is because he was a stanch misogynist, part of a male supremacist backlash during his time. Hell, Paul Elam is charging money for his writings when you can get them for free.

Cassie Jaye is no different than the handful of women that come to the rescue of MRA’s and front for them, because they make money doing so.  Karen Straughn and the Honey Badgers are one such group. They are able to command tens of thousands of dollars on a whim.

When they got booted from Cal Expo the MRM went into full tilt, making endless hours of videos, while the Honey Badgers carefully calculated a fundraiser to take advantage of the momentum and anger, at women and feminists. They even call their Youtube radio platform ‘The Ragening.’

Concoct a story that it’s all women and feminists fault, stoke that male anger to maximum outrage and the dollars come flowing in.

Cassie Jaye is a leech to the big vein of cash, always on tap for a woman who MRA’s gleefully embrace to give them the air of legitimacy. When Cassie realized feminists weren’t going to fund a film on male supremacist tantrums she went sobbing to Milo Yiannopolous, and she got her 100K, in less than a day.

Now she’s claiming that ‘Milo Yiannopolous’ isn’t a men’s rights activist. Earth to Cassie: He’s been publishing MRA rhetoric and leeching off Gamergate for some time.

Cassie claims she didn’t want feminists to donate large amounts of cash because she said they wanted creative control over the film, yet she took 10K from a few MRA’s and they’re getting a film credit.

Now Cassie is flogging David Futrelle, in a video on Youtube for more attention, because he wrote some words on a blog that she knew she could use to manufacture more male anger. She’s blaming him for the fact that most people don’t want anything to do with the subject matter of her movie, which should be titled ‘Men’s Rights Activists Play With Puppies Sometimes.’  We all know that every once in a while you can find an MRA doing something that looks innocuous, cute even, but give em an internet connection and the white male whiny rage begins.

Paul Elam’s girlfriend tried this not too long ago, painting Elam as a lovely and sensitive man because he cried over the loss of his dog Rocky. Well yeah, sometimes horrible misogynists do humane things. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure this out Cassie.

Another Conservative woman, BravetheWorld,  dipped her hand into the sewer of the MRM and like most people, found it to be full of hatred of women. When she spoke up about this the MRA online whinefest swamped her video, rated it down, and left horrible comments. She didn’t need to make a film worth 100K to figure this out.

And like clockwork, Diana Davidson, another female MRA handmaiden decided it was worth some money to counter-attack BravetheWorld. It was worth at least 18,000 views and some cash.

MRA handmaidens fight amongst themselves for notoriety and cash since disagreement and fighting with the men is forbidden. Karen Straughn is no stranger to this behaviour either.

When you’re swimming in the swamp, it’s hard to pick out the right turd. Cassie admits she’s already been stalked by one male supremacist during the making of the film. In the comment section on Cassie Jaye’s latest video whining about David Futrelle, there’s a sort of warning by MRA’s to her.

be honest and thing will b alright

We all know what this means. Portray us the way we paid you for and we won’t come after you later like we’ve done to countless other women. It’s similar to what a violent john does to a prostituted woman.

MRA’s funded the movie and they’ll get what they pay for. This is how MRA social media works. It’s how Milo, Sargon, Thunderf00t, Mundane Matt et al, put food on the table. Stoke the anger of white male supremacists, attack women, rake in cash, repeat.

Just look at what King Crockodumb tried doing to Laughing Witch. He made up a big whopper of an MRA narrative to try and milk his Youtube subs for cash. He told Laughing Witch to play the stupid, silly wife of the proud patriarchal husband who doesn’t know what his little woman was up to on the internet.

The fact Cassie is now blaming David Futrelle for her dirty hands after she did a swan dive into the septic tank of the Manosphere is pretty darn ironic.  She knows MRA’s have had a target on Futrelle’s back for years. The handmaidens always keep the men happy.

The only problem here, and it’s one David and I agree on, is that this will come back to bite her in the ass. You know the old saying, ‘you lay down with dogs. . .’

You see Cassie, it’s not complicated. People like myself and David aren’t magical in the sense we can see the future from our crystal balls. We just know the root of the MRM because we’ve monitored them for years and understand the basis of the entire movement.

