Subscriptions and Payment

Right now I am thinking about charging for video content, not because I want to, but because I have to.

I’ve been banned from Youtube twice in a year for challenging male supremacist assholes online. My recent ban, that occurred Sept 20, 2018 is the catalyst for this.

I haven’t truly decided how I will arrange all this because I know people want to see my video content. In the mean time, I might do some audio files on Soundcloud and I do have an alternate Youtube channel. It’s one of those situations where men control what women say and do online and how social media platforms cater to men.

I come from a working class background and I don’t put up with nonsense from anyone. I also don’t perform femininity, which men police. I actually think it’s this refusal to perform femininity that gets men, even the supposed lefty WOKE men, to police me and silence me. I’m not nice to Patriarchy and I never will be.

If you would like to donate to me because you feel the urge, go here.

It’s simple and easy.