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Boogie the mouse is grateful for more Smartfood popcorn.

Considering donating to me?

I spend hours on this blog writing and sifting through the Manosphere for many reasons but the single most important reason is activism through information. This blog is a hub for information so that all of you can participate in helping others, especially women, who are targeted by MRA’s. We will not be silent. I will not be run off the internet. I do think about my safety but I won’t give in. I get threatened and stalked regularly online. If I can be a source for other women to network so that we can squash the backlash then I’m happy.

MRA’s are NOT interested in helping men. They are only interested in attacking women and their children in any way they can.

Your donation will go to specific things such as maintaining this blog and upgrading it when possible, gathering and disseminating information, and of course helping and supporting myself personally. I am legally disabled from a horrific spinal injury. Maybe some day I’ll write about it.

Thank you for donating to this blog. I put many hours and much coffee and tea into making it. I hope you continue to help me and my little house mice in the future.

Thanks Again~House Mouse Queen.


8 thoughts on “Donating

  1. Hi, House Mouse Queen, I like your blog, would have liked to eventually donate (I, too, am severely disabled), but I don’t follow blogs in which personal attacks are common. Apparently, one must kowtow to commenters and not have opinions of one’s own, which I find unfortunate. I watched the radical feminist movement of the 1970s tear itself apart; fortunately, actual community actions often survived.

    I wish you all the best; take good care of yourself and your mouse friends!

  2. Hi Mancheeze! You recently left a comment on Feminist Current noting an interest in the book “Gendertrolling.” I was thinking I would send you a copy of the book, in lieu of donation. Are you interested? (I read your blog regularly. The author of the book is a friend of mine and she gave me a copy. I had planned to get one, so I when I saw your comment on the review of the book I thought, hey, I’ll get one and send it to this awesome woman!)

    You can see my email with this comment, right? If you’re interested, email me and I can verify I’m legit! Thank you for your work.

  3. Hey I just wanted to say thank you for your fantastic blog. I found you through Youtube’s BabyradfemTV channel, and noticed you always slaying in the comments sections. I live in London and am part of a feminist collective and we are currently organizing a big event for the Autumn of next year. Do you have a private email i could use to contact you rather than this public discussion board?
    Keep up the good work sister- its taken me a long time to find the right parts of the internet regarding these issues dues to being completely brainwashed by liberal newspeak – so glad i have finally found you! 🙂


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