Cassie calls herself a feminist, which is pretty pathetic. Feminists don’t give misogynists a legitimate platform. It’s like one of those cardinal rules, a foundational principle if you will.

Gosh, even ABC’s 20/20 realized the shit they were in and ultimately refused to air the interview they did with Elam. Just postponing it got MRA’s attacking Liz Vargas, another woman in a long line of women they’ve attacked for not asking ‘how high?’ when they told her to jump.

You’re free to do what you will Cassie, but turning this around on those who’ve known and researched the Manosphere far longer and far deeper than you have will have consequences that have nothing to do with either myself or David Futrelle. We’re not your scapegoats.

Oh and that’s not a threat, that’s just a fact.


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Rape Is Just Like Losing a Football Match Says Merseyside Police

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Now, onto some business.

This is the conversation Merseyside Police had today with a dude who wanted to report a ‘rape.’

merseyside police rape 1

merseyside police rape 2

And men’s rights activists and lefty men think we don’t live in a rape culture. Pssh!

Whenever you get some whiny dude lamenting his dudebrofeelz over the term ‘rape culture’ just link him here.  I don’t know if it’ll make any difference. Thick-headed men who can’t admit we live in a rape culture aren’t going to be moved anyway.

Merseyside Police erased the tweets and issued this apology:

merseyside police rape apology

This reminds of ‘Town Bloody Hall’ in which Germaine Greer et al schooled Norman Mailer for about an hour. When Mailer makes a sexist remark and gets called on it he screams ‘you (women) are all singularly without wit!’

This is the spoon all men reach for when they get called out for misogyny. ‘BUT, IT’S JUST A JOKE!’

This shit makes me wish we lived in a world similar to the movie Minority Report where just before a dude thinks about sexually assaulting a woman or joking about it he drops dead. Imagine it! all these dudes just dropping dead.

‘THUD! There goes another rapist!, and another one, and another one!’

Ah, liberation.

Paul Elam Wants To Harm Journalists and Their Families

Elam wrote a post that he took down very quickly whereby he threatens all the journalists who have written honestly about him and his hate site. I think the last piece calling him a woman hating asshole in so many words by his own home town paper brought out a case of ‘Elam-has-serious-anger issues.’

Here is the archive of what Paul wrote. Here is the apology he wrote in its place.

He is now backtracking as he has realized he just threatened a whole bunch of people and their families. Even some in his audience were taken aback by Elam’s rage but some were egging him on.

In the months ahead we will be teaching some of these people, all that we can, a lesson or three about what happens when you go too far in provoking the wrong people.

So, you can bet right now that if Jeff Sharlet, Mariah Blake, Adam Serwer and a whole lot of other people have dirt in their backgrounds, we are going to dig it up and spread it around like gonorrhea in a whorehouse.
That goes for their family members and embittered exes as well. Two can play at that game and it is our turn.

There are two archives of Twitter exchanges Dean Esmay and Paul Elam had with Nicole Sandler, a radio host who had Jeff Sharlet on to talk about his excellent piece on MRA’s. Archive 1, Archive 2

Paul Elam has a serious problem with women and anger issues. We’ve known about his hatred for quite some time. It seems his stunts for media attention have gotten him exactly what he deserves.

The Terrorism of the Manosphere

As a long time purveyor, exposer, and writer about the Manosphere I have to confess that it hurts me to do this work. Scouring the misogynist hate sites that make up the Manosphere in search of the latest plots to target women is psychologically and physically traumatic. I do it because some day, somewhere, a woman will need to know and she will want to fight back. The men in the Manosphere also scour the internet for women they can harm and it’s like trying to stay one step ahead of them at all times. The Manosphere makes no distinction between online and offline. If they can target a woman and get to her, it doesn’t make much difference to them how they do it.

There are times when I must take a break, times when I’m completely numb. My ‘break’ consists of a few days of wandering aimlessly around my apartment, looking for something to re-anchor me to humanity. I clean the sink, rearrange things, and mop the floor mindlessly at times wondering when I’ll feel grounded again. I play with my pet mice, wanting a hit of innocent joy.

When I go outside and see men in the street I ask myself ‘is he an MRA?’ and I wonder if I could tell the difference between a man who inhabits the Manosphere and one who doesn’t. But who am I kidding? From birth women are taught about men’s violence and how we must ‘there there’ them and never tell them ‘no.’ Women don’t have the luxury or the time to differentiate between who is and who isn’t an MRA and I admit it’s a bit futile since male violence knows no bounds.

