8 thoughts on “Donating

  1. Hi, House Mouse Queen, I like your blog, would have liked to eventually donate (I, too, am severely disabled), but I don’t follow blogs in which personal attacks are common. Apparently, one must kowtow to commenters and not have opinions of one’s own, which I find unfortunate. I watched the radical feminist movement of the 1970s tear itself apart; fortunately, actual community actions often survived.

    I wish you all the best; take good care of yourself and your mouse friends!

  2. Hi Mancheeze! You recently left a comment on Feminist Current noting an interest in the book “Gendertrolling.” I was thinking I would send you a copy of the book, in lieu of donation. Are you interested? (I read your blog regularly. The author of the book is a friend of mine and she gave me a copy. I had planned to get one, so I when I saw your comment on the review of the book I thought, hey, I’ll get one and send it to this awesome woman!)

    You can see my email with this comment, right? If you’re interested, email me and I can verify I’m legit! Thank you for your work.

  3. Hey I just wanted to say thank you for your fantastic blog. I found you through Youtube’s BabyradfemTV channel, and noticed you always slaying in the comments sections. I live in London and am part of a feminist collective and we are currently organizing a big event for the Autumn of next year. Do you have a private email i could use to contact you rather than this public discussion board?
    Keep up the good work sister- its taken me a long time to find the right parts of the internet regarding these issues dues to being completely brainwashed by liberal newspeak – so glad i have finally found you! 🙂


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