Just look at what happened in Montreal after Roosh supposedly ‘spoke’ there. A woman was harassed in a bar. She told him to stop and he choked her. The media picked up on it and we got to hear her story, her terror. We also got to hear the female interviewer subtlety blaming her for saving herself. She knocked a pint glass over his head to save her life, a no-no. Women aren’t supposed to fight back. We’re supposed to smile, act nice, and die. Just imagine how many young women listened to that interview? We got the message loud and clear: don’t make waves.

The message is: telling men ‘no’ can end in violence against us, or worse, death. We know this before we’ve ever had a sexual relationship with a man. We remember the first catcall from an old man. We remember the first man that stalks us down the street yelling sexual slurs at us. We know what we are to men: ‘bitch, cunt, slut, whore, slag.’

We understand that men are only interested in one thing and that we are very unlucky to be born female. We become prey and we are hunted and that’s what Roosh and his cronies do: hunt us.

In my view the Manosphere is honest. They tell us ‘we hate you because you’re a woman.’ They tell us emphatically that this hatred is all part of being a man. If we mention toxic masculinity, these same men get enraged, never having the psychological skills to take a good internal look. The problem they say, is women, not their view of us.

This type of feminist work isn’t for everyone and I think any woman that has to wade into the cesspool that is the Manosphere will find herself coming closer to embracing the fact that men hate us and it will sting and burn. She’s heard about Andrea Dworkin from men who call her a ‘manhater.’ Now she’s being called a ‘manhater.’ She’s read the comment sections on feminist articles and heard about the SCUM manifesto and asks herself if she’s a misandrist.

She doesn’t hate men, she just wants them to respect her as a human being. She can’t understand what she’s done to deserve to be targeted for such violence. The fact is, she’s done absolutely nothing but exist as a female in this world who doesn’t want to be violated. The women who protested Roosh were simply saying ‘no’ to a man who teaches other men to hurt women, tells them that women are ‘bitch, cunt, whore, slag.’

Writers like me take some solace in the fact that there are other people out there exposing the Manosphere. Knowing the burden doesn’t fall completely on my shoulders is a relief. I remember one time talking to David Futrelle and telling him through email that I had no interest in PUA, that I was solely interested in A Voice for Men. I basically said to him ‘I’ll leave it to you to cover the pick up artists.’ I said this because I had my hands full with just one site because being a woman who covers the Manosphere, I believe, is different and much more difficult.

Canadian Consciousness

A few Canadian women learned that Roosh was in our country to give his ‘talks.’ Due to the mass media exposure of Roosh’s visit those of us that do write about the Manosphere were finally being sought out by people who don’t normally view our content. I hope we were able to show them what the Manosphere is and why it’s such a threat to women’s safety.

It’s not just Roosh’s visit that’s the problem. It’s the way the entire Manosphere targets and harms women using their network. For those of you who think there’s a fundamental difference between factions of the Manosphere, you’re wrong. As soon as a woman is targeted by one faction the rest close ranks.

Roosh advised his network ‘on the ground’ to seek out female protestors, to gather information on them, to get images of them, to dox them, and then allow any man in the Manosphere to take a shot at them. Canadian MRA’s now had an order and they were all too willing to carry it out on the ground while others sat behind their computer screens sending threats to these women.

The Manosphere terrorizes women. That’s their goal. It’s always been their goal. The largest manosphere site’s slogan is ‘Fuck Their Shit Up.’ As soon as Roosh got a video image of a woman, the Manosphere went into full tilt, trying to find the smallest hint on her clothing to identify her. They translated the French on her tshirt. Yes, they actually took the time to type into a translator the writing on her shirt and searched for what it could possibly mean. They found out it was the name of a Montreal roller derby club. Roosh publicly told his followers and off they all went, scouring the internet for hours trying to get this woman’s dox. This isn’t a one-off. This is the Manosphere’s particular tried and tested formula and they’ve been doing it for years.

My blog is almost 2 years old and I have a long list of women who’ve been targeted and harmed by the men of the Manosphere. Remember Danielle D’Entremont, the Queen’s U student who was physically assaulted after she voted ‘no’ on a referendum to start an MRA group on campus? Remember Adele Mercier, [1] the Queen’s prof who had to endure MRA’s postering her neighbourhood with her image calling her a rape apologist and even going to her superiors in the Uni to try and get her fired? Remember Stacy Keltner, [1] another Uni prof being terrorized by Sage Gerard, a student at her Uni that used his MRA group to photograph her and dox her?

I read the petition to keep Roosh out of Canada. While I think the authoresses did a good job outlining why he shouldn’t be allowed I felt it was missing this crucial point. It’s not what Roosh ‘might’ do while in Canada or what he ‘might’ say to a group of men but what they actually do, and that is, terrorize women. The pattern is well established. The evidence is clear and accessible.

I hope that the women working on keeping him out of Canada for next time take this to heart and consider this. Roosh has left a large wake of damage and it will continue. His followers are still searching, stalking, and gathering information from images of women. They are finding women’s social media accounts, noting family members, organizations, and workplaces. They are keeping files on women just like they did with the Agent Orange files and register-her.

I don’t know why Roosh was allowed entry but I have a feeling it was due to lack of clear evidence of harm. While I agree that what he says is hate speech, saying he might break the law isn’t good enough. Also, we know as women that men are given priority and privilege to harm us. We must be extra vigilant.

Lastly, I want to offer my help to the women that are trying to keep him out. You can click on the archives in the side bar to assist in your research of all the Canadian women the Manosphere has targeted and terrorized. You can also contact me by email.

Recent Developments:

Paul Elam’s hometown has nominated him for the creepy-ass-male award. The Houston Chronicle put him at #10 on a list of assholes in their community. Check out the donotlink here.

Triggered by Flowers

Elam’s been severely triggered, by flowers. Flowers that look like vaginas are really pissing him off and he’s not waiting six more months for Valentine’s day to declare how much he hates women. He’s thinks it’s ‘Time for a National Whore’s Day or something’ because he found out men buy flowers for women and women buy flowers for themselves. I know that every man loves getting a bouquet of roses on Valentines Day.

The money (at least men’s) is a very important matter given the fact that over half of women surveyed said they would end a relationship if they were not given something on Valentine’s Day [1] – which is to say that 53% of the women surveyed are whores, and just like more garden variety whores, they will take a hike when they aren’t being paid.

Wanting a gift and/or a card on Valentine’s day makes you a whore according to Elam.

If the woman who “loves” you hinges that love on whether you shower her with frivolous, wasteful presents; if she will leave you if she doesn’t get them, then just stick a C-note in her whorish little bra, show her the door, and find yourself another whore who is a lot more honest about how she does business.


He continues, saying flowers are like women’s vaginas and are also symbolic of them since they dry out.

That’s right, they look and smell good for a very short period of time. Then they become useless discards, like the majority of relationships and at least 53% of surveyed vaginas.

It gets worse. He alludes to dead women and gardening tools.

If you insist on being sentimental, save the flower money and use it to buy a nice colorful arrangement. You can put them on the coffin where any illusions you had about not being with a whore will invariably be laid to rest.

His solution to his misery of ‘vagina flowers’ is for women to get gardening tools on Valentines Day. I shit you not:

The most romantic gift you can give on Valentine’s Day is a tiller, a garden trowel and a set of heavy duty work gloves. Throw in a few YouTube videos on how tillers, trowels, gloves and, uh, work works, and you have a woman with the ability to perpetually produce flowers of all varieties.

I suppose if you date an MRA the gardening tools will come in handy when the cops have to dig up the backyard. God damn, these creeps.

And finally he says we need to change the name of V day

“Whore’s Day,” is simple and concise, but I am concerned that it would be an insulting affront to prostitutes who are honest enough to tell you who and what they are.

This post will definitely go into the SPLC’s files on him.

One man commented that he doesn’t mind V day and buying gifts for a woman. Elam immediately replied. CLICK TO ENLARGE

Elam berating man for valentines day

For Updates on Roosh and the Canadian women he’s harassing go here.

If you’re experiencing vomit from Elam’s woman hating, watch this. Japanese artist Megumi Igarashi, a.k.a. Rokudenashiko and her vagina kayak. She was arrested for taking a 3d scan of her vagina and making the kayak.


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